tagNonHumanWe Are the Day Ch. 02

We Are the Day Ch. 02


Hello, all! I'd just like to say thank you to everyone that took the time to vote and give feedback on the first installment of We Are the Day! I was super nervous about putting it out there for people to read, and I was ecstatic that so many had positive things to say. This was my first stab at erotic literature, and posting in this type of forum for that matter...But enough jibber jabber...here's chapter two. Enjoy!!! ;)


Chapter Two

"Kenna, you up?" I knocked gently on my best friend's door.

No answer.

"Ken," I said as I walked into her bedroom. I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized that she was sprawled out on her bed. She looked at peace, the complete opposite of what I was feeling. I shut her door, the click reverberating through the entire apartment. It was so still and silent, it was almost scary; especially being coupled with last night's events.

Pictures flashed back to me in spurts: Tony reaching down my bra, Damian on Tony's car, Kenna looking half dead in the bathtub...then there were memories of Damian and my time at the apartment. Heat flooded through my body at the remembrance of how his lips suckled mine, how his tongue felt against mine, how he sucked blood from my punctured lip. My fingers trailed over my bottom lip and I quickly assessed them.

"Were you planning on finding more blood?"

My hand cupped my mouth as I jumped backwards. Damian Andros was sitting pretty on my bed. I shut the door to my bedroom and waited for my heart to calm before responding to him. "What are you doing here? Better yet, how'd you get in here?"

His face looked troubled as he answered. "I drove your car here, then I just walked in. You girls should lock the door. What if I was a murderer, or burglar or something?"

"Why are you here?"

"I wanted to return your car, and...I wanted to apologize for last night."

"What happened last night? Why did you...do that?" I couldn't bring myself to say the act out loud.

His expression was pained as he looked at me, but he didn't speak. From the way his brow furrowed and flattened, I could tell he was debating on telling me something. I took the opportunity to get my clothes around for the day.

"What are you doing with this?" he asked, picking up my Bar Louie t-shirt.

"I'm scheduled to work today."

He blew out a quick gust of air. "Like fuck you're going to Bar Louie after what that guy-,"

"Will you be quiet? Kenna's still asleep!" I hissed.

His eyes flashed yellow. "You're not going back until I fix the situation."

"Fix the situation? I don't need you to fix anything!"

"You're not going in today. Matter of fact, you won't be going back ever."

My cheeks heated as my eyes drew tight. "You can't tell me where I can or can't go to work! I need the money, and you can't stop me!" As soon as the words left my mouth, I knew that they were completely false. Anyone that can punch the windshield out of a car and carry a grown man by his neck without so much as a scratch or bead of sweat could definitely hold a little blonde girl of barely one hundred and twenty pounds captive. Damian knew this, and made it known by the smirk on his face.

"Do you remember anything from last night? I recall telling the man that if I caught him within a two hundred foot radius of you, I'd kill him. Now, my word has always been my bond, Taylor. Do you want me to kill Tony?"

"No," I sounded like a sulky teenager.

"Well good. No work until I figure out a plan," he smiled, clapping his hands together once and standing up.

"What happened last night, Damian?" I asked when he was inches away from me.

"I'm still trying to figure it out."

"Oh come on!" I was not in the mood for games. "You suck my blood and don't even offer an explanation as to why?"

He flinched but carried on in his rushed, angry tone. "To tell you why would be a prelude to me telling you things you are not ready to know yet."

"Fine," I huffed, throwing my door open and leaving the room. I felt foolish, fleeing my own bedroom, but he gave me no choice. He was being so stubborn. I turned the corner of the hallway to find Damian leaning against the kitchen counter, waiting for me.

"Taylor. Don't be like this. I'm just trying to protect you."

"From what?"

"The world! Everything out there is not what it seems. There's a whole entire world out there that you can scarcely understand or even begin to survive in."

"Then why did you show up at my job, pestering me? You should've just left me alone if that was the case!" my throat was starting to hurt from all of the intense whispering.

"I can't leave you alone, Taylor! I have been for too long. Shit. Look at this," he passed his hands over the gray beanie that hung off the back of his head. I was sure that if it weren't present, his hands would be in his hair, signaling his frustration. "You always drag too much information out of me," he said as he began to pace in the kitchen.

I knew that I was supposed to be mad at him, but the way his muscles moved under the gray material of his hoodie as he passed his hands over his head had me squirming with need. His dark wash jeans moved with him in ways that should be some type of sin against God. He turned to me, his eyes flickering specs of yellow. "You like what you see?" he sounded surprised.

"No," I lied.

He found that amusing. "You know I can read you like a book, Taylor. Remember that."

Come kiss me then, I challenged before thinking.

His lips were on mine before I had time to even react to him leaving the kitchen. His tongue invaded my mouth, taking turns licking at my lips and tongue. Too soon he released me. "I can't be without you, Taylor. I can't do it anymore. Spend the day with me. Please. I'll tell you what I am, but I just," he huffed in frustration before making a steeple of his hands in front of his pouty lips. "I just want you to see me as a person for a little while longer...before you know the truth. I don't want you to see me as a monster."

"I could never see you as a monster, Damian." I knew as soon as the words left my lips that they were true. How could this man with his angelic features be anything but angelic? The man that saved me from a grisly fate last night could never be a monster in my eyes, no matter what he said or did. Although I'd known Damian for less than twenty four hours, I felt a connection to him that I hadn't found yet with any other person; so, if he was a monster, I guess that made me one too.

His eyes locked with mine, his gaze was unwavering. My guess was that he was reading my thoughts again. Pulling me into an embrace he whispered, "I wish I would've found you sooner. Please, Taylor. Spend the day with me. We can do whatever you want. After you eat, that is."


"You haven't eaten since those couple of French fries on your lunch break yesterday. Get dressed. I'll be waiting outside. I have a couple of calls to make." He planted a gentle kiss on my lips before moving out of the apartment with inhuman speed.

I spent too much time in my closet, finding nothing suitable to wear besides a pair of white Toms. Tearing through my dresser drawers, I found an oversized sweatshirt and a pair of skinny jeans. I dressed quickly before running to the bathroom to brush my teeth and fix my hair. Kenna was still sleeping when I was ready to leave, so I scrawled her a quick note and left it on the dining room table.

I locked up the apartment and turned to find Damian sitting on the hood of a white, 2013 Lincoln MKZ. I think I drooled. "Is it okay if we ride in this car? I don't like to be chauffeured."

I climbed into the car, the smell of leather and cleaner hit me square in the face. "This is new?"

"It is. I thought that you might like it," he shrugged although his eyes hinted at deeper emotion.

"You want me to have this?" I squeaked.

"Would you take it if I offered it to you?"

"No. It's too much, and we barely even know each other. Who buys a car for a girl they just met yesterday?"

"I do. Besides, that fucker Tony messed your car up so bad that even with regular maintenance, it'll probably only run for about two more months."

"I'll just drive it until it gives out."

"And then you'll call me as soon as it does."

Damian took me to the little nautical themed diner, Tradewinds, for lunch, much to my surprise. It seemed down scale for someone that could buy a brand new car on a whim, but he insisted that he frequented the restaurant. The mall was our next stopping point; I figured I could put my tip money from the previous night to use.

"Maybe now it won't take me forever to find something to wear," I mused while the cashier at Tilly's rung up my findings.

"Maybe, maybe not," Damian smirked. "You have tons of clothes, Taylor. You were just trying to find the perfect outfit so as to impress me."

"No," my face heated, giving away my lie. "I just didn't feel right in anything I put on."

"Sure," he said, setting a couple pairs of jeans on the counter and producing a black card from his wallet. "These are together," he said to the cashier.

"No they're not. You're not paying for my clothes."

"Yeah, I am. Here," he handed his card to the cashier that looked like he would rather be anywhere than behind the register. "Women don't pay for anything in my presence. Sorry if that's a little old school for you, but there it is."

This argument continued into every store I made a purchase at that day, even the coffee shop. "If you pull your wallet out one more time," he said, his eyes beginning to turn from blue to yellow. My breath left me as my head whipped from side to side. It appeared that no one had seen the color change besides me, but he popped a pair of aviators on anyways.

We arrived back at my apartment a little after seven that night to find Kenna gone. I sighed heavily as I read her note. "She went to another party."

"You worry about her," Damian said, his voice soft.

"Of course I do. She can't handle her drink, she's been this way since high school. One of these days something bad is going to happen to her and I'm not gonna be able to save her," I sagged into the couch, while sending Kenna a text telling her not to drink too much. I knew she wouldn't listen, but it was worth a shot. "Are you ready to go home?" I asked, my head in my hands.

"Not unless you want me to leave."

"I thought we could order pizza and watch some movies or something," I shrugged, hoping to feign nonchalance.

I let Damian pick the movies that he wanted to watch, hoping that he would be distracted enough not to listen to my thoughts. I needed to assess our day together, and try to figure out what he was. Nothing was adding up anymore.

After his blood drinking last night, I had given him the label of "vampire", but after seeing him in the sun with no visible side-affects, I rethought that theory. There was also the lunch and dinner issue. He ate a bacon cheeseburger and fries at lunch; even as I sat debating his nature he was stuffing a slice of pepperoni pizza down his throat. Werewolf was my next option, but that was quickly extinguished as I peeped a full moon through the window.

Well, maybe he's not a traditional Were. He could be like one of those shape shifter things like in Twilight.

"Twilight? Really?" Damian said as he clicked off the television and turned to face me. "Of all the nonsense-,"

"Well you didn't offer any insight, so I'm just going with my best guess."

He sighed as he passed his hand over his eyes. "I'm a vampire, Taylor. But you already knew that."

I let go of the breath that I was unconsciously holding before responding. "No you're not."

He laughed. "Really? What else do you call a man-like creature that drinks blood?"

"You go out in the daytime and it doesn't hurt you, make your skin throw rainbows in the sun, and you don't catch fire. You eat like a horse. What am I supposed to think?"

He pondered this. "Well, I can see your confusion. I have been this way for quite some time, and I've only been around people that are like me. I'm really old-like really, really old; so I can do certain things that would seem strange for a regular vampire."

"How old?"

He sighed as the yellow in his eyes took over the blue. "I was one of the Firsts."

"The first vampires? How did that happen?" My mind was taking off at warp speed, trying to wrap my head around how that could even be true. It was like trying to solve the chicken and egg riddle. All of the pieces were there, I just couldn't make them fit.

"Back in the days when angels and demons walked openly among men, I was out trying to gather food for my family. My father had grown elderly and frail, so I was considered the man of the house. My family needed food, and I was the only one able to go. We had always been told never to wonder the woods at night, but I wouldn't leave my family to suffer in their hunger. I had my kill, ready to return home when I ran into a man possessed by a demon. He bit me, and it led to this," he motioned to his body. "Possessions of such kinds are borderline extinct today, but there are those of us that continue to make more vampires."

"You said, 'fallen angel'. Is that as in the one-third of heavenly hosts?"

"The very same."

"Well, why'd he bite you?"

"I have two theories. The first is that he did it out of anger. Being cast out of heaven is a pretty big deal. The second theory is that he was just looking for a good time," Damian shrugged before continuing. "After my transformation, I tried to find the man that bit me but he died shortly after the Fallen left his body. Looking back, I'm glad he died. I probably would've snapped his neck were he still alive."

My brain felt disconnected from everything. I wasn't sure how long I sat in silence, but I noticed movement in my peripherals that brought me back to the present.

"Where are you going?"

"Away. I can see that you don't want my company anymore. I can understand that."

"No, I never said that!"

"But you-,"

"I wasn't thinking it either, you know that. Come back here."

His eyes softened as he took a seat next to me on the couch. "Forgive me, Taylor. I'm just used to so many people running from me," he shook his head. "I knew you were different, but this brings it to a whole new level."

"People ran from you? Who?" I couldn't imagine anyone not wanting to be around Damian. I had only known him for a day and already craved more of his company.

"My family, my country. All of the Firsts were exiled after they found out what we were. We couldn't return home for decades. That's the main reason that we try to keep our existence a secret. If people find out what we are, we lose our families and friends. We really aren't solitary creatures as some stories suggest," he leaned back on the couch and closed his eyes. "During our exile is when the legends began. Some of the Firsts were angry about being forced to leave Greece and caused a massive uproar. They were feeding in the streets, killing public officials...I can still hear the screams sometimes. It was pandemonium. We had to kill the ones that were causing all the mayhem, so we slit their throats. Little did we know, it takes more than that to kill a vamp," he sighed.

I shuddered. "So, they're still out there somewhere?"

"No. We locked them up ages ago. We were just surprised as hell when we heard them banging around in their tombs."

"There's something I don't get."

"Hmm," he said dreamily, as his hands sifted through my hair.

"After you were bitten, how did you know what happened to you? There wasn't any reference point to look back on."

"The transformation made me wish that I was dead. As soon as that man's teeth broke my skin, it felt like I was being stabbed with butcher's knives all over my body, repeatedly. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, and death, but the entire time, I could feel myself getting stronger; when I jerked and writhed, it was with amazing speed. I could see more clearly, hear things further away, smell things that were even further. I knew I wasn't human anymore.

"When the transformation was over, I left the woods where I had been bitten. I just wanted to go home and see my family. On the way, I ran into a bear, and I thirsted. My throat constricted and I felt my eyes burn, even my gums burned. Without thinking, I launched myself at the bear, I drunk every ounce of his blood and threw the carcass in the river. I bled a few fish dry after that, too. I went home to my family, they noticed the changes immediately. My eyes were yellow, I moved too fast and too gracefully. It was too soon for me to learn how to control my vampire nature. It took them days to call me out, though. They were battling with who I was and what I had become. My parents didn't want to lose their son, my little brother thought I had become one of the Gods...my sisters wouldn't be in the same room with me," he sighed heavily as the blue in his eyes began to dull. One night my thirst overtook me, and I fed on one of my father's goats. It was a noisy business; I know now that I should've snapped its neck before feeding to keep it quiet."

I gasped and shuddered. Would I ever become comfortable with his casualness towards killing?

He continued, not missing a beat. "They called me a demon and told me to leave the house. What other choice did I have? I couldn't risk their lives by staying around," he shrugged while looking down at me. "And I would have...risked their lives, I mean. I could feel the heat coming off of their skin in waves, I could see the pulse in their necks," he said while trailing his finger up and down my own neck. "I would've killed them all one by one, so I fled. I found others of my kind traveling by night-they were the other Firsts. We became a family of our own and decided it best to live in secret. We became Children of the Night, because at the time, we couldn't come out during the day."

"How is it now that you can come out during the day?"

"Years of practice," he grinned. "It hurt like hell, but in the end it was worth it. You never realize how much you miss the sun until you can't look at it. All of the Firsts are Daywalkers now, but we each have different special abilities that make us unique; not just walking out in the sun."

"Like mind reading?"

"No. Mind reading is not uncommon. It's more of a predatory type of gift that all of us have to be able to catch our prey. Some of us conduct electricity, some of us influence the elements...there are really too many to name."

"What's your gift?"

"I'm what our kind refers to as a Caller. If I want an object, I just Call for it."

"Can I see?"

He rolled his eyes as a bottle of Mountain Dew hovered in front of my face. I gasped as he grabbed it.

"Jerk. You like scaring me."

"I like scaring people in general."

"I have another question."

He groaned, "What?"

"Why me? Why are you telling me all of this and showing me these things?"



"I can't tell you."

"Why not?"

"It's too soon. You've already drug too much out of me already."

"Oh come on! That's not fair! I have a right to know."

"In time you do, but right now, no. I can't afford to scare you off."

"Damian," I tried to muster up the best soothing tone that I could, "if you telling me that you're a vampire didn't scare me off, I'm not sure what will. Just tell me," I said, running my hand over his thigh. He caught it before bringing it to his lips and kissing it. "Not tonight."


"No," he said, taking one of my fingers into his mouth and lightly suckling. It was an action that I felt echoed down in my groin. My lips produced a heady gasp-moan combination.

"Please?" I muttered, trying to clear my brain of the sexual haze that it was trapped in. How could an action as simple as sucking my finger turn me on so quickly?

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