tagLoving WivesWatching Wife Cheat

Watching Wife Cheat

byRico Suave©

Secretly I had wanted this to happen so badly. She couldn’t have known what she was doing would be making me so damn excited. Hell, she didn’t even know I was watching. Now of course she knew she wasn’t really doing anything wrong. She had my permission to fuck anyone she wanted at any time with the sole provision being that she should tell me every dirty detail at the next possible opportunity. She could get quite graphic and loved to tell me about the guys she met clubbing or what not and how she went back to some guys place and fucked and sucked him for hours. So the fact that she had this guys cock in her mouth right now should not be a problem. Only it was Todd, the guy she swore she did not want to fuck and hadn’t been fucking. I had not believed her because I could sense the sexual tension between them any time the were in the same room together. I believed she had been fucking him and not telling me about it. In fact, secretly I was hoping she was fucking him. I was hoping to catch them together in part to prove I was correct in my suspicions. In part however, I was hoping to catch them together to satisfy my unique kink. My desire to watch my wife cheating on me.

Our sex life has been fantastic and our relationship out of bed equally wonderful. We have an understanding. We both love sex a lot. We’ve had had threesomes both with two men and a her as well as two women and me. Every so often she will want to sleep with a woman and I always enjoy that but she does not have much desire to see me fuck other women and quite honestly I am more than satisfied with fucking my wife. So even though I have fucked other women in front of her at her request, it doesn’t happen often. In fact I to have permission to sleep with another woman if it comes up but I never have pursued that option. I do however love seeing my wife enjoy sex. Most of the time only with me but I am not against other men satisfying her if she desires it. I in fact, want her to have a healthy appetite for men. And healthy it is. She loves me and shows it often but is quite happy to have found a man with my particular sexual desires. She loves to have sex with men (and women), and loves that I want her to have sex with anyone she wants. She enjoys satisfying my desire to watch her fuck other men as well as my desire to hear her tell me about it later while I fuck her. But she knows I insist on her always telling me about every guy she’s fucked. It was only recently I had begun to suspect that she was indeed fucking Todd and not telling me about it.

Though I was worried that she might be falling in love with another guy, I was extremely turned on by the thought of watching them fuck without their knowledge. The one part of not watching, but only hearing about her fucking other men, is missing seeing her pure sexual lust. I fear that in front of me, though she knows I am enjoying it, she perhaps holds back just a little not wanting me to see just how much she likes fucking other men. If I could only watch her fuck another guy without her knowing I was watching, then I would be in heaven. There is nothing sexier to me than seeing a woman, my woman, completely engulfed in sexual lust. Enjoying every moment, oblivious to everything else around her. I love seeing my wife enjoy sex. It gives me great pleasure to know she is being pleasured. But we have always understood that while sex is to be shared and enjoyed her heart is mine. She could fuck anyone but had to tell me about it.

Now however, I was watching my wife suck the cock of the man she swore she wasn’t fucking. I had suspected it and secretly had arraigned to have the night off from work. I had fixed a spot out side our bedroom window, about 8 feet away, where I could hide and watch. Since no one can see into our bedroom window she rarely closes the drapes. Usually I will close them at night when I got home from work. But in the morning she will open them and leave them open constantly. I knew Todd’s days off and made sure this was one of them. He has several roommates and even shared a room so I knew that they would be doing it here while I was at work if they were. He is by the way ten years younger than her at 20. She has no problem fucking other men in our bed and in fact has called me at work more than once to tell me she had a cock in her pussy at that moment. That always drove me crazy and would get me home quite quickly. So I was pretty sure they would be doing it here. I kissed her goodbye, supposedly leaving for work, instead retreating to my carefully designed hiding spot. Not long after I left, I saw her enter the bedroom and undress from her jeans and T-shirt. She had on only a white sports bra and some comfortably but dull cotton panties. I watched as she went though her top dresser drawer, the one with her lingerie in it, and pick out her favorite pink lace thong and matching bra. Next she went to the closet and emerged with the sexy pink spandex dress I bought her for her last birthday. She loves to wear it to clubs because it is so tight and short and garners her quite a bit of attention. She is quite a beautiful woman at 30. She is 5’5” with blond hair and wonderfully perky 34B tits. Her legs are smooth and lead up to an exceptionally fine ass. To say the least she could get a any guy anytime she wants. It appeared obvious she intended to do more than the not much she told me she would be doing. She’s always told me when she planned on going clubbing and that was always on weekends. It was only Wednesday.

Next she sat down at her mirror and carefully applied her make up and then sprayed herself all over with her favorite body spray. Then she removed her cotton panties and bra and put on the sexy pink lace underwear she had picked out. She then put white stockings on each leg and then slid into her tight, sexy pink dress. My cock was as hard as a rock watching her and I stroked it as I thought about her birthday when I fucked her silly while she wore that same outfit. She fished a pair of white heels out of the closet and then went into the living room, only a small part of which I could see from where I was hidden. However I had expected that and had recently suggested moving the furniture to see how it looked differently. This had left the couch in plain view of my spot and only about 15 feet away. So when she entered the living room she went to the couch and picked up the phone.
I was hoping she was calling Todd. After a couple of minutes I began to suspect I was correct. She laid down on the couch facing away from me (which allowed me to crane forward a bit without worrying she might see me in the twilight hours), and I saw her begin to reach her hand down between her legs and up her dress. She was playing with herself while she talked on the phone. I wished I could hear her talking, but after about 15 minutes, I watched her as unmistakably she brought herself to orgasm. She hung up the phone soon after and got up and went to the bedroom and I watched as she fixed herself up. I was hoping that show was only a prelude to the main show. About 30 minutes later, I watched her get up from the couch as if reacting to the sound of the door bell. Moments later, my heart was pounding as I watched Todd and my wife enter our bedroom and fall into each others arms, kissing passionately. There was not much in the way of casual conversation which led me to assume (correctly) that this was most certainly not the first time they had done this.

Their kissing was hot and steamy and was making me hornier than heck. Instantly I knew I was right. Watching her without her knowing, she seemed to be into it in a completely different way than I had ever seen her. Perhaps cheating on me was turning her on as much as it was me or perhaps I was just right about her fucking differently in front of me. Maybe it was both. Either way her sexual excitement was driving me out of my mind. My hand had been stroking my cock without me even realizing it and suddenly I shot a huge load all over. My cock never wavered. She quickly had his shirt off and he quickly had the dress up over her head and off. Then she dropped to her knees and removed his rather large cock from his jeans. Quickly and eagerly she crammed his stiff penis into her mouth. I could see everything so wonderfully clearly and from just 12 feet or so away. His head tilted back and his hands gripped either side of her head as she expertly sucked his monster cock. It had to be at least 9 inches long and damn thick as well. I was impressed and happy she had such a big cock to fuck. Knowing she didn’t know I knew was making me so crazy with lust. My cock was aching and throbbing. And the sight of my beautiful blond wife on her knees in just her pink panties and bra sucking the dick of this guy who was ten years younger than her and considered to be very hot by most women, was unbelievably intense. Her cheating was just making it all even more intense. I don’t understand why I love the idea of my wife cheating on me but I do. And the realization of this fantasy was even more incredible than I could’ve imagined.

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Great story! Don’t pay attention to these other clowns that don’t like it. They’re just jealous they aren’t lucky enough to have a wife who opens her legs for other men!

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