tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWatching You Wait

Watching You Wait


It is late and quiet, and you are waiting for your husband to arrive home from a business trip. You just stepped out of the shower and are becoming tired. But, aching for his return you get ready for bed by slipping on a sheer silk nighty with lace panties and just a spritz of Chanel #5 over your body, hoping the scent will communicate to your husband your desires. You slip on a robe and wander to the front door and tentatively open it up, looking loningly in the direction from where you expect him to arrive. You hope to see his car turn down the street but knowing that he won't be home for hours, you turn on the porch light and naively leave the door unlocked and tape a suble note to it, letting him know to come in quietly. You quickly return to your room and turn off the light, falling asleep almost instantly.sd

In the shadows from across the street, I am watching you. You don't have your robe tied very tightly and in the brief light on the porch I can see one of your bare thighs for just a moment, and can tell that the nightgown doesn't really cover that much. You know who I am but you can't see me and you wouldn't expect me to be watching. I know your husband and talked with him about his trip before he left. I know he is out of town and that his flight has been delayed by a snow storm and that he probably won't be back until tomorrow afternoon, but I can see you need him, and can feel your longing from across the street. I see your bedroom light turn off and linger a while in the shadows debating with myself whether I should do this or not. Then finally with my heart beating loudly in my chest, the image of your bare thigh etched in my mind pushes me over the edge and I decide I will do it. I will fulfill your desire.

I wait a few more minutes and the silence is unbearable. Slowly I make my way across the street to your porch. Almost an hour has passed now since you left the note and turned off the light to your room. I read the note and though it is brief, I can sense the passion with which it was written. Though it doesn't say it overtly, it clearly means "Come and get me".

Quickly and silently I try the door and to my surprise, it is unlocked and slowly I open it. Once inside, I can smell the Chanel #5 on the air as it beckons me up to your room. My heart is pounding in my ears so loudly that I fear you will hear me and discover me. I have never done this before, but now I am intoxicated with an excitement and passion that propels me forward. I must have you.

Quietly I close the door behind me and brace myself for what I am about to do. On tiptoes, I creep up the stairs to your room where you lay sleeping with the door opened.

I do not enter immediately, but watch silently from the hallway contemplating my next move. I can see your figure on the bed, and the robe draped over a nearby chair. You move in the bed in your slumber, kicking the sheet partially off of you and in the half-light of the moon shining through the window, I can see your bare legs and the edge of the sheer nightie that has ridden up just a little, exposing your exquisite bottom.

You have not yet detected my presence and I am completely aroused and take my clothes off, leaving them in a pile on the floor. I watch for a few more minutes, admiring your beauty as you sleep and gently begin to stroke myself. Something tells me I should leave but I ignore it, enchanted by your allure and carefully I creep into the room and crawl into bed.

You still haven't stirred in the slightest and my manhood aches as can feel your warmth just inches from me. I can smell the fragrance of the shampoo in your hair, still slightly damp and cool. I gently reach and touch it, smooth and silky. Slowly I pull the sheet off of your sleeping body to get a better view. Your beauty is stunning and the sheer cloth of your nighty barely protects your skin from the cool night air. Your perfect arm beckons to me reach out slowly and run my fingers just over the top of your skin until I touch you barely and gently. You skin responds to the stimulus with goose bumps.

Still though, you do not stir and my hand continues to gently caress your arm and shoulder, my fingers toying with the stap of the nightie that I gently move off of your shoulder. I raise up and gently look over your shoulder and see the top of your breast, your nipple barely peeking out and I now hunger for more.

As I continue to stroke your arm with one hand, the other is playing with your hair, exposing the soft skin of your neck and I again smell the Chanel #5 as it lingers on your pores. I reach down with my mouth close to your neck and softly press my lips to your flesh. The tase of your skin sends a shudder through my body and my other hand now carresses the top of your bare shoulder and I pull down the nightie just a little further, exposing your whole nipple.

I continue to caress the front of your shoulder and run my lips along the nape of your neck. Slowy my fingers reach the top of your breast. I inch down slightly and subtly until my finger is just above your nipple and slowly encircle it. It responds by hardening and you begin to stir slightly to my touch, and I can hear your breathing begin to deepen.

My heart is racing and my hardened penis throbs for attention. I still have not touched you with it but as I lean forward to better view your breast, but it gently brushes the soft sheer material covering your back.

My finger is now poised above your pert nipple and I touch it gently. You are still sleeping but your body quivers slightly and you press forward to my touch.

No longer able to hold myself back and uncaring of the consequences I continue to tease your nipples on top of and underneath your nightie. Finally you awake beneath my touch and gently whisper your husband's name. Still half asleep you do not know it is me and respond by reaching your hand back and touching my bare thigh, beckoning me to come closer to you.

Now fully encouraged, I take full control of the situation and cradle your breast with my hand. You pull me closer to you and my erect penis is now pressed against your buttocks and I can feel the lace panties on my skin.

Gently I pull the nigtie up and you allow me to pull it gently over your head. I put both of my arms around you now and begin caressing both breasts with my left hand while my right hand gently circles your soft belly, just barely touching your skin.

Your breathing now becomes heavy as you respond to my touch and I bury my lips on your neck and face. I kiss and lick your soft skin and gently nibble your earlobe.

Meanwhile my right hand has found its way down to the lace edge of your panties. I gently caress you over the panties, feeling your warmth as you press your hand to mine, pushing down sotfly on your pussy.

I run my hand quickly back to the band and slip my fingers just underneath the band and probe back and forth softly as I kiss your neck and caress your breast, rolling your nipple between my fingers.

I can feel your soft pubic hairs as I probe underneath your underwear, searching eagerly now for your clittoris.

I find the top of your pussy and gently begin to rub your clittoris and press down on your labia. One finger softly parts your lips and I can feel your wetness as I now work your clit with my finger. You arch your back and gasp with the pleasure, once again whispering your husbands name.

I plunge my finger into your pussy and gently begin to stroke it back and forth and you reach around and begin to stroke my hard cock pressing against your back. It is not until then that you notice something different - but thinking it is your husband still, you aren't quite sure that you know exactly what it is.

I now plunge two fingers into you hole and your body trembles with excitement and passion beneath my touch. And now you want me inside you, need me inside you and begin to slip the panties down your silky thighs.

Naked now you reach for my cock in the darkness behind you and guide it down between your legs. I lift your leg slightly and introduce my penis to your pussy, pausing gently to rub up and down the length of your labia. Then with one swift motion I thrust into you deeply and you know now for a surety that I am not your husband.

At first you feel a panic set in, and a slight pain as you have never been penetrated so deeply or been stretched so fully. But as you muscles begin to relax and as I thrust again, your pain melts to pleasure and the panic and fear you felt momentarily becomes excitement as you turn to look at me now and can see that I am not your husband.

You recognize me but don't utter a word. You feel for a second like pulling away but I thrust again and grab you securely, my arm reaching around your chest tightly and firmly, squeezing your breast with passionate control and you realize that I won't let you go and you couldn't escape if you tried. But you also realize then that you don't want to pull away, you want me to continue and you push your body into mine, welcoming my deep and hungry thrusts.

As I continue to thrust, faster and harder now you feel a swelling in your breasts and in your pelvis. Your passion mounts and you gasp softly with my thrusts.

I can feel the passion writhing through your body and it drives me insane. I too feel the swelling coming from deep down inside and know that I will soon fill you with my come.

You breathing now becomes erratic as your climax arises as well and as I feel your body convulse and your pussy contracts around my cock I can no longer hold back and my hot semen erupts into the depths of your womb. Your body writhes with wave after wave of pleasure and excitement and as I continue to thrust deeply through the throes of our orgasm.

Trembling now, we remain embraced and I kiss your neck and caress your breasts, now wet from perspiration. I squeeze you tightly and though you know I am a stranger, strangely you feel safe and warm and you grab my arm and return the gesture.

We remain locked tightly, my penis still entrapped in your vagina but cannot bear to let one another go. The lingering moments stretch on and soon we both fall sound asleep.

Sometime later, the light from the early morning sun awakens you and in the slumber you think it must have been a dream, but then you can feel my arms still wrapped around you and the head of my penis still tucked inside you and you know it is real. I feel you stir and gently kiss your shoulder.

Suddenly the phone rings and you answer it. I can hear your side of the conversation and know that our encouter must end.

"Hey babe! - Yeah I am fine."

"Yes, I slept fine."

"Yeah, I missed you too."

"So you are just leaving the airport?"

"Ummmm, no I haven't showered yet, I was just going to."

"Why don't you want me to get dressed?"

"Ohh, you don't need to go to the office at all today? That's great - No I didn't have any plans"

"Yeah that will be great - just the two of us together all day."

And then you hear the door close downstairs and notice that I am no longer there.

"Sure babe, you bet, I will for sure leave the door unlocked for you..."

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