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Watching You Last Night


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I woke up this morning all alone in bed. You had an early start and had taken off before the sun came up. As the fog started lifting from my head, I realized that I still had on my fishnet dress, it is your favorite. I love to wear it for you with one of the bras that I cut so my tits stick out. I get one a cup size or two smaller than what I normally wear so when I put them on my tits are pushed out the opening that I have made. My nipples are so sensitive and having them forced through the opening so they stick straight out pointing upward that they poke through the holes.

I laid there and my thoughts drifted to the night before. I did not realize that my thumb and middle finger was already manipulating my nipple. My thighs clenched tight and my ass was rotating putting pressure so my clit would rub against the lip of my pussy. Suddenly realizing how horny I was getting, I thought that I should get up, turn the computer on and write you this story about my morning.

I got everything ready, not that I had much to set up, it was all still out from our session last night. I put fresh batteries in the vibrators, got out my favorite mint gel that makes everything tingle and the pump is at my feet. First, I squirt out some gel and lather my clit and then take the pink egg vibe and slide it between the lips of my pussy so that the end of the egg is right against the head of my clit. I turned it on and my thighs immediately clamp shut so I have control of the egg and with the motions of my hips, I can maneuver it around my clit. With my ass gently rocking back and forth, I squirt out some more lube right onto my nipples. I love watching the clear, cool gel as it slides down onto my breast. The cool tingly feeling make them stick out further so this morning I thought I would use the latex suction tubes that I have. I squirt some more gel in the tube and squeeze so all the air is out. As I put it against my nipple, I slowly release the tube and my nipple is sucked inside. Ah, feeling the pressure that the suction tube makes as it tries to get my nipple in is so erotic. I notice that my hips are pushing down as my tummy is sucking in and that makes the egg run up and over the tip of my clit. I quickly get the other tube on my other nipple.

I let my thoughts drift back to last night, oh, I was so turned on watching you. You got out of the shower and your cock and balls were all freshly shaven. I was sitting on my chair next to the bed on the computer with my vibe on and doing its thing. Already horny from answering my emails from people who have enjoyed reading the stories that I have posted. It turns me on to know that other people are turned on and get off on reading them. You grabbed some lube out of your drawer, then came around my side, sat down next to me, poured some lube in your hand and started stroking your cock.

You reached over and you started bouncing the ball that I have attached at the neckline on the fishnet dress. It is one of those bungee cords that have a ball at the end and a stretching elastic rope that forms a loop. I have put one at each end so that when I move the ball hits against my nipple. I find that I could not type any more, my interest had now been diverted to watching you as your stroke, making your cock rock hard and sticking straight up. You know that watching you makes me so horny and even though I can cum over and over with no problem, I like to hold off and tease myself as long as I can.

You lean back a bit so I can get a good look as you work your hands over your glistening shaft. I am starting to rock back and forth in my chair as the vibe works its magic on my clit. It is getting so hard and swollen it is pushing the egg out from between the lips on my pussy. I reach down and get the hose to my sucking machine, I change the end to a new one I just found that will just fit over my clit, pour some more mint lube in it. I turn off the egg, spread my legs and let it fall to the ground. I put the tip on the end of the tube right against the tip of my clit, reach down and turn it on. You watch as my clit gets sucked right in, jerking a little faster, then the tip starts to suck my clit in and out of the attachment. The machine starts to make a sucking sound as I lean back in my chair and prop up my feet on the bed with my legs spread wide so you and I can get a clear shot of my clit being sucked off.

You reached under the bed and grabbed you bag of goodies and I know I am in for a real treat. You grab the Vaseline, open the top and you get a scoop then spreading it all over your asshole. You get the new butt plug that picked up the other day, bending slightly forward towards me, you start to push it in. It's a good-sized black rubber tapered plug and I know its going to be a tight fit. You bend father down and get your head right next to the head that is sucking my clit. You can see that my clit is already twice its normal size, which is much bigger than most others I have seen. You gasp as the plug goes father and farther in. I look down and you have your other hand still stroking and pulling on your hard shaft. You let go for a second so that you can spit in you hand and then its right back at it.

With the plug all the way in, you sit back down on the bed. You reach over and get your pump, you had started to soften a bit with all the moving around. You lube yourself up real good and take the clear cylinder and you slide your cock in. As you pull the trigger on the pump, I can see it starting to get sucked inside. You make sure that the seal is good and start pulling the trigger over and over until it is locked on. I can see it growing and it starts filling up the tube as you pull the trigger, just a few pumps and a time now just to keep the suction good. I am really turned on now, I start tugging on the suction line so that I get the same effect. I know how it feels on my clit and I can only imagine that it must feel the same on you,

You look up at me, watching you and see me going crazy tugging the line on my clit as if I was jacking off a cock. So, you grab on to the cylinder and start jacking yourself off with it. That was so hot, seeing your cock through the clear tube as you stroked still pulling the trigger so more suction is applied. I could tell that it felt good and having that plug up your ass was just making that much better. I know it has too, when you cum and you have the plug in, you cum so hard, so long and cum shoots out of your cock like it was a cannon. I could not believe how much cum you shot out the first time you used it. I think I came for ten minutes straight as soon as I saw the first stream come flying out.

Since watching you was getting me so turned on, I needed to change the tip on my sucking machine. I used my foot to turn the switch off, the suction released, and I pulled the attachment off my clit. I heard you gasp and I looked over and you were watching me and I could tell that you were stroking yourself a little faster too. The sight of my clit overflowing through the lips of my pussy was incredible. I am fortunate to have what I call a plump pussy, big puffy lips that surround a generous clit. When I am turned on my clit swells even more, but when I use my sucking machine with the clit only attachment, my clit sticks out like a cock. I have even stroked my clit off before, just as if I would if it were a cock. Since it was so swollen, I decided that I wanted to use a silicone attachment that I have that will fit the whole area from just under my pussy lips. I get the mint lube and give it a few squirts this time then I take two fingers pull my pussy lips apart and slide it in over my clit.

I lean back in my chair, my foot flicks the switch and the machine starts sucking again. I reached over with my right hand and pulled off the suction tube from the left nipple. Then I get the egg vibe and another one I have that looks like glue gun, it has a trigger on/off switch and a bullet type head that if you push the back of it the bullet tip extends out more.

While I was busy, you scooted yourself up so that you were lying across the middle of the bed, with your head up against the headboard. I looked up at you and you were fully engrossed with what you were doing. I just go nuts when I see a guy and he is actually watching what he is doing to himself and it turns him on more. It just feeds into my thoughts more, as to how horny he is and he gets off on making himself get off. For me it is just as much a mental masturbation as it is a physical one. I can see from watching you everything that you do to yourself is driving yourself towards the point of no return.

I move my chair so that I can prop both my feet on the bed and can see you from between my knees. I am extremely turned on watching you, seeing you stroke that massive rod with the clear cylinder to the point where you almost go over the edge. Then you back off ever so slightly, just enough where you can control it. I can tell because your breathing is hard and your body jerks because the feeling is so intense. I reach down and pull my left tit to my mouth so I can lick and suck on my nipple. With my right hand, I take the vibrator and put it on the head of the sucking tube. It sends waves of incredible pulses directly to my swollen clit driving me further and further to the point where I won't be able to hold back.

My tongue is making circles around my nipple then after a few times around I suck it into my mouth. It feels so good, I love to have my nipples sucked on and I find it very erotic when I can do it myself. I heard you groan very loud and I looked over and see you watching me suck on my nipple, I know that turns you on because you always push my tits to my mouth. Seeing you watching me is getting me at that I am that point and you know it. You know what I want to see and you are going to make sure that I will not be able to control myself and cum before you do.

You jerk harder, showing me how hard it is, you look back and forth from me to your cock. You start telling me how hard it is, that each stroke is so intense and that your cock is throbbing. You tell me how much watching me suck on my nipple is turning you on. How the feeling he has on his cock is what I am feeling with my sucking machine on my clit. You tell me to look down at my clit, watch the way it is sucking up and down. See it, it is so fucking big, I would love to suck you off right now. I love having your clit in my mouth driving you wild. Now, look at me, suck on your nipple, suck it in deep. Yah, that's it, suck on it hard. You're driving me wild, my cock is so hard I want to take off this pump and feel it between my hands. I like to grab it tight and jerk real fast with one hand and the other I like to twist the head. I can feel it getting so hard the veins are straining between my skin and my hard shaft. Oh god, the suction on this pump is pulling it so hard and it feels so good to jack off this way but I want to feel my hands on it. I want to pour lube all over it and jack off until I spray cum everywhere.

You know that I am there, my hips are bouncing all over, I am sucking like a mad woman on one nipple, the ball is bouncing up and down on the other and I have the vibrator on and the machine on high sucking off my clit. I am sweating up a storm, my whole body is wet. I am so close, I don't want to give in but I don't want to stop. That is the most intense time right before you let go and cum. I start to moan, my body is shaking, and my hips are dry humping the head of the tube locked onto my clit. You tell me to cum, let myself go and then you will cum for me.

That's it, I'm gone, and I start cumming. I have no idea of what is going on around me, all I feel is this massive, intense feeling that has taken over my whole body stemming from my clit. Oh my god, it is lasting so long, getting more and more intense almost to the point where I think I am going to pass out. It would not stop, I almost thought it was never going to end but slowly I start riding the down side of my orgasm. I start to hear things again, I hear my self saying oh my god over and over as I gasp for air. My body shaking and trembling with each post orgasm contraction that I get. Wow, that was intense. My clit is so swollen I feel like it is going to be sucked into the tube so I reach down and turn it off.

As I pull the head from between my lips, I hear you and look over. You have released your cock from the cylinder and you are pouring lube all over the head. Quickly I grab the little gun vibe and get on my knees at the edge of the bed. You see me and scoot over closer so I can watch you like you watched me being sucked off by a machine. I lean over and my nipples rub against your leg as I position my face right by your cock. If you wanted me to, I could suck your dick as you jacked off but you want me to watch.

I am watching as you stroke, your hand so tight, up and down, up and down. Then you take your other hand and you are double pumping, you are getting there now. You are gasping for air, and you cannot control the jerking spasms that have taken over your body. I shove the vibe up against my clit and I am going to cum again. Then, you cum, still jerking on your cock like crazy but no cum shooting out yet, not yet anyway. I can tell that the plug in your ass is hitting its mark, the top half of your body starts to rise up. You look at your hand as it is yanking on your shaft. You can't believe how hard you are cumming and you haven't even shot your load. Then the feeling gets stronger and stronger. You see me getting ready to cum again, my face right next to your hands watching closely as you make yourself cum

Then it hits you like a ton of bricks, you start moaning real loud as the cum starts up your shaft. You start jerking harder, your eyes close and I know it's coming out. I start to cum again as I see the first shot of cum start flying out. The first shot hit you right in the face and then shot after shot they end up all over. Then it just starts to ooze out like lava from a volcano after it has erupted. I'm cumming hard again, watching as you are still stroking, the cum still lingering on. We both held onto that one for a long time

That was incredible, one of the best orgasms I have ever had and I have enjoyed quite a few incredible orgasms. I know for you, this one is probably pretty high on your cum list too. Now I am all worked up again having written this story so I am going to post it and sit back and cum yet again.

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by usgator3004/02/18

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.

There WAS no way I could keep my hands off my cock listening to you talk about the suction tube on your nipples and your clit. This is one of the hottest , if not the hottest story I have ever heard heremore...

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