tagRomanceWaves of Passion Pt. 02

Waves of Passion Pt. 02


An Endless Dance

Waves of Passion: Book 2


"Aquila, are you alright?"

Aquila startled, a few droplets of her drink falling onto her hand. The room around her began to move into focus. The ballroom was full of dancers, their skirts twirling and swishing, thrown into the air in a multitude of vibrant colours. The sound of music and chatter filled her ears and the overpowering smell of fine wines and perfumes wafted to her nostrils.

She turned to the woman beside her. Roes, her friend looked towards her, her face a mask of concern.

Aquila smiled softly towards her. "Forgive me, I was miles away."

She stood beside one of the many refreshment tables. A drink was held lightly in her hand and her stomach fluttered beneath her golden dress. It was so strange to be at a ball without her best friend, Serene, and she needed her more than ever now. She had waited for this ball eagerly, but now she could barely contain her anxiety at the guests to come.

"I'd dare say you should be," Roes declared, "that Captain Tespar and others from Souel Nantra are coming. Isn't he the Captain who helped you when you were lost from the party going to Tiak? Is that who you were thinking about?" She teased.

Aquila could feel her face flushing at the memory. Captain Tespar, the man who had taken her to her destination, shown her kindness... He had rowed her to shore privately, walking her into the trees surrounding Tiak. He had inquired about what she chose, tempted her, asked her wholeheartedly to stay. But she had left him there, crouched amongst the trees as she returned to her future with her fiancé. To the man she had betrayed, a man she did knew she did not love.

Pulling herself together Aquila held her drink in both hands, steadying the wine inside.

"Yes, Captain Tespar. It will be good to thank him once more for his service to me. And my fiancé I'm sure would like to thank him personally."

Roes smiled. "But is it true?" Her eyebrow lifted towards Aquila.

Aquila could feel her heart beginning to beat faster within her chest. Her fingers toyed with each other around the glass.

"Is what true?"

Roes giggled. "Oh come now Aquila, you can't keep the secret forever."

Sweat began to pool together upon Aquila's flesh. She could almost feel the heat of the hall enclosing upon her, the smells of perfumes and fine foods making her feel dizzy and disorientated.

"I'm not keeping any secrets."

Roes rolled her eyes. "Are you scared someone will find him and steal his heart? Come on Aquila, tell me. Is it true? Is he truly handsome? Is it true he has tattoos and scars and that he covers one eye at all times with fabric? You have to tell me, please."

Aquila breathed a heavy sigh.

"You want to know if Captain Tespar is handsome?" She repeated.

Roes nodded eagerly, scanning the hall around them to make sure no-one was within hearing distance.

"Yes, very handsome," Aquila conceded.

Roes watched her ardently, but when Aquila's pause lasted more than five seconds she groaned.

"You have to give me more details, please," she begged.

Aquila smiled a genuine smile, her first, perhaps, since she had returned three months ago.

"He has a blue eye, like a whirlpool diving deep into the sea. You fall into it, you'll be unable to look away." Warmth rose to Aquila's cheeks as she thought of Captain Leit Tespar. "Yes, he covers an eye with fabric, but I can't say what's beneath it," she lied, hoping desperately that Roes could not see her flush. "He is very private, very kind, yet commanding. When he spoke to his crew even I jumped to attention."

Roes laughed, "please, tell me more. How often did you spend time with him? Were you alone? Did anything... you know."

Aquila bit her lip. "Roes... He was a gentleman. I spent many evenings eating and speaking with him. He let me read his books and made sure I was well cared for. But I am an engaged woman, what do you think of me?"

Roes shook her head. "Just saying, once in a lifetime opportunity, to waste it would be silly."

'To waste it...' The words rang in Aquila's head. Had she wasted it? Had she made the wrong decision? No. Their countries were at war, though the war had now ended. That was partly due to her safe return, to her plotting and maneuvering. If she had gone with Leit, if she had stayed with him... 'I could've been happy, but the world would have burned.'

A loud knock at the doors reverberated around the room.

The bustling chamber stopped spinning, voices hushed and everyone turned towards the two huge doors leading into the ballroom. Aquila held a hand to her chest, afraid its flutters would burst forth into the room. A servant stood, staff in hand as he addressed the hall of awaiting eyes.

"My Lords and Ladies. I am here to introduce our guests of honour. The Prince and Captains of our new ally, Souel Nantra. May I present, his highness Prince Urai, Captain Leit Tespar and Captain Brak Dragonai."

The two huge doors behind the servant creaked open; time seemed to slow around Aquila as she watched the three figures approaching from the darkness. The Prince stood tall and magnificent in a black tailed jacket. His brown hair slicked back, large brown eyes jumping from his pale face. Beside him, Captain Dragonai strode in. His black and red hair hung lazily to one side, his burgundy shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows revealing intricate tattoos not unlike Leit's. His burgundy eyes scanned the room as a side smile lit his stubbled face.

Aquila could only glance over them as her eyes were taken by the third figure to walk into the room. His navy jacket matched his waistcoat, a dagger hilt poking out from his black belt. He still wore the fabric over his right eye, the scar still tantalisingly peeking from beneath. His face was tanned from his months at sea, his hair curled and tangled upon his head. His eye burst from his face as glowing blue algae against his dark skin. He seemed to be scanning the hall as he stood before the crowd of eyes. Aquila braced herself as his gaze settled upon her. She grasped the table beside her, leaning heavily upon it.

He studied her, that intelligent, genuine face. His lips parted as if to smile, as if to speak.

"It is a great honour to be invited to your great city," the Prince proclaimed before bowing to the hall.

Leit turned away from her and bowed towards the awaiting Lords and Ladies. The room erupted with cheers as the three men walked down the stairs to join the main hall. The three foreigners were swallowed up into a crowd of curiosity, questions and ideas. Aquila lost sight of him. She once more could not see his face, nor dream of even a hint of his touch, his smell, his voice.

"Well, handsome barely cuts it huh? How do those men ever get out of bed? They must be swamped with suitors and beautiful woman galore!" Roes professed, fanning herself with her free hand.

"Yes, truly," Aquila mumbled as she twiddled her fingers in agitation.

She turned towards the table, lifting her glass to her lips she took comfort in the elegant wine as it dripped down her throat, releasing the muscles, which had begun to strangle her. She inhaled deeply and breathed out for as long as she could, until her chest felt empty, before repeating the process.

"Oh my, Aquila," Roes tugged at her arm desperately, "Aquila, they're coming this way... Aquila."

'Coming this way...'

Aquila spun round, holding the table behind her, almost breaking her glass as she slammed it down upon its surface. She scanned those around them and saw Captain Dragonai and Leit walking towards them, both smiling and chatting happily to each other. When Leit met her eyes he smiled a pure smile, his canines clipping his lower lip.

"Lady Aquila, I was hoping to see you again. I trust you have much recovered from your ordeal," Leit spoke, his voice so soothing and familiar to her ears. She flushed thinking of the sounds she has heard from those lips, of his breath against her skin, the dampness of his tongue.

She half gasped as Roes kicked her ankle lightly, bringing her back to the present.

"Captain Tespar, it is so lovely to see you again. I will have to find my fiancé, I'm sure he will be so grateful to have an opportunity to thank you for your service to me."

Roes scoffed beside her, her hands upon her hips sternly.

"Aquila, don't lie," Roes chastised. "Her fiancé is not too pleased with the recent political change, so much so he has not deemed it fit to turn up to this gathering. How Aquila managed to convince him to stand with you in the vote is beyond me, but she is very clever, is she not?" Roes trumpeted, shaking her head in disapproval.

Leit smiled towards them, a warmth to his face Aquila longed to feel against her own. "Quite... I'm sorry to hear he is not a fan of us."

Aquila barely stopped herself from laughing as she saw the lie in Leit's speech. He did not care what anyone thought. He even, perhaps, showed some slight enjoyment from Roes statement.

"Captain Tespar, this is my friend Roes. Roes, this is my savior Captain Leit Tespar."

Both Leit and Captain Dragonai bowed deeply towards them.

"It is wonderful to make your acquaintance Roes. This is Captain Brak Dragonai, my closest friend."

Brak bowed to them both a second time.

"Charmed. My ladies I can see Leit did not lie about the lady Aquila's beauty. And I see it is true for the other wonderful ladies here also," he smiled charmingly towards Roes, as she giggled easily at his flattery.

"Are all the men so charming from your country?" Roes asked as Aquila stood in silence. She was unable to look away from Leit, nor capable of doing anything about the situation.

"I pride myself on being one of the most charming amongst us," Brak declared, raising a hand to his own chest in mock flattery.

Roes giggled continuously, her face reddening with her blush.

"Lady Aquila, may I have this dance?" Leit asked, extending a hand towards her, a hand that had ran across her body not so long ago.

Aquila stuttered before Roes grabbed her hand and thrust it into Leit's.

"Of course she will dance with you. And don't worry about your friend Brak here, I will keep him company," Roes took hold of Brak's arm to solidify the arrangement.

"I'm glad to hear it," Brak responded, giving a look towards Leit that Aquila did not understand.

Leit held her hand gently, squeezing ever so slightly before pulling her towards the dance floor. She moved almost automatically. As they reached the centre of the room Leit turned to towards her. Pulling her towards him until his other hand was around her waist, his face no more than a hand's distance from her own. She could smell his cologne mixed with the fresh sea air, feel the heat rising from his body, hear his intake of breath.

The music began and Leit lead her into a slow and beautiful dance. They surged around the hall ever so softly; he was so light on his feet, the perfect dance partner.

"Will you ever speak to me Aquila? Or am I doomed to never hear your voice informally again?" He asked, his voice husky and quiet. A whisper with more resonance to her ears than all the laughing and talking in the hall around them.

"I don't know what to say," she whispered, "when I left... After we..."

"Aquila, I do not blame you for your choice. I understand. I do not agree, but I understand."

She looked at him then, their faces scandalously close.

"But, I left. I chose another. I chose a fiancé I despise..."

"And that is your choice. I said I do not agree with it but I will not hold it against you, nor hold you to it."

"Hold me to it?"

Leit smiled wickedly at her. They danced together hypnotically; Aquila no longer saw the room around her, only him. The outline of his tanned jaw, his dark curls brushing against his neck, the collarbones peeking from beneath his shirt. Then the feel of cool air brushed her skin. The lights around her began to fade and she realised that they were heading towards the balcony.

"Leit, I can't, they will see."

Again, he smiled sinfully at her. "They will see nothing."

As they reached the balcony outside Leit whirled Aquila until her back was against the wall. They were hidden from view from the hall, away from the glaring lights and the noise.

Her heart was going to explode. She could feel it thumping against her chest, feel the blood coursing through her veins threatening to burst.


His hand brushed her cheek gently as his eye spoke a thousand words. Proclamations of his love, his pride, his admiration towards her. Of his lust and longing. His hope. His nose swept across her own as he leaned towards her. Aquila's chin lifted, longing for his lips, his passion.

"You chose to go back, no sooner had you returned than the peace talks began. I can only assume it was you who enabled this peace to flourish. That you left not for a fiancé you despise but for a far greater purpose. To save our countries from annihilating one another." He was so close now Aquila could feel his breath upon her skin, the light touches of his lips as they caressed her own. "If you do not love me, tell me once more and I will never ask you again. But if your heart is mine, like my own is yours, then like me you are locked in this love and do not wish to let go. I swear I will do anything and everything in my power to make it possible. We can be together, openly, freely."

Aquila could feel her defenses breaking inch by inch. She loved him, she knew she did and had for so long. She had chosen political gain and power over her heart and it hurt her with every second of each day that passed. Yet here he was, once more before her, she longed for him, for his touch, his company. But their peace was so fragile; she was to be wed, if they agitated the alliance now...

"I am engaged."

"That did not stop you before. Nor should it now. I swear I will protect you. He will neither touch you nor interfere. I will make it so we can be together, so that our countries leave us be. You have not only my assurance but Brak's and Urai's also. They will help us. If you will have me?"

His tongue touched her lower lip softly, barely enough to dampen her skin. She felt herself opening to him, perceived the longing and desire. His body was beginning the press against hers, his leg pushing against the gap between her thighs.

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