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WCW - The Queen Of Scream


Part 1

Late in the afternoon on a Monday, at the home of Daffney Unger, a WCW camera crew has set up four cameras in a room she said was going to be for a Nitro-Fan party. The WCW crew then leaves and Daffney quickly makes changes to the room. First she sets up an altar that has a bunch of publicity pictures of David Flair, lights a few purple and black candles and finally lays out a bunch of sex toys.

Later in the night at around 9 PM, Daffney gets a call from a WCW producer that the cameras in her home will be broadcasting in a few moments and there will be a 5-minute delay. Daffney frowns after hearing that and tells them that the party will be hotter than anything that the Nitro Girls and other WCW divas can do. The producer tells her to try and control the party; Daffney laughs a bit and says she will. Daffney hangs up the phone and moves the cameras around from where the WCW crew set them up earlier.

Daffney turns looks at her television and sees the WCW announcers say the next segment is going to the Nitro House Party. Daffney waits until she sees herself on the TV and then begins the party. She kneels before the altar and smirks.

"Ohhh David... I know they don't understand you... but I do... you're just like me... and I'm going to show the world..."

Daffney stands up and faces one camera and slowly begins to remove her black tank-top, instantly revealing her very large milky white breasts. She cups both of them with her hand and lightly tugs on her nipples. She rolls them with her fingers, licking her black lipstick painted lips as she gazes into the camera. She takes a step back and takes off her black shorts after kicking off her black and purple shoes, dressed only in her black panties. She turns around and wiggles her ass at the camera before she lowers her panties. She turns around, spreads her legs apart and uses both hands to show the world her shaved pussy.

Daffney traces a finger around the lips before sliding it up and down the slit. She slowly works two fingers into her pussy and begins to fuck herself slowly as she starts to move down to the floor. She spreads her legs wide apart as she fucks herself with her fingers. She reaches to her left and grab a 10 inch black dildo. She twirls it around with her fingers before she jams it into her cunt. The dark haired beauty violently pumps the dildo in and out of her snatch, arches hips while all the while screaming and moaning the name of David Flair.

"Ahhhh ahhh David... I wish this was your cock in me..."

Daffney pulls the dildo out of her pussy and licks it clean of her juices. She then scoots over to an altar and grabs one of the candles. She turns it a bit and lets some of the hot wax hit her skin. She moans in a mix of pain and pleasure as the wax hits her breasts. She then licks the flame of the candle to the put out the flame. Daffney then inserts the 4-inch round candle into her pussy. Daffney moves the candle in and out of her cunt, totally possessed by her lust. When she feels she's about to climax she rips the candle out of her pussy.

Daffney gazes into the camera as she balls her fist and stuffs it into her own cunt. Daffney rocks back and forth on the floor as she fucks herself with her own fist. Daffney lets out a scream as she climaxes hard. Daffney uncurls her fist and pulls her hand out of her pussy. She licks her hand clean and then smiles to the camera.

"Ohhhh David... I hope to meet you...." She says as she blows a kiss to the camera. A moment later the feed is cut and for the first time she notices that the phone is ringing. She crawls over to it and answers it, "Hello?"

"Daffney Unger?"

"Yes..." Daffney replies as she tries to catch her breath.

"This is Johnny Ace with WCW... we're sending you a contract via fed-ex... we hope you sign in and seem as willing to perform as you just did..."

Daffney just smirks as she realizes that her planned work and she now begins to think of what to do when she arrives in WCW.

Part 2

Days before her actual onscreen debut, Daffney Unger is roaming the backstage area of the arena where WCW is holding a house show. She's been impressed with the friendly atmosphere that comes from hanging around the mid-card talent, but she could tell that the wrestlers in the upper tier were very off-putting, which makes the general friendly feeling seem awkward at times when some of the bigger WCW stars walk by. Daffney decides after a while to make her way to the Women's Dressing room. As she walks down the corridor she passes a storage closet and hears moaning from with in it.

Daffney slowly opens the door to peek inside and is greeted with the sight of one of Scott Steiner's freaks, the lovely Midejah sensually sucking the cock of Billy Kidman. Daffney licks her purple lipstick colored lips as she watches Midajah bob her head along his shaft, tapping her tongue along the underside of his cock. Midajah wraps a hand around the base of his cock, slowly pumping it as she licks the sides of his cock. Midejah hikes up her silver mini-skirt with her free hand, unknowingly giving Daffney a great view of her perfectly shaved pussy. Midajah rubs her own cunt with three fingers while wrapping her lips around the head the head of Billy's cock. After pressing her tongue against the piss-hole, Midajah slowly takes his entire shaft into her warm mouth. Billy lets out a gasp of pleasure, which brings a smile to Daffney's face as she stands in the doorway, with a hand inside of her leather pants. Daffney is slowly sliding two fingers against her own slit, and eventually steps into the storage closet with out either Billy or Midajah noticing her. Daffney closes the door quietly, and takes off her combat boots, leather pants and purple panties. She leans against the wall and rubs her own pussy with one hand while rubbing her chest with the other.

Midajah takes Billy's cock out of her mouth and pushes him down on to the ground. She grins at him and then slowly mounts his cock. Midajah closes her eyes as she feels his hard shaft fill up her pussy completely before she begins rocking back and forth. Billy places his hands on Midajah's large breasts, gently squeezing them as Midajah starts bouncing up and down on his cock. She leans back and places her hands on his thighs as he drops down sharply on his cock. Daffney slides down against the wall and rubs her cunt with both of her hands. She tries to suppress her moans, but realizes that Midajah and Billy's moans are much louder than her own so she starts letting her gasps of pleasure past her lips. The ultra sexy pale skinned beauty moves further down, so she's laying on her lower back. Daffney slips a finger into asshole as she thrusts four fingers in and out of her dripping pussy. Daffney licks her lips as Midajah leans forward, sticking her ass into the air while Billy thrusts upward into her pussy.He places his hands on her ass cheeks and rolls over so he's on top of her. Midajah wraps her legs around his waist and arches her back slightly each time he pushes his cock deep into her cunt. Daffney finally takes off her black top and twists her nipples as she happily watches the talented cruiserweight fuck Scott Steiner's favorite freak.

Billy pulls his cock out of Midajah's pussy and rolls her over onto her stomach. Midajah starts to turn her head to look over her shoulder at him, but Billy places a hand on the back of her neck to keep her looking ahead. Billy pulls her lower body up so her ass is more accessible. He slides a finger up and down her ass crack, teasing her a bit, which drives Midajah wild. Daffney sees this and gets a devious look on her sexy face. She moves behind Billy without him noticing and quietly grabs his cock, which does get his attention. He looks at her with a surprised look but Daffney just smiles before she lowers her head to lick Midajah's ass-crack. Midajah's body quivers and she looks over her shoulder right away once she realizes that's not Billy's tongue. As she starts to push back against Daffney's tongue, Daffney wraps a hand around Billy's cock and guides it into Midajah's lubed up asshole.

Billy steadily pumps Midajah's ass with his cock as Daffney reaches underneath her to finger her pussy as she manipulates her own. Daffney slides three fingers in and out of Midajah's cunt, making her grind down onto Daffney's hand. Midajah whimpers in pleasure as she feels the tips of Daffney's fingers move around inside her. The sexy 'freak' pushes back against Billy when he places his hands on her thighs. Midajah arches her back howls lustfully as she cums on Daffney's fingers. Daffney takes them out of Midajah's cunt and licks them clean. Billy continues to fuck Midajah's ass until he's ready to pop. He pulls out but Daffney grabs his dick and begins to stroke it slowly. She smirks at him as she leans over to take his shaft into her mouth. She sensually bobs her head along his shaft, keeping him on the brink as the pressure building in his cock subsides and his orgasm.

As Daffney continues bobbing her head across Billy's cock, Midajah slowly recovers from her own climax and she moves to lay on her side behind Daffney. She places her hands on Daffney's ass to get her rise up some so she can slide her head underneath Daffney's pussy. Midajah begins licking around Daffney's pussy making her moan around Billy's dick. Billy stands up and places his hands on the side of Daffney's head to gain some leverage as he begins thrusting his cock in and out of mouth. The pale skinned beauty slaps her tongue around Billy's dick as she moves a hand between her legs to rub her pussy and to feel Midajah lick her fingers. Midajah adds to Daffney's pleasure by sliding two fingers into her asshole, which makes Daffney moan and gag on Billy's dick as she starts to cum on Midajah's tongue.

Daffney spits out Billy's cock as Midajah's laps up her girl-cum before she gets out from underneath her to sit next to Daffney. Both women start flicking their tongues against the head of Billy's cock as the multi-time cruiserweight champion strokes his shaft with his right hand. Billy tilts his head back and moans as he starts to cum on both of their lovely faces. Daffney and Midajah somewhat fight with their lovely tongues to get more cum than the other. After Billy is spent, Midajah and Daffney lick each other's faces clean of his spunk and kiss each other to swap his cum between them. After they break the kiss Daffney quips, "If this is what it means to be in the closet... then I'm glad it's a walk in closet."

Part 3

Somewhere on I-95, Daffney Unger is riding with fellow WCW Diva, Torrie Wilson to the city of where WCW is holding a live event. Daffney looks out the window, bored out of her mind and a bit upset that she can't ride with David Flair and Crowbar due to a policy about the men must ride with the men and the women must ride with the women. Torrie, who is driving, looks over at Daffney and smiles.

"Oh cheer up Daff... you're not the only one who's not riding with the person you want to..." Torrie says.

Daffney looks at her with a sour look on her face, "Whatever... you just want to ride with Billy... I wanted to ride with two guys..."

Torrie laughs a bit, "I don't just want to ride with Billy... I wanted to ride with Rey too..." Torrie licks her lips, "And when I say ride... I don't mean just traveling..."

Daffney smiles a little, "Ok... so... we're both disappointed in more ways than one..." Torrie gets an idea and pulls the car into one of the many rest stops along the route they are traveling on. Daffney raises an eyebrow, "What are you doing?"

Torrie smiles as she parks the car in the most secluded area she can find. Torrie kills the engine and turns in her seat to look at Daffney. "Well... since we're both disappointed... I think we should... do something about it." Torrie licks her lips as she looks at Daffney. Daffney smirks a bit as she eyes up Torrie's body.

"I think that would be a good idea..." Daffney starts to take off her black jacket that she flings into the back seat of the car. Both women quickly remove their tops and struggle to get out of their pants off so they are both naked. Daffney looks at Torrie and grins, "You got a great body..."

"Thanks... yours is not that bad either..." Torrie replies as she leans over to kiss Daffney. Both women slide their tongues against each other as they begin to caress each other's breasts. Daffney cups Torrie's right breast lovingly as they both flick their tongues together. Torrie realizes that Daffney has a very long tongue so she takes advantage by closing her lips around it to suck on Daffney's oral probe as if it was a cock. Daffney giggles and manages to move her tongue around inside of Torrie's warm mouth while sliding her hand down between Torrie's legs. Torrie moans softly as Daffney slides her fingers over her pussy. Torrie breaks her lip-lock with Daffney and smiles. "Someone's anxious..."

"Just making the best of a situation..." Daffney replies as she lowers her head to slide her tongue around the nipple of Torrie's right tit. Torrie places her hands on top of Daffney's head as the pale skinned beauty sucks on her breasts. Daffney pushes two fingers into Torrie's pussy making Torrie gasp in pleasure as she begins pumping them in and out slowly.

"Ohhhh yes...." Torrie moans as Daffney reaches behind her to open the passenger side door so she can get enough room to lower herself. Torrie turns to her right, placing one leg on Daffney's seat while keeping the other down on the floor. Daffney lowers her head toward Torrie's pussy and begins licking Torrie's perfectly shaved cunt while continuing to move her fingers in and out. Torrie closes her eyes as she threads her fingers through Daffney's hair.

"Ohhh that's it... like my pussy..." Daffney complies with Torrie's request, continuing to work her tongue all over Torrie's pussy. Daffney takes her fingers out of her to use them to spread Torrie's pussy open. She pushes her long tongue as far as it go inside of Torrie, making the beautiful blonde moan even louder. Torrie arches her hips to grind her wet twat against Daffney's face as the gothic vixen tongue fucks her.

"Ahhhh ohhhh shit..." Torrie bites her lips as she cums suddenly. Daffney continues to stimulate Torrie's pussy for a few moments more, mostly to get as much of Torrie's honey as possible. Daffney raises her head from between Torrie's legs and smirks while licking her lips.

"That was yummy..." Daffney laughs as she pulls herself back completely into the car and close the car door a moment later.

"I bet... now it's my turn..." Torrie grind as she sits on her knees on top of the driver's seat so she can lean forward to dive in between Daffney's legs. Daffney spreads her legs apart and places a hand on the back of Torrie's head as she starts to feel Torrie's tongue slide against her cunt. Daffney closes her eyes and moans softly as Torrie moves a hand underneath Daffney's legs so she can slide her middle finger against Daffney's ass crack.

"Ahhhh ahhh fuck..." Daffney moans loudly as she grabs part of Torrie's hair and yanks on it when Torrie finds the most sensitive area of her pussy. Torrie focuses her tongue against the spot that is making Daffney scream. Torrie moves her hand a bit to rub the lower half of Daffney's pussy with her fingertips.

Daffney moves back and forth on her seat as she lets out a powerful orgasmic shriek. "Ohhhhhhh shit!" Torrie continues to lap tongue against Daffney's pussy before she sits up to kiss the sweating woman.

"Feeling better about traveling with me?" Torrie asks as they share short soft kisses.

"Yeah... I am..." Daffney smiles, "This was more fun than traveling with the guys..."

"Oh if you thought this was something, you should travel with Stacy sometime," Torrie laughs.

Part 4

In the backstage area, Daffney is watching a monitor that is showing Kimberly Page.

"Everything in WCW is all about ME!" Kimberly says into a mic as she points to herself. "There is nothing that happens here that isn't for ME!"

Daffney licks her lips as she watching the monitor. She rubs her crotch through her pants and smirks to herself. "Oh I have a different opinion about that," Daffney laughs before she gets up and leaves her dressing room to go find Kimberly.

As Daffney roams the backstage area looking for Kimberly, she asks if anyone has seen her. The only useful information she got was that Kimberly was heading for her locker room. Daffney smirks to herself, knowing that Kimberly's dressing room is on the far side of the building, away from everyone else's.

Daffney takes a shortcut through the concourse area of the arena. She signs a few autographs and takes a few photographs for fans that recognize her. Once Daffney manages to get to her destination, she stands against the door of Kimberly's dressing room and waits for her to arrive. She doesn't have to wait long, for Kimberly is coming down the hall. Daffney gets an idea and walks towards Kimberly and bumps into her.

Kimberly staggers a bit before whopping around to yell at Daffney, "You stupid cunt! How dare you touch me!"

Daffney slowly turns around and grins at her before asking, "You think you're pretty big around here don't you?"

Kimberly laughs at Daffney, "Of course I do, and it's all about ME! You'll never come close to be as big a star as me."

Daffney laughs quietly, "Kimberly... I think I'm already am bigger than you..."

"I seriously doubt that," Kimberly smirks.

"Let me show you," Daffney wickedly smiles at her as she proceeds to grab Kimberly's hand and places them on her own large shirt covered breasts. Kimberly's eyes go wide as she's herself being forced to touch Daffney's breasts and she tries to pull her hands away instantly. Daffney closes the distance between them and kisses Kimberly deeply, sliding her tongue into Kimberly's mouth. The Diamond Doll tries to push her off but her eyes glaze over as if Daffney just put her into a trace when Daffney releases her hands and starts to rub the front of Kimberly's pants. The Goth goddess then proceeds to rip Kimberly's top with one hand as she licks the side of her face. Kimberly is practically stunned speechless as she lightly starts to squeezes Daffney's breasts through the material of Daffney's black shirt. Daffney grins as she bends down a bit as she cups Kimberly's larges tits. She takes one into her mouth and sucks on it while Kimberly whimpers and moves a hand through Daffney's black hair. Daffney lifts her head off of Kimberly's breasts and grins up at her.

"Aww this is too easy..." Daffney laughs as she gets down to her knees. She yanks down Kimberly's skintight pants and panties. Daffney uses her fingers to spread apart Kimberly's pussy lips in order to immediately thrust her tongue inside of her. Daffney moves her tongue all around inside of Kimberly's pussy, and while Kimberly's cunt begins to get wet from her actions, Kimberly closes her eyes and whimpers in pleasure.

Daffney looks up at her and smirks. "Oh you love this don't you? You love my tongue touching your fat juicy cunt don't you..."

Kimberly licks her lips and nods her head slightly while opening her eyes. "Yes... I... I love it... ohhhhhh fuck!" Kimberly suddenly screams as Daffney brings her to a sudden orgasm. Daffney stands up and pushes Kimberly down to her knees. Kimberly looks up and swallows hard as Daffney lowers her black pants and undergarments, exposing her pussy to the Diamond Doll. Daffney cups Kimberly's lovely face and brings it to her pussy, where she smashes all of her cunt against Kimberly's head. Kimberly waves her arms frantically as Daffney grinds her cunt all over her face.

"Start licking bitch!" Daffney yells as she grabs Kimberly's dark hair while thrusting her cunt against her face. Kimberly soon starts lapping her tongue against Daffney's slit, but because of how the pale skinned beauty is ramming herself against her face, Kimberly cannot get into a good grove to tongue fuck Daffney's cut. Kimberly manages to places her hands behind Daffney's knees and then pulls them towards her, making the queen of scream fall backward onto the cold floor of the hallway. Kimberly pushes Daffney's legs apart so she can dive down and resume eating Daffney out.

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