tagBDSMWe Finally Meet

We Finally Meet


We met online, in a chat room. We both were seeking something more than we presently had. She is married with two pre-teen boys. I am divorced with one daughter nearly the same age as she. She needed a Master. I needed a slave. We found each other.

We talked some online and she agreed to meet Me for a "look-see", and perhaps more. She was directed to come to My residence wearing no underpants and to say only, "Sir, slave is here as directed!" Then she would sit and we would talk. If she was uncertain she would say, "Sir, may we continue our talk, if it pleases Sir?" which was her way of saying she was uncomfortable.

On the other hand, all she had to do to indicate that she was ready to submit as My slave was, "Sir, how may slave serve You, Master!"

The doorbell rings. I see it is her. "Come in and sit, slave," I say.

She sits and we talk for a few minutes concerning her expectations and My demands. They were all consistent with our earlier online chats and instant messages. I was impressed with her willingness and apparent need. It nicely matched My need.

Rather quickly she spoke those magic words: "Sir, how may slave serve You, Master!"

My reply was, "Naked, now, on your knees!"

Instantly she kneels, her nose touching My rug as her dress fell to her mid thighs. She has nothing else except shoes on, which she quickly manages to kick off. Her simple sundress follows in a heap on top of her shoes.

I stand and move to her. Reaching down, I pull and twist a handful of her lovely hair and pull her toward Me. Slowly I drag her naked body to My chair.

I sit down, still holding a handful of her hair, I pull her face close to me, twisting so I can reach her ear I say "Slave is pleasing to her Master!" A short quick kiss on the ear is followed immediately by a hard and longer bite on the same ear.

She is lovely; every naked sex slave is lovely! Half twisted, lying across My chest and legs I can tell she is not comfortable but she is not supposed to be. Again I smile and say, "Slave remove Master's shoes and worship My feet!"

Like a child on Christmas morning she unties My shoe laces and begins to caress, kiss, lick and suck My feet and toes as she kneels at My feet.

After a few minutes I take hold of her hair again, pulling her toward Me. Holding her head by both ears, I smile and say, "Slave is doing adequately. But slaves need to be spanked." I pull My slave by the ears dragging her from the living room to the dining room where I bend her over the dining room table.

Quickly I slap her right ass cheek 7 times. Then I bend over My slave, nearly kneeling as I squat and I spread her ass cheeks and look at her tightest hole. My thumb rubs her ass. A nice cute ass, and one that I will soon be deep inside, I think. Slave's need is obvious. Slave is not simply wet but is dripping with wetness. Her shaved pussy area is deep red and glistening. Her aroma is wonderful.

I continue to admire her ass. I probe My thumb to its base into that tight hole. I pull it out and bend over to bite first the right side and then the left side of her ass, Each bite lasts about 2 minutes, just long enough to leave My teeth marks for a few hours but not enough to break her skin.

I begin to spank her again. Slave is still bent over the dining room table, but this time I spank more slowly, more methodically, more determined to give slave both the pleasure and the pain that a spanking can provide and that she so obviously seeks.

When I am ready I move to her ear and another bite is followed by, "Slave did well," and I force her to turn around and crawl back to Me.

I walk back to the living room and use the remote to turn on the CNN news. She crawls to Me. Her nose is nearly on the rug. I jerk her head up by her hair, forcing her to look at me. "Kneel with your back perpendicular to the floor!"

She obeys and I smile and touch her nipples for the first time. They are erect and hard. Her body is glistening in sweat, more from excitement and need and her own sexual heat than the temperature in the room.

As I roll her nipples between My thumb and fingers I act as If I am bored and I ask the TV, "What should I do with you slave? What should I do with you?" Then looking down at her, I see her back is straight but her eyes are looking down and I say, "Well slave, look at Master and answer."

Her lovely eyes look up to Me and she answers, "Master, girl is your slave. Whatever Master wishes!" My already hard erection throbs and seems to grow another inch in My need. I think to myself, she is indeed a well trained slave!

I stand; she continues to kneel.

I grab her hair and pull her to the bedroom

Tossing her face down on the bed, I spank her ass and bite her again. I continue to alternate between spanking and biting for a while enjoying the feel of her fine fanny.

Then I roll her over onto her back to tie her wrists to the bed post. I bite her ear again.

I review our discussion about safe words once more.

Spreading her legs I begin to slap her shaved, hairless, smooth and swollen pussy lips. I pause only because she seems near to an orgasm!

I move to her nipples as I kiss and play with her breasts and erect tits! Her nipples are wonderful. I stop for a moment and say, "Slave is close to an orgasm, isn't she!" and she says "Ohhhhhhh. Yes, Master. Yes!"

I return to her nipples and think, I have been at this for over 2 hours since she undressed. I smile and say, "Slave may cum while I bite her nipples and finger her slave ass!"

So I proceed and so does slave, cumming over and over for the next few minutes!

Once slave quiets down, I place My throbbing cock into her mouth and she gobbles it down like she was starving! She nearly has another orgasm while sucking Me.

I withdraw my cock from her mouth and begin to spank her clit and pussy area once again. I so enjoy exploring the area where pain and pleasure join into something unique and wonderful. I spank her to a few more orgasms.

I return to her nipples. So wonderful, erotic, sensual!

Finally I roll her over and spread her slave ass cheeks and position myself over her. "Beg Slave, beg your Master to fuck your slave ass!" I begin to spank her again, this time even harder than before. She begs in such a lovely way, that I cannot help but take her ass.

Holding her nipples tight, I enter her ass from behind, and she cums at least 5 more times while I fuck her ass! I pull out and command slave, "Suck it. Suck Master's cock, slave." Reaching for a warm wash cloth, she wipes off my member and then swallows every inch until her mouth rests next to My balls.

At last it is My turn to moan. Thanking the gods of sexuality for whoever trained this wonderful slave, I finally explode.

I have felt better before in My life but it has been a long time ago.

I pat her head. "Good girl, slave!" and she begins to lick My unshaven balls.

Satisfied, I look down, grabbing a handful of her hair. I place her head on My chest and say, "Slave did well! Does slave have any questions?"

Her eyes look at mine and her only question is, "Master, when can slave do this again?!"

Yes, I must thank the gods of sexuality for this slave.

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