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We-95 Conclusion


If you didn't read the first part of this story then you won't get the gist of what's going on. So, if you're old enough to be here reading a story about a bisexual threesome, and you read Part 1, then read on. If not, then I can't be held responsible for putting erotic thoughts into your virginal head. Leave now.


Recap: Ray, our intrepid narrator, had enough of Florida's awful January weather and was driving home to New York when he met Larry and Sheila, a couple also on their way home. After several meetings at stops along the way, they meet up at a hotel in North Carolina, just before another storm hits. We continue on the morning of the next day. I remind you that this is a true story and I have attempted to recreate the events and the conversations as they went down.


I awoke to the sound of the Weather Channel. No, that's only partially correct. I awoke to the feeling of two tongues curling along my erect penis, the sounds of giggling and the sound of the Weather Channel on the television.

"Snow, freezing rain, high winds and bitter temperatures are the conditions we have to look forward to today from the South up into New England..."

I reached over for the remote and turned the TV off. "I've heard enough. I don't think we're going anywhere today, guys."

They looked up at me. "We've already come to that conclusion, sleepy head," said Sheila. "Why don't you take a shower and then we'll go downstairs for something to eat. I'm getting hungry and these dogs are ready to go out."

I jumped off the bed and into the shower. When I came out, they were both dressed and watching the Weather Channel again.

"You can watch it all day but it's not going to change, you know."

"They just said that it will taper off in the late afternoon and warm up into just rain through the night."

"Good. Maybe it will wash this shit away and we can head out tomorrow morning."

"Yeah, that's my thinking, too," said Larry, "I have to get back to the office eventually."

Dressed and ready, we headed down to the restaurant. As we approached, I noticed that there were only a handful of people dining, a youngish couple at one table and two elderly couples off to the other side. Larry suggested that we talk to the desk clerk first and reserve another night.

The clerk was very hospitable and he quickly added another night to our stay. "Because of the weather, and because the hotel is practically empty, the management has added the second suite at no charge."

"That's very nice of you, thank you. Is there an area that we can walk the dogs?" asked Sheila.

"Yes, we have an area in the back of the hotel behind the service entrance. If you turn right at the end of the corridor behind the dining room, you'll see a door leading to an area with an awning that covers the service entrance. That's about the best place to take them. And, since there's no one here today, you can bring the dogs into the dining room with you. I'm sure no one will mind."

We followed his directions and found the rear service door. It was a perfect place to walk Rocco and Duffy as we were protected from the elements. Sure it was cold but at least we were dry. As the dogs did their business, the icy sleet was falling hard and the parking lot was completely snowed over with a thin coating of ice. No one would be out driving today, least of all us.

Back in the dining room, we ordered breakfast. The waitress brought out small bowl of bacon and scrambled eggs but not for us. She placed them on the floor where our pets eagerly devoured them and then spent a good time licking the bowls. A few minutes later, after our food came out of the kitchen, she filled their bowls with water.

"You two are living right," I said, but they were too busy lapping away to respond to me. Meanwhile, our breakfasts were delicious. It's not often that I enjoy Sausage, Biscuits and Gravy but this was the morning for it. I hadn't realized that my appetite was so large. But damn, this was tasty.

"I guess we were hungry after last night's workout," offered Sheila to our smiling faces. "Here's to us!" We lifted our coffee cups and toasted each other.

The desk clerk approached our table. "As our hotel is virtually empty today, I invite you to make use of our facilities. Off to the left and down the hall is our indoor heated pool and spa. There is a fully equipped exercise room and showers adjoining it. There is a steam and a sauna in both the Men's and Woman's areas. Usually, we have a trainer and massages available but unfortunately, they can't make it in today and we apologize. We also have a billiards room and a game room on the second floor above the pool. On the top floor is a reading room with complimentary snacks, soft drinks and coffee. Normally, it has a beautiful view of the hills but unfortunately..."

Larry cut him off. "We understand. Thanks for telling us about it. I have a feeling that we'll try all of them today. By the way, I noticed a refrigerated box with flowers near the main desk, could you pick out the freshest for my darling wife?" He slipped a Benjamin into the clerk's palm. "You can leave them in our room."

"Certainly, sir. Thank you, sir."

"If you aren't the sweetest man, I swear." Sheila gave him a doe-eyed look which turned into a grin. "You know you're going to get laid anyway, you didn't have to do that!"

"I know but I love you, my darling."

"I think I'm going to harf if you two don't cut this shit out." We laughed.

After finishing our second cups of coffee, we decided to check out the pool. Although the sign read, "No Pets Allowed", we chose to ignore it.

"Yes, I think I could enjoy that hot tub." We were all in agreement. Larry began to pull off his clothes. "Fuck it, there's no one here, I'm going in naked!"

"I'm going to the john first!" I leashed Rocco to a pole near the tub and he sat down on the artificial turf. Several minutes later, after my morning meeting, I wrapped myself in a towel and joined the naked couple in the tub. I eased myself down and groaned as the jets hit all the right parts. The three of us sat blissfully.

"I love how your tits just break the water, Sheila. It's a very sensual look." She smiled back at me.

Both Rocco and Duffy were sprawled out on their sides enjoying a nap when the sound of people entering the pool area disturbed them. The young couple we'd seen in the dining room were walking toward us. They were dressed in robes and it seemed obvious that they were about to join us in the tub.

"Excuse me," said Larry, "but we don't want to make you uncomfortable. We're all naked in here but if you'll turn around, we'll get out and cover up."

They began to laugh. "No need," said the guy, "we had the same idea. Do you mind if we join you?"

"Not at all! Hop in!" And we started to laugh. At first, they seemed ready to take the plunge but instead they walked over to the side and began whispering to each other. The three of us watched them as they discussed the situation occasionally peering back at us. Finally, they walked toward the tub, tossing their robes on a chaise.

"Hi, I'm Rob and she's Bobbie."

"That certainly makes it easy," I said,...Robbie and Bobbie." Pointing around, I introduced us as they dipped into the hot water.

Rob was hung like Rex, The Wonder Horse, clearly sporting about ten thick inches below his uncircumcised cap. This dude was in good shape, too. As was Bobbie, a tall, well-built body under a shock of blond hair. I wouldn't say that either were great looking, I'd say rather plain and nondescript, except, of course, for their defined bodies. Bobbie also had a small bush of brown hair which defined a long slit.

"Oh, yes...this is just what the doctor ordered," said Bobbie as she eased back into the tub. Pointing to Rob, she added, "And he's the doctor who ordered it!"

"Precisely!," he said. "After a good workout in the gym and a run through the empty halls, this feels great. Did you folks exercise, too?"

"Oh, we had plenty of exercise last night," giggled Sheila. I thought her comment was rather forward and it did make me a little uncomfortable but I'd already learned that Sheila didn't often edit herself.

Rob looked a bit confused and asked if we'd had problems on the road but Bobbie poked him saying, "That's not what she meant, silly!" At least, she was smiling when she said that.

Looking at Sheila, Bob asked, "You mean the three of you?"

"Yeah...and the dogs," pointing at Rocco and Duffy.

They raised their eyebrows. "Now I'm confused," said Bobby.

"I'm kidding. It's my bizarre sense of humor."

"That's right, my wife can be very silly. She was joking about the dogs."

I just shook my head. "Will you leave these poor athletes alone and let their endorphins chill? Pay no attention to them, Bob. They're working on their comedy act." Looking to change the subject, I explained that we met up on the road and we were heading north to different parts of New York. I asked where they were headed.

"We're on our way home to Bangor, Maine...eventually." sighed Bobbie.

"It may take us a bit longer than we expected with this shitty weather. I hope we can get out of here tomorrow. It's a good thing we have books to finish reading."

"Who are you kidding, honey? You already found the porn channel." Somehow, it always comes back to sex talk when you're naked and in a hot tub.

"Anything good on there," asked Sheila.

"Nah, all soft-core crap...fuzzy lenses and fade-outs...just when it gets interesting."

I was now staring at Bobbie's pneumatic breasts as they floated above the surface. All I could think of was her amazingly large nipples.

"With your bodies, I'm surprised you don't make your own." That Sheila!

"Don't think we haven't tried but we're both so lousy with the camera."

"I volunteer!" Larry and I offered simultaneously.

"And I'll direct!" said Sheila. All of us laughed. "Oh, you can laugh all you want but we're serious!"

"Were you joking about the three of you...?" Bobbie inquired.

"No. We had great sex last night."

"Really? Did you feel like a queen?"

"All three of us did!" We all laughed again.

Larry eased out of the tub and pulled a joint from his trousers. Lighting it, he took a long hit and kneeled down next to Sheila, "Want some, hon?" Sheila turned around and instead of taking the joint, she grabbed his dick and made as though to suck on it instead. At the last second, she moved her head and took a hit. Larry then came around to me and kneeling next to me, I did the same thing. The laughter was rolling. He then walked over to Bobbie and there was that moment of uncertainty.

"I dare you," Bob said to her.

"Bad! Bad choice of words!" Bobbie took Larry's dick into her hand and pulled it close to her lips but not between them, making a loud sucking sound. "I'll pass on the pot, thank you!" I thought Rob's eyebrows were going to lift off and fly away. "And, by the way, you have a very nice penis."

"Thank you."

Larry now moved over to Rob and as Bobbie said "I dare you", Rob beat her to it and said, "Thanks but I pass on both." Larry took another hit and passed the joint back to Sheila as he dipped back into the tub.

"I like Larry's penis, too," said Sheila, "it's just the right size for me. Rob's monster, on the other hand, would probably split me in two."

"I like it because it fills me up although sometimes it hurts a little."

Rob seemed a little uncomfortable as the ladies spoke about his privates and he seemed to squirm.

"Don't be uneasy, Rob. Relax. I'm sure you're very comfortable with your equipment," I offered.

"Yeah, I am...and I've never had any complaints before. Hell, it works for me!"

I was starting to shrivel up so I got out of the tub. Sheila said that she had enough, too and also got out. Larry followed close behind.

"That's a cute vee," remarked Bobbie about Sheila's pubic hair design and she seemed to preen.

We toweled off and slipped our clothes back on. We talked about walking the dogs through the halls, going up to the reading room and then returning to our rooms. Sotto voce, Sheila commented that she wouldn't mind another good fucking. Apparently, Bobbie heard it and smiled.

"So if you two want us to film you, ring us up. We're in 301 and 303. I'd love to see that monster in action."

"We just might do that. After all this talk, I'm feeling horny, too."

We said our goodbyes and left to stroll the empty halls.

"They were an interesting pair," said Larry.

"Yes indeed. I liked their bodies. I'd love to play with them."

"I don't think that's going to happen, boys. He seemed a bit skittish. And that's too bad because I'd love to feel her up. You two can have his dick because I'm afraid of it." Then she laughed. "They're probably talking about us - the Wild Ones - right now!"

After a brisk walk and another cup of coffee in the reading room (where there was little of interest to read and a pretty lame view due to falling sleet), we headed back to the rooms.

Their room was ripe with the scent of the flowers. "Oh, they're beautiful, Larry Honey!" Actually, I thought the smell was a bit too ripe and reminiscent of a mortuary but I said nothing. It was a nice gesture.

I gave Rocco and Duffy some treats and then they made themselves comfortable on the bed in my room. I grabbed the free USA Today and headed for the john. I heard the phone ring in their room and Sheila talking.

When I returned, Sheila informed me that Rob and Bobbie would be by in about an hour with their camera. We laughed again. I sat down on the couch to finish the crappy rag and nosh on some of last night's leftovers. Larry put the Weather Channel on and the report indicated that the sleet would turn to rain soon and it would warm up. I mused that maybe I'd head out and drive through the night. He asked what my big rush was and commented that we should resume our trip in the morning. What was the big rush, I wondered and went back to the paper. About forty-five minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Larry ushered Rob and Bobbie in. They were dressed in large white terry robes and Rob was carrying a Flip.

Bobbie spoke up first. "Now the deal is that nothing goes on the Internet, right? We'll just use our camera." We all agreed. "Also, we want you guys to just watch and film us...no touching, okay?"

"Rats," I said, "you mean those tits are off-limits? Bummer!"

"Chill, Ray," said Sheila. "Nobody says 'bummer' anymore. You're showing your age."

"We just want you to film us having sex. We want a record of it."

"Okay, but I'm directing," said Sheila, adding, "can we add special effects?"

"No, nothing fancy, just us having sex...and no touching us...that's the deal."

"Alright, we get it. Relax, we'll be cool. But first things first, okay?" said Larry as he popped our last bottle of wine. "Everybody get naked and let's get nice and loose first."

"Excellent idea," I said as I lit up the half joint in the ashtray. Bobbie dropped her robe and looked awesome in a matching set of violet Victoria's Secret - even though nothing was really secret. Rob doffed his robe and was wearing black silk boxers. Larry, Sheila and I dropped our sweats and pulled off our tees. Naturally, the three of us wore no underwear. We sat around on the bed and Rob explained what they wanted to film. He specifically wanted close ups. I got a kick out of Sheila who sat totally exposing her pussy to all. I got more of a kick out of Bobbie who couldn't take her eyes off it. Finally, we set up the shoot with Larry manning the cam. I took a seat off to the side intending to provide running commentary.

The action started with Bobbie lying on the bed caressing herself as Rob walks into frame watching her. Soon, he starts caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples through the sheer bra. Sheila told them to pick up the action so Rob unhooked the bra and exposed Bobbie's erect nipples rising like pink buds. He moved around her and knelt between her legs kissing her twat as he peeled down the panties. Larry was capturing everything. When Rob lifted his face, Larry moved in for a wet shot. Sheila instructed Bobbie to open her pussy for him. She pulled her lips apart showing her full pink. Her inner lips were fleshy and her clit was long. It looked like Georgia O'Keefe's "Canna" or a Judy Chicago dinner plate. It was pretty and for a moment, I wished I was Rob's tongue.

The room began to fill with the smell of her excited pussy. Sitting where I was, the competing scent of pussy and flowers was intoxicating. They filmed for about twenty minutes as Sheila put them into different positions and Larry captured every thrust. To be honest, I was getting bored and my dick alternated between stiff and dead. Finally, Sheila let them go for the money shot and Rob, with just a few strokes, shot his copious load across her tits. Bobbie ended the shoot by scooping up a handful of his cum and dramatically licking her fingers.

Sheila handed the camera back to Rob who did a quick check of the film and pronounced it as perfect.

"I'm more exhausted than you two. I need to rest. Where's my wine?" Sheila sat down on the bed next to Bobbie and propped herself up on the bolster. Looking down at Bobbie's cum-covered tits, she asked, "May I?"

"Sure, go ahead. You earned it."

Sheila slowly scooped up a glob of cum making sure she copped a feel and ran her hand across a nipple. Placing her fingers in her mouth, she said, "Mmmm. Very salty." Then she sipped her wine.

"You know, Bobbie, I'm a little cheesed off," said Larry.


"Well, this morning in the hot tub, you nearly kissed my dick. How come I don't get to return the favor."

"Because you don't and that's the deal. Anyway, I'd rather see you kiss Ray's dick. That would be a new one for me. I've never seen homosexual sex before and I'm very curious."

"Ugh! Women! They always get their way. Come over here, Ray."

I stood up and moved over to the side of the bed. Larry sat down between Sheila's legs and with a big flourish, took my dick between his lips.

"Wow! He's really sucking your cock!"

I looked at Rob whose eyebrows were again reaching the point of liftoff. Bobbie lay across Sheila's tummy to have a closer look. I knew she was teasing Sheila. I also realized that given her own inclinations, she'd be joining in but I sensed that Rob was the jealous type and the one who set the rules. Sheila must have picked up on this too because her hand was surreptitiously caressing Bobbie's nipple which was conveniently out of Rob's view. Bobbie shifted closer and moved in such a way as to make sure this action was away from Rob's eyes. Sheila reached down and inserted two fingers into her vagina while her thumb ribbed her clit. Rob's eyes alternated between Larry's mouth and Sheila's pussy. He was silent as he picked up the camera and began shooting. His very erect cock gave his true feeling's away.

Meanwhile, Larry was doing a wonderful job on me and I groaned as I pushed myself deeper into him. He was making a big show of this blowjob as he went down to the root and then back up to the head.

"Are you going to cum? I want to see you cum in his mouth."

Sheila's scent filled the room as her fingers worked their magic. The sound of her squishing cunt and her excitable breathing was like an aphrodisiac to me as I started to pump harder. Bobbie was breathing hard, too.

"That's good, Lar. Keep that up and you'll drink my load...any second now."

Sheila's hands were furiously busy and I knew she'd be climaxing soon. Bobbie seemed to delight in Sheila's wet scent and edged a little closer. Bob was intent on filming as Bobbie reached over and began to stroke his massive cock but he gently pushed her away. I got the feeling that it was making the camera jiggle.

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