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WBDP - Caribbean Cruise


I apologize to avid readers of Literotica for the length of this submission. Sam and Marcia would not quit playing around. He keeps losing weight, the fun and games get longer. I wanted to break it up into seven sections for your reading ease, but that violates the submission guidelines for the Summer Lovin contest into which I wish to submit it. Easier for me to submit, harder for you to read. It will be classified in Novels/Novellas but for those who have particular tastes and don't want to be offended by such, it will contain bondage/discipline, wife sharing, non-consent/reluctance, oral, anal, group, interracial, lesbian and normal sex. I find it also contains romance and humor, but that's me. Judge for yourself. If you like it, I appreciate the votes. If any of the above topics offends you, don't read it, then vote it down because it contained stuff you don't like. I warned you ahead of time. I believe this will be the last of Sam's and Marcia's adventures for the foreseeable future. I might drop in from time to time to see how they're doing, but not with any regularity. I deeply appreciate the fans of this series for your kind comments.

Good News

Marcia requested leave for the trip, the next day. Most of her time off since Christmas taken as Comp time awarded for working holidays. She used her personal day on her birthday. Running out of Comp hours, this time off required vacation hours. That posed no problem as she had eight weeks of leave built up. Fortunately, tourist season ended in late April, the snow birds departed, and her Department encouraged vacations before everything started up again in October. Her supervisor granted leave once he learned it was for a cruise won at a charity auction for the homeless. We neglected to say it was the homeless in Los Angeles, but it was inconsequential information. The cruise was seven days and nights long and we wanted a day for travel ahead of the trip, and two days after, one for travel and one to decompress.

It sounded funny, thinking we needed a day to decompress after a vacation, but we sailed uncharted waters again. A mutual vacation with Brianna which could set a tone for future family vacations if we had a child together. Sailing, which neither of us experienced before; and two unknown couples on a small ship in close quarters. Not to mention Brianna might still need some canoodling to get pregnant.

The four of us were comfortable with nudity and public sex; I'm sure the crew was too, given the Captain and First Mate, but who knew about the others on board. I didn't care as I expected none of us to know each other. If they shocked easily, I didn't give a damn because they'd be strangers and we'd never see them again. Like Marcia's exhibitionism in Las Vegas or Los Angeles; no one we knew would ever find out. It had no impact on our life.

A couple days after we got home, Brianna sent us links to the LA Times and Variety newspapers, both of which talked about the success of the 'Go Nude for the Homeless' Auction in raising money. Both noted the mysterious model who presented Brianna's jewelry. Brianna said she received inquiries about the model from film producers and model agencies, but informed them all the model wished to remain anonymous. She participated for charity and wasn't looking for a career in either modeling or film.

"I told you, Marcia. You're a sexy slut and the Glitterati all think you're fabulous," I said when we talked that evening. "You could make a career out of it should you want to."

"I can't believe it. This is ridiculous."

"Maybe now you'll listen when I say you're gorgeous and desirable and I'm lucky to have you."

"I'm the one who considers myself lucky."

"Then it's mutual. I must ensure you're satisfied with me or I may lose you to someone else."

"You'll never lose me, Sam; not in a million years. I want to grow old with you."

"What if I become an insufferable prick; mean, cruel, callous, and nasty? Or a bitter old man?" I asked. "Would I lose you then? Or if I got fat again? Would that do it?"

She laughed at me.

"Okay, maybe if you got fat again. I might have to think about it. Do you have any plans to get fat again?"

"Nope. I love the benefits; all the benefits. Could you imagine doing all we did if I was still fat and overweight? I would suffer a heart attack the second day and never met Emily and Bella. Speaking of whom, they provided their contact information to Brianna in case we wanted to reach them. Brianna said Emily hinted she and Bella discussed exploring her submissive tendencies together."

"Do you want to get in touch with them, Sam?"

"Maybe if we went back to LA sometime. It was a magnificent experience and a dream come true, but I don't expect once in a lifetime experiences more than that. I leave it for you to decide if we ever open that door again."

"I thought you would leap at the chance to have sex with them again."

"Have you forgotten the start of this conversation. I'm married to the sexiest woman alive; a well trained sex slave working hard to please her Master."

"My God, Sammy! It's Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid! Emily and Bella, together again! Another fucking orgy! I can't believe your blasé attitude."

"Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt."

She slapped me on the shoulder; okay, more like a punch.

"Emily and Bella. Don't bullshit me."

"I'm not, really. I'm not saying I'd turn down an opportunity if it arises again, say if we go back to LA, but I need not search for it. I have three others on my free pass list, although I'm thinking I should readjust again. Take off all the married or engaged ones. If lightning struck once, it might strike again. You should do the same. There's this Russian model, Anastasiya Scheglova, who could go on my list instead of Jessica Alba, or Rosie Huntington. From what I can tell, she's not married or involved, but it's hard to tell. Most of her information is in Russian."

"Maybe I should contact Bella? She said she might come up with some single guys for me."

"If it's what you want to do, that's fine with me. I'm just saying, I have no pressing need to reengage with Emily or Bella."

"I don't know if I can ever take Tommy off my list, married or not. It wouldn't be a free pass list without him."

"That's who I really need to worry about, isn't it?"

"I gave you fair warning, Sam. Even before we invented a free pass list, I told you I was gone if Tom Selleck ever knocked on my door."

"Yes you did. While we were still dating, as I recall. So how's work been going?"

"Catching up. Some of the women in the locker room commented on my all over tan. Wondered where I went and how I could tan naked. Wondered if I'd been frequenting nudist colonies."

"What did you tell them?"

"The truth. I stayed on a large private estate with lots of privacy from prying eyes."

"I guess it's the truth, if you don't include my prying eyes."

"Since you mentioned getting fat, isn't it about time for your weigh in. You didn't exercise at all in LA and I'm guessing you put on a couple pounds."

"I don't know. My clothes don't feel tighter. But in either case, I'm planning on getting down to 205 before we go on vacation because I want your sexual submission for five days on the cruise."

"Well, Sam, let's see what you have to lose. Get up on the scales now."

I stood there for a second and she told me to get off. She checked the calibration and told me to get back on.

"Fuck," she said. "I don't believe it. You're at 204 right now. How the hell did that happen?"

"I call it the 'Fuck my Way to Weight Loss' diet plan. I think it'll be a best seller. All you need is four or more naked women looking to suck every drop of sperm from your body for five days, boinking like rabbits. Works great doesn't it?"

"No, you've got to be shitting me. You lost weight by fucking?"

"I burned a lot of energy, sweetie. I was dragging at the end of every day. We ate good food. Brianna served lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, smaller helpings. Breakfast was the biggest meal of the day and I went all day long. I'm not surprised. Don't worry. I'll make sure you enjoy your five days of slavery."

"I have to sweat my ass off in the gym to look good and you're losing weight by fucking beautiful women. It's unfair."

"Did you gain any weight in LA?" I asked.

She stepped on the scales.

"I lost a pound. Amazing. It even worked for me," she said.

"You came about four times more than I did. Even if it was just lying down and spreading your legs for Brianna or Monique."

She laughed. "You asshole. Don't give me any shit about that. It takes no more energy to get a blow job."

"At least I'm standing half the time."

"Did Brianna say anything more in her email?"

"She said they're still working on your jewelry and she'd let us know when it's done. I can't wait to see you in it. Seems to me, we should take it on our trip. We go into any restaurant and they might feed us for free. That reminds me. She needs to know your leave got approved and the dates good."

"You say the sweetest things. I looked hot in that stuff didn't I? Brianna showed me the pictures and I wanted to fuck me."

"Accept it. I keep saying, just accept it."

"Do you think she'll bring Monique on the trip?"

"It's the most likely choice, but she hasn't revealed yet."

"Would you like to play before we go to sleep?"

"Don't I always."

"I think you should practice your cunt licking skills. You're good, but Brianna and Monique both have you beat, and I think my husband should be the best at all things."

"Well it's up to you to give me guidance. It's not like I have a lot of pussies to practice on normally."

"You could start by shaving real close. I want to feel nothing but lips and tongue, no whiskers. If I have to keep my cunt smooth, there's no reason your face can't be as smooth."

"It grows faster."

"Shave twice a day. You at least get to look in the mirror. I'm working by touch when I shave."

"I'm happy to shave you by touch," I said, smiling.

"I don't think there'd be much shaving if there was touching."

"You're probably right."

She pulled down the covers and spread her legs, wide.

"I'll be waiting, right here," patting the bed in front of her. "Hurry."

I hurried so much I nicked myself twice, but it was worth it.


I called George the next day and told him we were one of the couples going on the August cruise and he crowed with happiness.

"The brochure indicated the details were to be worked out with the Captain, so where do we get on the boat and where will we be sailing to?" I asked.

"A lot depends on the weather, it's hurricane season and we want to avoid any tropical storms, but I prefer cruising the former French and Dutch islands if possible."

"Why's that?" I wondered.

"They're more tolerant of nudity and you're unlikely to get arrested if you walk around 'au naturale'. I'm hoping to start in Martinique, pop up to Guadeloupe, Antigua, Saint-Barthélemy; which you probably know as St. Barths, Sint Maarten and Saint-Martin, returning home from there. They all accept the Euro as currency except Antigua which takes the Eastern Caribbean Dollar."

"Saint-Martin and Sint Maarten? Is that the same thing pronounced differently?"

"It's the same island, divided in two, northern part is French, Saint-Martin, southern side is Dutch, Sint Maarten. Both sides have a different flavor and atmosphere so I like to stop on both sides. I like input from the passengers before we start, but weather plays a part in the decision. I'll know more a week before the trip when we see what's brewing in the Atlantic. We may end up farther South; Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire. A small sailing vessel limits what we do in a big blow. Don't want to get caught out in the ocean in a significant storm. Small squalls are all right."

"I see Dina is the First Mate?"

"Aye, she is, and a top notch sailor. If anything happened to me, she'd get you home safe and sound with a map and compass. She's that good."

"Is she still as exquisite as she was in Vegas?"

"Better, mate. Four or five months of crewing a ship takes the fat off her and tightens the lines. We get lax in the winter. Don't make plane reservations yet. Make sure your passport is up to date and I'll call you about a 7-10 days before we sail and I'll have a clearer picture of the trip. By the way; are you sharing that sweet little slave of yours yet?"

Okay, that was a tricky question. To be honest, I'd now shared her with Morris and four exquisite women since Las Vegas, but I wasn't ready to open the flood gates either. Morris was a special exception and women threatened me less than men. On the other hand... Was there another hand? If Marcia replaced her married celebrities with singles and enlisted the help of Bella to meet them; I might share her more than I believed possible. Circumstances changed faster than I expected. George deserved an answer.

"Not really. Not how you mean, anyway. Things change all the time, so you never know."

"Please keep me in mind if things ever change. She is one amazing woman."

"I will, George. I'll keep you in mind and I couldn't agree with you more about the amazing part."

He called a week before our sail date and gave us the good news. There was a hurricane in the Atlantic, but it aimed more towards Bermuda and another Tropical Storm gaining strength in the Gulf, but that headed stateside. He said there was something brewing off the coast of Africa, but our trip would be over before that one influenced anything.

"Book your flight to Martinique. Don't book your return flight yet. Don't know yet where the trip will end up. I'm really looking forward to this trip; more so than most."


Later the same day, I got a call from Brianna.

"Hello, Brianna. What can I do for you, this fine morning?"

I love caller ID.

"Hi, Sam. Wanted to let you know the jewelry's done. Instead of shipping it, I hoped to fly East myself and deliver it personally. We could spend a few days together, then fly as a group to Martinique. Would that be okay with you?"

"Sure. I have to warn you mi casa is not as fabulous as su casa. It's a much tighter squeeze. Who are you bringing with you on the trip? I wanted to say something to Monique while saying goodbye at the airport, but realized it might be impertinent to decide who you're taking."

"Monique will be coming. That's something else I needed to mention. I'm bringing along another slave, Chantelle. She's a native of Guadeloupe and she wanted an opportunity to go home and see her family. I decided to add her."

I laughed. "That's the Brianna we all know and love. Can't leave the harem behind. It will really be crowded with one more. I have a double bed in the spare bedroom. We have a pull out couch in the living room, so she could sleep on that. Did you purchase one of the other cabins for her or are you all going to crowd in your cabin?"

"The other cabins are full, but George offered to take her on as crew for this trip. Due to her growing up on the islands, she's an excellent sailor. In fact, her father is a fisherman. She used to help him when not in school. Plus she's a damn good cook, specializing in the local Caribbean dishes. George said she could sleep in the crew quarters, although I'm sure she'll spend time with Monique and I."

"I'm sure she will. What date and time are you arriving. I'll pick you up at the airport."

"You don't have to do that. We can take a taxi."

"Nonsense. I live fifteen minutes away from the airport. I'll pick you up."

"Thanks. I haven't made reservations yet because I wanted to confirm it was okay with you first. The ship departs on August 13. I booked a suite on Martinique for the night of the 12th. We'd like to fly in on the 9th, arriving on Southwest at 3:55 PM. Would that work for you?"

"You've already got rooms in Martinique? Great. We were planning to go the day before too, so we weren't rushed getting there. Thanks, what do I owe you for the room?"

"You don't owe me anything. I owe you the world. Don't worry, but don't you need to check with Marcia first about this? I don't want to invade your home without her approval."

"Nonsense, you're family. She'll be thrilled."

"Are you sure?"

"As sure as death and taxes."

"Thank you, Sam. Please extend our thanks to Marcia and let me know if she has any problems. We can change our plans."

"Thank you, Brianna. We appreciate your generosity."

"We won't have much luggage. Don't expect to wear much in the way of clothes on the cruise. The largest piece of luggage holds Marcia's breast piece and girdle."

"Excellent! Marcia and I wanted to take it on the trip. We don't even need to unpack it."

"For a proper fitting, we have to remove it, but we can pack it up again."

"Sweet. I'll be waiting in the cell phone lot when you arrive. Just call when you land and I'll swing by arrivals and pick you up."

That night, I told Marcia about Brianna's desire to come early and I'd given approval for them to come the 9th. As expected, Marcia loved the idea.

"It will be like our vacation starts early. Our home will be a huge step down in luxury for her. I hope they aren't disappointed."

"I told her it was small. She said she didn't care."

"Is Monique coming as we expected."

"Both Monique and another one from her harem; Chantelle, she said. Chantelle is a native islander and wished to see her family. She hasn't seen them for a couple years. She will help crew the boat. George already approved it."

"Going to be crowded in that double bed."

"I don't think they mind sleeping close together. I told Brianna we could pull out the sofa bed for some extra room. She rented a suite for all of us in Martinique the night of the 12th. Wouldn't let me pay for any of it. Our flight out is 1:15."

"That was generous."

"What are you working the 9th, 10th, and 11th?" I asked.

"Four to Midnight all three days. At least we'll be able to work on my base tan before heading to the tropics. Afternoon thunderstorms won't mess that up. What time do they arrive?"

"3:55 PM."

"Too bad, I'll be at work, but I wouldn't fit in the car anyway if she's bringing two. I'm so excited thinking about it. You need to practice more. The competition's coming early." She pulled back the covers and drew my head towards her moist sex. "I've noticed improvement, but you can't slack off now."

I allowed myself to move closer to that fragrant flower I loved so well.

"Aaaahhhh, that's good, baby. Keep doing that."

So I did.


"Our plane has landed, Sam. How far away are you?"

"Couple minutes. I'll give it about ten minutes so you can pick up any luggage and swing by."

"We only have one check through, and three carry-ons."

"Great, I'll see you in a few."

I was waiting, standing outside the car, when they came from baggage claim. Monique wheeled a large bag while a lovely black woman behind her handled both carry-ons. Chantelle was gorgeous, taller than Marcia, lovely breasts almost spilling from her top, narrow hips, and runners legs. She was like coffee with a smidgeon of cream and you could sink forever into the depths of her piercing brown eyes. She had a conservative afro that surrounded her face like a halo.

"Brianna," I said, "Monique, and you must be Chantelle," giving them each a quick hug. "Let me put your bags in the car."

"Sam. It's so good to see you again," Brianna whispered in my ear as we hugged.

"It's so nice to see you, Sam," Monique said squeezing me back.

"Monsieur Sam," Chantelle, her voice almost a purr, "I've heard nothing but good things about you." Her voice carried the unmistakable lilt of the islands, but something else, maybe French behind it.

While stowing their luggage, I said, "Chantelle, Brianna informs me you're from the islands and you're having the opportunity to visit home."

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