WCW - The Queen Of Scream


"Ohhhhh fuck...." Daffney moans as she feels Kimberly's tongue thrust in and out past the lips of her pussy. Daffney arches her back when Kimberly pushes two fingers into her cunt and starts pumping them in and out in addition to her tongue. Daffney reaches down and grabs hold of Kimberly's hair against to hold her head still when the former Booty Babe found her sweet spot. "Ahhhhh yes... right there.... Lick me right there!"

Kimberly grabs hold of Daffney's wrist and pulls her hand away from her hair. Kimberly then looks up at Daffney with a mix of a smirk and a sneer on her face, but when Daffney sees Kimberly lick her lips she relaxes a bit. "Lick you? I don't think so you bitch!" A moment later, Kimberly surprises Daffney when she stands up and grabs Daffney's ankle just after she pushes the door to her dressing room open. Kimberly then drags Daffney inside. Daffney licks her lips and laughs as Kimberly drags her to the center of the dressing room. Kimberly then closes the dressing room door and locks it before she turns her attention back to Daffney. "Ohhh no... I'm not going to lick you...I'm going to fuck you!"

"With what?" Daffney asks with a wide smile on her face.

Kimberly walks over to her suitcase and opens it. "You'll see..." Kimberly grins as she starts going through her belongings until she pulls out a nine-inch pink plastic dildo. When Daffney sees Kimberly rub her own tits with the dildo she sets up on her knees and smiles.

"Mmmmm that looks yummy..." Daffney says as Kimberly walks over to her. The Diamond doll grabs a firm handful of Daffney's dark and pulls her head towards the dildo. Daffney smiles up at her and takes it into her mouth. Daffney bobs her head long the pink dick, slapping her sweet tongue all over it till it's coated with her saliva.

"My... my... you're got some impressive oral skills..." Kimberly laughs as she pulls the dildo out of Daffney's mouth and proceeds to slap it against her face. "Lay down flat on your back..." Kimberly licks her teeth.

"All right..." Daffney giggles. She lays down on the floor, flat on her back. Kimberly surprises her by straddling her body, and follows that by grabbing Daffney's shirt and ripping her top right down the middle, freeing Daffney's large natural tits. Kimberly lays the dildo between Daffney's breasts and proceeds to fuck them. Daffney places her hands on her own tits to press them against the dildo and she lifts her head to lick the tip of the dildo when it comes close to her mouth.

"Wow... you're really a fucking slut aren't you... you are going to be big in this business..." Kimberly laughs as she moves off of Daffney so she can spread her legs.

Daffney laughs, "Ohhh yeah... I love to fuck... it's how I got here remember..." Daffney says, making reference to her national public display of masturbation.

"Ohhhh that was you?" Kimberly laughs as she pushes the dildo into Daffney's cunt. Daffney lets out a low moan as the Diamond Doll begins pumping it in and out of her pussy at a hard fast pace.

"Ahhhhh yess.... That was meeeeeeee...." Daffney screams as she arches her back and pushes her cunt against the dildo. Kimberly licks her lips and leans forward to swirl her tongue around one of Daffney's stiff nipples. "Ohhhhh ahhhh.... Fuck my ass!" Daffney cries out as she licks her black lipstick colored lips.

Kimberly flips her dark hair back and laughs, "Oh you're just like Dallas... he loves it when I shove this in his ass!" Kimberly pulls the dildo out of Daffney's tight cunt so that Daffney can roll over. When she does, Daffney gets up on her hands and knees, then she looks over her shoulder at Kimberly.

"Oh I love to get fucked in the ass," Daffney smiles as Kimberly rams the dildo into her asshole. Kimberly thrusts the dildo in and out of her asshole as hard and as fast as she can while reaching between the goth princess to rub her rub her cunt. Daffney moans loudly and tilts her head back as she pushes back against Kimberly to try and get the dildo further shoved into her asshole.

"Ahhhhh fuck.... I'm.... gonna cummmm!" Daffney cries out as her orgasm rips through her hot body like a tidal wave. Kimberly pulls the dildo out of Daffney and quickly presses her face against Daffney's pussy to lap her tongue against it. Daffney pushes back and grinds her pussy against Kimberly's lovely face before she against looks over her shoulder at her. "Mmmmm that.... was great..."

Kimberly smirks, "I know it was... I'm very good at what I do..." Kimberly takes a moment to admire Daffney's milky white body as she turns over to sit on the floor. Then a thought crosses Kimberly's mind, "You know what you should do... go fuck Scott Steiner..."

"Big Poppa Pump?" Daffney raises an eyebrow.

Kimberly nods, "Yes... he's really rough... but it's worth it... with that 18" monster... it's soooo defiantly worth it...."

Daffney licks her lips, "Mmmmm I'll do it... does he really have an eighteen-inch cock?"

Kimberly nods, "Ohhhh yes he does... he'll make you holla... and when he does... I know I'll hear you."

Part 5

Inside of the WCW men's locker room area, which is nothing more than one long locker room with dividers set up to give each man their own space, WCW's resident scream queen Daffney Unger is entering the room. Dressed in a black tank top and black leather pants, Daffney licks her purple lipstick painted lips and giggles slightly.

"I know you're in here..." She says quietly as she walks down to the last divided space of the locker room where the person she wants to see is. Poking her around a divider, Daffney gets a wide smile on her face as she sees 'The Genetic Freak' Scott Steiner doing push ups while wearing nothing at all. Daffney rubs her right breast through the fabric of tank top as she watches Steiner's overly muscular body move up and down. Daffney then pinches her own nipple and moans slightly as she starts to rub her pussy through the material of her leather pants. Without realizing it, she has gotten Steiner's attention who is looking at the goth goddess via a full size mirror that is leaning against the wall. When he sees Daffney close her eyes, the Genetic Freak gets to his feet. Steiner gets a smirk on his face as he wraps a hand around his monster 18' cock. He strokes it slowly as he amusing watching Daffney rub herself.

"Hey BITCH!" Steiner yells. Daffney is immediately startled and her eyes fly open as she's surprised. She swallows hard as Big Poppa Pump closes the distance between them. Before Daffney can compose herself Steiner grabs both of her wrists with his powerful hands.

"Ohhh I... I got lost..." Daffney starts to say, stuttering as she tries to come up with a believable excuse to explain her being there and her actions.

"Bullshit!" Steiner yells, "You wanted some fucking action!" Steiner releases one her skinny wrists so he can grab the front of her tank-top. With ease, Steiner rips it off her body, exposing her large tits. "You fucking cunts are all the fucking same... you're all cock teasers!" Steiner yells as he then grabs Daffney's pants and rips them apart with such ease that waistband is ruined and they fall down to around her ankles. Daffney bites her lip and then smiles.

"Well... I heard from Kimberly..." Daffney starts to say but is cut off when Steiner reaches between her milky white thigh and jams two fingers into her cunt. Daffney squeals as she feels Steiner's thick fingers move in and out of her tight snatch. She bites her lip and moans, "Ohhhh fuck!"

Steiner starts pumping his fingers in and out faster as he sneers at her, "You fucking little bitch... you're just getting off on my fingers aren't you?"

Daffney nods her head, "Ohhhh fuck... yes!"

Steiner rips his fingers from Daffney's cunt and grabs her by the her long black hair, "You little whore! You're a cheap little fucking cock slut aren't you!"

Before Daffney could answer, Steiner grabs her right breast tightly which makes her squeal, "Oooooo yes... I'm a pretty cock slut! I love cock... I love big throbbing cocks!" Daffney screams as Steiner mauls her breast with his powerful hand.

Steiner gets a smirk on his face as he see Daffney reach between her legs to fuck her self with her left hand. The Goth beauty rams her digits in and out of her cunt as she also thrusts her pussy onto her hand. Steiner laughs, "That's pretty fucking obvious you bitch! You need a big fucking throbbing dick don't you?! That's why you're here ain't it?!"

Daffney nods her head as drool drips out of her mouth, "Yes...mmmm... I need... a big fucking... cock... in my mouth... in my cunt... in my ass!"

Steiner laughs, "Then you better fucking prepare your self... for the genetic freak! Now get down... and suck my fucking dick" Steiner pushes Daffney down onto her knees and thrusts his hips forward to bang his cock against her pale face.

"Mmmm your cock is so big..." Daffney licks her lips as she wraps a hand around Steiner's pulsating eighteen-inch monster. Daffney slowly starts to stroke his shaft with one hand, but she soon brings his other hand to cock and starts twisting it as she pumps it. Steiner grabs a handful of Daffney's hair and yanks hard on it.

"That's it you slut... feel that big cock... " Steiner smirks, "I bet you've been going around trying to find a real one!" Steiner then roughly pulls Daffney's head forward until her mouth is pressed up against his cock. With a mighty thrust, Steiner rams his cock pass Daffney's juicy lips and Daffney's hands fly away from Steiner's pole. She places them on his powerful thighs and starts bobbing her head wildly on his cock in an attempt to devour every inch of it. Steiner forces the goth beauty to take all of his cock into her mouth, making Daffney gag rather violently, much to Steiner's amusement.

"Hahaha yeah... suck that big fucking cock... you're almost as good as Midajah..." Steiner laughs as he slams Daffney's head along the length of his monster cock. Daffney's eyes are wide open as Steiner practically rapes her lovely mouth with his freakish prick. Steiner bucks his hips forward to make Daffney deep throat all of his cock. Daffney can feel her throat almost expand to compensate for the meaty intruder as Steiner continues to drill her face. Eventually, Steiner tires of this and he yanks Daffney's head off of his. Daffney clutches her jaw in a bit of pain, never before having experienced a mouth fucking that hard. Steiner, while still holding onto Daffney's black hair, tosses the scream queen to the ground and quickly turns her over onto her stomach. Steiner rips off Daffney's black panties, fully exposing her milky white ass.

"Heh... what a hot looking ass..." Steiner smirks as he takes a moment to slap Daffney's right ass cheek. Daffney lets out a shriek as a result but then Steiner starts slapping both of her ass cheeks, alternating between each until her backside is totally red and sore. Steiner laughs as he watches her asscheeks jiggle as a result of every slap. "Mmmm looks like your ass is more inviting than your dirty little twat." Steiner grips his cock and presses it against Daffney's asshole.

"Ohhh fuck...!" Daffney looks over her shoulder at Steiner as his thick cock enters her tight asshole. Steiner licks his lips hungrily as he roughly shoves all eighteens inches of his fuck stick into ass and he soon starts to pump her ass with hard savage thrusts. Daffney lurches forward after each thrusts and she grits her teeth in pain as Steiner fucks the holy hell out of her rear-end. Steiner slaps her already red asscheeks with his hand, and Daffney yelps out in pain as the stinging sensation shoots through her body.

"Yeah... you like the Big Bad... Booty Daddy... taking you... and just fucking your ass... the way it should be... doesn't ya... you... little whore!" Steiner yells as continues to savagely fuck Daffney's ass. Steiner places his hands on her waist and roughly pulls her back against him so that his monster cock is buried to the hilt in her asshole.

"Oh yeah, you fucking bitch... you got such a big fat fucking ass with a tight mother fucking asshole... time to test your cunt!" Steiner yells as rips his cock out of Daffney's ass and shoves it forcefully into her tight cunt.

"Owwwwwwwwww shit!" Daffney screams as Steiner pumps his shaft in and out of her pussy rapidly. Daffney pushes back against him encouraging Big Poppa Pump to take all the liberties he wants in fucking her pussy. Steiner starts to sweat all over, his powerful muscular body shining under the lights of the locker room. Daffney reaches between her legs and starts rubbing the edges of her cunt as Steiner continues to slam his monster cock into it.

"Ohhhh god.... I love this!" Daffney screams out using her trademark shriek as she starts cum violently. Her whole body quivers as her orgasm moves through her body. Daffney's eyes roll back as she passes out when Steiner gives her an incredibly hard thrust that causes a second and sudden orgasm. Daffney collapses on the tiled floor of the locker room, but Steiner continues to bang her cunt. When he notices that Daffney has passed out, Steiner gets a scowl on his face and pulls out of her pussy. He flips her over and straddles her body so he can slap her face with his heavy cock.

"Hey bitch, wake the fuck up!" Steiner says as he smacks her forehead with his cock. Daffney slowly opens her eyes, which instantly becomes transfixed on Steiner's huge cock. "That's better... I don't fuck passed out sluts!" Steiner yells as he moves and spreads Daffney's milky white legs. He shoves his cock back into her twat, and resumes fucking her. Daffney wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his thick neck as she holds on for dear life as the Genetic Freak drills her relentlessly.

"Ohhhhh god... this... is... unbelievable..." Daffney cries out as she cums for a third time. Her body is now drenched with sweat, as is Steiner's who gets up to his feet with incredible is. Wrapping his powerful arms around Daffney's slightly plump body, Steiner bouncing her up and down on his monster cock while Daffney grinds her pussy against him. Daffney leans head backward and licks her lips as she presses her large tits against Steiner's rock hard chest.

"Ughhhhh not... again..." Daffney whimpers as she comes down sharply on Steiner's dick, which sets off another powerful climax. Daffney starts to feel extreme discomfort as Steiner continues to bounce her on his dick, and she starts to wonder how much longer can Steiner go. She soon gets her answer as Steiner drops her to the floor.

"Get up on your knees whore, and put your hands behind your back!" Steiner orders. Daffney instantly complies with his request, sitting up on her knees and puts her hands behind her. Steiner grabs her by her hair and forces her to tilt her head back as he wraps a hand around his monstrous prick. He strokes his shaft rapidly and soon starts to cum on Daffney's face. Daffney opens her mouth and tries to catch it

"That's right you fucking cunt... catch my load..." Steiner grunts as the last streams of his cum shoot out of his cock right into Daffney's mouth. Daffney then closes her mouth and looks as if she's chewing the spunk her house before she swallows. Steiner raises an eyebrow and Daffney giggles.

"Sorry... but your cum is so thick... and pulped... I couldn't just swallow it... I had to chew it first..." Daffney licks her lips and smiles.

Steiner shakes his head and laughs, "You are a fucking freak... come back when you want more of The Big Bad Booty Daddy's Two Ball Compound."

"Ohhhh I will... I most defiantly will..." Daffney replies as Steiner goes back to what he was doing before Daffney came along. Daffney gathers the remnants of clothing and leaves the male locker room. She's walking a bit awkwardly, as if she had an orange road cone shoved up her ass and she passes by Vince Russo who when he sees her raises an eyebrow and stops her. "What the hell happened to you?" He asks as he crosses his arms.

Daffney looks at him and winks, "Just... found out... if something was true..."

Russo look at Daffney, confused at first and then it hits him. "Get your shit together... this ain't the World Wrestling Federation... when that happens make sure you're at least dressed when you're done."

Daffney nods and salutes Russo with a smile on her face, "Yes sir..."

A few hours later, Daffney and Stacy Keibler AKA Miss Hancock are talking as they walk to the parking lot. "Hey Daff... have you ever been in a three way?" Stacy asks as she pulls her travel bag behind her.

Daffney licks her lips and nods, "Yeah... just a while back I was in one... why?"

Stacy smiles innocently as they stop walking, "Well... I was talking to David... and he's interested in doing one with you... but doesn't want Crowbar around..."

Daffney smiles, "Ohhhh I see... well... looks like we better get to planning it..."

"We?" Stacy raises an eyebrow.

"Of course.... We... David told you... so obviously he wants you too..."

"Oh yea... that makes sense," Stacy laughs.

"Trust me Stacy... you're going to love this..." Daffney laughs as she flips her hair back.

Part 6

In the locker room area of the arena where WCW is airing Monday Nitro, David Flair, the son of Nature Boy Ric Flair, is taking off his black WCW Nitro Restaurant T-shirt and blue jeans in preparations to take a shower. He had a rather plain night where he was used in a backstage segment, but didn't see any in ring action. As he is about to walk to the shower area, Stacy Keibler walks from out of it with a towel wrapped around her slender body and her black "Miss Hancock" glasses on her face. David is speechless upon seeing her and his mouth hangs open for a long moment as he covers his crotch with his hands.

"Uhhh Stacy... what.... Are you doing here?" He asks as his voice wavers a bit.

Stacy licks her lips and flips her hair back, "Ohhhhh I'm just here... to see..." Stacy trails off as she drops the towel from her naked body, giving David a great look of her small perfectly round breasts. She seductively walks over to him and places a hand on his hairless chest. "I'm here... to see Daffney... but she she's not here..."

David swallows a bit hard as his cock starts to come to life. "Oh... uh Daff... she was right behind me..." David then takes a nervous breath, "Why are you naked..."

Stacy laughs playfully, "You'll see..." Stacy says as she pushes him backward lightly, and the son of the Nature Boy ends up sitting on a cold metal chair. The temperature of the chair sends shivers through his body and his teeth chatters for a few moments. Stacy licks her lips softly as she swivels her hips a bit. She leans forward and takes David's hands off of his cock to let it rise up without any restriction. "Mmmmm what do we have here?" Stacy smirks as she starts to sink down to her knees.

"Stacy... Daffney's gonna be here... any moment..." David stutters a bit as Stacy wraps her left hand around his cock and begins to pump it.

"I sure hope so..." Stacy replies as she leans her head forward and flicks her tongue against the head of his cock. David gasps after the Stacy's soft tongue brushes against his cock and he bites his bottom lip. Stacy looks up at me and smiles a seducing smirk at him, which looks even more intoxicating thanks to her glasses. Stacy then slowly begins to lick up and down the sides of his thick nine-inch lock cock.

"Ohhhh god...." David moans before Stacy spits a large amount of saliva onto his cock, which drips down the sides. She angles his cock upward in order to lick up and down the underside of it while raising her free hand to his ballsack. Stacy lightly cups his impressively large nuts with her hand while circling her soft tongue around the length of the David's rod. She lifts her head away and grins up at him.

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