tagBDSMWBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 04

WBDP - Brianna Delivers Pt. 04


Part 4 of Marcia and Sam's further adventures in LA after Brianna has Sam's children. It contains scenes of bondage and discipline, breeding, lesbian, interracial, oral and anal sex, and all around good fun. If offended by such things, go no further. If you're not, you're as twisted as I am and should enjoy it.

World's Best Diet Plan - Brianna Delivers, Pt 4

I picked up the carrier with the sleeping Sarah, Marcia grabbed the empty one. John was still tugging on Brianna's nipple so she accompanied us to the nursery. I picked Sarah up and she stirred for a moment, so I slowly rocked her back and forth until her eyes closed again, then laid her in her cradle. Brianna sat down in one of the rocking chairs and sang a soft lullaby to John as he suckled her breast. He slowly wound down, sucking less and less until he just stopped, breathing softly in her arms.

"Does he need to be changed?" I asked.

Brianna felt the inside of the front of his diaper. "He's dry for now. He's probably good until his next feeding."

"Why did you feel the inside of his diaper?" Marcia asked.

"Unless he's pooped and you can smell it, modern diapers keep them pretty dry and it's hard to tell if it's wet without feeling it."

"Feeling for pee?" I asked.

"If you're caring for a child and don't expect to get a little pee or poop or spit up on you, you're living in a fantasy world. Just wash your hands after like you would if you accidentally peed on your own hand. Believe me, it's no big deal. If you ever clean a really messy diaper, you are going to get shit on you. Another advantage of going naked. A quick shower and you're good again. You don't have to worry about your clothes."

"Can I take him?" Marcia said, holding out her hands.

Brianna held him up and Marcia gathered him into her arms. He stirred during the transfer and latched onto Marcia's nipple, expecting a little milk. He was disappointed, but continued to suck like he would a pacifier.

"Just like his father," Marcia whispered. "Can't get enough of the nips."

"And his mother," Brianna said, smiling. "I can't get enough of the nips either."

Brianna stood and licked the other one, tonguing the bud until it was hard and Marcia began breathing harder.

"Please, Mistress, I can't cum yet and you're making it very hard on me. I want to cum so bad. If it wasn't for cumming during our story time, I'd be totally desperate."

Brianna stopped. "I'll take pity on you."

Marcia leaned over and gave her a passionate kiss. "I thank you again for the gift of these beautiful children," she said, breaking off the kiss.

Brianna smiled and said, "And I thank you for your husband's beautiful cock. It seems a fair exchange. One in, the other out." I chuckled. "The lounge chair leans back and is strong and comfortable enough to doze in, but you won't sleep real well, particularly together. The babies will sleep until around midnight when they'll need to be fed and again around three or four. You can wake me for the next feeding, whenever that is. Usually they'll wake up around seven, seven-thirty. You can find me in Adele's room. Since you have Monique, I thought I'd seek my pleasure there."

"I'm sure she enjoys the company of her Mistress," I said.

"She does. Perhaps she was a little disappointed I chose Monique to marry, but we all get along together. All three of us share my bed most of the time, and we occasionally bring in others. It's mix and match time. I try not to neglect any of my slaves which is why I allow them so much latitude with one another. If they had to all depend solely on me for their pleasure, it would be a nightmare."

"They don't seem to mind sharing you, even given you have some favorites," Marcia said. "They all seem to have certain duties and get along well together."

"If they don't they're gone," Brianna said. "I can't have discord."

"I've always wondered where you found them," I asked. "How they get drawn into your circle."

"Some of them I meet in the course of business. They come to me for jewelry and realize what's going on. They'll ask to be a part of it. The waitress at the convention would be one like that, although she did not seek me out. Others were brought in by my slaves. They're not tied here. They go out to dinner, or a movie, or dancing. Being lesbians, they tend to go to lesbian hang outs, and they'll meet someone and bring them back. Whether it was for a one night stand or something more, they'll see us interacting. They'll realize I'm the dominant and everyone else is my submissive. If they have a submissive side, they'll usually gravitate here on their own. If they're not, they'll sometimes try to impose their will on my slaves and they have to be set straight, and they'll disappear."

"What do you mean, set them straight?" Marcia asked.

"Usually, it's nothing more complicated than taking the one they're trying to dominate and make them serve me or anyone else but them. It's pretty clear who's top dog when I snap my fingers and a slave will drop whatever they're doing and start licking my cunt or my ass. They get the message and go. A couple times I've been forced to order my slaves to have nothing more to do with them and they wander around like lost puppies before finally accepting if they want to dominate, this is not the place for them. I'll be going to bed now. Have a good night."

"Good night, Brianna."

She left and Marcia took the sleeping John and put him in his cradle.

"What now, slave. We don't usually go to bed this early."

"We could cuddle, Master. And I wouldn't mind having your cock in me. I promise I'll tell you if I have to cum."

"Our story time got me fairly excited. I'm game."

"I noticed. Everyone noticed. You were hard almost the entire time. I wanted to ride you so bad."

I sat down in the chair and Marcia sucked me long enough to lubricate me, then mounted me, oozing around my cock. I leaned the chair back and we canoodled like a couple of teenagers, kissing and petting. She was trying not to move too much, but I could feel her pussy flexing around my prick in a very pleasant way. She was so warm and wet and felt good wrapped around me.

"Everyone seemed to have their own favorite story," I said, "all of them exciting to me."

"Partly due to their own orientation, I think," Marcia replied.

"How so? Bill's was you and Chantelle having sex after your sparring match?"

"Oh, no man on earth has ever complained of watching naked women wrestling and fucking."

"What about the other's? Chantelle's for instance, watching you get fucked by three cocks."

"Chantelle isn't a true lesbian, she's bi leaning lesbian. She can have all the cunt she wants, getting cock is more rare for her. Seeing me submit to multiple cocks would be more exciting because it's infrequent."

"Evelyn's. It was Dina dancing."

"Evelyn was starting to explore her own submissive tendencies. She was watching a woman having to submit to anyone who had coin, man or woman, to serve her Master. She was beginning to grasp the concept of serving her husband as slave and subject to anything he wanted, which could very easily be like Dina. In addition to just portraying Dina as a Paga tavern whore, George was willing to share his slave with us to promote our fantasy. What if William did the same? In a way he has, fucking her in front of others, though he hadn't shared her yet."

"And the rest?"

"Monique's was watching Evelyn forced to tongue a woman's cunt. Adele, a submissive, was watching me forced to submit to the touches of multiple people, men and women, into multiple orgasms. Yours and mine were both watching the other fucking a different man or woman as a result of our love for one another. Brianna's was a little off, but I suspect she's turned on by public submission. She enjoyed my performances at the convention, the auction, and the cruise. I think the idea of the formerly prim and prissy Evelyn sucking her Master's cock in public and being caught at it by someone she knew, and a celebrity to boot, tickled her fancy."

"Mmm. I see what you mean."

The slight motion of Marcia on my cock was beginning to have an effect. I'd been erect for a long time after supper and talking about it even briefly now was stirring very pleasant memories.

"I'm going to cum soon," I said. "If I cum in you, will you climax?"

"I'm turned on, but not too close. I think I'm good if you don't start pumping into me."

"It won't be necessary except maybe a couple right as I cum."

"Then I should be good."

We started kissing and petting some more. I was thumbing one of Marcia's nipples while my other hand stroked her beautiful ass. Her sheath continued squeezing and flexing my shaft accompanied by minute motions up and down. Eventually, the inevitable arrived and I pumped hard and deep a couple times as I released and flooded her pretty pussy.

Marcia sighed in pleasure, milking the last of my cum. "I'm so glad you're saving some of your sperm for me, Master," Marcia purred. "I don't like watching others have all the fun."

"I try to make sure your needs are met, slave."

"I know, Master, but it's not the same. I love you, everyone else is just sex."

"Would you like to fuck Bill again?"

"I don't need to. If it happens and it's something we both want, I'll let it happen, but I'm good for now. I hesitate to keep making our life more complicated."

"Would you like to be fucked in public again, made to cum in front of others like the convention or the auction?"

"If I'm going to get a police job here, I won't be able to do any more in Los Angeles again. As long as we lived in Florida, it was okay; now it's not. My potential bosses will be here. All my public fucking will be restricted to the estate. Even Las Vegas is a risk now. Lot's of people in LA go to Vegas. Granted, the venue in Vegas was locked down pretty tight, but it might be chancy even so. What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas, no matter what the slogans say."

"Master Don and Brianna live here in LA and it doesn't seem to affect them."

"Whole different ball game, Master. Don's in movies, and Brianna sells erotic jewelry. They're not working in law enforcement. Can you imagine what could happen if I run across some Angeleno in Vegas and end up arresting them sometime in LA? Even Master Don himself. Not that he's ever likely to forget my one appearance there anyway. What if they threatened to expose me if I didn't let them walk? You know me, I'd arrest them anyway, but it would be the end of my career."

My cock gradually shrank and Marcia forced it out with another contraction of her cunt. She got off me to lick and suck me clean, coming up with a smile on her face. "That's better," she said. "Not so sticky."

"I can lick you clean, little slave."

"If you did, I might very well orgasm, Master. If you're serious about denying me, I'll use a baby wipe instead."

"Oh, I'm serious, slave."

"I believed you were when you threatened to cut me off for the rest of my slavery. It would be unbearable. I live for these days. You make me cum so much. I've only got another nine hours or so. I can survive, especially if I spend most of it sleeping."

She stood up, got a baby wipe and cleaned herself off. She came back and I slid over as far as I could and she snuggled against me.

"Good night, Master."

"Good night, my dear little slave."

I lay there with Marcia pressed close to me, wondering how in the world I ever got so lucky. Eventually I fell asleep with her breath soft on my cheek.

Sarah was the first of the twins to awaken, around 12:35, right on schedule. Marcia picked her up, started rocking her and gave her a nipple to suck on while I got the formula and milk mixture ready. I had it ready in five minutes and brought it to Marcia. Sarah was sucking like a demon for her milk and getting frustrated and fussy because she wasn't getting any. I put the bag around Marcia's neck and she transferred Sarah's mouth to the new nipple. Sarah settled down as soon as she started getting her food. Before Sarah was done, John woke up and started crying. I picked him up and whispered sweet nothings, setting him down and changing him quick while he was still half asleep. As soon as his diaper was changed, I put some more water on to heat, but I couldn't prepare the mixture one handed, so handed John to Marcia as well. She gave him a nipple too, to ease is disquiet and give me enough time to mix another batch.

Getting faster each time I did it, I soon had the second bag prepared and I put it around my neck. I went to get John and he was reluctant to give up the nipple he was sucking on, but once I gave him one with milk in it, he calmed right down. I sat in the other rocking chair and looked at Marcia and she looked at me and we both grinned so wide they could have seen it on the space station. It was actually quite relaxing sitting there rocking with baby's in our arms, so tiny and fragile. I loved the way their little hands curled and uncurled and their arms waved around. Sarah finally finished and Marcia changed her diaper, then put her down again.

She stood next to me and whispered, "They suck so hard. Much harder than you do."

I whispered back, "If I was doing it for nourishment instead of fun, I might be sucking harder too."

"I can see why some women complain it's painful. I'm glad Brianna gets a little break from it."

"It's nice to know I'm married to the most beautiful pacifier in the entire world."

She lightly slapped my arm, "Oh, you! You're a pig, Master."

"Oink, oink."

John finished and Marcia put him down, too. I got back in the easy chair. Despite my losing weight, I was still seventy pounds heavier than Marcia so I would always take the bottom. She climbed over me again, straddling me.

"Is it okay if I sleep lying down on you?"

"I would enjoy it immensely. Can you sleep straddling me?" I asked.

"Mmm, I'd love to try."

She nestled down on top of me and laid her head on my chest.

"Have I told you recently I love you?" I asked.

"Yes, Master, though I never tire of hearing it."

"Good. I love you."

"If you really loved me, you'd let me cum, Master."

"As your husband, I'd let you cum. As your Master, I must be made of sterner stuff. Just a few more hours, slave. I have every confidence you'll make it."

"Yes, Master. Good night."

Her legs were on either side of my thighs, her bare pussy was open and vulnerable from her spraddle legged position and rubbing against my cock. Her splendid ass was on my legs and my hands were holding her there. Does it tell you how tired I was I fell asleep anyway?

I was having the most wonderful dream. My cock was smothered in warm, wet flesh. The most insignificant of motions was tugging gently on my shaft while it was massaged softly by the tunnel encircling it. So incredibly good. My sleepy mind wanted me to start thrusting into that heavenly dampness, but something weighted down my legs, so I relaxed as much as I could and enjoyed the sensations as they were. So nice, I thought dreamily, so very nice. There was a moment, right on the edge of consciousness where I thought nothing should feel this good, and there was a brief flare of warmth and the sensation slowly died. Too bad, it felt great. I shifted a little under the weight pressing me down and drifted deeper into sleep.

One of the babies starting making noise around four and I woke up with Marcia still lying on top of me. There was no way I was getting out of the chair without waking her so I patted her bottom a couple times until she stirred, then moved her to the side so I could get up. My cock felt odd, like it was glued to my leg so I reached down and discovered my cock and pubic hair covered in dried cum. Shit! I hadn't had a wet dream since I was a teenager or early twenties at least.

I listened for the baby again and it was Sarah. I picked her up and started rocking her, soothing her with a low voice. First things first. I got one of the baby wipes and swabbed myself off as best I could with one hand. I walked over to the water heater and put more water in and turned it on. I emptied the tepid water from the pan so I could put the fresh in. Once again I was frustrated by my lack of hands and the need to use two for the bags. The next time I did this, I was going to pre-mix a couple bags of milk so I could reach into the mini-fridge and just grab one. I handed Sarah to Marcia and she let her gum a nipple again while whispering softly to her and I mixed up a bag. While it was heating, I mixed together another one for John when he woke up hungry. I brought the heated milk mixture to Marcia who directed Sarah to the true food source and she was soon sucking away, happy as a clam. At least I was learning. I sat down in one of the rockers and watched Marcia cooing to Sarah as she fed.

"You can probably wake John to feed, Master," Marcia whispered. "He'll be getting up fairly soon anyway, and we should probably try to keep them on the same schedule, otherwise we'll be feeding one of them every one to two hours."

"You're probably right. I'm just enjoying watching you with Sarah. You look so domestic. If the bad guys saw you now, they'd probably quit being afraid."

"Their mistake. They wouldn't make it twice."

"Hey, did I have a wet dream last night?" I asked quietly.

"What! You don't remember?" Marcia whispered.

"Remember what?" Me, confused.

"You fucking me about an hour or so ago."

"No way. I don't remember anything of the kind," I protested. "You're joking."

"I joke not. I was sound asleep when suddenly your cock is about half way up my pussy and waking me up. I settled myself on you and lazily rode you until you climaxed, then went back to sleep."

"Bullshit!" I exclaimed.

"Bullshit yourself," Marcia retorted. "If you don't believe me, feel my cunt. It's got dried cum all over it. I didn't bother cleaning up afterward; I just wanted to sleep."

"I thought it was a dream."

"You dreamt you were fucking me?"

"Not you specifically. Not anyone specifically. I dreamt my cock was in this warm, wet place and it felt so good. I remember wanting to thrust, but there was weight on my legs and I couldn't, but the dream finally ended."

"Well, the weight was me and your dream ended by you emptying your balls in my cunt."

"You fucked me in my sleep," I said. "I can't believe it."

"More like you fucked me in your sleep, buster. I didn't start it."

"Did you cum?"

"Oh, you're going to fuck me, and worry about whether I climaxed? No, I didn't cum. You told me I couldn't so I hardly moved. Even you didn't move much. You just got hard, stuck your dick in me and spewed your load. I more or less just accepted it."

"Maybe it was a wet dream, except another living person was on my cock."

"Well, the way I was sleeping on you would have been conducive to your prick going into my pussy if it got hard, but I can't imagine you weren't awake enough to realize you were fucking me. What an ego deflator. I could have been anyone and you would have fucked them."

"Only anyone who was sleeping naked on my crotch, which means it couldn't be just anyone."

We hadn't been talking loud. Loud whispers perhaps, but John started to fuss. Whether it was hunger waking him or us, I had no idea.

"John's awake," Marcia said. "Sarah's done. Put her to bed and give me John and I'll feed him."

"Does she need to be changed?"

"No. I checked and her diaper seems dry."

I collected Sarah, put her in her cradle to sleep, fetched John, gave him to Marcia, grabbed the empty bag and started more water. As soon as it was hot, I poured it in the pan and popped my pre-made dispenser in it. Three minutes, start to finish. I handed it to Marcia.

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