tagBDSMWBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 03

WBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 03


This chapter contains scenes of oral and anal sex, lesbian sex, interracial sex, some spankings, and good old fashioned intercourse. Have fun!

WBDP - Brianna Delivers, Part 3

Marcia kept poking me the next morning, "Wake up, wake up, Master, please, get up."

I rubbed my eyes, saying, "What is it? Is the house on fire?"

"Master, please let your slaves cum," Monique said, her voice somewhat muffled.

Turning and looking beside me, I saw Marcia lying over Monique, her legs spread and Monique's head buried in Marcia's cunt. Marcia was looking at me with pleading in her eyes, straining not to cum until I gave her the word, Monique's pussy flowering under her face, wet and open.

Glancing at the bedside clock and seeing it was 8:15, I slapped Marcia's ass strongly and said, "No slaves, you may not cum. Stop, right now."

Monique's head fell to the bed and Marcia reluctantly rose from off Monique's body, her imminent orgasm interrupted. Monique's too, if I interpreted her unrequited moans correctly.

"In fact, I don't think either of my slaves should cum at all today. I think we're going to call today, 'Master's Day to Cum, Slaves Day to Not.' Where's Brianna?"

"Adele woke her up a few minutes ago to feed the babies," Monique said. "That's when we started, you know."

"Pleasuring each other to orgasm without taking care of your Master first; the reason neither of you may have a climax today, nor at any time until after eight tomorrow."

"Master!" Marcia protested.

"Not until tomorrow morning. If you quibble again, I can make it eight tomorrow evening."

Whatever either of them had in mind to say was quickly swallowed.

"Yes, Master," Marcia said. She'd denied me orgasms when I was under her control and realized this was my payback. The fact Monique had to suffer as well was merely added benefit as far as I was concerned.

"Since you want the prize of my cum, Monique; you should be the one to extract it. Get busy."

"Yes, Master."

She put my limp prick in her mouth and started sucking. Whatever lessons the women had taken to become proficient cocksuckers, were successful. Monique developed skills which would serve her well as my slave. Fortunately, she was accustomed to using her mouth and tongue to orally please another and she quickly brought my cock to a full stand. She still had a few problems doing a full deep throat, but she showed enough promise I would have her swallowing my cock in no time.

Since she wouldn't be having any orgasms for the next twenty-four hours, I didn't concern myself with her climax, only my own. It wasn't too long before I knew I would cum fairly easily, at which time I had Monique mount herself on my cock. Her previous arousal let me slide right into her velvety warmth. I let her ride me for a few minutes before flipping her on her back and driving home for the finish, squirting my life giving seed into her fertile womb.

I told Marcia to lick her clean, warning her against giving Monique an orgasm. As she obeyed my bidding, I fed my cock into Monique's mouth to clean me off. When nothing but saliva glistened on our sex organs, I allowed them to use the bathroom before putting on Marcia's and Monique's ankle and wrist cuffs. I pushed a butt plug into Marcia's ass and replaced Monique's with a slightly larger one.

We went to the nursery to look in on the twins. Sarah had finished nursing and John was now working Brianna's distended nipple. I patted John's back and bent down to kiss Brianna. Monique knelt at Brianna's side.

"Good morning, baby mama," I said as I stood.

"Good morning, Sam," she smiled up at me. Adele called to Marcia and showed her how to change Sarah's diaper and wash her. We were going to be on baby duty tonight and should both be prepared.

"Both of our slaves are being punished," I said; "neither one of them is to have an orgasm until tomorrow morning at eight."

"It's going to be very difficult for both of them. Each is well accustomed to frequent climaxes."

"Yes, aren't they," I replied with a wicked grin.

"Retaliation?" Brianna asked.

"Not too much," I replied. "I admit my balls ached from Marcia keeping me erect for hours without cumming, but my slaves were pleasuring each other this morning, instead of me, their Master. They woke me up because they needed to cum. I don't think it's how a Master should be treated. You may use them as you wish, particularly Monique as we watch the babies tonight, but don't let her cum no matter how much they beg."

"Of course. It's good to keep them on edge sometimes."

"And so much fun," I laughed. "You know, it's been a long time since I've tasted mother's milk. May I?"

"You may. Just a taste though. I need to save it for the twins."

I bent down and took her other nipple, the one John wasn't using, and suckled, feeling the warm, sweet liquid enter my mouth. I mouthed the stiffened nub for about fifteen seconds, getting a reasonable taste, then straightened again.

"Not bad, but it's the nipple itself, rather than the milk which intrigues me most. They're so big and your breasts are so full."

"And very sensitive. I feel my vagina tighten when they're sucked. There has to be some compensations for having children."

"Other than the children themselves?" I asked.

"They are the main compensation," Brianna answered. "I would protect them with my life."

"I think we all would."

"We've installed new exercise equipment in the old punishment room," Brianna said. "You should take a look. I thought we'd removed all of the bondage and discipline equipment, but you may be surprised how many uses some of the equipment might have. I get all tingly when I look at the chin-up bar."

I laughed. "I might do that later this morning. I got a sudden mental picture as soon as you said it."

"Probably the same one I had," Brianna giggled. "Of course, a good Master and Mistress should be able to find appropriate disciplinary tools everywhere, from the kitchen to the bedroom. You'd be amazed what an old fashioned wooden mixing spoon can do, and I've always appreciated how easily men's ties go from the neck to the wrists and ankles."

"I'll need to borrow your We/Vibe for Monique. She may not be able to cum for the next day, but she'll certainly wish she could."

"Of course, Sam. Use whatever you'd like. I'm sure you'll be the firm Master my slave requires." She patted Monique's head as she knelt at her Mistress's side. Monique lowered her head in despair.

John stopped suckling and started to fuss. As soon as he did, I picked him up. Brianna handed me a cloth, his burping rag, and told me to put it on my shoulder and burp John by patting him lightly on the back. I did as she requested and John soon gave me a belch which would have made a linebacker proud.

"Now you can change him," Brianna said.

I carried him to the changing station and cleaned up his mess. Marcia was finishing up washing Sarah, so she handed her to Adele and took John and bathed him.

"I've gone from washing the father to washing the son," she said, smiling up at me.

"And doing the same thorough job on both," I said.

John didn't seem to be afraid of the water, so he was splashing it with his tiny hands and squealing in delight, splashing Marcia in the process. At least we had no clothes to get wet.

When John was done, she handed him back to me and I diapered him. He started yawning, so he went straight to his cradle, joining Sarah who was already sound asleep. John batted at the mobile for a few moments before dozing off himself.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't give you children, Master," Marcia whispered looking down at them.

"You did, Marcia. You gave me children, with all of your heart and all of your soul. I couldn't have asked for more than I've received from you." I kissed her. "But you're still not cumming until tomorrow morning." I patted her ass affectionately.

Gathering my two slaves, we went to the dining room and got something to eat. William and Evelyn were there as well, Evelyn kneeling beside her Master. We chatted about life since the cruise, while I fed my slaves by hand.

After several minutes when we'd all finished eating, I said, "Both of my slaves are being punished for thinking about themselves this morning before their Master. They cannot have an orgasm today, but they can certainly provide that service for others. Monique is trying to improve her skills at cock sucking. She hasn't yet reached the proficiency of your own slave. Marcia has become quite skilled at pleasing other women, which is what she was doing this morning when she should have been pleasing her Master. With your permission, of course, I would like to put them to work making you and your slave cum. It's only proper our guests be greeted appropriately when they visit."

William and Evelyn looked at one another. She suddenly smiled and I realized she was going to be okay with it. She nodded her head to her husband and he grinned back at her. He had her sit in the chair next to him and spread her legs.

"You have our permission, Sam."

I sent my slaves to their respective partner, Monique carefully taking William's cock into her mouth and Marcia parting Evelyn's folds to lick her pussy. Evelyn still kept a neatly trimmed thatch of hair, which was different from Brianna and Monique, but Marcia was used to my trimmed but hairy cock and balls, so she would make do. I walked around the table and placed a hand on both their shoulders.

"I thought it fair for Marcia to give the wife what she gave to the husband on the cruise. How many times would you like to cum from Marcia's tongue, Evelyn?"

"Three times" she panted, already getting into the spirit of the game, "once for every day she fucked my husband."

"You can make this a more personal and shared experience by holding hands and kissing," I said to Bill and his slave.

Bill grabbed Evelyn's hand and held it, transmitting all the feelings of the pleasure he was feeling from his cocksucking to her as she pressed his hand in response to her own pleasure. They leaned together and kissed, sighing in each others mouths in tune with their enjoyment of what was being done to them by others. Evelyn came first, Marcia becoming very experienced at pleasing another woman. After she moaned her release, Bill reached over and started squeezing and fondling her breasts as they continued to kiss. Her nipples were hard points as he thumbed the turgid points with his thumb. Evelyn climaxed again, her breath exhaling into her husbands mouth as she spasmed on Marcia's tongue.

Monique was working hard on William's cock, getting most of it down her throat on each plunge down his staff. William was moaning loudly, clearly enjoying the sensations of Monique's mouth on him as he fingered Evelyn's tits and tangled tongues in her mouth. I saw him thrusting into Monique's wet warmth, getting ready to cum. His balls climbed his sack and his cock pulsed in Monique's mouth. He groaned loudly as he expelled his sperm into her waiting throat, clutching Evelyn's hand so hard, her fingers got white. He gradually released his grip as the pulsations died. As Monique collected all of the remaining sperm from his cock, he leaned down and sucked Evelyn's nipple into his mouth, hard and demanding. Evelyn gasped again, surrendering to her third climax, holding Marcia's head firmly to her cunt, spasming on Marcia's tongue, gripping her head between her thighs. Marcia gradually reduced her licking, allowing Evelyn to come down slowly as she lapped the remaining cum from her pussy.

"I see now why Marcia might not mind oral sex from a female," Evelyn said. "That was exquisite."

"We're going back to the pool for a little while," I said. "Would you like to join us?"

"Thank you," Bill said. "I believe we will."

"Slaves, get your vibes," I said. "You're still being punished."

"Yes, Master," Marcia said. "Right away, Master," Monique added.

I waited until they returned, Bill and Evelyn having gone out to the pool already. When they returned with their Vibes, I had them stand with their legs parted and inserted them into their juicy cunts. After proper placement, I turned them on while we walked out to the pool. I could hear them moaning softly behind me. I would have to be careful. Marcia could very well allow herself to cum and accept the consequences. She enjoyed her punishments more than I'd enjoyed hers. She could very easily cum on the Vibe, then cum again as I whipped her cunt. The main problem with a slave who enjoyed everything I did to her. I had to make sure she didn't even have a chance to cum; she was so orgasmic, it would be difficult. I'm not sure she couldn't cum merely from being exposed to others while having sex. Essentially, I would have to keep her from having much, if any, sex at all. With that in mind, I turned off her vibe and Monique's, just to be fair.

In addition to William and Evelyn, Brianna, Chantelle, and three other of Brianna's slaves were at the pool, one of whom was Zoe. I love a good party. William allowed Evelyn to use the pool and she was chatting with Chantelle and two others in the pool. I told Marcia and Monique they could apply suntan lotion to each other, but nothing more. We hadn't been there but five minutes and William said he'd gotten a text from his lawyer with a contract attached. He opened the attachment which was fifteen pages long. He sent a copy to Brianna and told her she could send it to her lawyer. Brianna smiled at him.

"Zoe, come here please." Zoe got out of the water and approached her Mistress, kneeling when she got there.

"Could you please look this over for me and tell me if it contains anything I need to be concerned about." She handed her phone to Zoe. She turned to William. "Second in her class at Stanford Law and a damn good lawyer. I was telling you earlier we don't need to go outside of the estate for assistance very often. That includes lawyers. We also have plumbers, electricians, a/c mechanics and a nurse. The lawn crew, the cook, and a couple maids are our only outside staff. They're all female and have signed non-disclosure agreements. I'm going to be hiring more metallurgists and gemologists and jewelry specialists, including men, but they'll all be working at our new manufacturing facility. Unfortunately, any of our current staff won't be able to work there nude, but they always have this to come home to." She waved her hand around. "And some of them may be able to bring small projects here, including our design. Any special fittings will also be done here."

William raised his bottle of water in salute. He continued perusing the contract. When he finished, he said, "I'm satisfied with what's in here."

Zoe was still reading. She went back and forth a few times, confirming other parts referred to contained nothing contradicting the main document.

"It's what was expected, Mistress. His lawyer is also asking each of the females seeking insemination to sign personal contracts and non-disclosure agreements above and beyond the agreement with you regarding financial obligations. His lawyer is concerned Mr. Thornhill's reputation could be damaged by disclosures he participated in what the lawyer termed as 'stud services'. He's asking all participants to sign agreements to keep his contribution quiet in the event Mr. Thornhill agrees to engage in the activities. That would include Marcia and Sam who I understand would also be in the room. It's not onerous although the financial penalties would be substantial if anyone violated the agreement. I don't believe any of the women in question would have a problem signing the document. I don't know about Sam and Marcia."

William and Brianna looked at me first. "Hey, I think anything having to do with our sex life is our business and nobody else's. I wouldn't even brag about my celebrity sex, and Marcia certainly doesn't want any of this information to poison her professional life. I'll sign anything you want."

"I agree with my Master. I'm not going to divulge any information about others which could possibly hurt myself. Just point at the dotted line," Marcia said.

"Let's print this stuff out and get the others to sign it," Brianna said. "William, if you'd come with me. Zoe, please collect the appropriate women. Have them wait in my bedroom and discuss what they're being asked to sign."

Evelyn started to exit the pool to attend to her Master but William waved her off. "Stay here," he said. She sank back in the water and continued her conversation with Chantelle.

I hopped in the water and approached.

Evelyn was saying, "I'm sorry I was so snotty to you and your family on the cruise, Chantelle. It was undeserved and uncalled for and very rude on my part. I was a bitch and I hope you can forgive me."

"It seems your apology is genuine. I will forgive you if you give me a hug and kiss," Chantelle replied.

Evelyn approached Chantelle and wrapped her arms around her and parted her lips for an open mouthed kiss. Chantelle took advantage to pull Evelyn against her and grab Evelyn's ass to grind their cunts together. Evelyn melted into the embrace. After a few moments, Chantelle released her, leaned back and smiled.

"I forgive you," Chantelle said. "For my part, I would ask your forgiveness for the Nyotaimori. I was unaware your Master had planned to deny you use of your hands. I know you were uncomfortable."

"It was the first time I'd ever touched another woman intimately with my lips. I was ashamed, but I admit to being excited as well. Seeing the pleasure which you, Brianna, Monique and Marcia were giving one another on the cruise, while scandalizing me at the time, also made me curious. I climaxed so quickly when Dina touched me, it surprised me. I guess I've decided the touch of a woman is not such a bad thing. Master Sam made Marcia give me three orgasms this morning at breakfast. It was exciting, much as the forbidden often is."

"Why did you make Evelyn hug and kiss you just now before you forgave her?" I asked, interjecting myself in their conversation.

"I wanted to see if she rejected my family and I because she was racist and we are black or if it was mere snobbery on her part. It is good to know who you are dealing with. I thought if she would kiss me, and allow me to rub against her, she was no racist," Chantelle replied.

Evelyn lowered her head. "It partly was racism, Chantelle, the reason I rejected you and your family. It was another misconception I had; one you and all others on the cruise helped me overcome. I realize it now. Before I thought it was only snobbery, you weren't in our social class or have our standing because your family were only fishermen, but I gradually realized racism was involved as well. Another of the crimes for which I have to atone."

"You hid it well, just now," Chantelle said. "You seemed to genuinely enjoy my caress."

"Oh, I did enjoy it. I will not pretend I don't have a lot more to overcome. It's still a part of me which I have to fight, but at least insofar as you're concerned, I enjoyed it very much. I suppose I shall have to rid myself of my racism one person at a time."

"Would you allow me to fuck your husband?" Chantelle asked.

"Are you one of the women seeking to bear a child?"

"No, I would be fucking him for fun. I'm on birth control. I want no child at this time."

Evelyn thought a moment. "If I would consider him fucking others for the purposes of insemination, I suppose I should consider him fucking others for fun. I would not object if he wished to do so."

"Would you fuck me?"

Evelyn trembled, almost as if she was cold. "I would," she whispered, "if my Master allowed it."

Chantelle opened her arms again and Evelyn stepped into them and they kissed, longer and more passionately than before. Chantelle's hands came up and lovingly stroked Evelyn's breasts. The door having been opened, Evelyn reached up and caressed Chantelle's chocolate perfection. She surprised me more when she dipped her head and took a firm mocha nipple in her mouth and laved the stiffened bud with her tongue. Chantelle purred. It was the only way to describe it; a sound from deep in her throat.

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