tagBDSMWBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 01

WBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 01


It was time to check in on Sam and Marcia. Brianna is going to have Sam's child and it's due in April. It's April. This contains anal, oral and vaginal intercourse, bondage and discipline, lesbian sex, and interracial sex, romance and humor. If you don't like those things, I feel sorry for you. Oh, and babies. Don't forget the babies.


Worlds Best Diet Plan - Brianna Delivers, Part 1

"You got all our clothes in one suitcase?" I asked Marcia. "You know we're going for two weeks."

"But we're going to Brianna's. How often do you think we'll be dressed? The flights in and out, the hospital, maybe a night or two on the town. I didn't even pack bathing suits. They all swim in the nude. We can wash our clothes if we need to. Even buy something if we want. We have plenty of clothes. We don't even need our toys; Brianna has plenty of those."

"You're right. I forget how seldom we wear anything out there. I defer to your superior wisdom."

"Are you excited? Your first child?" Marcia asked.

"Very excited. I'll never be able to thank you enough for allowing me to have a baby with Brianna. It is remarkable what you did for me. I still can't believe it." I kissed her.

"I love you, Sam. I would do almost anything to make you happy."

"Almost anything?" I asked.

"I wouldn't murder anyone for you, but yeah, almost anything."

"You've proven that time and again. I'm still shocked you decided to be my sex slave if I lost weight."

"It's been my pleasure. How far are you down to now?"

"199. I'm thinking this is a good weight for me. I think I'll try to stay between 195 and 200 from now on. With the extra muscle I've added, going below may not be good for me."

"I think you're right, sweetie. You look good. I'm very happy with the new you. Lot's of energy and stamina. Helps to keep you going all night long if you have to. So, six days of servitude this month."

"Yes, all at Brianna's. You fit in so well with all the other slaves."

"Mmmm. I'm looking forward to it, Master, "she said with a smirk. "You still agree to submit to me at Brianna's to see what it's like being a bottom. I don't want you to back out now."

"Sure. Turn about is fair play."

"Two days?" Marcia asked. "You're not going to wimp out after a few hours?"

I could put up with just about anything for two days. "Sure, two days seems reasonable."

"Before or after mine?" Marcia asked.

"Hmm. That's an interesting question. Let me think. If I go last, then anything I have you do, you could easily turn around on me for my two days. If I go first, anything you do to me, I could flip around on you. It might make you go a little easier on me. I think I'll go first."

"You realize I'm asking for Brianna's advice on what I need to do to be a good, firm Mistress to my lowly, misbegotten slave, don't you?" Marcia asked.

"What? I'm not a prime example of what a Master is?" I asked.

"Oh, you do well enough, I suppose. But she's been doing it longer and has more slaves. Plus, you've never been Master to a male. What are you going to recommend? Probably only things which are easy for you to do."

"I don't think Brianna has been Master to a man either."

"I'm sure she's very creative. She's been both a top and bottom and associated with many Masters. I trust she'll know what to do to make you a proper boy toy." She laughed and I laughed with her. Me, a boy toy. The idea sounded preposterous, but I glanced at her, wondering what she was thinking in that devious little mind of hers.

"Before we start, we'll establish your boundaries," Marcia said. "Your hard and soft limits. You might want to think about it for a few days. Come up with a safe word, that kind of thing."

I don't know. It sounded like she'd been thinking about this for awhile. What was she thinking about right now?

"A penny for your thoughts, dear."

"Oh no. They'll cost you a lot more than that," Marcia laughed. "I'm not going to spill my guts for a mere penny. No, I think you'll have to wait until your time to find out what I'm thinking."

"It will be nice to see everyone again," I said. "I've missed the girls."

"I'm sure you have," Marcia said. "You had sex with a bunch of them."

"If I'm not mistaken," I teased, "no more than you have."

"Touché," Marcia laughed. "What are we going to do when we go out there?" She asked seriously. "There are no special circumstances anymore for fucking other people. You're not trying to have a baby anymore. I haven't added any single men to my hall pass list. You still have no interest in getting back together with Emily or Bella. Have you changed your mind about that?"

"No. It was a once in a lifetime experience which I'm extremely happy to have enjoyed, but to do it again would seem more like infidelity than a hall pass. If I kept having sex with them, I feel our marriage becomes more of an open relationship in which we fuck anyone we want and less a marriage. In all honesty, I question whether we should even have sex with our friends anymore. We started it because of special circumstances. Helping a friend get pregnant and give me a child; and on the cruise, you getting your hall pass and not wanting me to be alone during that time. I don't want us to be 'those people', you know, someone whose relationship no longer values fidelity and faithfulness to each other."

"Even if we're both having sex with the same people?" Marcia asked.

"Even then," I smiled. "Yours is the most important relationship in my life and I value it less than it deserves if I allow myself to have sex with other people."

"Darling, you say the sweetest things sometimes. It's so nice to hear you're willing to give up sex with all those wonderful, beautiful people because you value me above all others."

"You're my wife. To have and to hold above all others for the rest of my life, wife. It was my promise to you and one I don't take lightly."

"So, you're saying we shouldn't have sex with anyone else while we're in California? It's time to buckle down to this marriage of ours and keep our promises?"

"I won't say 'never'," I said. "I'm open to possibilities which might arise, but it would be my goal to be mutually exclusive. Sometimes it's hard to put the genie back in the bottle once you've released it, but I'm not expecting to have sex with other people again. They may not want to have sex with me. They all like women. I'm a fifth wheel."

"I, for one, am glad you left that little proviso, slave," Marcia said. "I had something in mind for your submission which I'd hate to give up because you were getting all moral on me."

"What have you got in mind, Marcia?"

"It's for me to know and you to find out; the hard way," she said, kissing me. "I've been thinking about this for awhile and I don't want you to spoil my plans. What do you think, one for the road?"

She wasn't talking about drinks; she was asking about sex and since she already knew my answer, was removing her clothes. I fucked her hard through two orgasms for her and she finished me in her mouth so we wouldn't leave a mess to clean up before we left. One real good part of losing weight was how often she was willing to have sex now. Her submission to me for several days each month lit a fire which never went out. Marcia was always ready to go and she didn't need a reason to celebrate. Sex was it's own reward.

When we finished, we dressed, straightened the sheets and made the bed, right on time for the taxi taking us to the airport. Marcia had me curious now, so I did start to think about what my limits would be. I didn't have time to dwell on it because the cab arrived at the airport, but it started to stick to the back of my mind.

The cab ride was short, the plane ride was long. The plane had wi-fi and I could spend some time checking my investments, a lot of exchange traded funds or ETF's, more than individual stocks because it was easier to predict what entire sectors of the economy would do than a single company. I didn't sign into my accounts because of security issues on a public wi-fi network, but watched what the markets were doing. The market was jumpy lately, going up and down like a yoyo, and it was hard to make sense of it all, but the overall markets had gone down over ten percent in the last three months. It was making me play with call and put options on the downside. It was doing better for me than buying and holding any investments.

Marcia was reading a book on her iPad. I asked her what she was reading, but she said it was a secret. All of a sudden, she had lots of secrets. I finished up with watching the markets and put on some classical music and closed my eyes. Before I knew it, the announcement came over the loudspeaker asking us to put the tray tables up and return our seats to upright position for landing. Yawning and rubbing my eyes while waiting for the people in front to deplane, I grabbed our suitcase from the overhead when it reached us and Marcia grabbed the back pack with my laptop and our electronics.

Monique was waiting in her limo driver attire holding up a sign for us, although it wasn't necessary. We picked her out immediately. We were so happy to see her, there were hugs and kisses all around.

"Monique, thank you for picking us up," I said. "You're looking good, good enough to eat, truth be told. How's your Mistress doing?"

"She's huge, Master. She came with, but she didn't want to leave the limo because it's too hard to walk. She's waiting in the car for us. Do you have any luggage coming in?"

"Carried it all on board," Marcia said. "Figured we didn't need much in the way of clothes or toys. Got it all in one carry-on."

"I can take your bags for you," Monique said.

"It's not necessary," I replied. "This is on wheels and Marcia already has the backpack slung on her back. Just lead the way."

She gave us another quick kiss and led the way out of the terminal to the limo lines. Los Angeles required enough limousines, they had a line for them just like other airports had taxi lines and bus lines. Monique opened the trunk for our things, then the door. As soon as we climbed in we saw Brianna, swelled up like a balloon, waiting for us. Another surprise, Chantelle was there as well, naked, looking as lovely as she ever did.

I slid around the seats and gave Brianna a huge kiss. "Baby Mama! How are you?" I patted her tummy. "You look ready to pop."

"Oh, I'm so ready for this to be over," she said. "I've been ready for two months. I feel so fat and ungainly, it's a wonder any of my slaves wants to sleep with me."

"You may be big, but you look wonderful," Marcia said. "If no one else will, I'll sleep with you."

"Mistress lies, Monsieur et Madame, everyone wants to sleep with her," Chantelle said. "The bed is so full most nights it's difficult to sleep. It's the first baby for a long time. Everyone is so excited." I kissed Chantelle as well, nice and warm, then she kissed Marcia with as much feeling. If anything, the kiss lasted a trifle longer.

Brianna laughed. "Okay, I'm not really hard up for sleeping companions, but it doesn't change how I feel; ugly and fat. Are you still sure you don't wish to know the sex of the baby? Last chance to decide."

"No," I said. "I'm really good waiting. Marcia and I are looking forward to the surprise."

"Then you don't want to see the nursery yet," Monique said. "It's decorated in the baby's colors."

Brianna said, "Monique, let's get going. I'm sure they're hungry and tired and would appreciate the chance the freshen up. Would you like to remove your clothes now," she asked us, "or wait until we get home?"

I looked at Marcia and she shrugged and started to remove her things, so I did too. It was good, because seeing Chantelle in all her naked chocolaty goodness was making me hard and it saved me from having to adjust my clothing.

As soon as my cock appeared, stiff and demanding, Chantelle asked if I needed her to relieve me.

I looked at Marcia who smiled at me. "What was it you said, something about a genie and a bottle?" Marcia said. "It's up to you, Sam. I'm willing to go in whichever direction you'd like. I don't mind sharing you with our friends as long as you allow me the same latitude." Shit! I should have realized what an impossible situation we were putting ourselves in. Marcia nodded encouragingly.

"Merci, Chantelle. I would greatly enjoy feeling your mouth once again."

She knelt at my feet and consumed my cock, practically inhaling it to the back of her throat. I don't know how she was practicing, given the dearth of men on Brianna's estate, but Chantelle certainly seemed to be twice as talented as the last time I'd enjoyed her oral favors.

"Oh, my God!" I exclaimed. "That's incredible. Have you been taking lessons?" She nodded shyly as she licked around the crown of my cock preparatory to swallowing me whole, nibbling lightly on the base as her throat muscles massaged the head.

Monique said. "A few of us have been practicing on an appropriately sized dildo since we knew you were coming to LA. It felt right to welcome you in the best possible way."

I moaned as Chantelle did something marvelous with her tongue and thrust upward into her mouth. "Even you," I gasped.

"Even me."

Chantelle started fondling my balls and bobbing up and down on my stalk, coaxing my release. I grabbed hold of her head. I didn't jam her down on my cock, since she was gifting me with her mouth, but I did encourage her with a slight pressure to take more of me as I felt my sperm start to rise. She sank to the base of my shaft as I let go with a stream of hot juice right down her throat, her swallowing a delightful sensation as she gobbled it up, not losing a single drop. She continued licking and sucking until not a drop remained in my balls or on my prick. I sat there panting for breath, having enjoyed a most exquisite orgasm.

"Madame Marcia, may I assist you in relaxing after your long flight as well?"

"I would enjoy it very much, Chantelle," Marcia said, spreading her legs, already showing signs of her arousal at witnessing her husband spend in another woman's mouth.

Chantelle crawled to her and I saw the most stimulating sight of Chantelle's afro bobbing between Marcia's legs and the sounds of her licking and sucking Marcia's cunt as Marcia moaned her pleasure. Chantelle brought her to two quick orgasms before Marcia asked her to stop.

I chuckled to Brianna. "You sure do know how to make your guests feel welcome."

"I'm still trying to entice you to move here," Brianna said. "I'd like the baby to have a father nearby. It will have lot's of mothers, but a father's influence is important, too."

"We are seriously considering it; honest. It's a big step though. Marcia has reached vested status with her Department. She could receive some retirement benefits now, but most of the real benefits come after having fifteen or more years. It's hard to think of abandoning the benefit of staying at least twenty years. Because California has a different retirement system than Florida, it would not transfer. Plus things are so much more expensive here. It's not that we don't want to come, it's all the complications coming brings."

"I understand."

"What day is the baby due?" Marcia asked.

"The doctor's best guess is three days from now, but it could happen at any time. I was afraid you might not make it in time," Brianna said.

"We had contingency plans in place in case the baby couldn't wait. I would have come out by myself and Marcia would have come out as soon as she could," I said, "but this is far better."

"And if the baby doesn't come on time?" Brianna asked.

"Sam can stay as long as he needs to. I have to go back in two weeks," Marcia replied. "I'd love to stay as long as it takes, but it's not possible. As much as we love each other, we're not joined at the hip, so if he needs to stay, he can stay."

Brianna turned to me and said, "I understand you've agreed to sub to Marcia for two days."

"Yes. I see she's already been in contact with you about it," I said.

"We've been communicating by e-mail for weeks, thinking of how you should be handled," Brianna said. "Ever since you agreed to do it."

"Monsieur Sam is agreeing to serve Mistress Marcia," Chantelle giggled. "Oh, it will be fun observing this. Is it happening on this trip?"

"Yes," Marcia said. "He's to serve his two days before I serve my six."

"When does it start?" Brianna asked.

I looked at Marcia. "No reason it couldn't start tomorrow morning," I said. "I just have to give her my hard and soft limits and a safe word. Do you want to start at 0800, Marcia?"

"Sounds perfect to me, Sam. Where are we sleeping, Brianna?"

"I'm putting you in a bedroom next to mine," Brianna said. "Close but will give you some privacy if you desire it."

"Have you got a hospital go bag packed, Brianna?" Marcia asked, ever the practical one.


"What hospital? In case we're not all here when you have to go." Marcia said.

"Sherman Oaks Medical Center is the closest in time if not distance," Monique said, "and Brianna's Obstetrician uses the hospital, so it's the one we'll be going to."

Marcia bookmarked the address in her map app.

We arrived at Brianna's house and Marcia and I helped Brianna out of the car while Monique and Chantelle took our luggage to our room. Brianna wanted to go to her room to rest, so we helped settle her in her Alaskan King before Chantelle led us to our room next door. It only had a king size bed but as we slept on a queen at home, we were fine with the size. Chantelle also said they had some food in the kitchen in the event we were hungry, and I most definitely was. We went to get something to eat and it was like the first time. Lot's of light finger foods or salads, satisfying but not filling. Monique and Chantelle joined us for supper, Monique having shed her driver livery and going as naked as the rest of us. It was only six PM California time, but nine Florida time, so Marcia and I only had a couple hours before we would be tired enough to go to sleep.

I thought it would be fun to use the pool before retiring and Chantelle and Monique grabbed some towels and joined us, being the good hosts they were. There were a lot of floats in the water so we all grabbed one and relaxed in the water enjoying the last warmth of a descending sun. We all held the raft of the person next to us so we wouldn't drift apart and had an opportunity to talk. We spent a few minutes getting caught up on all our lives since the cruise. We asked Chantelle about her family, how everyone was doing.

"Maman convinced me to tell Papa about my preference for women. He now knows about my relationship with Mistress Brianna, though neither of them are aware of my servitude. It would be too much for them, I believe. He was sad because he wanted me to give him grand babies, but I pointed out to him Brianna is having a child and if I desired to have one, Brianna would be fine with it. It put his heart at ease to know he might not have to abandon his wish for me to have children. He was disappointed you were not my boyfriend, Sam. He liked you a lot."

"I liked both your parents as well, Chantelle. They are marvelous people. Your mother could not be fooled by our little charade. She saw right through it."

I was curious about something I heard in the limo and asked Monique why she said some of them had been practicing sucking cock.

She looked at Chantelle and particularly Marcia before answering, which I thought was odd. "Mistress perhaps wanted to discuss this with you both before anyone else, but since you ask, I feel I should speak." She paused a moment gathering her thoughts. "Since Mistress became pregnant, some of her slaves, particularly the older ones, have conceived a desire to have children as well. Both myself and Adele would like to have babies. We're the same age as Mistress and don't have much time left of our prime child bearing years. We appreciate the loving way you've recognized our sexual preferences and made allowances for them when you were here before and on the ship. You did not force anyone to make sexual choices contrary to their nature, but allowed us to approach you. You realized it would be easier for lesbians such as ourselves to have someone familiar to us assist in giving us pleasure. You used me to make it easier for Mistress, as well as Marcia and each other for all of us. You were thoughtful and considerate in all ways and made sex with you very easy to bear.

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