I hear a knock at the door and I know who it is. I shout, "The door is open!" and I hear the handle turn. I am in the bathroom checking my appearance before it's too late. My hands shake as I brush my blond hair one more time. I have butterflies in my stomach as I approach the bathroom door leaning in the archway, smoothing my red painted nails down over my PVC mini skirt. It makes a static crinkling sound and he turns to face me.

Even though I have seen his picture before I am taken aback by his perfect set of teeth and his winning smile. His eyes twinkle as he eyes me up and down and takes in my black stockings. They are clearly visible below my skirt showing a good length of naked thigh. My heels are far too high but make my legs look leaner and longer. My breasts are pushed up in a bra with a sheer top covering them.

He looks ordinary in jeans and T-shirt. He says, "Hello darling," and jumps onto the bed with a bottle of chilled wine in his hand. "Want a glass?" He is so relaxed as though this is a normal occurrence? Maybe for him it his, but it's my first time, meeting a stranger. I have not even made sure there is any attraction between us. He booked and paid for the room and just told me when and where.

I sit next to him on the bed. I can smell his aftershave. He hands me a glass of wine and I drain it empty. My head swims in a warm euphoric state and I become less inhibited. I lean over him to return my glass to the bedside cabinet. He grabs my wrist and kisses me on the mouth. To my surprise his touch is tender and I respond instantly, our tongues exploring one another's mouths.

I tug his t-shirt from out of his jeans and lift it up to reveal his chest and nipples. I dip my head and lick around one. It peaks and I suck and nibble it. He sighs and settles back on the pillows. I take turns stimulating each nipple, feeling the downy hairs of his chest on my face. I pull his top off over his head kissing his neck. I unbutton his fly. I feel his cock twitch behind the denim and I hesitate.

I slide from the bed. I have an overwhelming desire to pee. I step towards the bathroom. I panic. Should I lock the door? I decide that would be childish but I do close it. Pulling up my skirt over my hips I lower my thong between my thumbs and squat. I can't go! ‘I must be nervous,’ I tell myself. A small giggle escapes my lips.

I hear him moving. The bed creaks. "Everything alright BB?" I hear him say. I gulp in embarrassment and he walks in. I make to close my thighs to hide myself but when he enters the room he is completely naked, his cock bobbing as he walks towards me. He is semi hard and it bounces from to thigh to thigh. I watch it taking in the size, shape and colour of him. It is beautiful. ‘How much nicer will it look fully erect?’ I think.

He kneels before me and rolls my thong down my legs taking them from my feet over the heels and puts them to his nose sniffing my scent. I blush and lower my head but he holds it up and kisses me once more pulling us both up to standing. I am taller than him by inches and his head is level with my tits as he sucks a nipple through my top making a damp patch. Then he feels my pussy lips and tugs on them. “Do you need help to piss honey?”

He knows the answer and tells me to take off the shoes, taking me by the hand he pulls me nearer to the bath. He steps inside and lays down making me sit across him, my back facing him. He begins to stroke my lips with a full flat palm from clit to arse and it feels good. He talks to me, telling me to relax, telling me he wants my yellow flow on his skin raining down on his cock. He says it turn him on to watch.

I feel his cock hard underneath me as I sit on it pressing it to his body. His tip reaches past his belly button, throbbing beneath me. He reaches around in front of me, his arm resting on my hip as he places the heel of his hand on my cropped curls and rubs my pubis in a downward motion on my bladder, slapping my pussy at the same time and bruising my swollen clit. ‘Oh my god!’ I feel the need to release I tell him and he pushes me up. His cock springs free and he slaps it against my pussy.

Then it happens! I begin a fast flow of hot steamy pee. It sprays all over his cock and he groans. My legs are wet and my urine runs underneath his body. All I feel at first is relief. Then I feel horny and dirty and I remember the cock beneath me. It's wet and dripping with my pee but more so with his precum. I hear it slicking over his finger as he strokes himself. I stand and turn around, my wet pussy glistening over his face. He is smiling. I remove my top and reach around to unclasp my bra letting my tits swing free.

I tell him to sit up and I lower myself in his lap wrapping my breasts around his shaft, squeezing them together, the tip poking through my cleavage. He's already close to coming. His tip is engorged and swollen leaking on my skin. He talks to me encouragingly as I rub him. Suddenly I am falling backwards. He is coming, leaning over me splattering my face with spunk. It lands in my hair and runs down my chin, dripping down my neck onto my naked breasts.

We lay opposite each other, bodies heaving and I can smell semen and piss in the small room as we lay covered in it.

He turns on the taps and asks, "What's your name?"

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