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WCW - Kimberly Does The Bad Guy


Kimberly Page walks through the halls of the arena where WCW is holding it's latest PPV on her way to private locker room, located in the on the other side of the area where the New World Order has their locker rooms, catering area, and conference room. Dressed in a black leather mini skirt and a black WCW t-shirt, she walks right by the open locker room door belonging to Scott Hall. Scott sees Kimberly and smirks.

"Damn is she sexy... nice big tits...mmmm... I really need to get of piece of her ass..." Scott says to himself. "Although her pussy is probably all beat up from fucking Hogan and Savage... she needs to walk on the outside with the bad guy..." Scott leaves his locker room and jogs a bit to catch up to Kimberly.

"Hey Kim!"

Kimberly stops and turns to see who called her name, "Oh hello Scott... I didn't see you back there."

"Oh I was in my locker room," Scott smirks.

Kimberly nods and smiles, "Oh I see... is there anything I can do for you..."

Scott laughs, "Well... I was wondering if you wanted to hang for a while, since all of us N.W.O. guys are bared from interfering in any matches tonight by the suits of WCW..."

Kimberly shrugs, "Sure... I don't see why not..." Kimberly smiles a little before she turns to walk to her locker room with Scott right behind her. When they enter, they both sit down on the pink couch located inside. Kimberly sighs and Scott notices it easily.

"Something bothering ya Kim?"

"Yes... it's Dallas... he's... he's not quite getting the job done..."

"Oh... you mean he's coming up short in the sack?" Scott asks.

"Yes basically... and marriage is... become less than stellar because of it..."

"Damn, sorry to hear that, although it is kinda funny..."

Kimberly laughs, "Yeah... it is... but he is older than me... guess he's hit the wall..."

Scott laughs a bit, "Hey... I gotta know... are those tits of yours real?"

Kimberly raises an eyebrow, "Of course they are real... what type of question is that?"

"Well... with the things going on in the world today... and chicks getting her knockers pumped up, I want to know."

"Ok... then... you can have a feel..." Kimberly says. Scott smirks and reaches with both hands and presses his palms on her big tits. He starts squeezing them through her shirt and bra. Kimberly starts to moan slightly as she enjoys the feel of his hands on her tits.

"You know... it's hard to get a good feel with that bra on..." Scott says.

"Of course... hold on..." Kimberly reaches under her shirt and unclips her bra straps. Scott licks his lips as he knows he's getting closer and closer to seeing her beautiful breasts. Kimberly pulls the bra out from under her shirt and tosses it to the floor. Her big white breasts don't have any sag to them, and every movement she makes causes them to sway back and forth under her shirt. Scott feels his cock getting hard in his jeans and he can see Kimberly's nipples poking through the material. Kimberly then giggles a bit, "Didn't you want to touch them?"

"Oh yeah..." Scott laughs. He reaches up and gropes Kimberly's chest, cupping her large orbs by the bottom and squeezing them. Kimberly starts moaning non-stop as a result of Scott's skilled hands.

"Ohhh Scott... you have... great hands..." Kimberly moans.

"Thanks..." Scott replies as he continues to toy with Kimberly's huge breasts. "These things feel fucking great."

Kimberly giggles slightly, "Thank you." She then looks down and sees the huge bulge in Scott's jeans. "And it looks like I'm not the only one packing something large." As Scott bounces Kimberly's delicious breasts with his palms, Kimberly reaches down and starts squeezing Scott's crotch. She then starts unzipping his jeans and his big cock springs out like a jack-in-the-box. "Good lord..." She says with a stunned look of Scott's large cock.

Scott laughs a bit, "I should have told ya... I don't wear underwear...." Kimberly nods her head and grips Scott's thick meat by the base and starts moving her hands up and down. "Ohhhh fuck... god that feels so good..." Scott moans as he lets go of Kimberly's big tits.

Kimberly looks up at his face and smiles, "Would you like some head?"

"Fuck yeah I would!" Scott says with a wild smile. Kimberly nods and lowers her head down between Scott's legs as his thick cock throbs in anticipation for Kimberly's wet tongue. Kimberly starts licking the edges of Scott's cock before taking the tip into her mouth. She lashes her tongue against the head of his cock, licking every centimeter of it and even flicking her tongue against the piss-hole. Scott relaxes a bit and leans back on the couch as he closes his eyes, completely enjoying the lovely brunette sucking his cock. "Ohhh fuck... you're so damn good..."

Kimberly replies my slowly mover her mouth down his throbbing cock, moaning a bit as she tastes every inch of it. The hairs of Scott's crotch brushes against Kimberly's nose as she hums on his dick, sending waves of pleasure through Scott's body. "Ohhhh god... fuck..." Scott moans as he starts running his fingers through her brown hair. Kimberly moves herself down to the floor without taking her mouth off of Scott's dick. Kimberly has Scott life his legs onto her shoulders as she presses her mouth down hard against his dick, swallowing every inch of it. With her face buried down on his cock, her bottom lip presses against his heavy balls, and soon she starts gagging, resulting in saliva pouring out of her mouth. Kimberly soon lifts her head off of Scott's slobber covered cock and resumes stroking it with her hands.

"Oh god... you're so big... it'll feel great in my pussy when you stuff it..." Kimberly says.

"Yeah... but first... I wanna fuck your face..." Scott replies with a grin. He stands up and grips the back of Kimberly's head and thrusts his cock down into her throat. As he invades her mouth with his dick, Scott looks down to watch the gagging expression she makes. Scott then speeds up his thrusts and his balls start banging against her chin rapidly. Kimberly reaches around and grabs Scott's ass cheeks and pulls herself forward, forcing herself to take all of his cock. When she starts sucking down on the base of his dick, Scott holds her head down to keep her head buried on his crotch. Kimberly stays down there for close to minute before she pulls her head up. As she coughs to get air, saliva pours out of her mouth, down to her chin and all over Scott's dick and balls.

"Ohhh shit... that's one of the best blowjobs I've ever gotten... those lips of yours felt so good on my dick."

Kimberly smiles, "Glad you liked it... but you look like you're gonna burst..."

"I feel like it..." Scott answers as he re-stuff's Kimberly mouth with his huge dick, and he starts thrusting in and out of her face again. As he holds onto her head as she pushes his cock down her throat, Kimberly starts working over the bottom of his thick shaft with her tongue as he fucks her face. "Ahhh shit... here I cum..." Scott moans. He holds Kimberly's head down on his dick as he start to cum down her throat, and within moments, her mouth is overflowing with Scott's cum. Kimberly pulls her head back at the first chance she gets and swallows the cum that was in her mouth while the rest of Scott's load drips down her chin and off of Scott's cock.

"Oh god... I swallowed...." Kimberly laughs.

"That's not a bad thing..." Scott laughs, "Now... how about I have a taste of that juicy cunt you got."

"You bad boy..." Kimberly laughs as she takes off her high-heels followed by pulling down her tight leather skirt, now standing before Scott in just her black N.W.O. t-shirt and blue panties. She sits down on the couch then turns to face Scott while lifting a leg onto the couch. She then lifts her ass off the couch and pulls her panties down her legs. When she gets them down to her ankles, Scott pulls them off and looks at Kimberly's pussy when she spreads her legs to show him the slight bush she has.

"Damn... that looks tasty..." Scott says as he places his hands on Kimberly's calves as he plants his face down onto her pussy. He drives his tongue in and out of her cunt rapidly, tasting all of her sweet juices as he finds her clit. Scott nipples on the little bud with his teeth followed by slurping on it like a straw. Scott then uses the tip of his tongue to flick her clit back and forth.

"Ohhhh ahhhh god yes... ohhhh god..." Kimberly moans as Scott sends her into a quick orgasms. Her moans echo throughout the room and she bites down her lip to suppress them as Scott wiggles his tongue between her pussy lips. While Scott thrusts his tongue in and out pussy as if it was a cock, Kimberly pulls off her sweaty t-shirt off, freeing her big breasts to let them sway freely.

"Mmmmm ahhhh don't... don't stop..." Kimberly moans as Scott licks every inch of her pussy before he pushes two fingers into her cunt. He probes her sweet pussy with his two digits, pushing them in as far as they go, making Kimberly feel like there's an alien inside of her snatch. Scott continues to relentlessly flick his tongue against her clit, which sends waves of bliss through Kimberly's body. Kimberly's body starts to tremble as she grips her big tits tightly with her hands as she starts to cum.

"Ahhhhhh fuck... ohhhh hell... sweet Jesus almighty!" Kimberly crises as she bucks her pussy against Scott's face and fingers. Scott let's Kimberly come down from her climax before pulling his two fingers out of her pussy. He reaches up and pushes them into Kimberly's mouth, letting the gorgeous woman taste her own juices as he laps up her cum from her cunt.

"Mmmmmm mmmm you taste like honey..." Scott says as he looks up at her face, while Kimberly starts to rub her pussy with the underside of three fingers.

"Ohhhh shut up... and fuck me!" Kimberly moans as she roughly massages her pussy, "Fill me up with you big fucking cock!"

"Yes ma'am," Scott laughs. He stands up, and while still holding Kimberly's claves, Scott rams his big hard cock into Kimberly's pussy. "Ohhh shit! You're fucking tight!" Scott moans as he starts thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt at a hard fast past. He grabs hold of Kimberly's tits as they bounce wildly as he fucks her. Kimberly bites her lip as she moans in ecstasy from Scott's hard thrusting. She grabs hold of Scott's shoulders while her legs rest on his arms as she pushes her pussy against him. Scott's tugs on Kimberly's stiff nipples while be pounds her tight, wet hot pussy with his hot rod harder and fast. Sweat begins rolling down Scott's body down on Kimberly as she grinds her cunt against him while trying to match every thrust. Scott places Kimberly's legs on his shoulders so he can better lean down and suck on her hard nipples. Scott continues to squeeze Kimberly's tits while he licks and sucks on her nipple as he drills her cunt.

"Ohhhhhh god! Fuck me harder please! Make me cum! Ohhhhh god!" Kimberly cries out as she arches her his upward as she reaches her hands around to his back. She starts digging her perfectly cut fingernails into his skin just as Scott wraps his arms around her waist and picks her up from the couch without pulling out. He then slams her up against a wall and resumes pounding her cunt from a standing position. Kimberly wraps her beautiful legs around his waist, holding onto him as tightly as possible as she feels the impact of his cock. Out in the hall various people walk by the locker room and hear the noise from what is going on, but no one bothers to see what is going on.

"Fuck I gotta tap that ass!" Scott yells as he pulls out of Kimberly and drops her down the floor. He quickly gets her into the doggy style position and inserts his cock into her asshole.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh owww god!" Kimberly screams as Scott fucks her butt hole relentlessly. Her large tits swing back and forth underneath her body as she pushes back against him to get Scott to fuck her ass harder as she hits the boiling point. "Ahhhhh ohhhh god I'm gonna cum! Ohhhhh god!" Kimberly cries out as she reaches between her legs and starts finger fucking her soaking cunt. Her pussy clamps down tightly around her fingers as Scott thrusts his meat into her. "Ahhhh! Ughhhhh! AHHHH FUCK!" Kimberly screams as cums so hard her body shakes.

Behind her, Scott continues banging her ass, which bounces against his crotch like a rubber ball. Scott places his hands on her hips and pulls her back slower as he starts to feel the pressure building in his nuts. "Ahhhh ohhh fuck Kim... get ready... I'm gonna bust one!" Scott groans. He slows down his movements so he's fucking Kimberly's ass with long, hard thrusts to prolong the time he's fucking her. Soon, however, he starts to cum, and his hot sticky load shoots into Kimberly's ass and he grabs onto her ass cheeks as he gives her another hard thrust.

"Ohhhhhh fuck it's so hot!" Kimberly moans as she feels her ass being filled up with Scott's cum. After Scott finishes blowing his load, he and Kimberly take a moment to catch their breath and to compose themselves. Scott then pulls out of her ass and smiles.

"Shit that was incredible... you're fucking a lot better than those other Nitro Sluts..."

Kimberly turns onto her side and smiles a him, "But... of course... I am... the new first lady... of wrestling after all...." She then points at him with a smirk. "And don't give me no crap about that being Missy Hyatt..."

"I wasn't gonna say anything..." Scott laughs.

"Good..." Kimberly smiles, then she moans softly, "Mmmmm... god that was so hot... I need that..."

Scott laughs a bit, "Glad to be of service..."


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