tagGay MaleWe All Have the Same Thing Pt. 02

We All Have the Same Thing Pt. 02


Due to all of the views and positive feedback I have decided to post a longer chapter. It will contain more sex, more story and more people. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Thank you everyone who has read the first story and I will continue making more stories as well as continuous parts to this one.


Sneak peek: "Oh screw this facade, I'm going to fuck his ass. Get his mouth. If he resists then be rough."

It was a warm Wednesday morning when I woke up. I rolled out of bed and went to take a morning piss. After returning to my room I was in a state of shock. I wasn't in my room, I was in Alex's room, naked, where I shared a good night sleep with a naked sleeping Alex. It was then I remembered everything that happened the day before.

I was feeling a bit different today though, I wasn't sure if I really was bisexual. I just made a snap decision last night during the heat of the moment. Maybe I was thinking straight. I got my answer when Alex jizzed during what seemed like a wet dream. It landed on my hand and I licked it off. After nearly devouring my hand in an effort to slurp up all of my friends delicious cum, I decided I was definitely bi.

Even though it was a quick decision I think I do love girls and guys, especially Alex. Alex and I have best friends for years. We met when we were 6. We often hung out a lot together and we were so close we thought of each other like brothers. We're both only children so I guess that's why we were so close. We were so trusting of each other that we often told each other all of our secrets and things going on in our lives.

Through our many conversations I knew how big his sex drive was and all of the relationships he's had as well as me. I also have an equally high sex drive but I never told him or that I was bi-curious at that point. I think what made me not tell him was when we were talking about our group sex stories.

"So it was with that orgy that led us all to finish with an A, and then you could say we ended the semester with one massive F. Have you done anything like that Alex?"

"No I haven't and don't plan too because I cannot be looking at some other dudes junk while I fuck. I'll never be in an orgy with another man."

"Not even if it was 100 of the worlds best pornstars and 1 guy?" I asked.

"That one guy has be someone I know. Preferably you Robert."

"Awww stop, you're making me blush." I said with sarcasm, even though in my head I felt happy that he said that.

I was bi curious during the time of that convo and when he did say that I almost wanted to try and see if we had feelings for each other but I decided not to act, considering his comment about another mans dick.

It was actually at the orgy I mentioned that made me bi curious. I'll give a few details but I'm not going to go over the whole group fuck (But if you do then comment down below and tell me you want to see it).

We were in our Human Anatomy class doing our end of the semester final. Our class was special because it took place in a rooftop classroom. The rooftop was only accessible by two keys, the holders were our teacher, Miss Glasgow or Avery as she had our class call her, and the buildings manger was the other holder.

Our class was also special because we were all kinda close with each other. Avery mentioned that it's important for people of the human race to be more open about who they are as a person, what makes them who they are, what's their sexual identity and opinions and basically become close with everyone because we impact all of our lives in many different ways.

We did all kinds of abnormal projects and lessons in our class but everyone didn't have an issue. We were so comfortable with it that one time Avery had everyone get naked, including herself, to compare each other's bodies and to observe any similarities and differences. Obviously us men got erections from looking at the chicks and their nipples got erect as well. We were admittedly uncomfortable at first but Avery said it's fine to feel that way because it's a normal human emotion. We were all calmer and just embraced it.

No this is not where the orgy happened but we're close. I will admit even though I was turned on by the women and our milf of a teacher I was stealing occasional glances at the dudes. I never thought seeing another mans genitalia could be so interesting but it was. I just shook it off given the situation.

During this class I had made good friends with one of the girls, her name is Haley. Haley and I became a couple due to many similar interests and the good chemistry we shared. At the beginning last story I mentioned how I didn't have a girlfriend. That's because even though Haley and I admittedly love each other, we both decided that we would hold on dating to focus on and finish school, though we would still hangout from time to time. Though this might change now due to my situation with Alex.

Now, for our end of the year final Avery had us come in on a Saturday when the building would be mostly empty. She said this is a special kind of final that she knows from our 4 months spent together that no one would have an issue with. She said we will partner up and explore each other's bodies by identifying the key pleasure points and seeing how long we can fuck.

Yup, she wanted us to have sex.

She had laid out a bunch of gym mats on the floor and she would conduct through observation how we all did. Everyone started grabbing partners and shedding their clothes. Haley and I who were dating grabbed a mat. We were all doing fairly well and our moans and whimpers and wet slapping sounds were the only noises.

After 30 minutes we noticed that people started being more grabby with other people, even us, and some people were switching partners. Even the gays and lesbians were taking part in fondling of the other sex. We noticed Avery stopped taking observations and was fingering herself. She eventually said "Class! I want it, you want it, we all want it. I have never had a class that were as close and wonderful as you all are. I have decided to give you all A's, but before that I need to cum so badly. So it's fucking time to say fuck all and just have a full blown orgy!"

Everyone cheered and eventually I was fucking Hayley, fingering the two lesbians and eating out Avery's glistening pussy. We were fucking for hours on end and at some point when I was sitting down I started eating out Hayley. While I ate her out I was getting blown. When I took a second to breathe I noticed that my dick was being blown thoroughly by one of the straight dudes... well... I guess not straight anymore.

I just ignored it and went back to eating out Hayley. It didn't bother me that he was blowing me because it felt really good. I knew right then and there that I was bi curious, especially when he drank all of my jizz as it shot down his throat.

I started thinking is dick that wonderful to the point where men would rather suck and fuck that over my gf's wonderful clit? It was something I was one day now willing to try.

After the orgy we as a class were sitting on the mats in a circle basking in the afterglow of what we just did with Hayley resting nicely with my dick in her ass, slowly fucking her and near my breaking point.

Avery was talking and congratulating and thanking us all for a wonderful semester and that after class we should all trade phone numbers in case we wanna assemble another orgy or something else. She started talking to people and she started talking to the guy next to me, the same dude who gave me that wonderful blowjob.

She mentioned that she noticed how after our whole semester that started with him talking about how much he hated gay people, he has made such an amazing improvement by not just accepting them as close friends but also by sucking off every dude in this room. She then asked why he didn't have an issue with that.

He responded "Well it's simple. If I can handjob myself then I can give handjobs to other men. If I want to give myself a blowjob then I can easily blow other men, it's because we all have the same thing." That quote was so eye opening it made me jizz right in Hayley's ass. I will always remember that.

When I recounted my orgy story to Alex I left out all the gay parts but now given our situation I might recount the full thing to him later. And with that said I snapped back to reality, looking at the sight of my new boyfriend in a peaceful slumber.

I carefully climbed back into bed and started kissing him all over. He slowly started to stir. He was at first shocked to see what was going on but after surveying the situation he was totally fine. He started the conversation.

"So it seems you were quick and ready to have sexual contact with me so soon, why is that?"

I then reminded him of the orgy story and threw in the whole thing with the bi parts. I then told him that when we had the initial conversation I was saddened by his comment about not doing it around another male but was happy when he said he would definitely fuck 100 women with me there helping. He gave a lengthy response.

"Well in all honesty I recently started having bi thoughts too. When I was in college in the house I shared with 9 other dudes I would hear certain things. Once while home with two of the other dudes they started having really loud sex and their bedroom was next to mine. I was so annoyed because I was trying to jerk off to my porn at max volume but they were so loud it blocked out the sound. While pumping myself I was thinking about going over to them and start sexually torture them. While thinking about it I came the hardest ever in my life. I knew from then on I was bi but didn't want to say anything to anyone. After your orgy story and your question I felt that I needed to hide the fact that I didn't want to be in a threesome with another man. But in reality if I ever had to it would be with you. I always wondered what it would be like to be with another man but after last night I got my answer. Even though I still dig sluts I still wanna be with you, my best friend, because I love you Robert and I wanna get more sexually involved with you."

I nearly started crying when he said that. "Oh Alex, I love you too. I want to be with women too but I think you're the only man I'll ever wanna date in my life." We kissed passionately over our newfound love. "Hopefully we can continue to keep this a secret. At some point we'll tell our friends everything when we feel right." I said.

"Yeah you're right" Alex said, "Who knows, maybe we can get some of them in on the action, like Dave."

"Yeah, also while you and I are dating we can also add other people into our fun whether they're male or female." I said with a smile.

"Robert I'm actually sad about something else."

"What is it?"

"You were blown by a dude before me. I wanted to be your first."

"Well Alex even though that bastard sucked me off he sucked everyone off, Hell last thing I heard was that he became Avery's personal Bitch and now is sex whore for men and women alike. Plus this is going to be a good, no, a great sucking from someone I love and not some whore."

Alex only blushed and giggled at this response and then followed it up with a long passionate kiss. I stood up and Alex got onto his knees in front of me. My $5 footlong was ready to fuck his warm mouth. He started teasing me by licking the tip and kissing it. He engulfed it and got 7 inches down before he came back up for air. He said my dick tastes delicious and went back for round two.

I started slow, gyrating my hips with his head bobs but we slowly made it to the point where I was face-fucking him at sonic speed. At one point I pulled out and a long strand of his saliva fell onto the bed. "Alex, take in a deep breath because we're going to see how far I can shove my dick down your throat."

He took a deep, long breath and then I guided my shaft down his throat. He managed to get all 12 inches down and started deep throating me. It was the greatest feeling in the world. I pulled back a bit. "Alex... I-I'm going to c..cum." I moaned. Alex did not pull back.

I shot 10+ ropes of cum in his mouth and down his throat to the point that I had to pull out and jizz on his face so that I wouldn't choke him. He looked up at me with jizz dripping down his face and cum oozing out of his mouth. I licked off my spunk and then shared a cum swap kiss with him as we recharged.

We decided to get ready for the day and shower. We got in and turned on the hot water. He had a big shower, so big that it looked like it belonged in a high school. Yeah I forgot to mention Alex is rich af and we're not but it's not his rich money I am dating him for, it's his dicks rich honey that I could drink for days. There were actually multiple shower heads and a couple of benches in there for precise cleaning and now for shower sex.

I sat Alex down and set that I needed a throat cleaning so I went down on him and started blowing him. This was my first dick ever and it was soooo good, I didn't want to stop sucking and I wanted to have him explode down my throat.

While sucking him off I grabbed the soap and soaped up my hand. I pulled just to say "let me clean this for you" and I shoved my middle finger up his ass.

I was now blowing him and fingering his tight asshole while pumping myself. He was moaning like crazy when I took it up a notch and stuck two fingers up there. I started scissoring his ass and was surprised when he pulled away with my fingers coming out with two plops. "Why did yo-" was all I could say before he exploded on my face.

I licked my lips and and scooped up some of his spunk with the fingers I used. His cum was good but so was his ass. There wasn't even a hint of brown. I remembered enjoyed Hayley's ass but there was something different about him. I should one day introduce him to her, we would have a wonderful threesome. But I would definitely need to eat out his ass out some point.

I wiped off some cum with the fingers and had him suck on it. He loved the taste of his ass and dick juice. We finished cleaning then got out and toweled off. We both decided to stay naked because it felt better.

We went down and cooked some breakfast. We made out during breakfast and ate a sausage link the way the two dogs eat the spaghetti. We then finished breakfast and chatted. We had a normal conversation as if we weren't naked and spent the last hour blowing each other.

We decided that later that day I would go home and bring over a few pairs of clothes and stay with him for the next two weeks while our parents were still at the resort. Even though we were going to be nude most of the time, we could still go to see a movie and have a nice dinner. While I did the dishes Alex moved our discarded clothes from last night and put them in his room.

We then went back to the room it all started and decided to watch a movie. Course we hardly payed attention because within five minutes we were making out with my dick resting on his left ass cheek and my right hand playing with his cock. After we finished making out, Alex finally spoke up.

"Hey Rob, you don't think we're rushing to far into this relationship with all of the sex do you?"

"I do not, I think we're going at a natural flow and the fact that we're best friends makes us want to fully explore each other's bodies. Are you asking because you have something in mind?"

Alex responded "Yes I do. I want you to fuck my ass with your huge cock babe. I want to feel you inside me."

I was surprised. "Babe eh, I could get used to names like that sweetheart. It seems you want me to be the dominant part of this relationship. I'm happy to oblige. But whenever I want it you must call me sir or Master. Understood?"

"Yes Master."

"Wonderful, why don't you set the lights up to a nice tint while I load up a porno. It might be better to fuck with background noise because despite your soundproof walls, I'm going to make you moan so loud it gets past the sound barrier and the neighbors have to call about a domestic issue."

"Sure thing Master."

"Ok you don't have to do it that much. Only when I say so." He then made the room all nice while I played a playlist of the 4 part Brazzers Christmas special with Lena Paul and Charles Dera. After putting it on a nice volume, Alex came into the room and closed the door. He jumped on my lap and we started making out again. I got up and prepared to enter him missionary style. "Are you ready for my big cock to ravage your butthole sweety?"

"Ohhhhhh fuck yes. Fill me up baby. I wanna feel everything you are packing you sexy bitch."

"I love it when we talk dirty to each other you vile, disgusting sex whore I shouted." He only giggled when I said that and probably accepted it. It felt so wonderful when my tip finally connected with his tight entrance.


"What was that?" I said while looking up at the ceiling. Alex looked up too. He said he heard nothing.

"Alex! Robert! Are you guys down there?"

"Fuck fuck fuck, it's Dave" Alex said. "What are we going to do Robert? Our clothes are upstairs."

I sat on the middle cushion. "We're just going to have to make it look like we're masturbating. We can talk him through his initial shock. It should be easier since he's actually gay. We can get through this, together, as a couple."

We stopped talking when the door opened.


"Listen, Dave it's not what it it looks like." I sputtered loudly.

"Really cause it looks like I just found my two friends jerking it together to porn." Dave said.

Alex joked "Huh, I guess it does look what it looks like."

I asked Dave what he's doing here. Dave explained. "I came here to get my wallet because I left it here yesterday and I have trying to text Alex all morning trying to come and grab it. I thought it would be fine to drive over and grab it. Yes I know I drove twice now within 24 hours without my license on hand but I needed it." Dave walked over, picked up his wallet and then paused our program. "So how long of you two been jerking off together?" He asked.

I made up a story on the spot about how three months ago we were both incredibly horny and decided to just masturbate together. We found that doing it together was actually more relaxing so we decided that whenever it was just us together we would jerk off without issue. Surprisingly it's a ton of fun. Wanna join?

Now as I had mentioned during the first part, Dave is hot, smart/nerdy and gay and I had wanted to try seeing if I was Bi with Dave but that idea slowly changed. But now ever since my time with Alex I've been wanting to try him out if the opportunity presented itself. Dave was on the football team in high school (yes he's a jock and a nerd) and was very ripped like Alex. He attended some California school on a football scholarship and got himself a boyfriend, whose name is Tim, who he introduced us to and we had all come to accept as our friend. It was great seeing them so happy together but sadly they're long distance with him in Oregon and Dave here in Utica, New York. We met him through online gaming which is what my friend group and I use to stay connected all the time. So while they have long distance trouble they still love each other very much.

I can only imagine now how their sexual relationship is working out. There was a rumor in school that after the big game the team went back to the coaches house to celebrate. Yes, there was alcohol there and you're probably thinking that the coach took advantage of Dave. Well the rumor goes that Dave and and another player convinced the coach (who they were supposedly fucking because he was their history teacher and they were trying to get perfect grades) got the whole team wasted and got them into a situation where they had a fierce male only orgy. I hear this from people at school and I also kinda believe it. Dave looks like a sex god and I wanted to be struck by his lightning. He often bragged about it and after the celebration some of the players left their girlfriends and hooked up with members of the team. (Btw if you want a spin off story of the football orgy then comment down below and/or email/message me your thoughts).

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