tagMatureWe Finally Meet Ch. 02

We Finally Meet Ch. 02


Your inquisitive hands and eyes move down my bare shoulders to my large breasts perched on top of my bustier. They are still glossy with your earlier cum and your electrifying touch makes my nipples stand firm. Your sparkling, clear blue eyes gaze into mine just for a moment before you lower your head and capture my right nipple between your teeth. A deep moan escapes my slightly parted lips.

Your slow, sweet act of licking and biting each nipple as if all you have is time makes me feel so good. For almost 20 minutes, you do nothing but suckle at my breasts. Your hands slowly caressing the sides of my ribcage.

The fire is increasing deep within me and I can scarcely hold my climax inside.

"Go ahead love," you whisper against my breasts. "I promised you multiple orgasms, let loose and enjoy."

My head falls back, my hair falling down my almost naked back and I feel my climax rushing through me. You continue your tongue tour of my supple breasts as torrents of pleasure wash through my entire being. Wave after wave encompasses me, I writhe and scream and moan. I open my eyes to find you just watching me, mouth agape, your eyes wide with a twinkle in them.

"Never before, my dearest Kiki, have I seen or heard such a cataclysmic orgasm."

And as I struggle for breath, I reply, "And never before, my Big Mac, have I experienced such release."

Now that I am somewhat calm again, your hands move to encircle my narrow hips. You are visibly turned on by my outfit. The smell of leather, mixed with the sweet musk of my dripping pussy, my Blackberry Frost lotion, the cinnamon sweet of my breath, and my light airy perfume all enhance your arousal.

Your tour continues as you reach around to cup my firm ass in your strong hands. You playfully slap each cheek before running your fingers across my thighs on top of my skimpy leather mini skirt. I can see you are struggling with indecision, should you go for the treasure chest or continue your journey?

"Take your time my love, we have 2 days ahead of us yet," I quietly whisper.

Your mind is then made up and your soft hands peruse the length of each of my legs. Your touch is like butterfly kisses on my skin and the shiver that starts at the top of my head races through me to my toes and shoots back up to the hilt of my pussy. You lean down and place small, wet kisses to the backs of my knees. By now, I am visibly quaking and shockwaves of excitement are coursing through each vein in my body. Involuntarily, my legs part just begging you to come inside. But you are too busy kissing my stocking-clad legs and sliding your hands up and down my thighs. As you finally end the torment to my legs, you stop at my ankles and look up the length of me.

"I wondered when I would see your favorite color on you," you say as you glimpse my satin purple thong. "I thought my Kiki-vixen didn't wear panties," you inquire.

"Only thongs on very special occasions dearheart," I reply. "You like?"

"I love," you reply huskily. "You are not only my little cum slut, but you are also my tigress, I have never been so captivated in my life!"

"Stop talking Mac, start kissing," I quietly command.

"As you wish."

With that, your tongue flicks across my right ankle and then my left. Your moist lips travel up my left leg, past my knee and onto my thigh. With each new position of your mouth, another spark is ignited and I feel the wetness between my legs growing rapidly. My pretty purple satin is now darkened and soaking wet. You push my skirt up over my hips and lean back to enjoy the view.

As shy as I am under close scrutiny, I try to be modest and cover myself. You know all about my self-esteem issues and whisper, "Stop Kiki, don't cover yourself, let me feast on you."

There's a quiet urgency in your voice that makes my drop my hands to my side. Again, I am visibly trembling and a small tear escapes my eye and rolls down my cheek. You stick your tongue out to capture it before it reaches my chin, tasting its saltiness. The quizzical look in your eyes implores me to explain my emotions.

"My sweet Santa," I begin, "the past 2 years with you have been a whirlwind romance. You have captivated my body, mind and heart. You have brought me to heights I have never known. You have helped me overcome my feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt. I never thought in all my life that I would love myself and you taught me how possible that was. And now, I am here with you, seeing love and adoration shining in your eyes. It is overwhelming to me."

Now the tears are flowing in rapid succession and you are tenderly kissing each one away. Your soft reassurances make my heart race. I feel my breath begin to quicken and you look at me, your eyes sparkling and a small smile tugging the corners of your mouth.

"My pleasure darling Kiki, my pleasure. And now, the pleasure will be all yours!"

Again, a tremble begins deep inside as your kisses move from my cheeks down my neck, across my bare shoulders and lower toward my breasts. Each kiss ignites yet another fire under my skin. Your exploration of my breasts with your mouth and tongue is agonizing. Then your tongue flicks out across my hardened nipples. I thrust my chest toward you as my head falls back and a thousand moans escape my lips.

While your lips, tongue and teeth make sweet love to my breasts, your hands travel my sides and my hips, circle around my waist and trail up and down my back. You bring your hands to the flat of my stomach and begin to undo my bustier. As you let it fall away from my body, your kisses trail down to my stomach. The butterflies inside my stomach mimic the butterfly kisses you are assaulting the outside of my stomach with.

As your tongue explores the sensitivity of my belly button, your hands find the zipper of my skirt and you let it fall to pool around my feet. Your electric blue eyes do an inventory of my scantily clad body and you look very pleased. All I am left wearing is my stockings, garter, thong and heels. With a devilish glint in your eyes, you unhook my garter and hook your fingers in the waist of my purple satin thong and pull them down to join my skirt at my feet.

You sweep me up off the floor and place me on your desk and spread my thighs wide. Sitting back in your chair, you scoot up closer to the desk between my legs and begin studying me intently. Your fingers tremble slightly as they part the lips of my pussy for you to look at the velvety pinkness inside. Your thumb reaches toward my hooded pleasure button as you gently stroke it to bring it out of hiding. We both feel my pleasure increase as you slide 2 fingers into me and the incredible wetness oozes past your knuckles and onto your hand. You remove your fingers and slide them into your mouth, tasting my sweet nectar. It proves to be more than you can take so you plunge your tongue into the wetness between my thighs.

Lapping up my juices and moaning against my cunt, you slide a finger toward my ass. Gingerly you push that finger into my virgin rosebud and I raise my hips up off your desk and toward your face. As your tongue thrusts my pussy and your finger my ass, I grind into your face even harder.

You can feel that I am on the edge and your pressures and rhythms increase. I lay completely back on your desk, place my legs up on your shoulders and hook my heels behind your neck. Three fingers inside of me now, your tongue working my clit, and still one in my ass, you are fingering and tonguing me to explosive orgasm. As I flood your face and the spasms begin to subside, you slide your tongue up my naked body. You stop long enough to briefly nibble each nipple before continuing to my parted lips. I am panting and gulping air as the seizures that racked my body subside. And then you are there. Your face glistening with my love secretions is right above me. I stick out my tongue and lick my juices off your face.

"Dearest Kiki," you whisper, "you are so tender, so sweet, so delectably yummy...I never want this to end."

I sit up and begin to undress you. First your tie and then your shirt, kissing each bit of exposed skin under each button. Your pants are still undone from earlier, I just have to slide them over your hips so they fall to the floor. It surprises me to see that you don't have any underwear on. I raise an eyebrow and you grin.

"I figure if you don't, then I shouldn't wear them from time to time to feel closer to you," you say to me by way of explanation.

"I am impressed...and highly aroused."

"When aren't you aroused my horny goddess?"

I just grin and reach for your large, steel hard cock and pull you toward me. I am pretty sure I could lose myself in your eyes and your kisses are truly addictive. We kiss passionately as you stand between my legs and I stroke your beautiful manhood. I push you back into your chair and climb off your desk. I reach over you to turn on the CD player I had set up earlier before you discovered me.

The music starts and as you sit there in your chair in all your naked glory, I begin teasing you with a seductive and very provocative dance. Your cock is twitching in time to the music as my hips undulate in front of you. My heavy breasts are swaying with my body as I dance for you.

"Ever had a lap dance?" I inquire.

"Not one where both of us were naked. And I suspect even if I have, that this will be even more memorable and thrilling."

I start dancing closer and closer until I can feel your breath warming my nipples. As you lean forward to take one between your teeth, I spin around and begin to grind my ass in your lap. Your cock is twitching and bobbing like a dowsing rod as if divining the location of its living water. You grab me by the hips and turn me around to straddle your lap. I am still dancing to the music when you impale me with your hardened shaft.

All of a sudden, your office darkens and thunder rumbles its deep, low groan. A brilliant flash of lightening erupts from the sky and then coruscating curtains of rain silver the dusk of night like a sequined veil. The effect is hypnotizing, so much so that for a while we are both still; you inside of me, my straddling your lap, and both of us watching the weather phenomenon.

Then over the radio comes our song. I begin undulating my hips while I sing to you... "Nobody does it better, makes me feel sad for the rest. Nobody does it half as good as you, baby you're the best."

The rest of the song is drowned out by the sounds of our animalistic lust as we bump and grind and paw at each other. Our intensity increases to a fevered pitch and we're both on the brink of climax. Harder and faster I grind down on your shaft; your chair now firmly against a wall. Your fingers pulling and grasping my taut nipples as my vaginal walls pull at your cock. Then without any warning, fireworks explode between us as we experience sweet, uninhibited release together as one.

Wave after wave of unbridled passion crashes over us keeping in time with the tempest raging outside. With the next lightening flash, I see the heated desire still burning in your blue eyes. I know it won't take long before you are ready to take me again, but right now I am famished.

"Where do you plan to take me for supper big boy?"

"I was thinking of taking you for your Big Sur adventure," you reply with a twinkle in your eye.

Instant butterflies come alive in the pit of my stomach just remembering the tale of adventures in Big Sur that you spun in emails to me. The thought of sex with you in such a public place and the possibility of another couple joining us is a little more than thrilling.

Your intercom buzzes and we both jump. We had completely forgotten there was anyone else still around. I can see the nervousness in your eyes as you clear your throat and press the button with shaky hands.

"Yes Lisa?"

"Just wondering if you need anything else before I head home for the weekend?"

"No dear, I will lock up. Have a good weekend and I will see you on Monday."

"Thank you and happy birthday. Have fun this weekend."

Your eyes roam my still naked body as you reply slyly, "Oh I plan to. Good night."

I can't hold back the laughter that had bubbled up in the pit of my stomach at the thought of almost getting caught. Through my nervousness there was also a thrill of excitement at the prospect of Lisa walking in on us. Yet another tale you conjured up in your emails of her joining us in a ménage a tois. My laughter subsides and you gently pull me toward you and kiss me softly.

"We better find a place to clean up and get ready to go out," you say huskily.

"I already have that covered as long as you don't mind a little extra driving my love," I reply.

Regrettably, we get dressed and leave your office. You take my hand in yours as we walk toward your car and before you open the door for me, you lean in for another tender kiss, just teasing me slightly with your tongue. I told you in your office that I had everything including clothes and toiletries for both of us at a secret hideaway for the weekend. You close my door and walk quickly around the car to slide into the driver's seat and we are off.

Taking state highway 1 toward Big Sur, we are listening to music and holding hands, just basking in the afterglow of our afternoon together. Within 25 minutes we are headed south away from Big Sur toward our destination only another half hour away.

I see the sign to the entrance of Los Padres National Forest and the butterflies return. I cannot believe this is truly happening. Following my directions, you drive us deep into the woods to a little log cabin embraced by sugar pines, knobcone pines and towering ponderosas with dramatic fissured bark. A small lamp is burning like a beacon in the front window.

You stop the car and we both get out, our breath catches in our throats at the remarkable beauty of our surroundings. You scoop me up into your arms and carry me up the porch steps and across the threshold much as a groom would his new bride. I have champagne chilling in a stainless steel ice bucket on the coffee table in front of plush mahogany leather couch. A push of the remote starts the fireplace up and another button starts the romantic music. Without intent or warning, our bodies gravitate together as if a strong magnetic force were at work. We begin to slow dance and just being in your arms is as erotic as having you inside of me earlier.

I feel a familiar stirring between my thighs and can feel your manhood hardening against my stomach as our bodies are pressed together. Realizing that we may never make it to supper at this rate, I take your hand and pull you toward the bathroom. I reach into the shower and turn on the water and then turn to you to help you out of your clothes. Much to my amazement, you are completely naked already and you are reaching to undress me.

Your arousal is very evident again as you undress me. Your finger slides across the slit between my legs feeling how wet and turned on I am again. We step into the steaming shower, the water pummeling our bodies and only heightening our arousal. I reach for the soap and begin washing you, slowly soaping every inch and crevasse of you. Each time I touch you, you shiver and moan, but you are increasingly losing your patience and reserve.

You grab the soap from me and start returning the favor. As your soapy hands begin on my back, I can feel you pushing me steadily down so that I am bent over in front of you, exposing my ass to you. You slowly soap me up before placing the tip of your swollen cock to my pink rosebud. I have my hands placed on either side of the shower walls and am pushing back toward you anticipating the feeling of you inside my tight hole. You ease in just the tip at first and stop, just holding still to acclimate my tightness to your girth. But you feel so good to me and my excitement is too great that I push toward you and you slide the rest of the way into me.

Pushing and pulling my hips, you expertly fuck my tight ass and the feeling is so intense that we both orgasm rather quickly. Flushed, I stand up and turn around, wrap my arms around your neck and engage in some heavy French kissing. We reluctantly finish our shower and retreat to the bedroom to get dressed.

You seemingly cannot keep your hands off me so you help me apply my Blackberry Frost lotion over every inch of my body, making my skin sparkle like diamonds. Your hands liger longer on some places of my body and I feel the electricity pulsing through them. A light spritz of my Mystique perfume to the backs of my knees and behind each ear permeates the air and I can hear your sudden intake of breath. I grin knowingly to myself, tonight I will drive you wild.

"Do me a favor tonight darling?" you inquire.

"Anything for you my love."

"Wear a bra and panties. I don't think I could concentrate on food knowing how gloriously naked you are under your clothes."

I giggle a little and reach for my black lace thong and matching bra. Then, with a small wiggle of my ass toward you, I head back into the bathroom to fix my hair and my makeup. My fingers rapidly pile my long, loose, auburn locks on top of my head, allowing a few curly tendrils to frame my face. A light dusting of pink blush is applied to my cheeks; soft black eyeliner rims my large eyes. I expertly sweep some gold dust across my lids and apply my mascara. I add a touch of red to my full, pouty lips and step back into the bedroom. You are wearing the black tux that I brought for you and you are so devastatingly handsome, you take my breath away and all I can manage is a slight moan. Comically, your reaction to me is the same.

I step into my exotic red dress. The straps are just wide enough to cover my bra and the neckline plunges deep, revealing my sparkling cleavage to you. The bodice is very fitting and the skirt swirls around my legs. Every curve is accentuated for your viewing pleasure. I sit down on the edge of the bed to put on my strappy black heels and you crawl across the bed to come up behind me.

"While you were doing your hair and makeup, I went out to the car and brought in something I bought for you in case this day ever actually came."

Then before I knew what was happening, you were fastening a gorgeous diamond and garnet (my birthstone) necklace around my neck. The emotion welling up inside me was too much and through a veil of tears, I whisper a heartfelt "thank you". Then you hold out your hand and there's a matching pair of earrings resting in your palm. Again, I am overcome. You lightly kiss me on the back of my neck and it sends shivers up and down my spine. I place the earrings on my ears and you capture my right wrist to clasp yet another matching piece around it. I feel like a princess and you my handsome prince.

"You are tempting me to want to stay in," I say quietly.

"Not a chance love, I am more than ready to show you off and make a few of your fantasies come true tonight."

The storm has ended and we step out of the cabin and walk toward your car. You reach for my door and take my hand, pulling it to your lips for a kiss.

"You look ravishing," you whisper while looking deep into my eyes.

"As do you, my sweet prince." I reply.

Then we are off again, traveling north on state highway 1 toward Big Sur. It only takes 30 minutes to reach our destination. My nervousness returns as I think about the possibilities of the night ahead of us.

On the way there, you lift your dress to expose your cunt to anyone who cares to look, and I finger you from time to time.

"Help me fuck you with my fingers," I order. With your fingers on your clit, and one hand on your left tit, you Cum again just as I pull into the Nepthene parking lot.

We walk up the long winding stair/walkway to the restaurant. About 2/3 the way up, I pull you off the path to a little wooden alcove just out of sight of the path, a place only the locals know about. You gasp at the incredible view down 40 miles of the Big Sur coast. I pull you to me for a kiss. Then I whisper in your ear, "After dinner, I am going to bring you back here in the dark, strip you, and fuck you against the rough wooden wall."

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