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WBDP - Going Nude for Homeless


Once again, I had difficulty selecting a category for this tale. It has elements from a lot of different things, anal, BDSM, celebrities, group sex, lesbian sex, extra-marital sex, exhibitionism, even romance and maybe a soupçon of non-consent/reluctance. I have decided, finally, to go with Novella as it was longer than originally intended. This is not the story that I originally started on; the last couple sections effectively wrote themselves. As to the celebrity part, no celebrities were harmed in the making of this story; this is all merely a figment of my fervid imagination. If you are at all bothered or offended by any of the things contained in this story, don't read it. I don't care if you don't like some things, just don't whine about it after you read it after since I am plainly telling you what is contained herein. Thank you and enjoy.


Chapter 1 - An Offer

Three days after Marcia's Birthday, I received another call from Brianna.

"Hi there, Sam. I'm calling to find out how your adventure on the wild side went?"

"Hey, Brianna, it's good to hear from you."

"So, I'm crazy for the details. You gotta give, buddy. How did the thing go with Marcia and Morris?"

"Great! Better than I expected, really. Better than I had any reason to expect. You were right, by the way."

"Right about what?"

"That a woman knows right away if another man is plowing her field. Actually, it didn't even take that long. He has these big hands, you know. As soon as he grabbed her breasts, she knew. That, plus a couple other clues."

"I hope that it wasn't a big shock to her," she said.

"No. I did tell her that something good was going to happen and she agreed that she would go along with it until she didn't. The fact that it was Morris ended up being perfect. They really needed the chance to say goodbye," I said.

"Sam, did you give them time alone together?"

"Most of Sunday, her birthday," I answered.

"You told me a little of why you did not want to share Marcia. Were you okay with that?"

"Surprisingly, I was. I should have been a wreck. I would be if it was anyone else, or other circumstances, but it was a gift that I gave to her and to him. A gift. Maybe it's like the submissive ultimately having all the control in a Dominant/submissive relationship. I felt like I had all the control. It was my decision, no one else's. I didn't even give Marcia that much of a choice. I didn't tell her beforehand who it was or when it would happen. She agreed to something different that I was going to do for her and I had all the say in what that was. They both would have stopped if I wanted them to. Somehow, that made it okay for me."

"Did you all enjoy yourselves?" Brianna asked.

"I certainly did. If anything, Marcia and Morris may have enjoyed it more," I replied.

"It was a big step you all took. I was surprised you took it. Your relationship is very important to you both. You took a very huge risk."

I laughed. "Yes, I did. We did. But with big risks come big rewards. If anything, I feel closer to Marcia now than I ever have before and she says she loves me more than she could have believed possible. She knows what I had to overcome to let her say goodbye to Morris and appreciates me that much more."

"I'm happy to hear that, Sam. For some reason, I feel very close to you both. There was a second reason I called."

"What's that, Brianna."

"Do you know what July 14 is?" She asked.

"I don't know. Ten days after Independence Day?"

"Well, I suppose that's true," she chuckled, "but it has significance in and of itself."

"If it does, I've never heard about it."

"It's National Nude Day."

"They have a National Nude Day? Why the hell didn't I know that? Why haven't I seen a bunch of naked people running around? I would have loved that when I was younger - oh shit, when I was going to college! That would have been perfect!"

"It's been around for quite a few years. Not surprised you haven't heard about it in your neck of the woods. At any rate, here in our neck of the woods, it gets some attention. We have a huge celebrity auction out here to raise money for the homeless. I will be donating a hundred thousand dollars worth of my jewelry for the auction and I would like Marcia to model it."

"And because it's National Nude Day, she would be doing this....?"


"More details please."

"I'd like to fly you and Marcia out for five days as my guest. You would stay with me at my estate in the Los Angeles area and on the day of the auction, we'll go by limousine to The Novo, an event center in downtown Los Angeles. There will be music, food by Wolfgang Puck, celebrities galore, all bidding on various items in support of the homeless. Marcia would be used to display items on three occasions during the auction. Once walking about, mingling with the guests, showing one set of jewelry, once hanging from her hands and spread showing a second collection, once hanging upside down and spread, showing the third. She is so lovely and I'm sure she would greatly enhance the returns for the auction. I can send you more details if you like via email."

"Please do. I would have to know more before I approach Marcia, but I will admit that I'm intrigued. Celebrities, huh?"

"Lot's of them. Mostly music and film, but probably a few sports stars and models as well, especially where there's crossover into films, like Cara Delevingne."

I was silent for awhile and Brianna probably started to wonder if we'd been disconnected.



"I thought our call was dropped; you weren't saying anything."

"Are you familiar with the concept of a Free Pass list or Hall Pass list? Different people call it different things, but it's essentially the same thing."

"The list of people that you or your spouse can fuck without repercussions?" She guessed.

"Yeah, that list."

"Sure, I'm familiar with the concept."

"A lot of the people on Marcia's and my lists are movie stars. I probably have more models on mine, but hers is almost exclusively movie stars. I was wondering if she would have the opportunity to cross any of them off her list."

"You would give her permission to have sex with them?" Brianna asked.

"That's kind of the purpose of the list; you don't have to ask permission. For most people, she and I would never have the opportunity. How many times am I going to have contact with celebrities? I mean, even if I met Giselle Bundchen, it's not like she's going fuck up her marriage to Tom Brady to have sex with a schlub like me."

"You don't give yourself enough credit, Sam."

"What do you mean? I'm a pretty ordinary guy, not even handsome, really; at least not movie star handsome, although I'm no dog by any means. No one like Jessica Alba or Emilie Payet is going to care about having sex with me."

"I'd have sex with you in a heartbeat."

"You? I thought you were into women."

"Mostly. I do make the occasional exception for the right man."

"So what about me attracts you?" I inquired.

"You have an air of confidence and command around you. You're certainly man enough for your slave. You're confident enough about yourself that you could give your wife permission to fuck another man."

"That was a special circumstance. He was dying. It's not like I could lose her to him."

"Still. She loves you and has enough confidence and trust in you to open herself to these new experiences. I would say that you must be the kind of person that she can really trust. That's a very attractive trait. Plus, I've seen the way you command her. You're a take charge person. I would respect and like a man who had the will and ability to take charge of me like that. Normally, I'm a dominant, but I'd be a sub for the right dom."

"You've only ever seen me when I'm playing D/s games. That's not me under normal circumstances."

"You can't be the way I've seen you if it's not in you. Modern society doesn't really accept the dominant male who orders women around and makes them submit, so most men sublimate their caveman to fit in. Even more so, the dominant woman, but matriarchal societies were almost as common as patriarchal in early civilizations. Dominant women still exist, but they're denigrated as ball busters or bitches. However, it's still in most males and definitely in you; very close to the surface. You're not really taking up a different persona when you dominate Marcia. It's who you really are. You can't play the role that well if it's not who you are. Your persona the rest of the time is the one that society has forced you into. Of course, I'm not suggesting that men should make all women submit to them. Men can't go around raping women; that's not what I'm saying. But I think that a man should be able to turn his mate into his sex slave if it's in their respective natures. There has to be love and trust there; and if there is, it's magical."

"Interesting idea, but if I was a real master, how could my first wife have fucked me up so bad? She treated me like a wimp and made a cuckold out of me. Multiple times. That doesn't sound like a true dominant to me."

"Maybe she was a submissive looking for a dominant. You weren't giving her what she wanted because you had sublimated your master tendencies so much. Perhaps, she was waiting for you to take charge of her and turn her into the sex slave she wanted to be. What was her father like?"

"He was definitely in charge of her family. His word was law. She always said that she hated the way that he was," I said.

"Hating it. Maybe," she agreed. "But women can be as confused about their societal roles as men are. Maybe she really wanted you to turn into her father and take charge. Look, I'm not a shrink. I've never met your first wife and don't know what might have been running through her head. And I would agree that maybe you wouldn't have let your dominant side out until Marcia gave you permission. But she did give you permission and it's out now. Even when you're not in your role playing game weekends or whatever, I'd be willing to bet that you're a more dominant person than you were. She may not have to call you Master, but I'll bet you're still calling most of the shots?"

There was a question at the end, so I thought about it.

I really did control our sex now. It was a more limited scope when we weren't doing the games; no whips, paddles, kneeling, suspension, or bondage - but I was definitely in charge. She was submitting to what, where, when, and how sex occurred; even allowing spankings to still occur. I initiated it almost 100% of the time, what I wanted, not what she might want at the time. Of course, I made sure that she was satisfied. If I wasn't fucking her so frequently, she might be more demanding to have her needs met, but I was fulfilling those needs right now and she didn't have to.

"Yes, I'd say that you were right. I'm unquestionably more dominant now."

"Marcia's job doesn't let her be what she wants to be. She can't be a submissive and do her job, but you've given her an outlet for her submissive tendencies. You've made it easier for her to be in charge on the job, because she can get what she wants and needs at home. And I would also be willing to wager that you were free to share Marcia because you now have that dominant position in your relationship. Granted, Morris was dying, but you said you weren't bothered that much by it. Were you even jealous at all?" Brianna asked.

"Very little. Much less than I expected. I told you that I thought it was because I was in control," I replied.

"Yes, she was fucking another person because you're the dominant in your relationship and you were granting her your permission to fuck Morris. She wasn't in charge; you were in charge. It would not happen without your consent. Her sole control was that of NO. That gave you the power, not her," she said. "I recognize the dominant in you and would willingly submit to him. Of course, I still want to dominate and fuck your slave. I haven't totally gone over to the dark side."

I laughed. What a mixture of contradictions Brianna was.

"But what about you?" I asked. "How many women do you dominate?"

"Twelve total at present; the total number fluctuates from time to time, but I'm not dominating random women any more than you are. I love each of them and they love and trust me. I'm very successful and I can afford to support a large number of people. Just like normal couples, some of my relationships end in 'divorce'. I no longer meet their needs or they no longer meet mine. They are released from my service and can choose a relationship that does meet their needs. Some of them have left me for other Mistresses. A couple have sought a Master. Others wanted a more traditional relationship at certain times of their lives, whether heterosexual or lesbian. We all have to find others who satisfy our needs."

"I can't imagine trying to satisfy twelve women," I said.

"No man could, and to be honest, it would be hard for me to satisfy all twelve of them with any regularity. They are allowed to develop their own relationships between them. I only insist that I come first in any situation where there is conflict between what I want and what any of their other partners want."

"You've given me a lot to think about. Send me your info and I'll discuss it with Marcia."

"I have one other favor to ask of you."

"What's that?" I asked.

"I'd like Marcia's email address. I'd like to try to help you to convince her to come if you agreed to come to LA."

"I'll send it to you if I decide that it's something I want to do," I said. "I'm not sure yet. I'm still thinking about the Free Pass list and what that might mean. Just because I allowed her to fuck Morris, doesn't mean I'm quite ready to let that whole thing go any further. At least, not yet."

"Of course, I understand. I really do hope that you'll come. Thank you, Sam."

About fifteen minutes later, I got a load of information in an email from Brianna. It had information about National Nude Day, the Go Nude for the Homeless Auction, and The Novo, the event center where the auction would be held. She sent me news articles of past auctions including past participants. She even sent me pictures of her estate. It was fabulous. The last two auctions had been attended by only one of the people on Marcia's Free Pass List, Jason Statham.

I Googled the two and found that Jason Statham has dated model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley since 2010 and they announced their engagement in 2016. I found it unlikely that he would endanger a relationship with the beautiful Ms. Huntington-Whiteley for even someone as lovely as my little slave. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was on my Free Pass list, so I guess both Marcia and I were safe from that particular little problem.

Jim Caviezel had never attended. He was a strong Christian, married for 21 years with three children. Not a problem there.

Tom Selleck had been on Marcia's Free Pass list as long as I'd known her. Even as old as he was now. He was still there. One of the things that she appreciated about him was his honesty, integrity and familial devotion. He's been married to the same woman since 1987. There's never been a hint of scandal attached to his name. Plus, he hasn't attended the Go Nude for the Homeless auctions in the past. That was probably safe.

That left Jean-Claude van Damme on her list. He'd been married multiple times and had admitted to affairs. In actuality, I'm surprised that he was still on her list due to his shady personal life, but he's not that big in the US press, so she probably didn't know about that. She'd dropped Brad Pitt from her list because of his messy personal life. She hadn't replaced him yet so she only had four on the list currently. Jean-Claude didn't attend the auctions either. He was Belgian and mostly stayed in Europe.

Well, if I didn't have to worry about a Free Pass issue, I suppose I had no legitimate reason not to ask Marcia if she would like to attend. It would still be her decision to go, but I thought it would be fun to attend if I could convince her to go. I sent Brianna Marcia's email address. What the hell; let her make her case to Marcia as well. I also sent some other instructions. I thought there was another piece of jewelry she might be able to make for my little slave.

That evening after Marcia got home, we went to the gym to exercise together as we usually did. Marcia was unusually quiet and her head seemed to be in a much different place than the gym. She was lax in providing encouragement as I was lifting weights and pushing me to get that last rep in. Same thing when we got home and hit the shower. She almost didn't notice me soaping her down and when she washed me off, she absently kept rubbing my chest and stomach without even getting down to my cock, which would have greatly enjoyed a little attention. She had this faraway look in her eye like she was somewhere else.

"Marcia!" I said, sharply.

"What, honey?" Her eyes drifted back into focus.

"What's up? Where's your head at? You seem to be in another time zone. Are you thinking about Morris?"

She smiled and gave me a big kiss. "I'm sorry. No, I'm not thinking about Morris. I've just got something on my mind. Something pretty serious, that's all."

"Something about work?" I asked.

"No; nothing like that. Let's just say that it's a personal issue. Something that I'm going to have to work through on my own."

"You know you can talk to me about it, don't you? I'd be happy to be your sounding board."

"I can't talk about this, no. Like I said; I have to work it out for myself."

"I haven't done anything wrong, have I? Anything to hurt you? Our relationship isn't in trouble, is it?"

She brought her hand up and ran it slowly down my cheek, caressing me with her fingers, her eyes filled with love for me and the same hint of a smile that was on her lips. "You haven't done anything wrong. I couldn't be any happier than I am now. At least, I can't picture how my heart can hold any more love than it holds now. This has nothing to do with our relationship."

"But you can't talk about it with me?"

"Not right now. Eventually, I'll have to talk to you about it; but the time isn't now."

"Okay, but could you at least pull yourself into the here and now."

"Sure. What do you need?"

I pointed to my prick, which was sorely in need of attention. She laughed, and soaping her hands on my well lathered chest and abdomen, finished washing the sweaty parts, then shoved me under the spray to rinse me off. When I was squeaky clean, she knelt down and pulled Mr. Happy into her mouth. Hey, I'm not the one who named my cock that. Marcia started calling it Mr. Happy because she said 'it always seems so happy to see me.' Well, that part was true. It was always happy to see her, especially when she was naked like she was now. After making sure she had to proper tool to work with, she haphazardly dried us off, grabbed me by the cock and balls and led me to our bed.

Our lovemaking was languid and prolonged that night. No rushed pumping, no hurried orgasms, no panting breaths; merely a leisurely envelopment of my cock in her liquid heat, a slow ride home for the both of us, until I felt her sheath contracting on my cock and I heard her whisper in my ear, "Cum now! Pump me full of your seed!" I could take orders as well as the next man and my prick pulsed, draining my cream into her core.

Okay. I don't know what she was in such a dither about, but it obviously wasn't something that I needed to be concerned about. That was positively delightful and not the passion of someone concerned about our relationship. I decided to open the post-coital conversation with Brianna's request to come to Los Angeles.

"I got a call from Brianna today about coming to LA around mid-July," I said.

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