tagInterracial LoveWater Under The Bridge Ch. 01-02

Water Under The Bridge Ch. 01-02


The band had a gig in Buffalo. The Mohawk Lounge was a little place, just like any stinky bar that could be in any town. It smelled of stale beer and old cigarettes. The beer advertisements printed on mirrors were starting to look old; I didn't think anybody remembered "The Budman." I was tired before the show even started, before I even set up my Timbales. Like a trooper, or a zombie, I set up trying to get in the mood. The road is hard for the self-managed unsigned band, and we had many miles to go. After setting up, I went back stage and twisted up. I didn't really want to share with anyone, so I kinda made my self scarce, hiding in the dark behind a stack of potato boxes. The only one to come close to finding me was our conga player. I'm surprised that the other hounds didn't, they never bring their own. Juan Carlos was cool, and he usually got the short end of the stick in the band, so I told him where I was.

Juan pulled in more than he should have. I smoke light green buds, not brown chips. His coughing fit almost gave us away.

"Damn, 'dis shit isshot!!" He managed to say in-between convulsions, smoke billowing from every orifice but trying to hold in as much as possible.

"Take it slow," I reminded him, nearly agitated. Juan Carlos was very fidgety and this would definitely cool him out. We talked about our long trip and the shows before. How our lead singer was off key and how he is still getting all the girls.

"Even the ugly ones," added Juan," they need loving, too."

"True that... Just not from me... tonight." We both laughed. Juan's belly roll ended up as another fit of phlegm trying to free itself, bringing him to his knees and bringing our guitar player to our secret hiding place.

"Hey guys, I've been looking all over for you, it's time to play...Yagotanyweedleftover?" Lucky for him there was a little roach left after my last pull. As Juan Carlos got up from the floor, we left to get drinks for the stage. We went outside and I rolled a blunt, I had a feeling that tonight wasn't going to be the usual scared-of-the-black man-night. But that was fine; I was trying not to fuck anybody new.

During the show, I noticed two girls looking at me as if I was steak. I tried not to look at them at all by checking out the rest of the crowd more than they, but it did not work. The two dark, curly-haired ladies that were licking their lips, danced to our rhythms, they ordered lots of drinks.

During the break, I tried not to look at them at all, but as I spied them bending over at the bar, I couldn't help but get more than an eyeful of their bulging bottoms. These two girls had wondrous Asses and they could have been sisters: short with small breasts, thin waists with round, full Asses and dark curly hair. The more attention I gave them the more they giggled, the more they giggled, and the more I stared. Both of them, with cute and adoring eyes, sauntered over to me as I sipped my cranberry juice and ginger ale.

"Hi, " smiled the one wearing skin-tight, black, velvety pants," You guys are great!" Her eyes twinkled, waiting for my reply. She leaned up against the bar and rested her drink next to her elbow. She wore a dark red blouse, tied in the front, with a black tank-top underneath.

"Thank-you, you two are great as well!" I told them my name. "It is very nice to meet you two." I answered trying not to give them 'the look' that gets me in trouble, because I can never trust my words to keep me out of it. They failed me here too.

"My name is Danielle and this my best friend, Angie." We each shook hands,

"So.... Where are you from?" she asked as her tongue twirled the "Rum and Coke" straw around in her near empty glass. Danielle was wearing a white frilly blouse with a tight khaki skirt that almost reached mid-thigh, brown stockings and darker brown leather knee-high boots.

"We're from Boston, making an Upstate New York tour. We'll be in Syracuse tomorrow, and then Rochester...And then back home. It's nice that you came out on a Thursday night, not everybody can do that." I tried to keep it rated 'G', but I could tell what was on these two vixens' minds and what was going to happen next.

"Angie and I are both from Buffalo, Ang still lives here, but I'm moving to New York...So, it's kinda like a 'Good-Bye Party'. " They turned and looked at each other with longing. They hugged and started wailing as if they would never see each other again, like they do in bad made-for T.V. movies. We all laughed and I asked them if I could buy them drinks.

"We always accept drinks from beautiful men." I didn't bat an eyelash. I ordered their drinks, while they pulled up stools.

"So, what are you going to do in the city?" I said as I turned around with their drinks. They were both staring at my package. I caught them off guard, spinning around so fast, I disrupted their profile of the lump in my pants. All their attention made it grow, and they watched in awe as I got more turned on. After a couple of seconds, Danielle answered, fighting the hypnotic callings of my stiffing log.

"I... I... I will be working for A.B.C. NEWS. I'll be working on their web site," she gathered herself enough to keep talking without staring. She and I talked shop, I don't really know that much about web design, but I wasn't listening to her as much as I was watching her fight the urge to watch me growing member.

Angela on the other hand was not taking her eyes off my slowly moving parts and had no problem letting me know what she wanted. As Danielle was talking, I kept looking at her, as she almost wowed out loud at the snake that was creeping down my thigh. She moved a little closer to me and Danielle took that as her cue.

."..But enough about me.... How about the three of us go out to the car and smoke some of this Hydro that I just bought?"

"Sounds good to me...."

"You guys gonna get ready to play? How about inna coupla minnits?" The owner of the club was probably listening to the conversation and reminded what I was really there for.

"Yeah, I'll go round up everybody," I answered without sounding like he just let the blood out of my cock, but he did.

"After this set we should smoke that. You've got me all night...O.K.?" I smiled with a wink. My flesh and mouth betrayed my brain, again.

"All night, huh?" They almost said it together," We'll be waiting!"

We parted with a group hug and both girls kissed me on the cheek. I squeezed them close to my body, trying to make sure Danielle got to sample the same that Angela did. She rubbed her public playground against my throbber as we released from our three-way embrace. Way too obvious.

During the set, it was hard for me to keep my eyes of the two of them. They danced together, gyrating their beautiful hips and grinding into each other, all the while staring at me. It was obvious they had done this before. Danielle held onto Angela hips as she winded her waist around as if she was calling to me, grinding backwards into Danielle. If she had a cock it would be as hard as mine was then, and it grew as the set went on. They switched places and made their way around the dance floor so that everyone could see what was going on, but it seemed like I was the only one paying attention.

With Danielle in front, Angela soon sank her mouth into Danielle's neck. Danielle melted in Angela's arms. Her eyes rolled back into her head, she opened her mouth, and reached over her head to lock Angela into her neck. Angela held onto her waist, keeping time to the music and sucking on her neck.

The set seemed to last forever, and just watching them was torture. I wanted to be down there with them, in-between them, so much that I was adding accents to their dance rather than the music. I was getting into it and really playing hard. I was getting so excited that I broke a stick! That was when the band started to notice what I was really grooving to. They all started watching the two girls get into each other and that seemed to make them even hotter. It seemed to get the crowd excited too as other couples started to get more provocative. It seemed like the whole club was getting horny because of these two.

As tempos changed, the girls didn't. They kept latched together, rebuffing all advances from the single guys they enticed, never taking their eyes off me.

After forty-five minutes of absolute torture, the set was finally over and I was sweating, hot and horny. The lead singer took it upon himself to immediately hop down off the stage and rap to the girls. The whole time he was trying to rap to them, they were intent on watching me pack up my timbales and cymbals, waiting patiently for me to finish as the rest of the band started to swarm them. The girls finally had to pay attention as their personal space was becoming scarce.

I packed up quickly as the rest of the guys drooled after Angie and Danielle. I was trying to get out of it, but my cock and silent rivalry between men kept me from keeping my pretend vow of celibacy. When I finished, which usually took me the longest out of the band, they realized the work they had ahead and the beer that was getting away as the bar was thinking about shutting down. They get scarce when the attention turned only to me and the questions answered were mine alone.

"Let's go smoke that blunt," without a single word they followed behind, as if they were totally ready to pounce. Behind the bar the air was still humid. Leaning up against the wall, I lit the blunt and pulled one large satisfactory draw, like a sigh, and then quickly passing to Angie. She fought with it. Her lungs wrestled with the harsh smoke and their victory was questionable. Her light fit brought her closer to me, holding out her hand for stability. She pulled herself to my body and I held her up. Head and arm found their way onto my shoulder, left hand passed to Danielle. Danielle smoked like a pro. She came closer giggling about Angie's weakness, inhaling and exhaling as she walked toward her convulsing friend and to my awaiting mouth. With her last draw, she blew the smoke into my mouth as she reached our huddle. When Angie came to, Danielle was upon her and the two started to work their magic on me.

The blunt made it way back into my mouth, and the billows of smoke swirled around my body. Their act was impeccable, I couldn't tell who was who. They massaged my body with hands and mouths, my shirt was unbuttoned and tossed aside, nipples were licked and bitten, skin was sucked and tasted. I kept smoking, letting the ride last as long as it could, until somebody found us...somebody usually did.

I couldn't tell who was kissing me, the euphoric actions of the ladies and the blunt worked their magic in tandem. One of them grabbed my face and pulled me into her mouth. She sucked on my tongue like it was a cock, twirling it around her mouth, bobbing her head, then pulling back and washing my chest with cat-like abilities. I lost track of the other one until I felt the tugging at my zipper. I refused to stop her, look down or change speed. The kiss became longer as the woman beneath her fought to pull out her prize. She gave up and pulled down my pants to my ankles. I felt my cock smack her in the face.

"Got it!," she called. Danielle backed away from my face so I could see Angela go to work. She worked her magic. She did not start slow. Immediately, she downed as much as her throat could hold. One hand at the base and the other holding me in place, her head moved rapid fire on my head. I watched her barely get passed my circumcision scar, but the amount of spit she generated made up for lost depth as she worked it in. Her head and hand moved at the same speed and pace, fingers at her lips. Resting on a milk crate, she never came up for air.

Danielle opened her blouse to show her nipples, an almost totally flat chest with dark, sexy, protruding nipples, yearning to be pulled and bitten. She came in close and took control of the blunt as I tried to bend and suck her nubile nipples but that pulled me away from Angie's easy access and high-speed suction. I spun her around and grabbed her little tits from behind. She gyrated her plump ass on my thigh as she smoked.

Getting my fill of Danielle's perfect nips, Angie slowed to a reasonable rate of speed, almost as if she needed to scratch an itch before she got serious. She then worked two hands into her blowjob, working them like wringing out wet clothes. My moans were low and long, Danielle blew smoke into my face. I reached under her skirt, touching pussy. She kept smoking. I plunged two fingers into her wet flower-lipped pussy, over her clit, making her sigh. I worked rapid fire like Angie, until Danielle pulled away from me and handed back the blunt. Angie smacked her own face with my cock while watching her partner; she needed to breathe...so did I.

Danielle lifted up her skirt, exposing a perfect set of globes framed by suspender stockings. She bent over totally and spread her ass cheeks apart, exposing all. My fingers went right back into place, this time with greater ease. Plunging into her repeatedly, I added another finger. Angie stared at my work and continued hers, much more excitedly, if that were possible. Danielle held onto her ankles as my hand fucked her from behind.

"More...More!" she cried. I fucked her harder.

"More!! More!" she repeated. I added a finger. Her pussy was tight enough, but now it was squeezing my three. She was going to blow. Angie stopped.

"Put one in her ass, she loves that!" cooed Angie. Danielle backed up toward me, ass pointing to the wall. She begged for more, I gave it to her. I eased three fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her ass. She started bucking on my hand, so I jammed them in faster. Angela's mouth left my cock and went to Danielle's. She left a hand working on my post and moved one to Danielle's exposed nipples. Her moans were incredible. She panted and wooted euphorically. Her climax rose higher, as did her volume. Her pussy dripped freely, spilling onto the ground.

Angela could take no more. She stood up, pulled a condom out of nowhere and rolled it down on my throbbing, dripping dipstick. Without a word from me, she turned around with her back to me, pulled down her Velvety-black pants and exposed her beautifully sculpted Ass. Her bulbous cheeks hid her thong, nestled deep between her great globes. She too, backed her ass up and grabbed her own ankles with one hand and guided me passed her thong with the other. She pushed me up against the wall again with rapid fire, smacking back on me with deft stripper-style moves, tight and shallow pussy squeezing the stamina out of me with each smack. To keep from cumming, I focused on Danielle's building orgasm.

"More, more, I'm gonna cum!" I pulled my fingers from her pussy and added them to her ass. She braced herself as I rammed two into her ass. I jammed faster and put the only half-smoked blunt in my mouth to free up another hand for action applied straight to her clit. Almost immediately her pussy erupted.

"Aaariiahhnn!" she screamed. The tips of my fingers went deep and pushed down toward her pussy walls, probing her asshole and deep into her bowels.

She came harder, pushing the liquid from her sacred spot squirting a spray of love juice onto my hands, and the wall. She had to put her hand onto the ground for stability as the waves of her climax built and subsided. Almost falling over she found Angela's milk crate and rested.

There was no rest for Angela, as she smacked away happily, chipping away at my resistance. Even though I was wearing a condom, I felt I was not the only one ready to come. Her thrusts became quicker and her little squeaks became higher pitched, her juicy ass bounced as my cock hit her cervix with each of her thrusts. Each pull was a deep one, the blunt got shorter, faster as we neared the end. Danielle woke up and approached Angela. She grabbed her hips and started slamming her onto me the full length of my cock. It was almost unbearable. Her squeaks became louder and more intense. Something was tickling my balls.

Angela let out a wail as Danielle shoved her hips into my body and then pulled her one last time all the way off my pole. Angela's pussy dribbled and leaked down into her pants bunched at her ankles and onto my shoes. The flow of her come never seemed to stop as my sheathed cock bobbed up and bounced off my belly. They switched places; it was Danielle's turn at blowing me. She ripped of the condom and got to work. I couldn't believe I hadn't come yet.

Angie pulled up her pants and squatted down with Danielle, as Danielle sucked away. She moaned and groaned as she bought me toward the end. My hands sought out her scalp and with both hands, I started pumping her face, preparing to cum down her throat. She could only use one hand; the other gripped my ass, pulling me deeper into her face. Just before I started my climax, she stopped, and gave the job back to Angela. They switched back and forth until they both sucked each side, like they were playing one harmonica, blowing away at the most sensual tune. Taking turns at the head and the balls, sliding up and down bringing the end closer to their palates. The tension came to a head and I had to release.

"Here I cum!" and let out a grunt for each plop that landed on a face or in a mouth. My little birds caught every drop that jumped from my cock and savored it all as well. Danielle got back on the head pulling what was left out into her mouth, letting it dribble down the sides of her lips. Angela licked spunk off her partners face, holding onto my balls, patiently waiting her turn to get back on the cock. The "Stop-it's-too-much-after-orgasm" feeling was making me squirm and moan, but they wouldn't let up. Angela swallowed and got her turn again. She kept me from going soft, the girls giggled as they kept blowing me. Danielle played with and tasted cum on her face as Angela brought me to a second surprise and speedy ejaculation. This time Angie caught all of it. She didn't stop to watch it fly on her face, she powered thru it and I came as she sucked furiously on the head, slurping and gulping down my second load.

"Where are you sleeping tonight?" The girls stood up and were now preening each other like cats, licking sperm off each other's faces. My cock would not stop. It stayed hard as I tried to get it back in my pants.

"We are Staying at some guys house around here. I can't remember his name, but he lives near." Maybe we could keep this ménage ET trios going.

"Well, I just wanted to test you out before Danielle tries to hog you for herself. I'll see you later I'm sure. Nice fucking you." Angie Shook my dick like it was a hand before she walked to Danielle a good-bye kiss.

"I'll talk to you in the morning. I love you."

"I love you too." They hugged and deep kissed, tongues swirling around in a collective mouth and then release. Danielle didn't want to watch her walk away down the alley. She grabbed my hand and brought my inside.

"I'm gonna wash my face see you in a minute?"

"I'll be waiting" I was hooked. I watched as her ass twitched its way to the Women's room. Her performance was enough to make me forget that I was trying to be celibate and never want to go back. I had no idea what was going to happen next, but I knew it would be just as hot, if not hotter than what happened 5 minutes ago. She returned with re applied lipstick and a cumless smile. Her make-up less face glowed an olive beauty, lipstick matching her dark, sultry mood. She came over and gave me a hug and whispered into my ear.

" I can still taste you, it's keeping me horny."


"Let me get you a drink, and I'll find out what the guys are doing." We headed to the bar, the usual suspects were not finished packing, they barely got started. Most were still at the bar. Danielle and I chatted it up, making eyes at each other and rubbing up on each other until the others were ready. My patience would normally be at a blowing point but I knew that I would need a little more time to give Danielle what she wanted; A good long, hard fucking. I just didn't know where it would be. I could tell that she wanted to get it started, she grabbed at my cock and whispered to me how marvelously Angie handled my monster but it wasn't fair how she didn't get to feel it inside her.

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