tagIncest/TabooWaxing for Daddy

Waxing for Daddy


Mike's curiosity was beginning to feel uncomfortably like pure suspicion. He'd never had any reason to feel suspicious of Toni before, and he didn't like the way it felt, but ever since he'd given her that hundred dollars she asked for a week ago she'd been acting strangely.

Toni was going to community college, but also working a part-time job. It wasn't that Mike minded giving his daughter some extra money when she needed it, but she was very evasive anytime he tried to ask what she needed it for. She'd become pensive and cagey, yet there were at least a dozen times he was sure she was trying to tell him something but then chickened out. They'd always had the most open and loving relationship of any father and daughter he ever knew, so Toni's odd behavior was ringing alarm bells in the back of his mind.

She'd asked him for the money last Wednesday night. On Thursday, she went out for a couple of hours, and when she came home she disappeared into her room without saying a word. She was up there for a couple hours without showing her face downstairs. Mike had started cooking dinner and noticed she didn't come down to help the way she usually did. She sat through dinner and a night of watching TV together barely saying a word.

Then on Friday morning, Toni took off with a couple of friends to spend the weekend at the shore. It was the first time she'd gone off on her own. Even though she was eighteen now, Mike still worried about her and missed her more than he thought he would. He felt strange about it, but he slept in her room the nights she was gone hoping it would keep him from missing her too much. It hadn't worked, though. The smell of her shampoo had clung faintly to her pillows, and it only made him miss her even more. It had also given him too much time to think about the odd change in her behavior since Thursday.

She came back late in the day on Sunday looking incredible. Toni was a beautiful brunette with a body that was somewhere between athletic and curvy. She came back from the shore with a creamy looking tan, and Mike's dad radar suddenly went into overdrive. He couldn't believe a girl as admittedly hot as his daughter could have gone through a weekend at the shore without getting hit on by dozens of guys. He didn't even want to think about whether or not she and her friends were away having sex with guys they'd just met.

But it wasn't long before Mike felt relieved. Toni was just as quiet and evasive as she was before she went off with her friends. He was sure a weekend of sex would have dramatically changed her mood.

No. There was something else going on with his precious girl. Something was troubling her, and he felt it was his responsibility as her father to help her through whatever it was.

Yet he didn't want to pry. He wanted her to feel free to come to him with anything, just as it had always been between them. So he gave her time to sort through whatever it was.

She disappeared again almost as soon as she got home, and once again, Mike found himself preparing dinner alone. Not only was he worried something was wrong, but he simply missed her company, even those times when there wasn't much to talk about.

When Toni came down from her room to eat, she was only wearing panties and a T shirt without a bra underneath. This wasn't especially unusual. Having been living together on their own for a couple of years already, ever since the divorce, she regularly padded around the house in panties and just a top. Mike never saw a reason to discourage her. She was a beautiful girl with a luscious body. He loved looking at her, and she didn't seem to mind in the least. And even if he thought once in a while about what it would be like to fuck her, it wasn't as if he'd ever actually try to. Besides, she was in her own home and she had the right to feel comfortable doing what she wanted.

Toni had started doing that very soon after the divorce, and Mike wasn't long to follow suit. If she could hang around the house in her underwear, then why shouldn't he, too? It was the kind of thing the girl's mother frowned upon, but since she was out of the picture, their new lifestyle was much more casual and relaxed.

Mike's daughter even felt comfortable enough to cuddle up beside him on the couch when they were watching something on TV together at night and just wearing their underwear. There were plenty of times Toni would fall asleep with her head in her father's lap. Sometimes this made his dick hard, but he rationed that since she was sleeping and didn't realize it there was nothing to worry about.

Most of the time, their closeness and cuddling together made Mike feel like he was married again, but not at all like it had been with Toni's mother. Their marriage had been full of stress and tension for a long time. With Toni, it felt like the kind of marriage Mike had always hoped for, full of love and closeness.

So when Toni finally joined her father in the kitchen on Sunday, he was nearly stunned when she went into the refrigerator and bent over to get something out. She was only wearing a skimpy thong under the T shirt that barely went past her ass cheeks when she was standing. Usually around the house she'd wear panties that at least covered most of her ass, even if they did nothing to hide her luscious shape.

Sitting at the table, Mike stared at his daughter's beautifully sculpted ass and the way her pussy pouted against the red gusset of her thong. He quickly noted her lack of tan lines and tried to imagine what, if anything at all, she'd been wearing on the beach during the weekend.

He was dressed as casually as his daughter, in just his boxer briefs and a T shirt. His cock started to get hard in his briefs, and he tried to will it away while reaching under the table to give it a squeeze at the same time. He brought his hand back above the table just as Toni straightened up and sat down. He almost forgot about the way she'd just flashed her ass and pussy at him when he saw the preoccupied look on her face.

He asked her about the weekend in general, making an effort not to come off as a nosy, overprotective father, even if he was one. Her answers were short and not very detailed, which didn't help ease his concerns. He was frustrated all through dinner. It was the first time he'd ever had so much trouble getting his daughter to open up about something that was bothering her.

When they finished eating, he poured them each a glass of wine, hoping it might help Toni relax and open up about whatever was wrong. They sat across from each other at the kitchen table, and Mike finally leveled a serious look at her.

"I know something's bothering you, sweetheart," he said. "And it must be pretty serious since you haven't wanted to talk to me about it, but I hope you know there's nothing we can't talk about."

"Yeah, maybe," she replied pensively.

"Hey, did you forget who you're talking to? Did you forget how much I love and care about you?"

Toni muttered something in response, and Mike kept on her to repeat whatever it was she said. It took some goading, but she finally looked him in the eye and said it.

"I know you love me, Dad," she forced herself to say. "But ... what I keep wondering is if you love me as much as I love you."

Mike was momentarily shocked.

"How could you think that?" he retorted. "I'd do anything for you, I hope you know."


"Of course."

Toni took a deep breath, bracing herself. "Well, remember the extra money you gave me last week?"

Mike nodded that he did.

"I, um, went to a spa with Sandi and we both got a wax."

"Oh. Okay. That's nice. I'm glad you used the money for something fun." What he didn't tell her was how he was already imaging her smooth, completely bald pussy, although he was doing his best to put that out of his mind.

"Fun? Oh god it really kind of hurt. But it was kind of fun after the fact."

"I see," he said, not sure if he really wanted to know anything more. "But I don't see why that would bother you so much. You haven't been yourself for days."

She took another deep breath. "I guess there's no way to say this but to just say it. You see, I never felt so smooth ... down there ... and I've barely been able to stop touching myself."

"Ohhh, okay," Mike said, almost laughing. "That's nothing to be ashamed of, honey." But the thought of his hot, young daughter playing with her bald pussy made his cock ache.

"Yeah, I know," she countered with a smirk. "But that's not the problem."

Mike tried to be patient, but Toni wasn't making it easy. "Why don't you just spit it out," he told her.

"Okay, since you asked. I haven't been able to think about anything else. Even over the weekend. I just wanted you to know how smooth I feel. Um, down there. I wanted you to think it's pretty."

Mike looked at his daughter in shock. He felt like he was probably blushing as hard as she was. As much as he'd thought about his daughter's pussy more often than he cared to admit, knowing that she'd just had it waxed drove his sordid interest to a whole new level. He was dying to see it, and his pulse was racing while he tried to take a few deep breaths and imagine the right thing to say. He took a big sip of wine and placed his hands on the table in an attempt to keep them steady.

"Daddy? Do you think I'm a freak?" she asked before he had a chance to gather his thoughts.

Mike decided honesty was the best policy. What kind of man would lie to his own daughter?

"To be honest, sweetheart, I never would have thought you were any kind of freak. You've always been a very good girl. Maybe a little flirtier than you should be the way you often dress around the house, a little precocious, perhaps, but there's really nothing wrong with that. So no, I never thought of you as freaky...until now."

"Oh. Sorry, Daddy," she said, casting her eyes down and looking very disappointed.

"For what, baby?"

"For being a freak."

"Aww, sweetheart," he said, reaching across the table to hold her hand. "I didn't mean for you to think there's anything wrong with being a freak. In your case it's really sweet."

"Really?" she said, looking back up.

"Really, baby girl," he nodded, smiling. "It wouldn't be fair to think otherwise, since your dad is kind of a freak, too."

"Seriously? What do you mean, Dad?"

"I mean that I've wondered hundreds of times what you look like between your pretty legs. Pretty much every time you wear panties around the house and I can't help staring at the little bulge of your mound."

"I like it when you do that, Daddy," she replied, almost shyly. "I guess we're both a couple of freaks, huh?"

"Like father, like daughter," Mike smiled. "So why don't you just go ahead and show your dad how pretty that smooth pussy looks?"

Toni looked excited yet nervous as she slowly pushed back her chair and rose to her feet. Mike felt as nervous as she looked, but he tried his best to look perfectly calm on the surface. But meanwhile, his heart was pounding harder than ever as he watched his sexy daughter step around to his side of the table and lift the bottom of her T shirt up to just below her braless boobs.

She leaned over and whispered to him, as if she couldn't bring herself to say it in a normal voice.

"You do it, Daddy."

When Mike pushed his chair back, the bulge in his briefs came into view as he backed a couple of feet from the table. Toni uttered a gasp, and her father discovered her staring straight at it.

"You're already hard?" she mused aloud.

"Pretty much since you bent over in front of the fridge to tease me, my sweet little freak-girl."

Toni giggled. "I'm really glad it worked," she confessed.

Trying to control the excited tremor in his hands, Mike placed each of his palms on his daughter's bare hips and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her thong.

"Are you sure you want me to see this, baby? This will be burned in Daddy's memory forever."

"I hope you really mean that," she replied.

Mike began tugging down on Toni's thong, savoring the silken feel of her skin as he pulled it all the way down to reveal her satin-smooth, perfectly V shaped pussy mound. He gazed longingly at his daughter's mound while her panties dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them.

"Do you like it, Daddy?" she asked anxiously. "Do I have a pretty pussy?"

"Oh, sweetheart, it's the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen," he admitted sincerely.

Then he pushed his chair back a little further, giving Toni room to sit on the edge of the table and plant her feet on the outer edges of her father's chair. Her fresh, young slit was practically in Mike's face now, with her pouty lips beginning to part open with her legs so far apart.

"Sweetie, you're already so wet," he noted, sliding his hand up the smoothness of her inner thigh until his fingers were rubbing against her syrup-coated sex lips.

"I can't help it, Daddy," she said, half moaning and gasping as his fingers explored her slit. "You like waxed all smooth like that? Should I keep doing it?"

"Absolutely, baby girl. I'll pay for the sessions, and then you can always show me how pretty and smooth you are."

"Oh god, Daddy, I'd love that so much."

He took his time and explored his daughter's perfectly smooth pussy with his fingers, massaging her slippery lips and smearing her honey all over her mound and upper thighs.

"Baby? Do you think it means I'm a freak if I want to fingerfuck that gorgeous pussy of yours?" he asked, firmly rubbing circles over her swollen clit with the pad of his thumb.

"Y-yes," she gasped. "And please hurry up."

Mike chuckled briefly, but then he stared in fascination as he slipped his finger deeply into his daughter's hot, slick hole. She whimpered and moaned as he began sliding his finger in and out her, soon sliding a second finger in and making her moan louder and harder. He curled his fingers and struck her G spot instantly, rubbing the velvety patch while Toni gripped the edge of the table with both hands and rocked her hips at her father's exploring fingers.

"Do you taste as sweet as you look, baby girl?"

"Oh fuck, Daddy, please just lick it and then you can tell me!"

Mike grinned and leaned down to lap and suck on the girl's hotly aroused clit while his fingers never let up massaging her inner sweet spot. He hungrily devoured her clit and all around the fringe of her pussy where his fingers were stuck inside her. Twice, her muscles inside clenched at his fingers while she whimpered and squealed through each climax.

His cock had never felt so hard, straining for freedom against his stretchy briefs. Finally he pushed his chair back even further, pulling his fingers out of her hole and standing up.

"You do taste as sweet as you look, baby," he told her, just before pulling her into his arms and kissing her supple mouth hard and deep. With her creamy juices covering his lips and chin, he knew she could taste herself all over his mouth.

When the kiss ended, Mike pulled off his T shirt and then pushed down his briefs, letting his impossibly swollen cock snap free and swagger freely under his daughter's astonished gaze.

"Are you gonna put that big cock inside me, Daddy?" she asked with an unwavering stare.

"Yes, baby, I am," he replied, reaching for her T shirt to pull it off of her body. "Daddy's gonna fuck you now, pretty baby. And I'm gonna pump all my cum deep inside that sweet, smooth fuckhole you have," he added as he began fondling her full tits with both hands.

"That's really dirty," Toni cooed, reaching for her father's rigid cock.

"Yes, it is, darling," he agreed as she stroked his throbbing pole, greedily pulling him closer to her pussy. "But you're a dirty little freak. And so's your father."

Toni guided his thick rod to her slick opening and Mike pushed himself inward, gradually plugging her completely hairless slit with his throbbing cock. She gasped and moaned uncontrollably until he finally began to pump his shaft into her wet core in a steady rhythm.

"You're Daddy's little freak now," he growled, driving deep, hard thrusts into the hot, slippery tightness of his daughter's hole.

"God, yes, Daddy, do you mean it? Am I all yours now?"

"Oh, fuck, yes," he groaned, pumping steadily, his juice-filled balls mashing against her ass with every thrust.

Mike reached behind her and shoved all the dishes and glasses off the table, scattering broken shards and leftover scraps of food all around them on the floor. He then pushed her back against the table while she wrapped her legs around his hips and took his cock thrusts with gasps and whimpers of needy pleasure.

Not long after he leaned over and took turns sucking on each of his daughter's hard, delicious nipples, Toni's pussy rocked and rippled with another climax. He kept sucking and pounding into her until he could feel her second release, which finally forced him to rear upright and thrust his aching prick wildly into her sheath until his cum was gushing deep into her body with hot, electrifying spurts.

"Holy fuck," Toni said dreamily.

Mike pulled her upright and they spent a long time kissing while his hands never left the warm softness of her supple tits. The girl's luscious boobs were just as amazing as her pussy, and Mike couldn't imagine getting enough of everything his daughter had.

Finally, he told her he'd clean up the mess later, and took her into the bathroom to shower together. He couldn't help but smile with satisfaction when Toni sank to her knees and licked the taste of their fucking from his cock and balls. She kept licking and exploring his cock with her lips and tongue until he was hard again, and then she patiently and eagerly sucked his swollen shaft until he spent another load in her pretty mouth.

After their shower, Mike brought his beautiful daughter to bed. They lay there naked, holding each other close.

"Daddy," Toni finally said softly. "Do you realize you fucked me without a condom? All that cum went way up inside me."

"Yes, baby. That's how passionate lovers fuck."

"Is that what we are now, Daddy?"

"Yes, baby, it is. Finally. I think we were always meant to be."

"Mmm, me, too. Passionate lovers...and freaks."

Mike chuckled and gripped his daughter's warm, supple ass. "It's okay to be both, my love," he told her.

"I love you, Daddy. So much," she sighed.

"I love you, too, baby girl."

They fell asleep soon after that. Mike had already decided to take that Monday off from work, expecting to have a very busy day at home with his astonishing daughter.

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Love to read about a Daddy and Daughter exploring each other sexually! He must have been in heaven licking her smooth pussy and then fucking it!

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My dream

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Daddy daughter incest

HOT story. Wishing I could slid my cock into my daughters cunt. Please keep writing.

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To 'to fast', there are lots of families that stomp around in their underwear, even in this fucked up era that we live in now. Lots of times I wish I had grown up in my dads era:/

I thought the storymore...

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