Watching Wife


It was about 10.30pm one winters night when I was working in my office when my wife came in and said she was off to bed. My cock immediately twitched inside the white lace panties I had put on when I showered a little earlier. We had not been having sex much of late but had noticed on several occasions her 8" smooth gold vibe had been used.

She kissed me goodnight and headed for our bedroom down the other end of the house, I rubbed my cock through my shorts while thinking about her sliding that toy deep into her pussy. I didn’t really know whether she was doing it at night when she went to bed or during the day when I was at work, but thinking about it now had my cock forming a huge tent in her panties.

I waited for about 15 minutes so that she would be well and truly settled in bed and ventured to the kitchen to get a can of diet coke from the fridge. Sure enough when I passed the bedroom the door was closed but the light was on inside. I collected my coke and returned to the office. I sat there for a few minutes and thought I might check out what she was up to.

I crept out onto our balcony which ran past our bedroom to see if I could see in. As luck had it there was a gap between the curtains. I crept up trying not to make the balcony creak. I looked in through the gap and saw she was laying on the bed reading one of my Penthouse Variations story books. She was wearing her purple satin night gown which was up around her waist and her pretty red lace panties were showing. My cock was rock hard so I slipped off my shorts exposing her white lace panties that I was wearing.

I was gently rubbing myself through her panties watching her when she slipped her right hand into her panties. I was so excited that I almost came right then. I stopped rubbing and watched as she started to rub her clitty. God this was so hot. When my cock was not so sensitive I start to slowly rub again. She removed her panties and start to to rub her clitty faster in a circular motion her hips were gently moving off the bed. She put the book down and slipped her hand under my pillow and took out her vibe. Fuck it was so hard to stop my self from blowing all over the window. I watched as she rubbed it up and down her pussy lips and then suddenly plunged it deep inside herself she was slowly fucking herself with the vibe when her right hand returned to her clitty.

Her hips started bucking off the bed as she started driving the vibe in and out faster I was rubbing myself harder and faster now anticipating her climax. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed, all of a sudden her whole body shook and she moaned. My knees went weak as I released my load into her panties as I watched her slow here thrusting. My cum had saturated the front of her panties. I stood there in the post orgasm daze as she got up off the bed. She put her toy back in its bag and put it away in the bedside cabinet.

I start to move away when she opened the bed door. I froze in my tracks as I thought I had been caught. What a sight I was standing on our balcony with here cum soaked panties on. However she headed for the kitchen to get a drink from the fridge. I saw here return to the bedroom and with her drink I was safe. She left the door slightly ajar switched off the light and slipped into bed. I slowly crept back in side to my office and sat down, my heart was racing.

I sat at my desk looking at some hot cross dressing picture for about 30 minutes to let her get to sleep. I slipped out of her panties folded them and put them back in her draw then I snuck into bed along side her. I put my arms around her and snuggled up to her back. I could smell her sex in the room as my cock started to harden again against her arse. I slid my hand between her legs and stroked her clitty and lips. God she was still so wet. By now I had a raging hard on, I felt her hand slip in between our bodies and start to stroke me. I always love laying there masturbating each other. Her legs opened slightly to give me better access. It wasn’t long before her strokes increased to a rapid speed as she shook to orgasm with me blowing my load all over her sexy big arse.

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