tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching the Girl Next Door

Watching the Girl Next Door


The stereotypical girl-next-door portrayed in most romance novels is a cute and wholesome young woman. But, that doesn't describe the girl that lived next door to me, in fact, she's something of a slut. Her name was Britney. She was twenty-two years old and had just finished college. Like many recent graduates she was unable to find work so she moved back in with her parents, right next door to me.

Not long after Britney moved back in with her folks I was working late one night in my home office on a quarterly report due the next morning. Finished I closed my laptop and flipped off my desk lamp. Suddenly, a light illuminated Britney's bedroom. Mesmerized, I watched as she unsnapped her pants and pushed them down. I knew I should have left and joined my wife in our bed but once I caught sight of her tanned and toned thighs I sat back down behind my desk.

Britney was a short gal maybe, five-foot-one and weighed maybe a buck-ten. Pulling her top off over her head, she discarded it onto the floor. Reaching behind her back she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor with the rest of her clothes. Standing solely in her panties she gleefully rubbed her just released breasts like a rider rubs down a horse after a hard ride. Her beauty took my breath away or maybe it was the fact that she was looking out her window in my direction.

I was confident that she couldn't see me in the dark but it still felt like her big brown eyes were on me. The fear of discovery added to the thrill of observing Britney's magnificent figure, which I estimated to be 34B-26-36. I thought her little bubble butt was her cutest feature.

Smiling Britney pointed her left index finger at me then rubbed her right index finger along it from knuckle to fingernail. She mouthed the words, "Naughty, naughty."

"Busted," I admitted out loud expecting her to close her curtains.

Instead she stood in front of the window and ran her hands up her front until she cupped her breasts. Using the thumb and forefinger of each hand she rolled her nipples between them until they looked hard enough to cut the panes of glass of her window.

She waved her middle finger at me before putting it into her mouth and sucking it like it was a cock. Tracing her hand down her taut tummy she snaked her fingers beneath the waist band of her panties. An expression of sexual bliss colored her face as her fingers worked their magic on her pussy. Her knees must have grown weak because she clutched the window frame for support.

Unzipping my trousers I took my hard cock out but Britney suddenly stopped playing with her pussy. Flummoxed I watched as she walked from the window into her bathroom. It was still a pleasure to watch the cheeks of her ass jiggle in her panties. Plus I got a view of the panty material infiltrating her butt-crack exposing the creamy white flesh of her bare buttocks. Sighing with disappointment I said, "You little cock tease."

A few moments later Britney returned from the bathroom completely nude carrying something in her hand. She climbed into the middle of her bed allowing me a gander at her pretty pucker and pouting pussy. Propping her back against a stack of pillows she lifted up an item in her hand for me to see, it was an electric toothbrush. She turned it on and placed the vibrating device against an erect nipple. With her free hand she caressed her other breast then tugged on its nipple. Laying her head back she hissed with joy with closed eyes as she teased herself.

She spread her legs and I saw her puffy labia glistening with lust, I licked my lips. Removing the hand squeezing her breast she used it to splay open the lips of her sex. Lifting her head, so that she could see what she was doing, she removed the vibrating toothbrush from her breast and lightly touched her clit with the flat side, bristles out. Involuntarily she jerked as a jolt of pleasure shot through her body and I imagined seeing the juices of her excitement trickle from her cunt down the crack of her ass.

After spreading her legs wider she inserted two fingers into her drooling pussy. Although I could not hear her, I knew she was moaning with unmitigated delight. Gradually she glided her fingers in and out of her cunt as she slowly slid the pulsating toothbrush against her clit.

Jerking my cock in time to the movement of her fingers I moaned my pleasure as she picked up speed. I matched it. Between clenched teeth I hissed, "That's it girl, fuck yourself."

Britney squirmed on the bed and bucked her hips up and down on the mattress as the pleasure in her pussy began to build. Suddenly, she buried her fingers in cunt and partially sat up screaming as her cunt convulsed around her fingers in climatic released. Collapsing onto the bed she lay shuddering as she struggled to catch her breath.

Flogging myself for all I was worth I grabbed a tissue from the box on my desk. My nut sack tightened and I shot what seemed like a gallon of cum into the tissue. I moaned, "Oh, Britney."

Once my cock softened I put it back in my trousers and zipped up. I smiled as the girl-next-door blew me a kiss before turning off the light next to her bed. Sexually satisfied I got up and went to my own bed.

The next day I came home early from work with the intention of pruning some bushes in the backyard. Working near the privacy fence I heard splashing and giggles coming for the other side above the snip-snip sound of my hedge trimmer. It sounded like Britney had female company. They must be in the pool. Frantically I searched the fence until I finally found a dry-rotted knot. I pushed the knot through with my finger then put my eye up against the newly created hole.

My heart skipped a beat at the sight before me, Britney and a big-boobed blonde, in her early twenties, were skinny-dipping in her parents pool. I watched as they emerged from the water and gingerly padded across the hot concrete to the double chaise lounge under the shaded cabana.

"Nice Tramp Stamp, Blondie," I said to myself as the young woman scampered from the pool.

Blondie ran her manicured fingers through her wet sun-kissed hair giving me a great view of her tight ass. She asked, "What's going on Brit? You seem down."

"I just hate moving back in with my folks," Britney confessed. "It's such a bummer. I mean I have a college diploma and I can't find a job. It sucks."

"You poor thing," cooed Blondie. "What can I do to help?"

"I just need a little consoling." Britney whispered weakly.

Blondie took the hint and gently massaged Britney's bare breast. In turn Britney caressed her friend's cheek before pulling Blondie's face to hers. They kissed open mouthed, entwining their tongues and I growled loudly as my cock found a whole new level of hardness. "Did you hear that?" asked Blondie breaking their kiss.

Britney nodded with a laugh and replied, "Yeah, it's probably the pervert next door. He watched me play with myself last night."

"Putting on a sex show for the neighbor, you're such a naughty girl," teased Blondie with a smile. She began sucking on one of Britney's nipples while gently pinching the other.

"That feels so good," Britney whimpered. She lay back on the lounge and ran a finger through pussy looking in my direction with glassy eyes.

Curling my toes to keep from shooting jizz, I took my throbbing cock in hand. Slowly I stroked it while feasting on the naked beauty of the blonde, she had big beautiful breasts, a slim waist and a luscious hairless pussy. As she dove face first between Britney's lewdly spread legs I jerked myself more vigorously.

Britney ran her fingers through Blondie's golden locks grinding Blondie's face into her gushing gash. While Blondie's tunneled her tongue deeper into Britney's wetness. Grasping the lounge cushions Britney yammered incoherently as Blondie drove her delirious with her oral manipulations. She stammered, "Mm...my...pus...pussy."

Soon Blondie had two fingers speedily stabbing in and out of Britney's saturated slit, who cried out in pleasure. Blondie's flickering tongue teased Britney's clit from its hood. Suddenly Blondie stopped and shot a wicked smile at the fence, I guessed it was intended for me. Then she withdrew her fingers from Britney's pussy and savagely shoved them up Britney's ass while biting lightly on Britney's exposed clitoris.

Britney arched her back howling in blissful release as euphoric waves crashed through her body.

I bite my lip to keep from shouting my own joy as spurts of cum shot from my cock and painted the fence.

"Feel better now, Brit?"

Britney panted back, "Gosh, yes."

Blondie giggled and lay back on the lounge. She rolled a nipple between her thumb and forefinger. A finger from her free hand glided between the folds of her glistening gash. She purred with pleasure.

Britney arose and kissed her mouth. She licked her lips after tasting her own nectar on Blondie's lips. Moving down to Blondie's breasts Britney momentarily squeezed and sucked on them. She gently bit into a nipple and was rewarded with Blondie's sudden squealed protest.

My cock was still erect, for the first time in long time I remained hard following an orgasm. I gingerly began stroking myself again as the sex show on the other side of the fence continued.

Britney kissed her way down Blondie's taut tummy. She paused and teasingly tongued Blondie's naval ring before moving between her legs.

Blondie's pussy was opened like a rose petal and Britney darted her tongue into it like it was a bee's stinger. Blondie shook her head from side to side as Britney buried her fingers deeply into her friend's bald wet cunt. Britney teased her friend, "Your scent is delectable."

Smiling, I could almost hear the swoosh-swoosh sounds of Britney's fingers jack-hammering in and out of Blondie's slobbering snatch.

Blondie groaned with gratification as Britney's tongue tantalized her agitated clit. She twisted her pink pouting nipples violently and she cried out, "Don't stop, Brit! Brit, don't stop!"

Sensing that Blondie was approaching orgasm Britney pursed his lips into an O and sucked forcefully on Blondie's clit. Blondie lifted her butt off the lounge and wildly bucked her pelvis with the rising wave of climax. With Blondie on the very edge of climax Britney lightly bit her clit and savagely shoved her two soaked fingers up Blondie's ass to send over the precipice of pleasure. The lounge quivered beneath Blondie as her body quaked on top of it. She sobbed, "Oh, oh, my pussy, my pussy, oh, oh."

While Blondie collapsed on the lounge gasping for breath, I flogged myself without mercy. My testicles tightened then cum spewed from my cock blasting the fence with another coat of my lust. I leaned against the fence with pleasurable dizziness.

Later that night I was watching the late news on television by myself, my wife had retired to our bed once the comedy we were watching was over. I heard a car stop at the curb next door, so I turned off the television and peeked out the window.

Grinning I caught sight of Britney and a young man about her age walking up the sidewalk towards her door. As I watched the young man snuck his hand from her hip to the cheek of her ass. I guessed that because she didn't protest the location of his hand, he thought it was okay to palm her tight buttock like he would a basketball. When they reached the light of the porch the young man quickly took his hand off of her ass. I caught sight of his huge bulge embolden in his blue jeans as Britney unlocked the door. They went inside.

"Bringing a young buck home to fuck, huh, Britney," I chuckled.

Unbelievably the soft glow of lamp light illuminated the living room next door. Britney's hand moved from the lamp she had just turned on. She pointed at the couch, instructing the young man to sit down. Once the young man, I nicknamed Buck, was seated Britney unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. Stepping out of it, she stood before him in just her black thong, stockings and high heels. Her pink nipples stood at rigid attention on her heaving bare breasts. The outline of her cunt was displayed beneath her thong in a well-defined camel-toe. Audaciously, she ran a finger up and down the folds of her cunt speaking to Buck with a look of excited adoration on her face.

Looking amazed at the sight before him, Buck simply nodded his head.

Britney walked slowly towards him seductively swinging her hips. Perhaps she put a little extra wiggle in her walk because she knew I was watching.

Buck's eyes tarried on her bare breasts that swayed sexily with each step. He had to see, as did I, that her nipples were hard and rose rigidly from her areolas. His eyes roamed down to her crotch. He licked his lips.

Unable to resist watching the spectacle playing out before my eyes I grew erect with excitement. My cock strained painfully against my zipper. My face flushed with titillation as Britney dropped to her knees in front of her young lover.

Looking into his eyes Britney unbuckled his belt then unsnapped his trousers and slid them out of her way, his cock sprung through the fly of his boxers. She took it in her hand and felt its hefty weight. It was very large and very hard and he had shaved off his pubic hair. She was most impressed and so was I. She kissed the tip of it then smiled up at him and said something to him.

Having no idea what she was really saying I supplied the commentary for her, "You have such a big beautiful cock, Buck."

Britney shot a naughty look my way, the gleam in her eyes communicated the lust she felt for Buck. Turning her attention back to her lover, she licked his balls. She teased them with feather-like flickers before engulfing both testicles into her warm wet mouth. After a moment she spat his balls out and ran her tongue along the underside his cock. It danced in her hand. She licked and kissed her way up his shaft then just took the mushroomed head into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed as she forcefully sucked on it while vigorously stroking his shaft, demanding his essence. It was obvious that he enjoyed it from the way he squirmed. When it became apparent that he was about to cum she engulfed just the head of his cock with her lips and let him fill her mouth. Once Buck had finished climaxing, Britney straightened up and smiled at him showing him that he had, indeed, filled her mouth with his cum. Then she swallowed.

With obvious pleasure lining his face, Buck watched as Britney swallowed his load.

Britney held out her hand for Buck to help her up. After he had pulled her to her feet, she wiggled out of her thong and sat down next to him. Rolling onto her back she rested her head on the arm of the couch. Turning her head my direction she spread her legs wide, an open invitation for Buck.

I whimpered and gripped the curtains with white knuckles practically pulling them down.

Buck gazed upon her succulent spread pussy. He licked his lips excitedly as Britney smiled up at him and ran her forefinger teasingly up and down her gaping gash. He picked up her leg and kissed her stocking-clad ankle then her knee. Slowly he kissed his way up her succulent thigh, blowing his hot breath on her bare skin above her stocking top before sucking little hickeys on it.

Her pussy splayed wide before him like a blooming rose and her fragrance beckoned him to indulge. Nipping one of her pussy lips lightly with his teeth he tugged it from side to side. She moaned her pleasure, tangling her fingers in his hair and dragging his face down into the depths of her pussy. Placing his skilled tongue against her pussy he gently but forcefully worked his way into the folds of her cunt. When he slid two fingers into her simmering snatch she gasped at the penetration and I could read her lips as she muttered, "Feels...good."

When her clit peeked from its hood, he darted his tongue against it, she babbled unintelligibly as her body was racked with pleasure. He pulled his fingers from her pussy and replaced them with his thumb. Meanwhile, he worked his saturated middle finger up her butthole while she clutched the cushions of the couch. He pinched his finger and thumb together and at the same time he gently bit her clit.

Britney arched her back and howled while her body convulsed with orgasmic gyrations. Suddenly, she collapsed into silence. Looking in my direction through half-open eyelids she feebly smiled at me. She turned back to Buck, whose cock danced with desire as he maneuvered between her still spread legs, his eyes smoldered with lust and his muscular chest heaved with excitement. Reaching up she seductively racked her fingernails across his six-pack abs. She giggled as his taut muscles trembled beneath her touch.

Buck put his hands behind her knees and pushed them to her breasts as she seized his solid cock and guided into her wet wanton cunt. He slowly sank his cock into her until his bloated balls rested against her pretty pink pucker. Warranted gratification caused them both to pause.

Clutching his ass she dug her nails into his flesh. Her eyes widen in stunned disbelief as her cunt convulsed around his cock in sudden climax. She shut her eyes as her body shook with glee.

Buck hissed fighting back his own orgasm as Britney's cunt squeezed his cock like a velvet vice.

Once Britney recovered, I read her lips as she demanded, "Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me fast."

With that kind of encouragement Buck pummeled her pussy to a pleasurable pulp. He set a fantastic pace that drove waves of ecstasy throughout her body. As he hammered his cock into Britney again and again, her big breasts bounced to and fro like they were directly propelled by his cock.

Mesmerized I watched as Buck pleasured Britney. She glanced in my direction, our eyes locked and she smiled at me.

Britney turned her attention back to Buck and pinched and twisted her nipples squealing with depraved delight. She must have felt Buck's enormous cock grow inside her and she surmised he was ready to cum. She fiercely smacked his chest demanding that he pull out of her pussy before he shot his load.

Buck had barely withdrawn his cock from her quivering quim before spewing spunk like buckshot across her body from her vulva to her breasts. He howled his release at the ceiling.

Britney firmly squeezed his contracting balls. She stroked and squeezed his shaft milking one last drop of cum from his cock. When he was depleted she leaned back on her elbows. Looking down at her torso, which was covered with her lover's cum from her breasts to the top of her thighs, she giggled.

I had just witnessed the most erotic sight I had ever seen. Stroking my cock with vigor I imagined Britney slowly guiding my hard cock into her wet wanton cunt. I pictured the way she would look as she slowly slid up and down my hard cock picking up speed as her passion built. The image burned through my brain as my testicles tightened. I shook my head from side to side as my whole body trembled with dizzying delight. The first frothy outburst of cum spewed forth. I hissed with welcomed release. I fought to stay upright as spurts of pleasure shot from my cock and covered the curtains with my lust. Finally spent I murmured, "Britney, I'm so glad you're the girl-next-door."

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