tagInterracial LoveWe Can Do This... Ch. 02

We Can Do This... Ch. 02


It had been weeks since Marcus had met Laura at the hotel in Lexington, but the memory of it still gave her chills...his touch, his smell, his kiss. Although he had been to her office a few times since, he seemed distant. And invariably someone would come into the guidance office and prevent them from being alone. Sure, they might steal a glance or a smile, but Laura longed to have her arms around Marcus' strong neck and taste his sweet kiss again.

She'd always heard, and hated, the expression "once you go black, you'll never go back," hating it because of the generalization that all black men are sexually the same. Laura despised preconceived notions about people based on sex, religion, race, or anything else for that matter. And even though she had no prior experience with black men, her experience with white men had taught her that no two are the same, and that size wasn't always as important as knowing what to do with what you've got. But Laura had to admit to herself that after being with Marcus, it had been hard to find satisfaction with her husband. The sex between Marcus and Laura had been, after all, some of the best she'd ever experienced...better than even some of the best in her wilder, experimental college days. Since their encounter, she'd found herself fantasizing that she was with Marcus so that she could reach an orgasm with her husband more than once.

Marcus had trouble getting Laura out of his mind, as well. He wanted to forget. He was a married man, a decent man with a conscience, so he visited the school where she worked on a minimal basis, often calling the office for the information he needed instead of coming by as he had done in the past. But when he closed his eyes, it was as if he could smell the delicious scent of her, feel her soft hair against his chest as she lay on him, feel the softness of her lips and taste the sweetness of her kiss, feel her expert tongue swirling around his cock. It was maddening for him, trying to forget...

It was late one Thursday afternoon when Marcus Harrison realized he needed the attendance information for a juvenile cases he had coming up in court the next morning. He called the school but there was no answer in the office. "Damnit," he cursed to himself. Would he be so lucky as to find a custodian to let him into the building, and even then, could he get to the information he needed without the help of one of the office staff? It was worth a shot, he figured, so he made the drive across town to the school.

There were only a few cars in the school parking lot, so Marcus was relieved when he saw a custodian around the side of the building taking a break to smoke a cigarette. The custodian told Marcus that he thought Mrs. Jordan was the only one still at work. He entered the building with the custodian and headed to the office, feeling a mixture of both hesitation and excitement.

The main office door was wide open, but once inside, Marcus found that Laura's door was closed. He knocked and Laura's surprised voice inside answered, "Um, hold on just a second!" Before long, she opened the door just a small crack to see who was there. Her heart skipped a beat. "Hi, Marcus. What are you doing here so late?" she asked. As she began opening the door wider, it was apparent that she had been changing from her work clothes into something to wear to the gym. She was still barefooted, but otherwise dressed. "Come on in!" she told Marcus, trying to hide the excitement in her voice.

Marcus told Laura what he needed, and she quickly retrieved the information from her computer. She clicked "print" and walked the short distance to the printer. Standing with her back to Marcus waiting on the printer, Laura could feel his eyes watching her. She wanted him to take her right there in the office, drop to the floor, or perhaps on her desk. But should she make the first move? Luckily for Laura, she didn't have to. Marcus had had all he could take... her bare feet, the work clothes she'd taken off hanging over the back of her chair, the sweet smell of her perfume in the small space of her office.

Laura felt him move in behind her as she stood facing the printer. Marcus wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in the soft hair that hung to her shoulders. As he began kissing her neck from behind, Laura sighed with satisfaction and lust. Marcus lowered one hand to Laura's pussy that was rapidly becoming soaked, and the other under her shirt and bra to her breast, where he pinched her hardening nipple ever so gently. His breath on her neck was making her hotter than she had been since she was with him last. She turned her head to meet his mouth with hers, and kissed him long and hard.

"I've missed you so much," she whispered, between kisses.

"You, too, baby" he panted, as he wasted no time pushing the door completely shut behind him, then pulling her shirt over her head almost in one motion.

Laura turned to face Marcus. She put her arms around his waist as she kissed him again, this time even more passionately than before. Her hands moved to his ass, firm and delightful to touch. Never breaking the kiss, she unbuttoned his pants so she could have access to the bare skin of his ass more easily. Oh dear God, how she loved his ass. She squeezed his muscular globes, becoming hornier with each passing second. She felt his rock hard cock pressing against her stomach and worked her kisses down his neck. He removed his shirt, and Laura drank him in...the beautiful, dark skin that was such an incredible turn-on for her, the broad shoulders, the muscles across his chest.

Laura removed her bra so there would be nothing between her bare skin and Marcus' as they embraced. Marcus kissed her face, her neck, and finally reached her breasts. He held her ample tits in his hands as he licked and sucked her nipples, first one then the other, alternating rapidly betweeen the two. His tongue was driving her mad, creating an unbelievable wetness between her legs. "Oh, yes, Marcus. You make me feel incredible," she moaned.

Laura was near her desk chair and sat down, her face now level with Marcus' cock. She could hardly wait to wrap her lips around the fine piece of meat she had been dreaming about since they were last together. He took a step toward her, unzipped, and lowered his pants. His cock sprang forward and Laura wasted no time pulling it into her mouth. The delicious drop of wetness on the tip of his cock was what she wanted most and she licked and sucked until she had it all. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and began to stroke it as she continued to work the head with her lips and tongue. Marcus held on to Laura head with both hands, enjoying the softness of her hair as he closed his eyes and threw his head back with pleasure. The slow, steady blowjob she was giving him was one of the things Marcus had tried so hard to forget, but she was working magic on his cock and there was nothing he could do right now but relax and enjoy it.

After Laura had brought him to the edge several times, then pulled back, Marcus knew he had to cum soon. He took Laura by the hand and pulled her up so she was standing with him. Marcus went down on his knees then pulled Laura's pants to the floor. He teasingly licked her pussy just once, ever so lightly. He could tell she was soaked and ready for his cock. "Lean over your desk, baby," he told her.

"Gladly," she replied, as she put one foot in her desk chair and leaned forward over her desk.

Marcus wasted no time entering her from behind. Her wetness made it easy for him to plunge forward and begin pumping her hard. Laura stifled a scream of pleasure when he first entered her aching pussy. Marcus held her hips and shook the desk he fucked her with such force from behind. "Oh, yes, your pussy is so wet. You like my black cock fucking you, don't you?" Marcus growled.

"Yes! Oh, yes! I love your black cock. I dream of you fucking me every night! Give it to me, baby," Laura screamed, no longer caring that she was still at work and the custodian might hear her. "And next I want you fuck my ass and cum inside me!" she begged.

Marcus couldn't believe his ears. Was she really asking him to put it in her ass? Most women find that very painful and might do it if they have to, but certainly don't beg for it. "Are you sure?" he asked, not wanting to hurt her.

"Oh, hell yes, I'm sure, baby. You make me so horny. I want to feel your hot cum shoot inside my ass," Laura told her lover.

Marcus slid his cock from her pussy, still soaking wet. He put two fingers inside her and rubbed the wetness up onto her ass, to allow for easier penetration. He gently pushed the head of his cock against her and felt it pop inside her. He waited a moment to allow her to adjust to his cock, then she began pushing slowly back against him. Before he knew it, he was all the way inside. He began to fuck her ass slowly, listening to her moans of pleasure, feeling the tightness of her ring around his cock. The sensation was incredible, and he knew it wouldn't take much of this to make him cum.

Marcus reached around and found Laura's clit with his right hand. He expertly began rubbing little circles at the very top of her clit, remembering that she came easily when he did this at the hotel before. The sensation of fullness in her ass as Marcus fucked her from behind, coupled with the massage he was giving her clit was more than Laura could stand. In moments she felt her breathing come faster and faster, and she began to shudder, "Uh, uh, uh, oh, Marcus! Fuck, yes! You make my pussy feel sooo good!", experiencing an orgasm that left her weak in the knees.

Even though his cock was buried deep inside her ass, Marcus felt the walls of Laura's pussy contract as she orgasmed, and this was more than he needed to help put him over the edge. He held on tightly to her hips and thrust into her, over and over, feeling his balls tighten and the wave of cum building within him. Soon he shot loads of cum deep inside Laura's ass. "Yes, baby, I'm cuummming!" he hissed.

After a minute, Marcus pulled out of Laura, and she quickly turned around and took his cock in her mouth, tasting the cum that was left on his delicious cock. "Mmmm," she smiled, as she looked into Marcus deep brown eyes. The heat inside Laura's ass was blissful to her, and she felt satisfaction in knowing she had given such pleasure to Marcus.

Marcus and Laura dressed quickly in her office. Would they really continue to fight the desire they felt for each other? Only time would tell. But for now, they would walk out of the building separately, as if nothing had happened, as if nothing had changed. As Laura locked her office door, Marcus left through the front door of the building. The custodian winked at him and wished him a good evening.

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