Watkin's General

byColleen Thomas©

"Prove it," Natalie began to hump her crotch against the big woman's. Each contact sent sparks of excitement through her body. She turned her back to Sin and forced her ass against the black woman's pelvis. She then wiggled and ground to the music. Sin's hand went to her hips and held them tightly against her. Natalie leaned back and put her hands on the big woman's shoulders and turned her head to see Cindy's face. She continued to work her hips in time with the thundering music.

Cindy held Natalie's slim hips tightly to her pelvis and began to push against her ass. The big woman seemed like she was about to kiss Natalie when the song ended, but instead the just nodded and they returned to the booth. Natalie danced with Maria and with Tasha, both of whom took the opportunity to feel up her ass. Her second drink was gone and she was feeling better than she had since she came to this city. The club was emptying out now and Natalie was shocked to see it was past midnight already. Maria went to make a phone call as the speaker announced last call. "Another?" Cindy asked indicating Natalie's empty glass.

"No thank you, I am buzzed, one more and I will be sick,"

Maria returned and said, "Come on Sin, Loraine and Viv are at home and wanted us to come over,"

"Hot Damn," Cindy stood up and smiled, "Nice to meet you Doc,"

"You too,"

"Best I get you home Doc, you are in at one aren't you?"

"Yes, I am covering for Wilson,"

They all left and walked together to the parking lot across the street. Maria and Cindy said good-bye again and jumped into a beat up old pinto. That left Natalie standing with Tasha in the darkened parking lot. The night air was incredibly hot and thick, but Natalie could feel more than that, she felt the tension building between herself and the black woman.

"Too bad you're in tomorrow,"

"Yes, I could use the day off,"

"I was thinking it was too bad, cause I would like to take you home with me," Tasha said. Her dark eyes seemed black pools in the dim light, but Natalie could feel them boring into her own. What do I do? She thought. Natalie had never been with a black woman. She had never even considered it. The words seemed to echo in the sudden silence. She wondered what she should do, but her heart and the raging need inside her knew.

"I would like that,"

Tasha didn't reply, instead she wrapped her arms around Natalie's shoulders and pulled her head down. Their lips met, and she felt the smaller woman's tongue pressing against her lips. Natalie parted hers and soon the black woman's tongue was exploring the inside of her mouth. When her tongue responded and entered Tasha's she tasted the whiskey, but also a powerful, pleasant musky flavor. Natalie explored Tasha's mouth hungrily, finding small pockets of the black woman's distinct flavor and hungering for more.

* * * * *

Natalie checked her reflection in the bathroom mirror one more time. She had never been to bed with a black woman, but the single kiss from Tasha had set her on fire. She could still feel the woman's hands on her back and ass. Keep thinking like that Natalie and you will come before you get back to the living room, she thought. She took her lipstick from her purse and added some and then the cherry flavored gloss. Better. Well kid, it's now or never.

As Natalie reentered the living room Tasha was opening the front door. Maria and Cindy stalked in to the room, neither apparently noticing her. Cindy seemed sullen, but Maria was angry and venting.

"Fucking fickle bitches. All hot and ready. Yeah, sure come on over. Then we get there and they have fucking gone to bed for the night! Oh, I have to work tomorrow, sorry. Cunts!"

Tasha closed the door and when she turned she smiled and winked to Natalie. "Better fix em some drinks Doc. They might decide to take it out of your hide," she said and laughed as both Cindy and Maria turned and stared at Natalie in astonishment.

"Fuck!" Cindy exclaimed, in the suddenly quite room it sounded like a shout.

Natalie fixed more drinks at the small wet bar while Cindy, Maria and Tasha sat and talked. When she brought them out she saw Tasha and Maria were sitting on the ends of the sofa, and Cindy had pulled the recliner up so it faced the sofa. The only place to sit was between them. Natalie put the drinks on the table and sat between the two nurses.

"My only night off this week and I am not going to fucking get laid," Maria wailed.

"You think that's bad?" Cindy said quietly, "I have to work for Andre next Sunday, so I won't get a chance to get any pussy the rest of the fucking month,"

"Sorry Doc," they both said in unison as they apparently noticed Natalie's flaming red cheeks.

"It's all right," she said and lowered her eyes.

"Sorry Mama T, best we go, or we will all be frustrated at work," Maria said with a wink. Natalie felt like her cheeks were on fire.

"Yeah, Tee, No reason for you and the Doc not to get it on," Cindy smirked.

"You two still got a hope," Tasha said. Natalie, Maria and Cindy all looked at her. Natalie saw Cindy smile and Maria laughed, but she was still totally confused.

"That's nice of ya Tee,"

"Ain't nice of me, I don't want any part of yo black ass,"

"Yeah, I guess it's up to you Doc," the big black woman said.

"Up to me? What's up to me?" Natalie asked. She was totally lost now and somehow she knew it wasn't just the liquor.

"Well Doc, there's three horny butches and just one bitch here. Do you think you can handle us all?" Maria said.

Handle them all? She thought. Did they really mean have group sex? She had heard of such things but had never believed it existed except in porno movies. I couldn't do that. or could I? She had to admit all three women turned her on, and the idea was so wicked, so naughty, so totally non-Midwest. She was just tipsy enough to take too long to consider it.

"Come on Doc, you don't want me and Cindy to have to sleep alone tonight do you?" Maria coaxed.

"Yeah, like Tee says, you our last hope,"

Natalie's eyes went to Tasha. The small black woman was staring at her. T smiled encouragingly at her and Natalie felt her resolve melt. She always strove so hard to please her lovers, doing whatever they wanted. She had even gone to the movies with Dawn dressed in a mini skirt and low cut blouse with no underwear. That had been wild for her, but what she was contemplating now made it seem very tame.

"Come on honey," Tasha said in that same motherly tone she had used Friday night in the break room, "You can do it. You'll have the time of your life, and if it gets to be too much just say so and we will stop the whole thing,"

"All right, I'll try," Natalie said. She was still unsure, but the booze, her hormones and the faith she had developed in Tasha were all telling her to say yes.

"That's my baby," Tasha said. She wrapped Natalie up in her strong arms and pressed her full lips to Natalie's. Tasha's tongue slipped between her lips and Natalie could taste the whiskey the black woman drank, mixed with her cherry lip- gloss and Tasha's own distinct flavor.

Natalie held onto the small woman and felt her own tongue begin to respond to Tasha's probing. The sweet duel in her mouth continued until Natalie felt a hand on her left knee and stiffened involuntarily. Both of Tasha's hands were caressing her back, so she knew it was not the woman she was so passionately kissing. The hand gently squeezed her knee, but did nothing more and the torrid kiss continued. When it broke Natalie was out of breath and her heart was racing.

She barely had time to gulp in a lung full of air when Maria's small hand abandoned her knee and captured her chin, turning her head to the left. Maria's lips met Natalie's and the Hispanic woman's tongue darted between her lips. Maria tasted different than Tasha; warm and spicy from the drinks she had been killing all night. Her tongue was incredibly long, and Natalie felt a spasm in her belly when it forced it's way past her tonsils to caress her throat. She fought down her gag reflex and opened her mouth wider, until her lips were outside of Maria's. The Hispanic woman was still pressing deeper into her throat and she felt like her lips were stretched to their limit. It was an incredibly erotic sensation and Natalie felt herself beginning to lubricate.

The kiss broke and she felt Tasha's hand on her chin, she turned without the black woman having to exert any pressure. Her lips were still parted and she greedily sucked the black woman's pink tongue into her mouth. Again her senses were flooded with the whiskey taste and Tasha's musk. She felt Maria's hand on her belly, stroking up over her aching breasts to her throat. Natalie felt the button at her throat come loose, followed by the next one down and the next. Soon her silk blouse was open to her waist and she felt Maria tugging it out of her jeans.

Tasha broke the kiss and took both of Natalie's breasts in her hands as Maria turned her head and kissed Natalie again, this time Natalie was ready and she swallowed the Hispanic woman's tongue happily. Natalie knew her panties were soaked, and her nipples were hard, tiny pebbles. She could feel them strain against the cups of her bra. Tasha's hands covered them and they pounded with each heartbeat under the knowing black palms. She had never felt like this before, never had she been so incredibly alive. Every nerve ending seemed to shriek in pleasure as soon as she was touched.

A pair of large hands pressed on the insides of her knees, forcing them outward. Natalie spread her thighs without even thinking, she was so hot now, so turned on. She felt the hands replaced with something harder and Maria stopped tongue fucking her throat and pulled away.

Cindy's large, blunt face filled her vision then. The big butch was kneeling between her legs and when she lay forward to bring her lips to Natalie's the white woman could feel her small tits squashed against her body by Cindy's weight.

Cindy's lips were thin and hard, but her tongue was large and soft and pressed between Natalie's parted lips to take up where Maria's had left off. That large tongue filled her mouth completely and she found herself sucking on it to keep from drowning on the sweet saliva Cindy expelled into her mouth.

Natalie always kissed wither eyes closed, but she had to open them, had to see what was going on. Over Cindy's shoulder she saw Maria remove her top. The Hispanic woman's tits were beautiful, well shaped and the caramel color was simply delightful. Natalie was vaguely aware of Cindy's big hands slowly unbuckling the tiny belt she wore as her gaze moved from Maria to Tasha. The small black woman was watching her and winked before tugging her own shirt out of the leather pants and whisking it over her head. Her huge boobs literally bounced and Natalie felt her heart lurch. They were huge, soft looking and capped with incredibly dark aureole. The nipples were hard, and at least an inch long, and seemed to glistened in the light.

Her gaze traveled back to Maria, the hot Latina was shucking her jeans and boxers, but at this angle Natalie could not see her pussy. She felt the button on her jeans come loose, and then her zipper under Cindy's expert hands and closed her eyes again. Another pair of hands tugged at one of her ropers. Natalie straightened her foot and the boot slid off easily, at the same time she felt a tug on her other boot. This too came off after she straightened her foot. Natalie groaned into Cindy's mouth as she felt the big woman's hands curl into the waist of her jeans. She pressed her shoulders back into the sofa and lifted her ass as Cindy broke the kiss and straightened. Natalie's jeans slid down her legs and over her ankles.

"Dayum!" Cindy exclaimed.

Natalie opened her eyes then. Cindy was staring at her garter belt, the big hands tenderly caressing the suspenders.

"What?" Maria asked. She was staring over the big woman's shoulder and Natalie caught her first glimpse of the Hispanic woman's pussy. It was covered in a thick forest of black curls, with the pink lips just barely visible.

"Always wanted a bitch to wear one of these for me, but none of mine would," Cindy said, almost in awe. Her big hands continued to stroke the garter belt and Natalie's stocking tops, sending delicious ripples of pleasure into her system.

"Why?" Tasha asked. She was still wearing her pants, but the fly was opened and Natalie could see the thick black curls of her pubic triangle.

"Always wanted to feel silk on my hips, and see an ass framed by one of these while I was banging it," Cindy breathed, apparently lost in her imagination.

"Not that fool," Maria said in a sarcastic tone, "Why wouldn't your bitches wear one?"

"Oh, said they were too much fucking hassle,"

Cindy's eyes were locked on Natalie. "You gonna wrap them long legs around me and let me fuck you?" the black woman whispered.

Fuck me? Natalie thought. She says it like she has a cock. It dawned on her then, a strapon! She wants to use a dildo on me! Dawn had been so political, so feminist. To her a strap on was anathema. Girls who used them wanted to be men and girls who were on the receiving end really wanted a man. I guess they aren't quite as intellectual in the hood, Natalie thought as she suppressed a giggle.

No, that's not right, she thought suddenly. They just don't let political crap get in the way of having a good time. Life is too short and uncertain here to worry about N.O.W and the psychobabble of the elitists I knew in school. It was an epiphany.

"Sure Sin, you can fuck me all night long," Natalie whispered back, hoping she sounded sexy and not silly. She felt a blush rise to her cheeks at her own words.

"Careful Doc, she might just do it," Tasha said with a grin.

The big butch snorted in Tasha's general direction and then leaned forward to kiss Natalie's nose. It was a gentle gesture from a sexy giant of a woman, and Natalie was overjoyed she had agreed to this and not sent the big woman home alone. Cindy kissed her again all the while she felt those big, strong hands lovingly stroking her stocking tops. The kiss started off surprisingly gentle, but quickly became more demanding. Natalie was vaguely aware of Tasha sitting next to her on the sofa, but became vividly aware of it when the small woman's hand began to stroke her arm.

When Cindy broke this kiss Natalie found herself with her back flat on the cushions and her head up, resting on the back cushion. Her hips were off the edge and her feet were flat on the floor. Tasha wasted no time as she lifted her leg and straddled Natalie's abdomen. She looked down and cupped her massive breasts and then leaned forward so they were right in Natalie's face. Her skin was very soft, but the aureoles were rough and puckered with arousal and the nipples were long and hard. .

Natalie reached up with her hands to stroke them, but Tasha wanted more and pressed a nipple against the pretty white woman's lips. Natalie opened her mouth and felt the long hard nipple on her tongue. She opened her mouth wider and took more of the aureole into her mouth, until she felt like her mouth was full of the soft warm flesh. Tasha gasped when Natalie clamped her lips tight and began to suck. Natalie rolled her tongue over the stiff nipple and around the rough aureole. She loved the feel and taste in her mouth, and knew she would be happy to just do this for a while, but someone had other ideas.

Natalie felt Cindy's big fingers slide into the waistband of her panties. She lifted a leg as they slid down, and off, leaving them on her other ankle. Natalie jumped when she felt the big woman's fingers stroke her mound. Tasha lay forward, pushing more of her big breast into Natalie's mouth.

The stroking continued becoming more aggressive until she felt one of Cindy's long fingers slide into her. Natalie groaned around Tasha's breast, and the small woman moaned in response. Natalie's hips jogged in rhythm to the finger as Cindy began to fuck her with it.

Natalie was in heaven, the finger felt so good, sliding in and out of her neglected pussy, and she loved the texture and taste of Tasha's breast. She was quickly building towards an orgasm when she felt Maria sit on the sofa. The Hispanic woman slipped her hands between Tasha and Natalie and began to play with Natalie's nipples. Natalie's breasts were small, but her nipples were very sensitive and Maria's pinching and pulling sent jagged jolts of pleasure into her already overloaded system.

The stimulation was too much to fight and Natalie began to moan as she felt her orgasm build. Cindy seemed to sense she was almost there and forced a second finger into her while brushing Natalie's clit with her thumb. There was just too much stimulation, Natalie felt like she was about to explode and then she did. Her body spasmed and shook as she tossed her head so violently that Tasha's breast was torn from her mouth. As the thick waves of pleasure washed over her Natalie screamed.

"She's a screamer," Maria said.

"Loud too,"

"Why don't you go get the box T? I have something to keep Doc quiet," Maria said.

Tasha nodded and climbed off Natalie after a quick kiss. Natalie saw her start towards the bedroom, but didn't have long to look. Maria swung her leg over Natalie's head and all the Doctor could see was the Latina's cunt in her face.

"Come on baby, eat my pussy,"

Natalie slipped her tongue out and licked along the delicate lips. Maria had very fat prominent lips, and Natalie loved the silky texture as her tongue glided along them. Maria tasted strange, not as sweet as Dawn had, but a kind of tangy salty flavor. Natalie was just pressing her tongue between the fat lips when she felt Cindy working a third finger into her. Natalie found it hard to concentrate on what she was doing; there was no way to ignore Cindy's fingers, especially when Cindy succeeded in introducing a third into her tight channel.

Natalie tired to shut out the feelings coming from her pussy and concentrate on making Maria feel good. She flattened her tongue and swiped it up and down the wet silky furrow, moving closer to the top of the Puerto Rican's slit each time. When her questing tongue finally found the hard nub of flesh Natalie sucked it into her mouth and began to lash it with her tongue. Maria's moans became louder and she began to hump her self against Natalie's face.

"Eat that pussy bitch...Ohh... suck that cunt... Fuck me running... That's it... Right there...Harder! I'm gonna come...Oh...Yeah!" Maria babbled. Her hips were working in short jerky motions and Natalie had to really concentrate to keep her tongue on the Spanish woman's clit. Luckily Dawn had also enjoyed riding her face, so she was adept at keeping the stimulation going. At just the right moment Natalie forced her lips around Maria's clit and sucked hard. The small organ was standing up, out of its protective hood and Natalie lashed it with a side-to-side motion of her tongue.

"Madre de Dios!" Maria exclaimed and then her body began to spasm deliciously as her orgasm ripped through her. Natalie kept her lips and tongue busy and Maria's groans turned to an outcry in Spanish. The little Puerto Rican fell off to the side and curled up on the sofa. She hugged herself tightly and shivered as aftershocks rocked her body.

At some point, Natalie was not exactly sure when, Cindy had removed her fingers and stood up. Now that Maria was no longer sitting on her face the Doctor could see Cindy and Tasha. Cindy had her back to Tasha and was staring at Natalie as the small black nurse fastened a buckle on the black harness Cindy was now wearing. Tasha had a purple harness fastened about her waist. She finished with the buckle and smacked Cindy on the ass, "All done,"

The two butches turned to face her and grinned when Natalie's eyes widened in surprise. Cindy's harness was black and made of some shimmery, wet looking material. Two straps went from the front of her waist between her legs and held an imposingly large black dildo tightly to her mound. Natalie realized it would be a hard plastic dildo with no give in it when Cindy moved and it did not bend.

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