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Watching The Games


FYI To all readers, I have updated my username (formerly Amyscute2000 to get more with the times and I am now using Amyscute2002).

Since the birthday party and my "dancing" surprise for my boyfriend Eric, my relationship with him has gone to a whole new level. He enjoyed seeing me with other guys and so far there haven't been any problems which I thought might happen. He likes it when I show off now and I told him about some of my other stories and that I have written about them on this site. His favorite was "The Bet." He suggested I submit this one, since it was mostly because of his doing!

A few weeks ago, me and Eric were watching the college basketball and I was rooting for St. John's cause I grew up near the school. Eric kept saying that they stunk and that they definitely would lose their first game and get eliminated. Jumping to their defense, I said that I bet they would win. I shouldn't have said that!

"Ok, wanna bet?" he said, "How bout if they lose you have to be the hostess for my final- four party?"

"I thought you were going home that weekend to watch your parent's dogs," I replied, remembering that his parents were going away for the weekend and asked him to stay at their house. He said, "I am, but I was going to invite some friends over to watch the games." I had a suspicion he was up to something but I wasn't sure what yet. "Ok, sure," I said, "But what exactly do I have to do?"

"You have to wear what I tell you and go along with everything." Getting that nervous but excited feeling, I said alright.

Well, needless to say, St. John's got crushed and I lost. Last Friday afternoon, I packed my bags and waited for Eric to pick me up. He came by and I got in his car and we drove the 4 hours to his parent's house. He had a spare set of keys and we went inside. His parents dog, Oscar, immediately ran up and greeted us at the door. Oscar was cute and friendly and seemed happy to see Eric again. Eric turned on the lights and showed me around. It was a great house. It had two floors and a kitchen which opened into a huge sunken living room with a widescreen jumbo tv. The living room had three couches in a u-shape with the TV at the open end. In the corner of the room was a full bar, complete with a mirror behind it on the wall with shelves of liquor and bar stools. The back wall had a sliding glass door that went out into the backyard. I looked out and could see a gazebo with a hotub in the middle of it. "Now I see why you were excited about watching the game here" I said.

Eric showed me around the second floor and we put our stuff in the guest room instead of his old room since it had a queen sized bed. He ordered pizza and started to call his friends up about the party, and suggested I take a shower. The shower felt good after the long drive. When I came out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel on my head, Eric was standing there with a sly look on his face. "What?" I said suspiciously. "Well," he began, "I remembered your story about you and your friends in Jamaica and I got a little jealous, I figured it was time for you to break your own record, and go for 2 days straight."

"What do you mean?" I said as I started to figure it out. He replied, "I locked all of your clothes in the car across the street. Here, you can where these." He reached down and picked up a pair of black, spiked heeled shoes.

"What!" I said as I flushed bright red. "No way, I am not doing that! What about the party with your friends tomorrow! Are you nuts." He tried to calm me down and said "Listen, don't worry, its only three guys coming over tomorrow, my parents are away, I won't make you leave the house or anything, but you are going to stay naked until Sunday night."

"You want your friends to think I am some horny little fuck doll?!" I yelled. Eric looked at me stearnly and said, "They don't even know I am dating anyone and I didn't tell them I brought you home from school. I am going to tell them I got you from a service, and they ARE going to think you are a horny little fuck doll!" His sly grin returned as he reached out to hand me the pair of heels. I smiled, snatched them, and said "Fine!" you'll be sorry.

Secretly inside I was very excited about the idea. I put on the heels and walked around the house. The pizza guy came and Eric kept his word and answered the door and paid the guy. We ate and watched a movie on the big screen TV. Then we went upstairs and had sex like rabbits for a few hours before passing out. When we woke up the next day, it was already about 2:00 pm. We had overslept. Eric got up and said he had some errands to run and said he would be back by 5 oclock and that I better be ready for when his friends came at 5:30.

He left. I got up and walked around the house. I went to his parents room and went to his moms closest looking for clothes to put on. Unfortunately his mom was apparently pretty overweight, and it looked like nothing would really fit me. I went downstairs and looked out of the back sliding doors and saw in the daylight that the backyard was completely fenced in. It was warm and sunny outside, so I opened the door and walked out into the backyard. A breeze hit me and I realized that I hadn't been naked outside since I went to Jamaica. It felt awesome. I found a lawn chair next to the house and laid out in the sun and read my book for a few hours.

I went inside to take a shower to get ready to play "hostess." I shaved my legs and bikini line so that only a small strip about an inch wide was visible. I put my heels on and noticed that I had gotten some good color from laying out in the sun, and thanks to my lack of clothes, I noticed that I had no tan lines. I put my hair into pigtails. The guys would think that I was a stripper or a hooker!

I heard Eric come home and so I went downstairs to greet him. Oscar was already at his legs jumping and wagging his tail. He looked up and saw me coming down the stairs, wearing nothing but a smile and the pair of black, spiked heels. He saw how tan I was. "Wow!" he said, "I see you laid out today, cool!" Sorry I am late, my friends will be over in a few minutes. I told them I had a surprise for them!" I went to the bar and made myself a stiff drink and drank it was quickly as I could. After a few minutes the warm feel of vodka ran through me and I relaxed a bit. Eric asked me to put some snacks out so I went to the kitchen and fixed up a few bowls of chips and nuts.

Then I heard the doorbell ring. "Oh shit!" I thought. What do I do? Here goes nothing! I didn't know what to do so I ran behind the bar and made myself another drink. Eric and his friend walked into the living room. Eric said, "Thomas, I have hired some help for the party, Thomas this is Amy." Thomas looked across the room and saw me standing behind the bar. "Amy can you please turn on the TV and fix Thomas a drink. I flushed red, then took a few timid steps from behind the bar. Thomas's eyes lit up when he saw what I wasn't wearing! "Holy shit Eric! Where did you get her?!"

"A service some guys in my grad school told me about, she'll take care of whatever we need," Eric replied as he winked at Thomas. I turned on the TV and walked over to Thomas and shook his hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Pleased to meet you Thomas, what would you like to drink?" He asked for a vodka tonic. I turned to go back to the bar, and looked back over my shoulder, only to see Thomas's eyes glued to my bare ass. "Wow!" he said again.

One after another the other guys came over. Their names were Anthony and Keith. They all had reactions similar to Thomas's when they saw me. I fixed them all drinks and the first game started. The guys kept asking me to make them drinks, and they seemed to be as interested in me as they were in the game. After a while, as I handed a drink to Anthony and turned away, I felt a finger slowly slide down the left check of my ass. I turned around and smiled politely. The fact that a total stranger had just touched my ass started to get me excited. I became very conscious once again that I was naked. I made myself a few drinks as well and after a while I was as drunk as the guys were.

Some food came to the door and the guys ate and drank some more. When there were a few minutes left in the first game, Eric said, "Amy here grew up in Indiana aint that right Amy?"

"Yes," I lied. "In fact," Eric continued, "Amy is a big Hoosier fan, she told me before you guys got here that if Indiana wins, she will be so excited and happy she will give us all blowjobs, right Amy?" he said with a wicked grin. I managed my best to keep from shaking and said, "Yup, that's right Eric, whoever wants one." The guys got visibly excited. There were very polite up until that point and none of them had even tried anything with me besides patting me on my ass a few times.

As the clock on the game started to tick away, and Indiana held onto their lead, they guys started getting loud and giddy. When thee was about a minute left, Keith yelled out, "I can't believe it, this bitch is gonna suck my dick in a minute! I got first!" I felt a chill run down my spine as I ran from behind the bar to get a better look at the TV. Indiana had the ball, the clock was winding down, they were going to win. I turned away and went to the bar and made myself one last drink. I couldn't watch the game. After a few bunch of whistles and commercials, the game was over, Indiana had one. I then realized I had to act excited about it! I couldn't let the guys know that I wasn't really from Indiana and a Hoosier fan or else they would know something was up. I feigned excitement, gave a couple of woo hoos, and looked at the guys and said nervously, "OK, WHO'S FIRST?"

Keith jumped up and said, "Me! I called it!" He yanked his pants and boxers down and said back down on the couch. "Bring me a drink before you come over, will ya Amy" he said as he high fived Eric. I looked at Eric and could tell that he was loving my predicament. I could tell he wasn't completely sure I would go through with this. I fixed Keith a drink and walked seductively over to him. All eyes were laser beamed at me. I handed Keith his drink and looked down at him. His dick was fully hard, sticking right up looking at me. It was average size, and kinda thin. It wouldn't be so bad I thought to myself. With me legs straight and my back to everyone else, I bent over and brought my face down to his crotch, and grabbed his dick with my hand. I guided it into my mouth and began to bob up and down on his dick. He was so horny he had already started to have precum, and I could taste it in my mouth. After a minute or so, my back started to hurt so I got down on my knees, but my hands on his legs, and started to go faster and faster. I could hear the guys cheering, and above all, I heard Eric say, "Suck his dick you little hot suck slut!" I don't know what came over me when I heard that. Out of anger and excitement, I stopped for a second and took him cock out of my mouth. I told Anthony and Thomas to sit on either side of Keith on the couch. I unzipped both of their pants and fished out each of their dicks with each hand and started to jerk them both off at the same time. I plunged my head back down on Keith and kept blowing him. Eric couldn't believe it. He stood behind the couch behind where Keith was sitting and watched me blow his friend and jerk off two other guys at the same time. He was stunned. With Keith's dick still in my mouth, I looked up at Eric and mumbled as best I could, "Don't worry honey, I'll get to you in a second" I don't know if he understood what I said, but the look on his face was priceless.

Keith didn't last long and came in my mouth for what seemed like forever. I swallowed and swallowed as quickly as I could until he was done. I then let go of Thomas's cock, and shuffled on my knees over to Anthony and repeated the treatment I had given Keith. Anthony didn't last long, he came very little, and I moved back over to Thomas and began to blow him. After about 3 or 4 minutes, Thomas spurted his cum and was finished. I swallowed most of it and quickly got up and walked over to where Eric was standing, his jaw almost on the floor. I grabbed him behind the head and gave him a big kiss. Then he tasted it. No one else knew or could tell, but as I kissed Eric, I spit a small amount of Thomas's cum into his mouth. He kissed me for a second then pulled back in shock and stared at me, dismayed. I grabbed his belt, undid his pants and jerked them down as I hit the floor. I grabbed his ass with each one of my hands and began making him fuck my face, right there in the middle of the living room in front of all his friends. Eric eased into it and after a few minutes, he too came and sat down on the couch exhausted. I looked around the room, walked over to the bar, and hopped up onto a bar stool, and surveyed the scene. I saw four guys, each exhausted, each in bliss, with smiles on their face and their dicks out and wet. I smiled, and said 'I hope that was ok boys!" They mumbled various compliments and thanks.

I went to the bathroom to wash out my mouth and clean up a little bit. When I came back out, the guys had put their dicks away and were relaxing and chatting. I figured I was not done getting even with Eric. I said, well boys, I am not from Maryland, but if they beat Kansas, I will fuck each one of you." Eric's jaw hit the floor again, the guys were rejuvenated and cheering and giving each other high fives. I made them drinks and the second game started. I noticed sine my between game "activity" the guys began to get a little more "hands on" when I brought them drinks. As I paraded around the room in birthday suit, the guys would reach out and give my ass a quick rub, or pinch one of my nipple for a second until it got hard. I keep drinking and was really starting to enjoy it. Maryland started out behind, but quickly pulled ahead and built a pretty good lead. Down the stretch it got close but they won the game. When it became clear Maryland would win, Eric said, "Listen guys, I am sure that Amy is a little drunk and would really not have sex, I think we should let her off the hook, or she can blow us again or something." I shot Eric an evil look. I could tell he didn't want me to fuck his friends. Would he tell them the truth if I did? I knew he wouldn't and that I had him right where I wanted him. They started arguing with him and tried to shoot down the idea. I chimed in and said, "No, really, I'm fine, I wanna do this, I'm really a horny little fuck doll, ain't that right Eric?" He had a pained nervous look on his face when he realized I was using his words from the day before. He shook his head ok, reluctantly.

"Listen boys" I said, "Here's how I want it. I want each of you to lay down about a foot apart from each other on the floor, with your pants and boxers down around your ankles. They moved the coffee table from between the couches and the four of them laid down as I had said. Eric was all the way to the right. Each one of them, including Eric pulled their pants and boxers down and each had a rock hard erection. I went to the left side and stood over Keith's legs and put one of my heels on each side of his legs. I slowly walked forward until I was right above his dick. All eyes were glued to my pussy and Keith's dick to see if I was really going to do this. I lowered my self down as slowly as I could and grabbed his dick with my left hand, put my right hand on the floor for balance, and slid it in. I was sooooo wet by then, it went in really easily. It felt so good after all the anticipation and build up I had been feeling for the past few hours. With my feet still on the ground and using my knees, I bounced up and down on Keith's dick. I didn't want to put my knees on the ride and ride him in the regular way because I didn't want to get rug burns. I told Keith, loud enough for all to hear that I was on the pill so there was no need to pull out. I bobbed up and down for about a minute when I heard Keith yell, felt him tense up, and felt a warm shot up inside of me.

I stood back up, took one step to the right, and quickly lowered myself onto Thomas before anyone could say anything. I fucked Thomas the same way until he too came (very quickly I might add). I stood up and straddled Anthony. As I lowered myself onto him and put his dick inside me, I stared at Eric and looked into his eyes and said, "Boy, I think I'm gonna like this one!" My legs were starting to get tired so I dropped my knees forward to the floor and ground my ass all they way down onto Anthony. His hands were on my tits in a flash, and I leaned forward and he began to suck on them. I bounced my ass up and down on his dick and shook my head up and down. My pigtails flopped up and down as I said over and over, just two feet from my boyfriend, "I'm a little fuck slut, fuck me! I'm a little fuck slut, fuck me!" By the time I was finished with Anthony, I was dripping wet with both my cum and theirs. I lowered myself onto Eric who gave me both a look of disgust and lust. His friends got up and watched as I fucked Eric. He didn't even last a minute he was so turned on! When he was done, I got up and went out to the hot tub to soak and clean off. The guys stayed inside and cleaned up too and talked and drank a little more. I head them call out goodbye and thanks one by one, as each of them left. When they left Eric made me take a shower and fucked me again in the hotub. I stayed naked the whole next day, for a total of 48 hours, and managed to get dressed just as Eric's parents came home.

Eric introduced me to his parents. I told his dad that they had a wonderful house. Eric's dad said, "Thanks Amy" I said, "Your welcome, you can call me FS, that's what Eric's friends call me." Eric's dad game Eric a puzzled look.

The end.

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