tagRomanceWater Lily Girl Ch. 02

Water Lily Girl Ch. 02


I didn't really want to do the horrible Lovett County dirt roads in the dead of night so I called it quits while there was still a faint sliver of light in the sunset, and I bid everyone a fond farewell and remarked that I would certainly return when I could, probably in another two weeks or so.

As expected, I was rather late getting home and Wanda loudly complained later that I had woke her up when I came into the house, but I knew better. I had noticed that our bedroom light was still on when I pulled into the driveway. I wasn't going to win this argument, so I didn't bother to try, and we both pretended to sleep in silence.

Naturally, she 'worked' most of Saturday and half of Sunday too. This put my suspicious and cynical side right up on edge and I decided to do a little snooping around the house. I didn't discover much, but I did notice that Wanda was now hand-washing her underwear in the bathroom sink and not putting them in with the rest of the laundry as she had used to do. That bumped my 'affair' suspicion gland up another full notch or two.

I tried to hold a serious talk with her Sunday morning but she was not at all in the mood to hear anything I had to say. I did get in a loud, unsubtle hint that I thought she was spending way too much time away from home and she needed to decide 'where she lived and whom she lived with'. I didn't quite get in the last word (I never did), but I could tell I had hit upon a sore point when she suddenly began to look rather guilty.

This wasn't quite a debate win for me, but I chalked this fight up as a tie. Almost a first for me! This meager discussion didn't help to sort out any sort of resolution to our mess though.

My next week was tied up with work, and I found out on Tuesday that early Wednesday I would have to fly to one of our other Sales Manager's districts for a couple of days to conduct a few minor policy change meetings with our field agents there. Freddie (the Manager I was filling in for) was off on a lovely week long company paid seminar in a swanky flash hotel right on the beach on Maui... lucky bastard.

In a fit of efficiency, I finished up all of our necessary business up there a full day early, and sent an email memo to my boss that everything was going well and according to schedule and that I would be back home and in the office, next Monday.

With an extra day of freedom, I decided to take Friday off as a 'mental health day' to drive back down to Lovett and spend another enjoyable day fishing with the Marsh King. Wanda was already at work when I arrived back home about mid-morning, and I didn't even bother to drop off my suitcases but instead just grabbed my fishing stuff from the garage.

Once back in Lovett and getting ready for a day on the Marsh-King's pier, I was able to chat quite a bit with Curriea, who was spending the day close to home sorting out big tubs full of floating water lilies for a large delivery that she was going to make the next morning. She was dressed as usually only in her tiny red thong and seemed utterly indifferent to the effect that her considerable charms had upon the tightness of my fishing shorts. I did catch her smiling a time or two, and I let her have her petty revenge for my copping a very good feel of her breasts while rescuing her the previous week, and I also let her just possibly win a verbal debate round or two during some of the day's pleasant debates.

She asked me about my wife, and if she fished at all. "No", I told her sadly. Wanda did not fish or do anything recreationally; she lived now just to work. In her world, fish came only from the supermarket, preferably in microwaveable cubes, as she didn't cook much (or particularly well) either. For the next hour or so, I described our married life, Wanda's behavior and her increasing obsession with her work.

I told her I hadn't quite given up all hope yet, but the end was clearly pretty visible in the not too distant future.

Curriea thought this was all rather sad, and after a moment of thought decided there was someone in town that I ought to meet, for just a moment or two at least before I left for the day. She rushed inside the house to make a quick phone call, and actually threw on a small token amount of clothing, a torn tank top that did little to hide her lovely breasts, and a tired old well-worn pair of cut-off shorts that nearly exposed as much ass as her thong had.

Once suitably attired, she directed me to hop into her old Jeep CJ and she drove us up along the beach for a mile or two until we arrived back on the main coastal beach and ended up at Phil's ramshackle drink shack, now formally christened as "Phil's Cantina and Ice House ("Where the drinks are cold and the action is hot!"). Now that his construction work was mostly finished, Phil was in a bit of a better humor today.

It being mid-afternoon on a weekday in the late fall, I wasn't expecting for very much to be happening, but I was surprised. There were at least 6 other groups of people there, mostly chiefly older couples and mostly all nude. Mostly predominantly 'winter snowbirds' from the local Nudist Colony just up the road, but a few locals had decided to call the work week done a bit early and they had come in droves to drink and play on the beach. Phil apparently, despite his tendency to be a grouch, was a superb mixologist and concocted the world's best frozen margaritas and lemonades.

I bought us drinks and I didn't have to wait long until her friend arrived. Her name was Sarah and she was an older woman of about my mother's age that ran the local quilting and fabric craft shop in Lovett. She was a very sweet lady and was easy to talk to, but I couldn't quite figure why I had 'needed to meet her'. I bought another round of excellent drinks and we had a pleasant chat talking about life and things in the big city and here in Lovett until I decided that if I wanted to get out on the road home before dark I would have to call it goodbye.

Sarah, took my hand just for a moment as I was about to get back into the Jeep and offered me a single sterling piece of advice.

"Tell your wife on Sunday that you will need to leave and go out of town again on Monday morning, but pay her a surprise visit home that evening. Then, I think all of your problems will soon begin to be solved."

For some reason, I completely believed her, I think it was the sad look in her eyes as she told me this and then gently kissed my cheek goodbye. She then told Curriea that she would speak to her later this evening, and we all left.

I was about to get into my car to leave from the pier when Curriea came up to me and offered me a pair of parting gifts.

"Since I don't think I'll be seeing you for awhile, I've found something for you to remember me by. Here are two different water lilies; this one here in this glass bowl is blooming a nice bright pink... your wife should like that one. This other one here hasn't bloomed yet but it's a different color, and it's my personal favorite. Just so you don't get them mixed up I'll mark this one for you to remember."

With that she planted a hard kiss onto the side of the glass bowl, leaving a bright lipstick lip mark.

"They both like the sun so keep them outside together and think of me when you look at them."

With that she smiled and pulled off her tank top and shorts, blew me a little kiss and walked away from me down towards the beach, giving her marvelous butt and tits a very pronounced bounce and wiggle as she moved. For much of the drive home my shorts were much too tight in the front for comfort.


I was all alone when I got home just before sunset, but I placed both glass lily bowls on our back deck where they could get the most direct sunlight during the day. Then I began to think out a plan for the weekend and most definitely this coming Sunday and Monday.

Saturday was just plain awful. She brought home work and disappeared for the entire day into her study. Sunday was little better. I don't think Wanda and I exchanged 10 civil words all weekend, and her Sunday dinnertime response to my sudden travel announcement was just a shrug and 'Ok'. I packed up my travel bag Sunday night with everything that I would normally take with me for a one week trip and I prepared to make ready myself ready for departure as normal, at first light Monday morning to 'catch my early flight'.

After leaving the house, I called into work and left a message that I would not be coming in today as I needed to take care of an emergency. I kept the details vague and non-specific, insinuating that I was dealing with a minor problem at one of my nearer field offices but that I would probably be back in the office tomorrow. Then I made a few phone calls to a few of my friends to ask about where to find a good divorce attorney, and eventually I was given a name of one that sounded pretty good, and I made an afternoon appointment to see him.

I had no illusions about what the results of my 'surprise' return home would find and the more things I could do in advance now while my head was reasonably clear the better. With one last final stop that evening to get a needed prop, I parked hidden at the end of my block, watching our house and driveway and waited for Wanda to get home. I didn't have to wait too very long.

About 8 p.m. two cars pulled in nearly together into our driveway and I saw Wanda and another man, who might have been her boss, go into the house together. They carried a bag of restaurant leftovers with them so I assumed that they had gone to dinner together first. Now it was time for them to come home for some dessert and apparently do each other in my bed.

After giving them a good twenty minutes to get 'comfortable' before I walked quietly up to our house, leaving my shoes at the front door and opening it as quietly as possible. They were upstairs already being amorous from the sounds of things and I tiptoed quietly up the stairs to our bedroom and fortunately the door wide open.

I had no voyeuristic desire to watch what they were exactly up to or to listen to their love talk, so I just took a deep breath and entered the doorway and started to take flash photos with the small 35mm disposable camera my attorney had advised me to obtain. I managed to get a good four or five nice ones of a naked Wanda riding on top of her bosses cock in our marital bed. When she saw me she shrieked and dived under the covers, but it was far, far too late.

"Sorry to interrupt your fun folks, I promise I won't take long and you can get back to your fun uninterrupted. Wanda, I'm sorry it came to this. My divorce lawyer will be contracting you tomorrow at work, but we shouldn't have much trouble dividing the property up, especially with no children. I'd like to come by tomorrow morning and get my things and you can be home or not, I don't care. Frankly, I'd throw you both out into the street and let you both finish fucking at his place tonight, but his wife might not like that, and I don't want to sleep in your wet spot tonight. So long, farewell and goodbye, and with a "Heigh ho! Sing tol de rol, de riddle row"

I took two more quick pictures and I almost skipped merrily while singing down the stairs. I grabbed my shoes and beat it for my car before her boss got the notion to grab his shorts and chase me down for my camera. I might not need it for my divorce, but I was sure that his own wife would enjoy having a set of her own, just in case.

There were now so many things that urgently needed going that I ended up taking emergency vacation from work for the rest of the week. My boss wasn't going to be very happy, but at this point I didn't much care, and I doubted I would be welcome working there much longer anyway. My first stop 9 a.m. Tuesday morning was at a local one-hour photo lab where I waited for the three complete sets of photos I had requested, which came out looking better than I expected. Wanda's face and other more naughty parts were clearly recognizable, as was her boss. My lawyer had his set in his hands by 11 a.m. and was starting on my divorce paperwork.

Wanda was not at home at noon when I showed up at the house with a load of empty boxes and a small rental truck. I didn't realize I had much stuff, but it took forever and three trips to take everything to the storage place I had rented. I had bought about half of our furniture before we were married three years ago, including the bed - but I left that particular item with her. She seemed to get more use out of it than I did (or we did together). In the end I left a few of the bulkier pieces that were 'mine' as it wasn't worth my back pain to bring them out of the house and load them on the truck all by myself.

I was finally done just before six, and bet myself that I wouldn't have missed her arrival back home by very much. Since I really had no desire to talk with her I rushed to get finished. It was pretty obvious her affair with her boss had been going on for quite a long time, perhaps even a year or even more. At the last minute I rescued my water lily bowls from the back porch, I now had recovered everything in my life that I considered important.

It took only three phone calls Wednesday morning to determine which 'George Bartlett' in the phone book was indeed Wanda's boss and regular bed companion, and I found his long suffering wife Lois was very interested indeed in obtaining one of the extra copies of photos. We met for lunch and had a pleasant talk, and she assured me that my prints would be put to good use indeed. Under some circumstances, the notion of a mutual 'revenge fuck' together might have been rather attractive, and I got the impression that she would be quite willing if I was, but my emotions were quite messed up enough for now and we just remained very good friends.

Thursday, after a brief private consultation with my attorney, we together went to my company's top executive offices and had a meeting with the VP who was the head over the company that Wanda and her boss worked for. I was under strict orders to not say much more than hello or goodbye, but my attorney had plenty to say while handing over my third set of incriminating photos.

"Isn't there a clear company policy against 'inappropriate behavior' especially between a boss and a direct supervised employee, especially in a visible management position?"

Yep, there sure was. In fact there was a very clear and strict policy about this sort of thing and they'd been burned before on previous lawsuits. My attorney didn't quite make any threats, but by the time we left that VP's office there was no doubt whatsoever that a civil lawsuit would indeed be filed unless certain very specific conditions were met and a 'suitable private settlement' was reached. It would take awhile, but we had no doubt our conditions would indeed be met, quietly and in full.

I went back to work the next week as normal, but company scuttlebutt was already whispering that a major shakeup was happening over at Wanda's company, and the aftershocks were also likely head over towards us as well. I kept my head down and my tongue to myself, but I soon had no doubts at all my 'career' was effectively dead, but I didn't care even the slightest by that point. All of a sudden, now my boss was trying everything within his power to make my life miserable enough to force me to quit. I in return demanded that all of his new 'unreasonable' instructions to me be written out and signed on a company letterhead, and he was soon angry (and unwise) enough to do just exactly that.

While all of the legal messes were shaking themselves out, I rented a small town home near work, and unpacked from storage only what I felt I absolutely needed to have for the next few months to get by, and I settled in to wait for all of the madness to become resolved.

To my surprise, Wanda, who at first was 'full steam ahead' and eager for the divorce, now started to drag her feet and I soon started to receive daily phone calls from her asking about any possibility for a 'reconciliation'. I refused to meet with her in private at first, but at length I gave in and made a bargain with her. I would give her a full two hours to convince me that our marriage deserved a second chance, if at the end I was still unconvinced and still wanted the divorce, then she would agree to sign her agreement to the proposed final decree. I wasn't at all worried that my heart would fall back in love with her; Lois had been keeping me very quite well informed indeed out what our ex's had been up to lately.

We met on a nice Sunday afternoon in early December at a local patio garden style Italian restaurant, and we had the place nearly to ourselves. Wanda gave it a pretty good try to convince me that she was sorry and wanted to change, but I had a rebuttal argument that she had not been prepared for at all.

"George Bartlett is not, will not, nor ever will he ever leave his wife, Lois, for you. All of their family money comes from her, every single dime, and with all of the sordid evidence she has against him already, and my photos are only the tip of that pyramid, if she divorces him he will be absolutely penniless. You knew, of course, that he was also screwing one of his other supervisors that worked under him, figuratively and literally."

She hadn't, and when I showed her a copy of those photos that Lois had provided me, she turned quite pale.

"You can also stop phoning his cell phone, which you still do three to four times a day, because the two of you are never going to be together again. Lois will see to that, and the President of your company is also going to also see to that. George is going to take most of the punishment at work and is going to get moved to a nice quiet out of the way office with no meaningful responsibilities. As for you, I really wouldn't count on receivinging that expected promotion, or any promotion at all anytime anything soon. In fact you will probably be shortly receiving a demotion for inappropriate behavior against the corporate code of conduct. So, if I may summarize, the love of your life (or is it just lust?) is now gone. You've lost a husband, a lover and a career - all at the same time. You probably could have kept most of or even all of these things if you had just wanted to share me even a few precious moments of your life, which you never did. We were supposed to be married, and that means sharing... something of which you seem to know nothing. Well it's never too late to learn."

This news completely shocked her and she burst immediately into a tearful eruption hoping to somehow gain my sympathy. It wasn't going to work.

"I cannot be only the second or third most important thing in your life, and even after everything you have said today, this is firmly where I seem to still be placed in your heart. I'm sorry, I want more... so very much more."

Wanda then signed her consent to the divorce decree in flood of tears.

"Was I really that bad of a wife to you?" She asked, before I left.

"My dear, that was the heart of the very problem. You were no sort of wife to me at all, we were just two strangers living in a house and sharing a bathroom, that is all."

She was still crying after I paid the bill and left the restaurant. The next few months would be hard on her, but maybe it was time for her to grow up a little and learn there was more to living than just ambition and work.

By mid-spring, the final three things in my life that I was waiting for all occurred, very close to simultaneously in the same week. First, top level corporate legal signed off on their agreement for the private settlement of my legal claims, which did include a few stiff penalties for my treatment as a 'whistleblower' that had occurred over the last few months when I was most definitely a pariah. The money was quite a bit less than I would have gotten in any civil court suit settlement, even after rounds of appeals and payment reductions. The amount I was offered was just fine, and should see me settled frugally but comfortably for the rest of my life even if I never worked another day, but I did have a new career already planned.

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