tagBDSMWBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 02

WBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 02


This is a continuation of the World's Best Diet Plan series, particularly Brianna Delivers. It contains scenes of oral sex, anal sex, bondage & discipline, lesbian sex and plain old vanilla sexual intercourse amongst consenting adults who enjoy each others company.


"When will Brianna be released?" I asked.

"I think we can let her go tomorrow," the doctor replied. "Call before you come pick her up in case there are any unforeseen complications." The doctor left us alone.

"If you can trust me with your limo," Marcia said to Monique, "I'll drive whoever's going back to the house. You can stay with Brianna and the children."

"If we can trust you to deliver the babies, we can trust you with the car," Monique laughed. She pulled out her phone and sent Marcia a phone number. "Call these people. They detail cars at the house. We've used them before. They're good and discrete. That car looks pretty trashed right now. Blood and body fluids everywhere. They'll take care of it."

"So, who's going?" Marcia asked.

"I'll stay here with Monique and Brianna," Adele said.

"I'll come back with you," Chantelle informed us. "I can let everyone know Mistress and babies are doing fine."

Everyone gave Brianna a kiss and we left.

In the car, Marcia dialed up the address in the GPS system. "I've never paid attention to where we were going before because we've always been in the back of the limo."

I sat in the front seat with Marcia and Chantelle sat right behind us with the dividing window down.

"Sam, why don't you look up rental car places real quick. If we're going to be looking around for a house and a job out here, we should have our own car so we don't have to be chauffeured everyplace."

"I know of one right up the street," Chantelle said. "Just north of the hospital. I can direct you there."

She directed us to the rental car place. Marcia and I went in and rented a Toyota Prius. Marcia told me to drive the Prius and she'd continue on in the limo. Chantelle got in the front seat with Marcia. I loaded the address on my phone and I followed the limo relieved I didn't have to worry about losing her. It only took 45 minutes to get back instead of the time to go to the hospital. We didn't have an accurate idea of how long it would have been since we had to stop and deliver the babies about 70 minutes into the trip. I had a vague idea about how long labor was supposed to take having heard horror stories of labor lasting for hour upon hour. Mother told me her labor for me lasted several hours. My youngest brother was delivered before Dad parked the car in the parking lot after he dropped Mom at the entrance to the hospital. The first ones were supposed to be the hardest, but maybe the fact they were twins speeded up the process as it was too crowded in there. What did I know.

I arrived shortly after Marcia did. The detailers were already waiting when we got there. She must have called as soon as we left the rental car place. Marcia was giving them instructions about the car. They didn't look too happy about what they'd be cleaning up and I didn't blame them. Maybe Monique would give them a bonus. Chantelle and I waited for Marcia to conclude their business, then we all walked into the house together.

Chantelle called everyone together to give them the news and there was a lot of hugging and crying and general carrying on afterward. I received my share of the attention and having a lot of naked women hug and kiss you was doing what it normally did, so I shed my clothes for a little comfort. When mine came off, so did Marcia's and Chantelle's. Marcia took note of my condition since it was as obvious as an elephant in a tea room.

"Come along, Sam. I have something we can do with Mr. Happy so he doesn't go to waste," she said, grabbing said Mr. Happy and leading me towards the bedroom.

"Yes, Mistress."

We went to our bedroom and Marcia ordered me to get on the bed, face up. I expected her to climb aboard and ride me, but she had other plans before she did. I soon found her straddling my chest with a close up view of her cunt.

"Eat me," she ordered. "Make me cum."

Since it was my second favorite thing to do to her in all the world, I had no problems complying with her orders. My tongue darted out and started licking her parted folds. One of my hands grabbed one of her breasts and began kneading the soft, pliant flesh, rubbing my thumb back and forth over the stiff nipple; the other grabbed a saucy ass cheek and squeezed and massaged the tight, springy, muscular meat. I stayed away from her clitoris to give her a proper build up before providing her release. She got wetter and wetter and I lovingly licked her moisture, spearing her with my tongue to release even more. When I deemed the time was right, I suckled her clit, teasing it with all the experience I'd gained since our experiment began and she climaxed, grinding herself on my mouth as she shivered and shook through the tremors of her orgasm.

"Not bad, slave. Your recent practice is increasing your skill," Mistress said.

"Practice makes perfect, Mistress. I endeavor to please, my love."

"Let's see if you know what to do with your cock, as well," she said, settling herself on said organ.

I easily slid into her wet, creamy orifice, slick with her release. "I've had a lot of practice with that as well, Mistress, thanks to you."

She began to ride me, nice and slow, compressing me with her trained muscles. I started thrusting into her, the feeling so intense.

"No!" Mistress ordered. "You cannot move. Hold still. Your orgasm belongs to me."

I'd unlocked that door, it was only fair she used it now. She continued to ride me, so slow, enjoying the sensation of my cock splitting her cunt, rolling her hips. She was moving too leisurely to bring me to a swift completion and I usually climaxed faster when thrusting, which she knew from experience, so she was in for the long haul. Even fucking as we were, it was inevitable I would eventually need to cum. Twenty minutes in, I started sensing the slow build to my orgasm and requested permission to cum when it happened.

"If you cum before I do, your cock can go back in it's cage," Mistress ordered. "Hold it." Even as she said it, she clutched harder at my cock, attempting to wring my sperm from my balls.

The very mention of the cage was enough to send my prick into a tailspin. Not enough to lose my erection; she was too skilled for that, but several degrees of hardness and a lessening of my urge to climax.

"That's better," Mistress said, noticing the loss of rigidity.

That's where she kept me, right on the cusp of release. I would approach my orgasm, think of the cage, feel it recede to the background, slowly build up again, and repeat. She kept it nice and slow, too relaxed to bring about her own pleasure, but keeping herself on the edge as well. For twenty more minutes, we stayed there, swimming in sensuality, close to the brink but never crossing the line.

"Good, slave. You're doing good."

Finally, she picked up her pace, grinding herself harder on my cock, starting to bounce up and down on most of my length and I knew I would be giving it up soon, no matter how much I imagined my cock in the cage. My only saving grace were the moans emanating from deep in her throat as well; sounds signaling her own pending cum. Her breasts started to flush and her nipples grew even harder under my hand and she rocked up and down with even more fury. I prayed she would cum before me, but it would be close.

Then I felt her contractions start and a strangled scream emanate from her mouth, "Cum, you fucker, cum!" and I gratefully released the backed up flood of cum from my balls, my cock throbbing wildly as I pulsed, hosing her sheath in my cream. She quivered like a bow string, her body taut and tall, riding me until with a last little shake, she collapsed against my chest and lay still, small tremors still going through her body. My cock started losing steam and it fell from her soggy cunt with a squish and some cum, hers and mine.

"Mmm. I think that was the best orgasm ever," Mistress said dreamily. "Perhaps there's something to this training after all. It's the longest you've ever fucked me."

"I admit; the cage scares me, Mistress" I said. "It hurts a lot when I get an erection."

"As much as when you whip my clit?" Marcia asked.

I thought about that. "Well, I can't speak to the momentary intensity of the pain to your clit because I've never felt it, but I know you cum when I do it, but I know I'll never cum in the cage. I don't even want to cum because it would mean an erection and I don't want one of those under any circumstance."

"Perhaps you're right," Mistress said. "It's probably a different level of pain. You do try to keep me sexually stimulated when giving me pain. I think we should try to do the same with you tonight. Give you a little of your own medicine."

I didn't even want to know what she was thinking right now. The grin on her face scared me. I decided to change the subject.

"We haven't eaten since breakfast and it's past supper time. If you want your slave to work at peak performance, perhaps you should feed him, Mistress."

"Okay, but first we shower. You may wash me and the strap-on we used this morning."

"Yes, Mistress."

We got in the shower and I soaped Mistress up, paying particular attention to her erogenous zones, which she alway appreciated, then she got out of the shower to dry off, while I cleaned our toy and washed myself. She put my butt plug back in and my leash back on and we went down to the kitchen where a variety of chicken and pasta dishes were being served, some hot and some cold. Mistress dished me up a chicken, orzo, pesto and Kalamata olive hot dish, and a chicken, rotini, wrinkled red things like raisins, onions and scallions, and what looked like a mayo mixture topping cold dish. Adele and Monique were back from the hospital and eating as was Chantelle. As Marcia wanted to talk and pay attention to our friends, she had me feed myself. The food was delicious, as always. I asked Chantelle about the red raisiny things and she said they were craisins, dried cranberries.

"How's Brianna doing?" Marcia asked.

"She's very tired," Monique answered, "as you might expect. She tries to sleep, but they wake her up anytime one of the baby's got hungry so it can feed, so she's not getting much sleep. It's the reason we came home. We didn't need to take any time away from her rest. Once she gets home, we hope to give her more time to sleep."

"What about your trip on the ambulance, Marcia?" Adele asked. "What happened after they took Brianna away?"

I hadn't had time to ask Marcia myself, so my ears perked up, wanting to hear her answer.

"We were still delayed somewhat by the traffic, though the flashing lights helped speed things up for us. The EMT cut the baby's cords and Brianna passed the last placenta while we were on the ambulance. The EMT had me apply pressure on the bleeding after he found out I was a police officer and I'd delivered them, while he checked on the condition of the babies. He told me I did a terrific job on the delivery. I told him, great, maybe you can write a letter of recommendation for me, I'm looking for a job out here. He asked if it was for an EMT job and I said no, a police officer, but they always like to know if you can remain cool under pressure. He agreed he'd write one and e-mail it to me. As soon as we got to the hospital, they brought her into emergency to give her the stitches, than sent her to maternity where you found us."

"You are certain you will move here?" Monique asked.

"We could not stay away after this," Marcia said. "It will take some time, I'm sure. We have to sell our house, but if we find a place out here and I can get a job, the realtor may be able to handle everything in Florida and we'd only have to go back for the closing."

Marcia noticed I'd finished eating and was merely listening. She said, "Would any of you like to partake of my slave's oral skills? I wish him to remain in practice. If he cannot bring any of you to orgasm within seven minutes, he shall be punished."

They all agreed it would be a wonderful contest. I started with Monique and she tried to delay her orgasm as long as she could and she almost succeeded, climaxing just over the six and a half minute mark. Neither Adele or Chantelle lasted as long as she did. I came out from under the table with a huge grin and lot's of girl cum on my face, proud of my accomplishment.

"Not so fast, slave. You must still satisfy your Mistress." She pushed me back under the table with her foot on my shoulder and spread her legs.

Now I know she tried to delay her climax, but of all the women I'd satisfied, hers was the body I knew the best. On top of which, she was the most orgasmic woman I knew, and the fact I was doing her in front of her friends would be adding a lot of excitement to her enjoyment. I made her cum inside of five minutes. When it was over, she handed me a napkin and told me I could wipe my face off, starting with the smirk.

"Yes, Mistress." It was hard removing the smirk though.

"After you've cleaned off the table, you can join me in the bedroom. Monique, will you be joining us again tonight?"

"I would be happy to join you there, Mistress," Monique said, "but if I could suggest, Brianna won't be home tonight. She won't mind us using her bedroom. It has a much larger bed and more toys. Chantelle could join us as well."

"An excellent idea. I'm glad you thought of it. You may come to Brianna's bedroom when you're finished here." Mistress left arm in arm with Monique and Chantelle.

I stopped her before she went to far. "Mistress, I have to call my mother with the news of the birth. I've only left a message on her answering machine. Would you like to be present for the phone call?"

"Yes, bring your phone when you come."

"As you say, Mistress."

I quickly cleared the dishes and put them in the dishwasher. I got my phone from my bedroom and brought it to Brianna's room. I found Mistress eating Chantelle, who was eating Monique, who was eating Mistress. All three were getting close to their orgasms and my cock started to stand watching them. After they were finished, Mistress had me lie down on the bed and attached tie downs to my arms and ankles, spread eagling me to the four corners.

"I can't hold the phone this way, Mistress."

"I'll hold the phone," Mistress said. "You just have to talk. Chantelle, get him harder. Monique, mount him when he's hard."

"You will make him cum while he speaks to his maman and with a plug in his derriere?" Chantelle asked. "How wicked."

"He made me cum in a restaurant on Christmas and at the auction in front of hundreds of people. At least his mother won't witness him cum as I was forced to."

Chantelle giggled and got busy sucking my cock. When it was nice and hard, she turned me over to Monique who mounted me, still nice and creamy from the orgasm Chantelle gave her. She settled on top of me but didn't start moving until Marcia made the call to my Mom, putting it on speaker. Marcia warned the other two to silence.

"Sam, Brianna had twins!" Her voice burst over the phone. "Did you know she was going to have twins?"

"No, Mom. Marcia and I asked to be surprised about the sex of the baby so we didn't know until Marcia was delivering them." Monique started to move on top of my cock.

"And she had the babies in a limo? Were you on the way to the hospital?"

"Yes. There was an accident on the road and we were stuck in traffic for a long time. Brianna's contractions got closer and closer and Marcia said we weren't going to make it to the hospital. She had Monique pull into a driveway and started delivering the babies, with some assistance from the rest of us."

"What others?"

"You know Brianna is a lesbian. Her wife was there, driving the car, and a couple of her employees were going who had gone to Lamaze classes with her." Monique had sped up a little and it was getting harder to concentrate.

"Had Marcia delivered any babies before?"

"Twice at her job." I suppressed a moan.

"So now she's delivered four. What happens now? When can I come and see them?"

I swallowed another moan. Oh, God. This was so hard. "Marcia and I decided to move...out to California, be closer to the...children. I'll have to talk to Brianna...when she gets back from the hospital and get back...to you on that." I was going to cum soon. Monique had found a good rhythm for both of us. She was breathing faster herself.

"Are you watching TV? You seem a little distracted."

"Not TV, just a lot going on right now."

"So a boy and a girl. What names did you pick out for them?"

Marcia was grinning so much as I struggled to stay comprehensible.

"Sarah Marie for the girl...John Edward for the boy," I choked out.

"How nice. You named him after your Dad. Is Sarah named after someone?"

"Brianna's...grandmother," I said.

"Is Marcia there? I want to talk to her."

"You're on speaker phone...go ahead...she's listening." Monique was climaxing on my cock, the contractions driving me insane.

"Hi, Mom," Marcia said. "It's good to speak to you again."

Good, Marcia could talk to her for a minute. I erupted into Monique, barely able to suppress a loud groan. If I'd had a hand free, I would have stuffed a pillow in my mouth. Monique had her hand over her mouth to keep from making any noise.

"How do you feel about this? "Mom asked. "The babies, moving out to California."

"I'm fine with it. Moving was my decision really, because of my job. I knew what I was doing when I allowed Sam to artificially inseminate Brianna, Mom." Liar, I thought. Just like I'm artificially inseminating Monique right now. "I couldn't give Sam any children and this seemed to be the right thing to do."

"I thank you, honey. It was awfully nice of you to do this."

"You're welcome, Mom. Anything for you and Sam."

"Well, you kids have fun in California. Keep me posted and let me know when I can visit."

I was having so much fun. "You bet, Mom. Take care of yourself. I love you," I said. "Goodbye, Mom," Marcia said, and hung up the phone. We all burst into laughter. Okay, that was weird. My life had turned into a never ending stream of weird, so just normal.

Marcia got out my mask, so I figured I would soon be artificially inseminating someone else. She put it on me.

"Chantelle, clean him up and get him hard again. Monique, where does Brianna keep the whip? The nice soft one."

Okay, maybe I wasn't going to fuck someone else. Maybe she was doing this so I couldn't see when and where she would be whipping me. Please tell me she was going to turn me over and do my butt.

"Here it is, Mistress" Monique said.

"You know what to do. Please take care of it." I heard the door open and close.

Chantelle kept working on my cock and despite my current desperation not to get hard due to Marcia asking for a whip, I was getting an erection anyway. Even thinking about the cock cage wasn't enough. Chantelle had gotten too good at this for a lesbian. Her mouth left me and I felt the leather straps touch my cock and balls.

"What's your safe word, slave? Remind me."

"Gandalf, Mistress," I whispered.

"I expect you to take this, slave, the same as I have to. You may use your safe word if it becomes too painful, but I shall be careful, so I don't anticipate it's use. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress." I gulped.

The strands of the whip circled my cock like a noose and I felt myself engorge. The whip left my skin and I shivered, expecting a blow to fall shortly. The waiting was almost as painful as the whip would be. I felt a light switch on my balls and jumped, but it wasn't bad. She was starting easy on me. Another one hit my cock, the same strength, so it stung, but it didn't kill me. Unfortunately, we were at the start of the whipping, not the end. The whip came down again, harder this time. I expected the next one to be harder, but a mouth covered my cock instead, giving me instant relief and countering the remaining sting from the whip. As soon as the mouth was gone the whip struck me again, harder this time. Shit, that hurt. And again. It stung like hell. The mouth lowered over my cock again. She was trying to do as I did to her, mixing pain with pleasure. I heard the door open and close again. Was it Monique or some other her to witness my punishment. The mouth left me. Was it still Chantelle or was it Marcia, sucking me now. Chantelle, it must still be Chantelle. I would know the mouth and tongue of my wife anywhere.

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