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Watching the Babysitter


Michael and Louise Herrick are doting parents of their six year old son, Justin, especially since he is an only child and expected to remain that way. Because of a low sperm count of Michael, Louise was impregnated in vitro, and it was such an expensive procedure they won't be able to afford to undergo it again. At one time they seldom left home at night and, when they did, they were very careful to leave their precious little boy in care as good as they could find. The babysitter they most like to hire now is Crystal, a twenty year old college student of Hispanic descent who lives near their home, because of the excellent rapport she has with the child and for another good reason.

Before they ever left their little one in the care of an outsider, they asked for and received references and, even then, they set up a system of surveillance cameras to watch the actions of the sitter, and they have been satisfied with the performance of everybody they have hired to date. Crystal was highly recommended by friends they trust, but they left the cameras on during her first engagement anyhow.

The camera system was carefully concealed; Crystal did not know her gig as a babysitter was being videotaped. The Herricks feel no guilt about taping a sitter without her knowledge, because they consider it to be their duty to protect their child and also to report abuse or negligence on the part of any person who is responsible for the care of children. Crystal still doesn't know she is the star in a series of videotapes, and neither Michael nor Louise has any intention of telling her. They still watch the first tape and more recent ones, and they are always a part of their sex life, which has very much improved since making the acquaintance of Crystal.

This is because, after their return home on that first occasion, they put the tape in the VCR and sat on the sofa watching as the pretty brunette played with Justin and read to him and put him to bed at the proper hour. After that, she got out what must have been a class assignment and set to work on it. Up to that point, she seemed to be exactly the kind of person who was capable of properly taking care of their precious child, but then something unexpected happened. She answered her cell phone and, a few minutes later, she went to the door and opened it to admit a tall, handsome, dark-haired young man and greet him with a long kiss on his lips. Until then the videotape, although quite informative, had been rather boring, but that latest development made Michael and Louise sit up and take notice.

The ensuing activities were even more interesting. They did not recognize the young man, but he certainly knew Crystal and, as their kiss continued, his hands started stroking her shapely ass. Their video equipment is sophisticated enough they were able to expand part of the scene, and Michael quickly did so, enlarging the view of the hands caressing Crystal and playing it in slow motion. His thoughts were on how he would have loved having his hand stroking the sexy young woman there, while Louise imagined it to be her ass the young man was fondling and her lips he was kissing.

The attractive young couple had not been content to stop there, and the man and woman watching the tape were glad of it. The man and woman on the TV screen broke off the kiss and stepped slightly apart, but that was to continue their sexual escapades. While the man unfastened the snap at the waist of her jeans, Crystal started to unbutton his shirt. He was finished first and moved in closer and stuck his hands inside her pants. The jeans were too tight to fall to the floor, but they offered no resistance when he slipped both hands inside. The only question either Michael or Louise might have wondered about was whether or not he reached inside her panties to fondle her bare skin. Less than a minute later, that question became moot.

Crystal finished with the buttons and her caller removed his hands from inside her pants and turned around so she could peel off his shirt. When he faced her again, his fingers busied themselves on her blouse until she turned her back on him and he removed the garment and unhooked her bra. Her hands held the cups in place until she turned back to him and Crystal made sort of a production of pulling them away from her chest. She was as bare above the waist as he was, and Michael used the close-up and slow motion functions again and gazed at her succulent breasts as they bounced and swayed.

Louise glared at him, but she wasn't really angry, because her interest in the activities of the young couple on the videotape was as piqued as his. She and her husband moved closer together on the sofa, and her arm went around his waist and his hand rested on her thigh. The couple on the videotape was even more active, as Crystal started unfastening the man's pants, while backing him against a sofa – the same sofa as Michael and Louise were occupying as they watched - and knelt in front of him when he sat down.

Once he was seated, Crystal must have finished loosening his pants – she was blocking the camera's view of what her hands were doing – but she tugged the garment down around his ankles, removed his shoes and socks and pulled it all the way off, leaving it and his footwear in an untidy pile. She treated his underwear the same way, which was also unseen, and dropped his last garment on top of the other clothing. He must have been naked, because Crystal leaned forward, but her actions were still unseen.

But they weren't un-guessed at. "She must be sucking on his dick," Louise remarked. "I wish he'd lie on his back and get comfortable so she'd get up on the sofa too, and we could get a better view of what's happening."

By that time, her husband's hand was under her dress, which he had pushed all the way up to her waist, and she had unzipped his pants and her hand was inside, fondling his stiff cock. Crystal and the unknown man were ahead of them, but the older couple was catching up.

The tape had been made almost two hours earlier but, as if the characters heard Louise's wish, the unknown man moved so he was stretched out on the sofa with his head resting on an overstuffed arm. Crystal also followed the belated direction, kneeling comfortably between his legs and leaning forward to resume sucking his cock. Before getting onto the sofa, the pretty brunette pulled her jeans the rest of the way off, so all she was wearing was a pair of skimpy blue panties. Michael had noticed the baby sitter had a very shapely ass under her tight pants, but she looked much sexier wearing just the one flimsy garment.

Louise wanted to emulate the younger woman, so she stood up and removed her own dress and bra while her husband was intently watching the couple on the small screen. He still had command of the remote control, and he used it to zoom in on them, alternating between views of Crystal. Sometimes he watched her head bobbing up and down as the man's cock was engulfed and released by her mouth and sometimes he watched her sexy body, as her succulent breasts swayed with her movements.

He did allow himself to be distracted when Louise, dressed the same as Crystal except with more conservative panties, knelt beside him and started to remove his clothing. It was easy for her to do, because his pants were already unzipped and open at the waist, and all she had to do was to pull them and his boxer shorts down and all the way off, because he was already barefoot. With Michael naked below the waist, she knelt on the floor beside him and continued to follow the lead of the younger woman, taking his cock into her mouth and slowly stroking it between her lips. This was something Michael really enjoyed, but his wife seldom did, and he silently thanked the baby sitter for providing such an excellent example for Louise.

The blowjob on the small screen continued, and so did the one occurring on the sofa. Crystal slowly bobbed her head up and down, and they were glad she wore her hair in a ponytail because it did not obscure the view of the big cock going in and out of her mouth. She was taking her time, and so was Louise, and it was obvious the men were both relishing the oral action from their ladies. Crystal sucked her man's cock for a long time, until the speed of her strokes suddenly increased.

Michael enlarged the part of the picture that included her mouth and the hard shaft being enveloped and released by it, and he and Louise were able to see the man's cock start to jerk, and Crystal tighten her lips. She sucked faster, as did the woman who was watching the screen. The unknown man's body had been writhing under the oral ministrations of the sexy Hispanic, and Michael was doing the same from what his wife was doing. Abruptly, the body of the man on the screen jerked, and the movements of Crystal's mouth stopped, and her right hand held the man's cock stationary.

It was obvious to those watching the videotape that Crystal had just gotten a big wad of the unknown man's cum in her mouth, and it was equally obvious to Louise the same thing was about to happen to her. Michael grunted loudly, his cock jerked and a gush of his semen spewed into her mouth and landed on her tongue. She had almost forgotten how good it tasted, and she continued sucking until she had been rewarded by another burst of his juices. Louise relished the flavor and texture before swallowing it, and licking her lips to make sure she had gotten it all.

On the screen, Crystal must have been doing something of the same, because she kept the man's cock in her mouth for a long time, without seeming to do much of anything with it. Finally, she removed it and held it daintily in her fingers while she licked the entire length, like a child with a lollypop. Michael enlarged the picture as much as he could, and they watched their pretty young babysitter licking the fresh cum from her boyfriend's cock.

It was her turn to get some head then, which meant it was Louise's turn too. Crystal lay down on the sofa, resting her head on the arm as the man had. He knelt between her legs, pulled her panties down and off around her feet and leaned forward to let his tongue start caressing the insides of her thighs and work its way to her crotch. She rested her legs across his shoulders; he wrapped his arms around her thighs and buried his face in her pussy. As if following the same script, the man and woman watching their performance got into identical positions and he licked her legs and crotch the same way before starting on an outer lip.

Michael could no longer see what was happening on the screen, and he set the remote control on the sofa cushion, because he was far more interested in his mouth doing to his wife's pussy the same thing as the other man was doing to Crystal's. Louise couldn't really see much either, because the young woman's legs blocked her view of the man's face, but she could assume the activities of the people on the screen were very much the same as those of her and her husband. She picked up the remote control and enlarged Crystal's face, to watch the grimaces of pleasure steadily flickering across it.

She knew her face was displaying the same emotions, because Louise loves having her pussy eaten, and she wishes her husband would do it more often, like several times daily. Thrills of joy rippled through her body as his tongue caressed the most sensitive parts of her body. He began by mopping up all her fresh juices from her thighs and crotch with his tongue, but had progressed to licking an outer lip. His tongue continued upward, slowly and thoroughly, until he reached and kissed her Mount of Venus and raised his head to look at his wife. Coincidentally, on the screen, Crystal's young man raised his head to look at the young beauty's face.

There hadn't been much conversation between the young couple after their first kiss, and nothing notable, but Louise wanted to hear Crystal's sounds of pleasure, so she turned up the sound volume anyhow. Seconds later, the unknown man's face returned to his girl friend's lap and simultaneously, although could not see the screen, Michael resumed eating his wife's pussy. The pretty babysitter was moaning in joy from what was happening to her, and the woman watching the screen was making her own delighted noises as her husband's pleasuring tongue traveled up her other outer lip and he kissed her mons again.

Michael was not trying to match the pace set by the unknown man, and he would not have done so even if he could have seen what was happening. Louise had a better view, though, and she tried to coordinate her husband's actions, by her responses to his movements, to what the pussy lover on the screen was doing for Crystal. She succeeded and, when the man in the videotape licked the fresh juices from the babysitter, Michael's mouth was simultaneously doing the same thing for her pussy.

As Louise watched, she imagined Crystal's pink slit being caressed by her male friend's tongue, while Michael began licking between a pair of his wife's inner and outer lips. She pouted slightly that her husband wasn't following the same script, but the pleasure he was giving her was too great for her to voice any objections. His tongue slowly traveled up between the labia, beginning at the small, smooth area between their origins and, when he reached the place where they are close together, thrust into the seam. Ripples of pleasure were radiated out from where his tongue went, and her cooing evolved to moans of delight as Michael's tongue continued its upward journey. Her body was reacting too, writhing on the sofa while her pussy was starting to thrust up against the face of the man who was giving it so much pleasure.

On the screen, Crystal was thrashing about on the sofa from what the man's tongue was doing for her. Louise was not quite at that point yet, and she knew she was slightly behind because her husband preferred to take his time while eating her pussy so he could bring her to momentous climaxes. She certainly couldn't complain about that either. Louise shifted her weight slightly, letting him bury his face even more deeply in her crotch, and his tongue continued slowly working its way upward until it reached the end of her inner lip.

Michael was having a great time eating his wife's pussy, and he was not too concerned about missing the action on the screen. After reaching the end of the first inner lip, he raised his head slightly to gaze upon her. She was starting to rock from side to side on the sofa and her pussy was thrusting gently up into his face. Her clit had almost completely pushed its way out from its protective hood, and looked like a beautiful pink pearl partly nestled in the folds of her inner lips. He smiled at the beautiful and erotic sight and brought his mouth back to devour all the fresh juices she had just produced, before starting to lick between the other pair of inner and outer labia.

He treated this pair the same way and, by the time Michael reached the end of this inner lip, Louise's movements were as erratic as those of the young woman on the screen, even though he couldn't see Crystal. His wife's precious clit had pushed its way entirely out from under its hood and looked even more like a lovely pearl. She was moaning and whimpering in bliss while her whole body thrashed about under his face and her legs were thrusting out and back over his shoulders. He knew she was on the verge of cumming, and it was almost time to engulf her swollen clit in his mouth and bring her the rest of the way to her orgasm.

Louise knew it too and, when she looked at the screen, she could see the sexy young brunette there was in the same delightful situation, so she turned the sound up louder. "Suck my clit," she told her husband. "Suck my clit and make me cum," while Crystal was urging her man to do the same thing.

Michael moved his mouth slightly and enveloped the pearl, clamping down on the base with his lips. As he sucked, his tongue caressed the swollen sides and top of Louise's clit, which resulted in the movements of her body becoming even wilder, until she announced her impending climax.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Keep sucking my clit."

Louise wrapped her legs around Michael's head and, just as she did, her eyes flicked across the screen and saw Crystal doing the same thing to the man whose face was between her thighs. She warbled of her joy with her impending orgasm, forming an erotic duet with the babysitter. When she climaxed, all of Louise's muscles clenched; her back arched and she drove her pussy into her husband's face. Just before her eyes closed in bliss as she relaxed against the back of the sofa, she saw the woman on the screen almost duplicating those movements in her own climax.

After his wife's orgasm, Michael greedily licked the fresh nectar from her thighs and crotch. He started to lick it from her lips and pink hole, but thought better of it. From the aroma and flavor of her delicious juices, more powerful for him than any other aphrodisiac, his cock was stiff and ready again, and he wanted to fuck. The juices in the wet place that had produced them would be needed to serve their natural purpose of lubrication.

He stood up and looked with lust at Louise, who was sprawled against the back of the sofa, her legs spread wantonly and a happy smile on her face. When she opened her eyes and saw his fully erect cock, her look became more lascivious and, when Michael moved aside and stopped blocking the view, she saw the couple on the TV screen had the same idea. The unknown young man had replaced Crystal on the sofa and was leaning back with a prodigious erection. Louise moved over to let her horny husband sit, and stood, eyes directed back at the screen, to see what the young couple would do next.

Crystal picked up the man's pants and removed something from the pocket. As Michael and Louise watched approvingly, she opened it, for it was a condom in a plastic packet, and rolled it onto her boy friend's stiff cock. The older couple would not bother to emulate this action, but they approved of the young people practicing safe sex. Louise picked up the control from where she had dropped it while cumming and zoomed in on the screen to watch the young woman roll the prophylactic properly into place.

As expected, Crystal next straddled her man's legs, her cute naked ass pointing at the watching couple, spread her pussy lips with her fingers and started to lower her body while he held his cock in position for her. Louise set down the remote control and turned to face her husband, who leaned to the side to look past her so he could see what Crystal was doing. As he watched, her sexy young body stopped when the head of the man's cock was between her fingers, and she stayed there while he rubbed the head in her wetness to spread the natural lubrication. When she was apparently satisfied all was in readiness, she thrust her pussy lower and impaled herself on his upright cock.

Louise couldn't see what was happening, but this was a position she and her husband had used before, and she prepared to engulf a waiting erection at the same time as Crystal. Before that could happen, though, she felt her husband rub the end of his cock in her wetness. The older woman sighed with joy when he was finished, and lowered her pussy farther until she felt her husband's cock wedge between her fingers and through the soft edges of the pink hole that had welcomed it so many times. She let go of her lips to place her hands on his shoulders. He was looking lovingly at her face, rather than watching the young couple on the screen, but they both knew he would be sneaking peaks even while he was fucking up into his wife's pussy.

It wasn't that he needed to copy them, but he truly enjoyed the sight of the hot babysitter's ass moving up and down as she fucked herself on her man's big cock. After looking at the screen again, he picked up the remote and zoomed in on the scene to get an even better view of her pink rosebud winking at him as the cock plunged in and out. He knew Louise's private parts were doing the same things, and he enjoyed the sensation of his hands on her soft skin and reveled in having his cock squeezed and released by his wife's pussy as she moved up and down, but the view of Crystal made their fucking even better.

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