tagInterracial LoveWater Under The Bridge Ch. 03

Water Under The Bridge Ch. 03


Remembering that night in Buffalo kept my cock hard for the many days that led up to her phone call. We had many gigs since then with no desirable women for me to divert my attention from Danielle. The way her asscheeks wobbled and her tiny tits shone with sweat; she made my dreams a reality. I loved her body and could have stared at her for hours, just pounding away at my dripping cock, fist busy as ever. I spent many nights that way, until she called.

"Hi... P2?" Her voice made my shaft stiffen immediately.

"Danielle, is that you?" I knew exactly who it was. Her low, giggly-flirtatious voice tickled my scrotum and made me squirm on my velvet couch. My cock needed room to expand.

The small talk came and went quickly, she was to the point and wanted me as much as I wanted her. Maybe a little more.

"What are you doing this weekend?" She knew the answer but wanted me to say it.

"Playing shows, like every weekend... What's on your mind, sweet girl?" I found my gig schedule and focused on the weekend she was talking about; Gig at St. Mark's Place on Friday, none for the rest of the weekend! I was instantly stiff, and ready to fuck.

"I'll bet you can think of something better than that!" Her naughty giggle made me laugh almost as devilishly as her. "I saw on your website that you have no gigs on Saturday and Sunday... So, You could be doing... something a little more... exciting!" She was right and I wanted to do her... BAD!

It had only been two weeks since I had met her and neither of us had called the other. I didn't give up on Danielle; I just wanted her to settle in her new place before I called her... And, yeah, I didn't want to seem desperate.

I had tried to be celibate before I met her, that didn't work. The Woman Situation was getting too intense then. I needed a break, but my night with Angie and Danielle made those two weeks that I didn't see her rough, so I had to keep the flow of blood circulating; I wanted to fuck more.

I had gotten many calls from a past lover and decided to see her again. Jenny was trying to fill her box again and I was her dick in the hole when she needed a quick fix. She called me up under the false pretense of watching a movie, picked me up in her car, and drove to the theater. She tried not to choose anything too boring, to keep the ruse going that we were actually going to see a movie. About half way through, her pussy would get the best of her and before I knew it, she was slurping away at my rod.

When the doorbell rang, I made the check for my keys and wallet, and headed for the door. I could smell her perfume before I opened the door. As I opened it, Jenny's 5 foot one inch soft-padded body, posing with one hand on her hip and the other holding her expensive handbag filled with condoms, lube, and movie snacks. Her short, tight red skirt showed most of her firm thighs and cupped her little ass just enough to show what she had. She was always excited to show off how proud she was of her large-for-an-Asian-woman tits. I could just see her dark nipples and areolas of her almost C-cup tits bouncing around under her almost see-through white top, the black button down collared shirt did not hide them from my gaze.

I gave her the hug she wanted and reached around her tiny frame and grabbed two handfuls of her little ass. She squealed with joy and went straight for my neck; she needed something to suck on. I reached under her skirt to see if she was wearing my favorite thong... She was wearing nothing.

"C'mon. Let's go... Our movie is playing at the Cheri. Parking sucks there." She tried to pry herself from my grasp, but her arms betrayed her. Both her hands latched onto my ears and she pulled me in for a sloppy tonguing that probed my esophagus. My cock almost jumped into her mouth. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to the car.

I knew she needed to be fucked at least three times on this particular night because the movie she chose was "Boogie Nights"... besides the fact that she started huffing on my Johnson as soon as the lights went low. Her slurping noises were sometimes louder than the movie; I didn't care. People looked back, saw me smiling, and saw her head bobbing up and down; I didn't care. She would usually swallow my load, but I could always purposefully get a drop or two in her cute Chinese eyes or her short black hair; I didn't care. She made it clear that it was just sex; I didn't care.

We would get back to her place and finished what she got started, but on this night, we left the movie early. The people two rows in front of us got mad when my cock kept bumping Jenny into seats, creating a sort of quite ruckus; the boyfriend was not that upset. She had deftly rolled down the condom in one move. Facing me and gyrating slowly at first, she wanted to find the spot that made her come instantly. As she used me to probe deeper, the couple in front of us started whispering loudly, they were upset about how loud Jenny was. She picked up the pace, but was careless with her feet, kicking the seat, disturbing our nearby unhappy neighbors. Holding her bare hips under her skirt I pulled Jenny by her asscheeks down harder onto my cock; that got her started.

Her little pussy pulled and yanked at my cock. Now bouncing, she was desperate to find the spot. The constant rustling made the woman turn around and shush us, only to get an orgasm in her face. Jenny finally tucked the head of my cock behind her cervix and immediately started to convulse. The boyfriend turned around too, awestruck, he could not hear his woman's embarrassed screams. He could only hear the slurping of Jenny's pussy as she dismounted my shaft as he stared into her asshole. We gathered our things quickly and left the Cheri Theater.

I drove as she sucked my cock back to health and rubbed her clit in rapid-fire circles. She was audibly aroused, to say the least. The anticipation made her hands work faster and faster while I was parking her car. I carried her into her house and fucked her on every surface including the front porch and the toilet. She always had to swallow my load, always. Her roommates used to complain about her bed thumping at wee hours of the night. They used to plan nights out when they knew when I was coming over, that tight Asian pussy could not resist.

That night i did not disappoint, and luckily her room mates did not return until I was walking out of the door. Jenny walked me down the stairs to her car, which I drove home (insurance she would see me in the very near future). Passing them on the walkway, they couldn't keep their eyes off the glob of cum in her hair. We both smiled as they walked into the house, I smiled a bit longer.

Arriving in New York was always exciting. There was always something to do and someone to see, my cock was ready for a certain someone and I had to fight from jacking off in the back of the van in a Connecticut Burger King Bathroom. We drove around, the band was getting lost, the bass player was blazing, and everyone else was begging. I just wanted to fuck, but it was early afternoon and Danielle was still in work.

After we made it to St. Mark's Place and unloaded our equipment, we were free to roam the city. I dipped into the bathroom and lit my blunt, all to the head. Soon after, I headed out on my own, no tagalongs, just me and my backpack on a hot summer day. I wandered the concrete jungle on foot, pulling on a beedie, sucking in the sights. Sauntering absentmindedly, I found myself staring at every ass that passed my vision. Fat ones, flat ones, round ones, square ones, all sorts of asses and they all made me hornier than I was when I was in the van. I followed an ass in a business suit for blocks before I saw a better one owned by an Asian woman. I followed her until I came to a fat Latin one, trading asses for better ones all the way. When I finally looked up, I was on 42nd street in front of a Porn Shop.

Inside, the walls lined with colorful VHS movies in cardboard boxes, lights flashing and the smell of flowered disinfectant dizzied my awareness. Businessmen, fathers, bike couriers, couples, all a little nervous, all as horny as I was, searching thru title after title, category after category. My cock could do nothing but grow, and grow it did. Many times, I had to adjust to the growth, the 9 were thinking about making an appearance over the top of my baggy Girbaud jeans. After 20 grueling mind-numbing title surfing minutes, a neon arrow shouted and pointed upstairs, it told me it wanted me to join the "Peep Show." I obliged.

The spiral stairs wound up to a desk and a series of doors against the far semi-circular wall, most of the doors were half open. Some squares on the blue-tiled floor were sticky. The scantily clad Latina behind a high set desk, almost three feet off the ground, had heavily painted eyes which followed me as I approached her. Our eye contact almost became intense and I fought to hold it as she stared at me, wondering what I was doing there, as was I.

"May I help you?" She held her full lips open, parted like the models in magazines. Her lipstick was darker around the edges of her lips, the inside seemed absent, like she was getting tips earlier. I had no idea what to do, and was afraid to ask. The cash register was blocking my view a full body shot, but my dick was still trying hard to make her acquaintance.

"How does this work?" I asked, motioning to the doors behind me. Never breaking eye contact, her tongue rolled out of her mouth to speak, but she licked her lips instead, flashing her tongue ring. Leaning in over the cash register, she spoke in almost a whisper. Her mango sized tits smooshed in between her chest and the register, creating a big ass of cleavage under her chin. A nipple fought to free itself.

"First, baby, you get some dollar coins from me, and then you go into a booth and close the door. Put it in my slot and magic happens." My baggy t-shirt covered my cock which was drawing circles of pre-come around my belly button. I reached in my back pocket and pulled out my wad of 20s, and peeled one from the roll. Her face lit up, seeing my wad, fake eyelashes touching penciled and plucked eyebrows. I kept my oils in the same pocket as my money, anointing all my money, so everybody would know where it came from; it worked out perfectly in situations like this. She put the bill to her nose and fluttered her lashes. Hitting buttons as seductively as pressing those buttons could be seductively pressed without making an ass of oneself, she produced ten brass coins and a ratty ten spot. She placed each coin in my hand separately and handed the ten to the other hand, making sure she touched the skin of both my hands.

"There you go, Papi. Now don't spend it all before I get in there," She pouted her lips as I winked and turned around. If I flirted with her anymore, I would have come in my pants. I stepped into the cage-like box and closing the door behind me, I glanced at her to catch her talking to a bouncer that produced himself from under the desk. She wiped his mouth before she kissed him; I closed the door.

It would have been pitch black besides the dim red light that came on immediately upon closing the door, and the thin line of white silhouette that framed a panel just above the illuminated coin slot. A little speaker seductively hinted that I should hurry up and drop those coins because Destiny was coming into the room. I juggled the coins into ready position and dropped three in for starters. A clink and a clunk and the motor started, slowly raising the little panel. Light and music slowly entered the room showing me what I was in for, sin.

A modest shag-carpeted one-step stage, set with a day bed, a couch, and a few stools was dotted with four women of assorted states of undress. The back wall contained a black and purple tiled shower; two heads at each end had long hoses attached to them and seats built into the wall.

A dark brown honey was at the window next to mine. Her ass was uncovered and slowly jiggling, as she was shoulder deep in my neighbor's window, he could not be seen. She lent me an eye as she worked the spectator side of the window like she was washing dishes. Her face seemed like she was, but she smiled at me regardless.

A naked Vietnamese goddess was on hands and knees, right hand buzzing with a motorized dildo, slim ass pointed to a window on the opposite side of the stage. Her voice said ecstasy; her face was as if she were reading Better Homes and Gardens at the dentist's office. She looked at me occasionally and smiled as if she was found out, but did not care. She flipped her long coal locks, peering over her shoulder, making sure her rent provider was still in her thralls.

On the couch sat a long and thin brunette, one leg up resting on the dildo-covered coffee table, slowly stroking her pink thong from the front with both hands. She watched the Vietnamese woman with an excited intensity, almost with anonymity as all eyes were on the other women, waiting impatiently for some other stimulation.

Destiny entered the room, creating a tsunami of wantonness that followed her around the room like a waft of incense, the exchange of money in the room ceased. Her frilly black lace robe, traipsed and billowed behind her as her sizeable breasts bounced with every clear plastic platform-heeled step. She twitched her full hips around the room, touching each woman in places the men behind each glassless window came to do. She bent to one knee, engaging the Vietnamese woman in tongue-kissing. She turned to better spread her asscheeks for the bespectacled man, commandeering the motorized dong. Swiftly sliding battery-powered loving that hummed under the pornstar selections pumped onto the stage, audible, setting the pace for the lascivious cabaret. Destiny's victim's face changed from apathy to painful rapture. She quickly built up to the crescendo, heads turned, one at a time. Her release stole the show from every woman in the room; money flew in from the bespectacled man's window. The goddess rolled onto her back and continued alone; Destiny sauntered on.

Heading toward the couch, the brunette shifted in her seat, getting ready for her turn. She stopped, putting her hands on her hips just above her leather ringed and studded belt that sat snugly, just over her tight Brazilian-cut hip-huggers. She made eyes at her prey, who dove fingers in her pussy at the sight of Destiny's impish smirk. Almost immediately, a chocolate colored lingham was fitted into the ring at cock-level, pointing at the upturned ass of the newly excited couch potato. Destiny pulled down the cloth thong, revealing the wetness at the crotch and discarded them behind her with a light toss. Smacking the olive-skinned ass before diving her face into it, her nose spent minutes bumping into her asshole as her tongue dug deep. Pulling back, lipstick rim unsmudged, she aimed her latex manhood into the wet lips she had just finished rouging. Long strokes, the ten-inch rod did not, could not totally penetrate the thin woman on the receiving end. She grabbed at the couch like a cat scratching it's post, mouth open, a silent meow fought to reach our ears, only the sharp slapping made it. With one knee in the couch and the other slightly bent, expert technique pulled orgasms out of the previously bored cat, the purring became louder as the pace quickened, shaking the couch. Releasing her naked hips, hair was replaced in her grasp, controlling the speed of the final blows. As ecstasy filled the room once again, Destiny's second partner wilted under her, trying to recover. The belt was unhooked and it's wearer stood up, the satisfied cat brought her soaked toy to her lips and cleaned the dildo that gave her joy. I ignored the flashing light in my cubicle, intent on the action.

A grunt pulled the chocolate woman back to her dishes. She washed more feverishly as Destiny approached. Barely stopping at the table for a rubber glove, she made eyes at the brunette and turned back to the dishwasher who started sweating at the brow. With a final smack, the glove was on and the doctor was ready for the examination, so was the patient. The doctor slapped the inner thigh from behind and her patient assumed the position, legs spread wide. The multitasking was impeccable; never slowing her wash cycle, able to give and receive, the gloved hand entered her with a shiver, knees buckled.

Left hand alternating between left and right globes, the smacking shook her whole ass continuously as the right hand dove deeper into her sex, at this point it seemed like wrist deep. Slow pumping turned hard as the dishwasher was coming to the spin cycle, her tits jostled out of her unneeded strapless push-up and poured into the window sill, a dark hand grabbed each one with a masculine hunger, squeezing and kneading the orgasm out of the woman in the middle. Her free hand held on to the sill for dear life and she was being pummeled from behind, low, rumbling orgasm simultaneously emitted from two-thirds of the union next to my window. With both hands she grabbed the edge of the window, her face at its edge, mouth gaping as I could no longer see the glove. A baritone growl jumped through the window, soon followed by spurts of cum that landed tumultuously in various pools on her face. As she swallowed, her whole body convulsed and the doctor withdrew in time for her patient's eruption to spray into her mouth and onto her face and neck.

The window closed just as two fifty dollar bills floated like leaves, landing on the panting woman's shoulders and neck. My window closed too with a motorized grinding. Frantically, I pulled the coins from my pocket; some fell with an aluminum clatter on the invisible tile below. Fighting to keep myself from diving on hands and knees to find my key to the window into heaven, I slowly bent to pad my hands on the floor for the missing coins, my backpack tried to be cumbersome and I ignored it. For what seemed like hours, I retrieved my keys and jostled the others that fought against entering the slot. The same noise revealed the ladies in different poses, different windows open and closed. Destiny was naked in the shower, steam emitted from it's heads and her shining body. The brown woman joined her slowly after disrobing, ass, and thighs shining, knees slightly wobbling as she held onto the couch for support. The brunette was at a window, sitting on a stool, feet up on the highest rung, knees as far apart as her balance could keep her on the stool. She had both hands in her sweetness, drooling and looking into herself, an arm reached out to encircle a nipple. She moaned, but never stopped the important work of pleasuring herself. The Vietnamese woman, joined by another woman of Southeast Asian descent, sat on the couch with legs entwined, slobbering over each other's dirty pillows and necks, coating their bodies in the sweet lacquer of their saliva.

I realized that after an unknown amount of time, my cock was no longer trying to escape my pants but had freed itself had jumped into my left hand, precome escaping my head worked slowly into the shaft. My right had pulled the oils from my pocket and I anointed myself, hoping the pheromones would attract the right moths. The first to catch the scent was the brunette, her nose lifted into the air, casually sniffing my scent from the air, trying to locate it's origin. Slightly distracted, her eyes made it to my darkened window, she made note and went back to pleasing her self.

Next, the two on the couch slowly caught the scent simultaneously, looking up from each other, searching each window for a sign. I had gotten so involved with my self-gratification, my dick carelessly hit the wall with a hollow thud. The three olfactory nerve centers that I had set into erotic questioning, zeroed into my location. The lustful gaze of six eyes made my face flush and the 9 reach near capacity. The two looked at each other and stood up. Both in flyaway babydoll lingerie, one black lace, and the other, purple velvet, they came over holding hands, cautiously not to trip themselves with their super high heels in the shag carpet. Upon approach, their eyes closed, noses lifted to the air and followed the wafts generated by my quick and frantic pulling. I slowed my pace as they got close enough to see my face, the Vietnamese woman brought a stool.

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