tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWatching Turns Into A Swap

Watching Turns Into A Swap


My wife and I have been married 30 years and our love life is still great. We are always looking for new ways to spice things up and keep it fresh. When we were younger we had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in us, making love where we could be seen or caught, that kind of thing. I had of late had an idea that I had not yet bounced off my wife but was mulling it around in my own head. I had no interest in swapping with another couple but I was thinking of perhaps some same room sex sort of thing. Kind of excited me thinking about it.

I am 6'2 and stocky though not fat. I am fairly unremarkable though I have a large penis. It is just about 8 1/2" when erect and very thick. It fills my wife nicely and I am pretty good with it if I do say so. I never fail to please her that is for sure. Jill is 5'6" and 115 lbs. It's always amazed me how that little body will absorb all of my cock and ride it with abandon. Even though I'm thinking of a new adventure it isn't like we don't have sex. I mean we still go at each other 2/3 times a week and it's always a very satisfying affair. The thought of laying the wood to her in front of another couple was just nagging at me however.

That night at dinner I just couldn't help myself and had to try out the idea on Jill. I explained to her that I had no desire whatsoever to swap with another couple but over the years on Craigslist I had seen various ads from couples wanting to meet for drinks and perhaps end up doing some same room sex with their own partners. I told her that sounded very interesting to me and actually excited me quite a bit. I reminded her of our younger years and the few times we were caught and how exciting we had found that.

Her only response to that was a little smirk and then she said, "I think we need to go to our room and fuck like teenagers."

Well that sure appealed to me so down the hallway we went with me getting harder with each step I took. By the time we got to the room she was almost naked and I was down to my slacks. While she was pulling back the sheets I was trying desperately to get my rock hard dick out of my pants. After finally succeeding I made my way to the bed and was going to lay down next to Jill for some foreplay when she just grabbed me and pulled me on top. At 48 she was sometimes having a little trouble getting wet but that sure wasn't a problem today. I immediately started sliding into her and realized she was wetter and hotter then she had been for a long time. I got it buried and then we just started out and out animal fucking. I was pounding into her like I was trying to drive her through the bed and she was grunting and moaning and urging me to fuck her harder. I could already feel my cock filling with sperm and was thrashing her like a rabbit and finally just slammed it home and started coming. At my first spurt she went wild on the end of my dick humping up and down and coming with abandon also. I thought her vagina was going to rip my dick right off the way it was milking me and I emptied my balls like I hadn't for some time. I collapsed down on top of her out of breath and finally rolled off and lay there panting.

After catching my breath I finally looked over at her to see she still had animal lust in her eyes and said, "Good God Jill, what was that all about girl. I mean that was fantastic but what the hell brought that on?"

Jill looked at me with lust in her eyes and said, "I think your idea sounds wonderful with the right couple. I actually did this once in high school with my boyfriend while on a double date and it was really erotic. Lets put an ad in and see what happens."

With that said she crawled down to my dick and started sucking on it like someone was going to take it away from her. I felt the stirring of another erection while wondering when the last time was that we got it on twice in one session. I was thinking if just the thought of doing this is this exciting I wonder if the reality will match up. But now that I was erect and wanting some more of her the only thing I was thinking about was sex. Jill climbed on top and started the head of my cock into herself and then just sat down impaled. She started grinding and thrashing on my cock like she hadn't in years. It felt like she was trying to rip it off and within minutes I could feel the cum boiling again. I said, "Baby I'm going to cum real soon. Do yourself good."

She just said, "Fuck me dammit, fuck me."

About 3 more spasms of her impaling herself and grinding on me and she just sat down hard, totally impaled and just let out a loud "Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

She started just shaking from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. That was all I could take and I just started shooting off again against her cervix. Her orgasm lasted about 30 seconds and I was already softening by the time she stopped shaking. She just kind of fell off to the side and fell instantly asleep. She had a look of serenity and peacefulness that was really rather erotic. I got up and put my robe on and made my way on weak knees back to the kitchen and just burst out laughing when I looked at the clock. We had been gone from the kitchen for less then 20 minutes and all of this had transpired. Incredible. I vowed to put in an ad the next day.

The next day after putting in the ad with a clothed picture of us with our faces blocked I wondered at the response we might get. I knew there were others who did this as I had seen ads before, but wondered at what kind of people we would find. It didn't take long to find out that we would get some responses from some real freaks. Single guys with dick pictures wanting to do my wife and all kinds of vile responses. Real punks. But about the 4th day I got one back that looked interesting.

Dear sir, I read your ad with some interest. My wife and I are 45 and as you can see from the picture in fairly good shape. We are experienced with both same room sex and full swapping. I would be interested in discussing this on the phone and perhaps meeting for drinks if we look like a couple you would be interested in spending some time with. Obviously if we get together it will be to see if we are compatible before we make a commitment to going further. Sincerely Tom and he left his cell phone number.

I printed off the ad and brought it home with me after work. After showing it to Jill she agreed that they looked like a clean and sane couple and perhaps we should give them a call. I picked up the phone with a bit of fear in my belly and dialed. A man answered and I asked, "Tom."

He said, "Yes it is. Can I help you."

I told him, "My name is Bill and you answered our ad on Craigslist. We are interested with the right couple of experiencing some same room sex. Understand we are not wanting to swap but rather are just looking for the thrill of being watched and watching."

Tom responded, "That sounds very interesting Bill. My wife Cindy and I have done this before. It really is rather erotic to both be watched and to watch. What I would suggest is we meet for drinks somewhere and just chat and see where it goes from there."

I agreed and we made a date for Friday night at a local watering hole. I was familiar with the place and told Tom if it was available we would be sitting at the table for 4 in the back corner by the Miller Lite sign. With that done it was just a matter of waiting for Friday.

Friday finally came and we went down to the little bar and took our seats with drink in hand. About 5 minutes later I see a couple walk in that I'm sure are Tom and his wife Cindy. They stop and pick up a couple of drinks and head right to our table. I stood as they approached and said, "Tom?"

He smiled and said, "Yes it is." Bill, this is my wife Cindy and he looked at Jill and said and you must be Jill."

After all the introductions we just sat around making small talk getting to know one another. After an hour or so Tom stood and said, "Tell you what guys. Why don't we part ways and talk with our spouses and lets chat on the phone later." "I think Cindy and I really enjoyed you guys and I hope that it's the same with you but lets just take this slow."

We all agreed and parted ways. Once in the car I looked at Jill and asked what she thought. Jill responded, "I really liked them and felt very comfortable with them. I think this could work." My feelings were the same and I felt a stirring.

I picked up my cell phone and gave Tom a call and told him we really enjoyed their company and would enjoy visiting again and seeing if we could progress from there. His response was, "Cindy and I really enjoyed you folks also. In fact thinking about all of it has us quite horny and we are actually checking into the Best Western just down the road. If you'd like how about a drink in our room? We are in 860."

I turned to Jill and her immediate response was let's go. We spun the car around and stopped at the liquor store and grabbed a bottle of wine and made our way to the Best Western. Upon knocking Tom answered the door in just his underwear. He said kind of sheepishly that they were so horny they weren't going to wait for wine. We entered to find Cindy on the bed naked. I looked at Jill and just shrugged my shoulders and started taking off my shirt. Tom made his way to their bed and started making out with Cindy. I could feel the hardness coming so I almost tore the rest of my clothes off and got into our bed. I heard Cindy in a husky whisper to Tom say, "Holy shit Tom, look at that cock. Where in the world is he going to put that in that little girl."

Jill climbed into bed smiling and I knew she had heard that also. I was stiff as a pipe now and we began kissing and groping. Jill pushed me to my back and started to climb on. I glanced at the other bed to see Tom pumping into Cindy who was low moaning but looking right at my cock at the entrance to Jill's pussy. Jill got the head aimed in and just sat down slowly taking it all the way in. As I enjoyed the silky warmth envelope my penis I kept my eyes on Cindy who when Jill bottomed out gave a loud moan and seemed to come. At that point I decided they could do what they wanted but I needed to do some fucking. Jill was already working her way to orgasm and just gave a moan and started shaking. After a bit she started grinding and bucking on my dick again and quickly became more frantic. I was trying to last but at this rate it wouldn't be long. Jill gave a frantic little lunge onto my dick and started coming again while she was kind of whimpering. After about 30 seconds of orgasm she just slumped down onto my chest. I was just running my fingers through her hair when she kind of pulled me to roll over onto her. As we made our roll I looked over to find both Tom and Cindy laying there just watching. I assumed they had finished round one and now were just watching the show. I thought if it's a show they want, we'll try and give them one. So I started long stroking Jill which she just loves. Really pushing and clenching my ass at the bottom like I'm trying to push my whole lower body into her pussy. In between moans she was urging me on saying, "Fuck me Bill. Give me all of that beautiful cock. Oh god yes, fuck me."

I started really pounding feeling my own orgasm building. I glanced to my left to find both Tom and Cindy playing with themselves. Cindy was really thrashing at that pretty little red haired pussy. That really got my balls to boiling so I sped my pace. Jill seemed to be in an almost constant orgasm now as I plowed my way into the home stretch. Finally I could take it no more and just slammed that baby home and let her pussy milking finish me off. As it was building to explosion with my eyes nothing but slits I glance over to see Tom lazily stroking his dick while Cindy was coming wildly. If they were making any noise I couldn't hear it through the ringing in my ears and finally pow, the first blast let go. I just let out a moan and enjoyed the feeling of my dick pulsing and jerking as it filled Jill with my load. Exhausted I just kind of laid on her for a minute or so as our breathing returned to normal and finally slipped my softening dick out of her and rolled to my back. I glanced over to find that Tom had rolled Cindy to her back and was slamming into her well on the way to his orgasm. I think I kind of drifted off for a minute but then woke up realizing I needed to piss. Cindy and Tom and Jill were all sitting on the edges of the bed talking low as I made my way to the hallway. I stopped dead when I heard Cindy say, "Jill I hope you don't get mad, but that was just about the most erotic thing I think I've ever seen. That cock of his looks to be something else. I know you didn't come here to swap but I would just about give anything to get fucked by that monster."

There was total silence and I expected Jill to scream at me that we were getting out of here when I heard her reply, "I am not going to be doing anything with you Tom. I'm sorry but I have no interest in that. But to be honest I would enjoy watching that dick of Bills thrashing someone else once. It's actually been a little dream of mine. I had a girlfriend years ago that wanted to try him out because I kept bragging of his size and ability and I was almost ready to do that when she moved away. Perhaps tonight is the night. Depends on what Bill would have to say."

I made it the rest of the way to the bathroom a bit confused but also a bit excited. I hadn't been with anyone else since our first date and never thought I would have any desire but upon hearing Jill say she had a dream of watching me perform I can't lie and say it didn't start a stir in my groin. On top of that Cindy was a tall and leggy green eyed red head with pert little tits and legs all the way to her ass. So the idea of her wrapping those long legs around me had me about half hard when I returned to the bedroom area.

All three were sitting on Tom and Cindy's bed. I sat on ours facing them with a bit of a confused look though I knew what they had discussed. Jill looked at me and said, "Bill, I hope you won't get mad at me. For years I bragged of your size and stamina to Becky until Becky asked me one day to take you for a test ride. At first I just laughed and said no. But upon return home I dragged you to the bedroom and almost raped you thinking about watching you send Becky over the moon. It's been a bit of a fantasy of mine every since. I had in fact gotten to where I was going to approach you about it when Becky was transferred and moved away. Every time we've gone and visited I've wanted to bring it up but just lost my nerve. So here we are tonight and Cindy flat out asked if she could get thrashed by that wonderful cock of yours and I've decided if your willing I'm going to get to watch tonight. I am not going to be doing anything with Tom and will be pleasing myself watching the show and Tom has agreed to that, it's just you and Cindy. What do you think?"

I said, "Well I'm a bit confused mentally but I think my Johnson is saying it's very interested."

That brought a laugh from everyone. I looked at Cindy and she had a dreamy look on her face and was just flat staring at my dick without shame. I looked at Jill and said, "Are you sure about this honey. It's not going to bother you later?"

She replied, "I would have never offered this to Cindy if I thought it would drive a wedge through us later. I'm serious that I want to watch once and my pussy is starting to demand attention just by the thought of it so I can't wait to see the actual show."

With that I just stood and walked over to Cindy with my half mast cock swinging out in front of my like a metronome. She stared at it in awe until it was just inches from her face. She reached out to touch it and then wrapped both hands around it. She stared at it and then looked over at her husband and said, "My god Tom, look at this thing. Where am I going to put it all."

I kind of felt sorry for Tom who actually looked to be a bit over average but he laughed and said, "I'm confident you will find a way baby. Now get over on that bed and get to fucking, you need it and Jill and I need to see it."

I could see he was stiff as a plank so he obviously wasn't jealous. I grabbed Cindy by the hand and we made our way to the other bed. I laid her on her back and crawled between those long ass legs and made my way upward. She reached down and grabbed my now rock hard dick and aimed it at her pussy. She rubbed the head around a little bit and then put me at the front door. I slipped the crown just into the entrance until I started to feel her stretch and then I glanced over at Jill to make sure there wasn't some second thoughts. I see Tom stroking his 7" and Jill was fingering herself and she just looked at me and said in a very husky voice I'd never heard before, "Give it to her Bill. Fuck that pussy good and make her come."

Who am I to argue with that logic? Cindy when I looked down and made eye contact with was almost pleading, "Please fuck me Bill, give me that cock, please." She almost sounded like she would start to cry. We can't have that so I started to push and stretch. Finally she gave way and I was able to get my thick head started down her steamy tunnel. Once she was stretched to the max I heard her utter a "Holy Shit." I backed out a bit and then slid some more in trying to work it in slowly so she could accommodate. Christ she was like a virgin. After several resets I got it all of it in I could get in with this position. When she felt our pelvises finally meet she said, "Oh my fucking god. Fuck me, fuck me now."

I got up on my hands and drew about half out and plunged it home. She arched up to meet it and we fell into a rhythm. Very shortly I heard her say she was going to come so I slammed it twice more and then just buried it. She gave out a moan and I could see muscles convulse into orgasm. I gave her a minute to come down and then went back to feeding it to her. It wasn't but maybe 10 strokes and she started to convulse and moan again so I just buried it and felt her try and milk me. I glanced over and Jill was also in mid orgasm and looking at Tom staring at us with a limp dick figured he must have finished himself off also. I got back to the business at hand with Cindy orgasming about every 30 seconds and me just burying it in her every time and letting her come down and then start all over. At last though I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm and it wouldn't be just to many more milking s by her and I would be unable to hold off any more. As I was buried with her coming down from yet another orgasm I wondered if I should come in her. I hadn't come in anyone other then Jill in so many years and it seemed somehow even more personal then just thrashing this womens pussy.

I looked over at Jill and said, "Honey, I'm going to come soon and I'm not sure I shouldn't do that in you instead of Cindy. Somehow that seems even more personal then just fucking her." Cindy was under me just moaning and asking for more.

Jill looked me in the eye as she was fingering herself and almost yelled at me, "You fuck that pussy. You blow out the back end of that thing with your come. Fuck her Bill, NOW."

That thought sent her over the edge as she bucked up into her hand coming again. I glanced at Tom to see him hard again. I looked down at Cindy to hear her begging me to fuck her and come. I thought well lets bring this show to it's climax so to speak.

We want to blow out the back end well then so be it. I reached down and hooked my hand behind Cindy's knee and pulled it forward. I did the same with my left hand. Now her lower back and pussy was arched up for maximum penetration. I knew I had about an inch and half left that she wasn't getting before, but she was going to get it now. When I pushed forward to be totally buried I impacted her cervix and then pushed it inward with my final inch. This alone sent Cindy into a gut crunching orgasm. She was just panting and saying fuck and oh my god and other utterances. I could feel my nuts starting to boil from this milking and decided the time has come to just plow this woman for all I'm worth and give her a deposit of what I'm sure is going to be a massive load with the excitement I'm feeling. I withdrew a bit over half and then just slammed it back home. She gave a little grunt moan and I did it again. Faster and faster just plowing into her like I'm trying to drive her through the bed. She starts coming but I don't stop. I can feel my dick growing and my ears are starting to ring. She seems to be in a constant orgasm now but I can't even hear her. All I know in my life is my dick and it's pulsing and filling and growing. I am slamming like a steam engine when I know it's finally my time. I plunge it home one more time pushing it all the way in feeling her cervix fold backward. Every muscle in her body is quivering including her eye lids which are just fluttering. I can see her eyes are rolled into the back of her head and somewhere in my mind I'm wondering if she is actually having a seizure. But my main brain is just feeling my cock fill, feeling the head of my dick swell to an almost painful level and feeling the sperm boil as her cunt is milking and thrashing around my cock. I realize dimly that I'm moaning until I finally give a bark as the first blast of cum flies out the head of my dick. It feels like that shot came all the way from my lower back. Cindy gasps and bucks as the shots are blasting off her cervix. I'm sure my orgasm lasted a normal amount of time but it seemed like forever. I started to pull out with my dick still twitching and Cindy still seemed to be coming. It finally plopped out of her and I pulled back letting her legs fall back to the bed. About every 15 seconds she seemed to quiver again in orgasm. She rolled into the fetal position with her hands holding her pussy and again seemed to quiver into another orgasm.

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