tagMatureWater Slide Party

Water Slide Party

byDon Grampa©

It was Andy Wings fifty-third birthday, and he had gone down to his son's home for a party. His son's family lived fifty miles south of where Andy lived, and he had planned to go down for dinner, and then return home afterwards. Just before everyone sat down to cake and ice cream. Andy sat down hard in a chair and grabbed his head.

"What's the matter dad?" Andy's daughter-in-law Heather asked.

"I don't know. My head all of a sudden is pounding and my jaw aches, plus my teeth hurt like hell." Andy said.

"Those are all signs of a heart attack!" Heather exclaimed as she instructed her husband Ron to call for an ambulance. Before she had married Andy's son, Heather had been employed as a Physician's Assistant.

Fifteen minutes later they were at the emergency room and Andy was under the care of the emergency medical staff. Initial tests did not show a heart attack, but they kept him overnight, and his doctor back home was consulted. A stress test was ordered for the next morning. By the time they wheeled him into a room in the cardiac care unit, and his kids had left, it was after midnight. The headache was gone and Andy felt just fine.

Andy was just barely settled when a nurse came in. She was in her mid thirties, had long light brown hair tied up in a pile on top of her head. Her eyes were dark brown, and she had a tremendous smile to make her face appear very pretty. She appeared to be rather tall, and hid her figure under hospital greens. Her identification said her name was 'Dagmar'.

"You look a lot younger than I remember," Andy said, "I saw you perform in Milwaukee a long time ago."

"I've heard about that Dagmar before," Dagmar laughed. "You're the first person I've met that has ever seen her. What did she do? Sing, dance?"

"I don't remember for sure, I think all she had to do was stand there and let men gawk at her. She was built like a brick outhouse, with only a couple of bricks out of place."

"Well than, I would never be confused with her," she said. "Give me your arm, I need to take your blood pressure."

She placed his wrist on her right hip and wrapped a cuff around his arm. She held the arm in place with her right elbow, and placed her stethoscope in her ears and leaned forward to listen to his pulse. Her top gapped enough so that he had a clear view of her bra covered right breast.

Moving his head around in an exaggerated manned, Andy looked down at her chest and with a big smile said; "I can't tell for sure, but it looks like you do all right for yourself."

"Looks can be deceiving," she said as she gave him a big smile and gathered up her stuff and left. Two hours later she was back. He woke up when the light was turned on. This time she wanted to draw blood as well as take the blood pressure again. She took the blood out of his right arm, and although he tried, he couldn't see down her blouse.

Then she walked around the bed and proceeded to take his blood pressure and to check the pulse on his left arm. This time he put his right index finger in the gap of her blouse and pulled in down a little. He couldn't see any more than he could before, but the gesture was one that was very sexual.

"They look pretty real to me," Andy said. "And they're really pretty too."

"I know your type," Dagmar said, "All women are pretty. Especially naked ones." She said this with a smile, and Andy felt like she enjoyed his attention.

"You've got me pegged," He said. Dagmar came back twice more before her shift ended and they went through the same routine. Just mild flirting, he didn't reach out and grab and grope her or anything blatantly overt. He enjoyed looking into her eyes as she worked. She had a nice face, and looked like a nice person.

The next morning Andy passed the stress test and by noon he was discharged.

"You should stay with us for a few days." Heather said to Andy. "You never know for sure. Maybe the tests were negative but not conclusive."

"Nah, I'm alright, and I got a ton of stuff to do at home. I'll be OK. Don't worry about it." Andy said.

"Well, when we're at that new water-slide park next week, come over and join us. You don't have to spend the night there, but come and check it out with us, please?" Heather pleaded.

Andy agreed, and when the time came, he met them at the lodge about four O'clock in the afternoon. He swam and played with his grandkids. After dinner his family went back to the pool area while Andy explored the facility before heading home.

While in the gift shop he watched a little girl, about four-years-old pick up a huge cookie that must have been eight inches in diameter.

"I wanted that cookie." Andy said as he leaned down next to her. "It's way to big for you...just right for a big guy like me."

"It's not too big for me. It's just right. You can have one of those other cookies."

"But I wanted that one." He said, as the girl's mother moved over to see whom she was talking to. When he looked up, he was surprised to see it was Dagmar.

"You trying to steal my daughters cookie?" Dagmar asked.

"Well, I didn't know she was your daughter, and I wasn't really trying to steal it. I only want half."

"Well if she doesn't eat it all, you can have what's left over. We're going down to the wading pool would you care to join us?"

There must have been fifty parents and little kids around the pool, but Dagmar led Andy over to a couple of empty chairs and introduced him to an attractive, but slightly overweight woman.

"This is my ex husbands sister, Maryann." Dagmar said, "I'm sorry I don't remember your name."

When he told her she told Maryann that Andy had been her patient last week. The three of them sat around watching Dagmar's four-year-old daughter and a five-year-old that belonged to Maryann. After awhile Dagmar asked Maryann to watch both kids while she and Andy sat in the hot tub for a few minutes.

"Oh God this feels good." Dagmar said. "My back has been killing me. You don't know anything about massage do you?"

"Well I'm not a professional massage therapist, but I have had some training in physical therapy, therefore I know a little about massage. I think if you stretched out, and with maybe a little massage thrown in, it could maybe feel a little better at least." Andy said.

"I don't know..." Dagmar hesitated. Than said, "Oh what the hell, why not? My back is really killing me."

She went to tell Maryann that she was going to get some therapy on her back before headed up toward her room. They detoured by the side exit where Andy had parked his car, and she held the motel door open while he grabbed a bottle of massage oil out of the glove box.

Her room was a suite, but designed for a family. There was an alcove in one corner shaped like a Barbie Doll house with two little beds for kids. A Queen sized bed took up the greater part of that part of the room. A six-foot high wall separated another part of the suite into a sitting room with a TV and couch. Andy had Dagmar stretch out on the floor in front of the couch on her back and helped her through a series of stretching exercises. Then he had her repeat them while she was on her stomach.

"I can't massage your back with that one piece suit on. I'll get some towels." Andy said and went off to the bathroom.

She slipped her shoulder straps down while he was gone. When he returned she wrapped a towel around her chest and pushed the suit down to her waist. Than she wrapped another towel around her hips, and pushed the swimsuit down and off. Andy took a third towel and spread it out on the couch.

"Lie on your stomach and loosen the towels." He instructed. Draping one towel over her ass and the other across her back, and taking some oil on his hands, he proceeded to rub her shoulders and upper back underneath the towel. His wrists managed to push the towel up around her neck and when his hands moved down her sides he could feel the swell of her breasts.

When he moved to her lower back the towel around her waist got pushed over her ass and down on her thighs. He worked over the ass just a little and down on the back of her thighs.

"God...I feel so venerable," Dagmar said.

"You're not venerable," Andy said. "You're accessible." And he dropped my hand between her legs and cupped her entire pubic region.

"Oh God! Boy does that ever feel good!" She said as she rolled over on her back and spread her legs.

Andy moved his head between her thighs and she put one ankle on the top of the couch and the other foot on the floor as he proceeded to bring her to one shattering climax after another. She was holding his head to her pussy when they heard the door to the room open. Dagmar sat up and wrapped the towels around her body and went into the other part of the room.

"You girls get in the bathtub and wash that chlorine off." Maryann said as she herded the two youngsters into the bathroom. Dagmar slipped past her sister-in-law and went into the bathroom and shut the door. When Andy tried to get past her she put her hand on his chest.

"Not so fast there stud. Why does this place smell like a whorehouse? You haven't been doing the nasty have you?"

"Just a little massage therapy." He said

"What were you using, your tongue?" Maryann asked, as she took his face between her hands licked him right on the lips. "If you don't mind, I'd like a little of that kind of therapy myself."

With her hands on his chest she walked him backward into the back part of the room. When his knees came in contact with couch, he sat and looked up as Maryann reached back and undid the top of her two-piece suit. Her breasts were huge and the silver dollar sized areola was puckered up with hard nipples that looked like thimbles.

"What are you waiting for sailor? Get those pants off." She said as she pushed her swimsuit bottoms down off her hips.

He kept his eye on the wide patch of matted curly pubic hair as he lifted his butt off the couch and pushed both his pants and undershorts down past his knees. She was combing out her pubic hair with her fingers while she eyeballed his stiff erection.

When she climbed up on the couch and put her feet on either side of his thighs he thought she was going to squat and sit on his dick, but she pushed her muff into his face and worked it up and down on his mouth and nose. He let his head fall onto the back of the couch as she rode him. He held his tongue as far out as possible as she moved her cunt against him, and lapped at her whenever she would move away far enough to let him. After several long moments without moving her feet she moved her pussy away from his face and sat right down on his stiff dick.

"Try not to make any noise." Maryann said as she tightened her vaginal muscles around his dick. I don't want Dagmar to know what we're doing." "You've got to be kidding...I can't help myself...I'm cummmmmmming!"

Maryann stood up as his wilting cock slipped from her pussy. She put her swimsuit bottoms back on and grabbed one of the towels that Dagmar had left behind to wrap around her chest. She joined Dagmar and the two little girls in the bathroom.

Andy didn't have enough energy to move. He was still sitting there with his limp sticky dick hanging out when Dagmar came back.

"That sneaky bitch. She fucked you didn't she. You're just like a sailor...any old port in a storm. Don't you have any morals at all? Why couldn't you wait for me to come back?"

"Honestly, I didn't think you were coming back. I was trying to leave when Maryann stopped me. Besides, when you left, I had a boner strong enough to drive nails." You got off, but if you'll remember, I was the give-ee and never the got-er."

"You're right. I'm sorry. Can you stick around for a while, or do you have to be somewhere else? The girls will go right to sleep as soon as their little heads hit the pillows. And, after all, Maryann and I are sisters-in-laws, and sisters should share and share alike."

Dagmar then turned on the television set and joined the others in the other part of the suite. Andy managed to get his shirt off, and his pants and boxers past his feet. He draped the left over towel across his lap and sat in the middle of the couch. When both women returned they sat on either side of him and took the towel away.

"I think his dick died." Maryann said. "It was big enough awhile back but now it looks smaller than my clit. You're a nurse Dag...why don't you suck it and make it better and bigger?"

"Me? You're the one that ruined it, besides it's all gooey with your shit on it. I don't want to eat that...yuck...you eat it...I've never eaten a woman and I don't think I want to start now. Especially sucking it second-hand off of his dick."

"You lying sack of shit. Don't tell me you've never gone down on another woman. I know better. If you just think a little tiny bit you'll remember that we were both suite mates with Sally Johnson in college. Get down there and make that cock hard."

When Dagmar went to work on Andy's shivered up member, Maryann went around behind her and a chain was started. They separated only long enough so that they could position themselves in a triangle. Maryann left long enough to make sure the girls were sound asleep, and when she got back Dagmar had Andy back up on the couch and she was sitting on his dick. Maryann again started licking Dagmar's pussy and at the same time reached out to suck Andy's dick as it went back and forth. Shortly thereafter, Andy shot his second load of the evening.

"If I don't knock this crap off, I may have a heart attack for real." Andy said as he collapsed in fatigue.

"You're not going to die. But by the time we're finished with you, you'll think you've gone to heaven." Maryann said as she started sucking on his dick again.

"You can leave when the sun comes up." Dagmar said. "Maryann and I need you here so that we can do each other without feeling guilty. I hope that's OK with you."

It was, and Andy just sat back and let the two of them go at each other. They were in a classic sixty-nine position with Maryann on top with her ass facing Andy. Dagmar was sucking on the extended clit protruding through the thick nest of curls framing the junction between her sister-in-laws legs. Maryann's anus was slightly pushed out and looked so inviting that Andy had to join in the eating frenzy.

When the sun started to rise, Andy left but arrangements had been made for another party for the very near future.

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