tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWe Got Spirit, Do You?

We Got Spirit, Do You?


This story is written by both Dice Casden and Kristi as part of the D&K Universe


Inside the Spirit Squad's locker room at a RAW Live event, the five members of the talented group of male cheerleaders are relaxing after their match with the Highlanders. All five men are wearing their tradition dark green swish-style work out pants and white tank-tops. Mitch looks at his fellow members and smiles, "We're too smart for the Highlanders.... They'll never figure out how to beat us..."

Nicky laughs, "Yeah that's right... they just come at us full force, and they don't realize, there's five of us and two of them..."

Johnny smirks, "That's right, and we also have a lot more spirit than they do too."

Mikey nods his head, "Yeah... but no one has spirit like us...."

Kenny rubs his own chin with his right hand, "I wouldn't say that...."

Mitch raises his head, "Don't even say it Kenny.... Don't even say it!" Mitch says as he gives Kenny a sharp look.

Johnny laughs a bit, "Kenny might have a little bit of a point... we should check to see if someone has spirit like us...." The other four members of the Spirit Squad all get smiles on their faces as Johnny asks, "So... whom should we ask to see if they got spirit?"


A short time later, all five members of The Spirit Squad are lounging around their locker room with smirks on their face when there's a knock on the door. The entire quintet of young athletes all lick their lips like a pack of hungry wolves as Johnny heads over to the door, "Come on in...." Johnny says as opens the door.

As Johnny opens the locker room door, he smiles as he sees the adorable, cute RAW Interviewer Maria standing on the other side of the door with a cute smile on her face "Hi Johnny!" Maria says cutely as she presses her shoulders up slightly "I was told to come see you guys...and to well...umm...wear this?" Maria asking a confused tone as she's dressed in a short red and white cheerleader skirt with a matching red and white, sleeveless top.

Johnny closes the door after Maria steps into the locker room, "Yeah that's right.... And it's a good thing you did too...." Johnny says with a smile.

Mitch nods his head, "Yeah Maria... cause... we got a little problem... actually a question to ask you...." Mitch says as he licks his lips slightly as he places his hands on his waist.

Maria scrunches her nose up cutely as she stands in the center of the locker room in front of Johnny, Mitch, Mikey, Nicky and Kenny, all five members of the Spirit Squad "A question?" Maria asks slightly confused as she raises and eyebrow "I ask questions..." Maria says cutely with a laugh as she casually places her hands on her smooth, tanned waist just above her short red and white cheerleading skirt.

"We know..." Mikey says with big smile, "But we got a really special question to ask you..."

Maria smiles cutely as she gets an adorable, excited look on her cute face "You do!? Oh boy! What is it?" Maria asks as she nods her head excitedly.

All five members of the Spirit Squad step to where they are almost in front of Maria. Kenny smiles, "Well... it's this... we got spirit... but do you got spirit too?" Kenny asks.

Maria raises her eyebrow as she gets a confused look on her cute face "Do I have spirit?" Maria asks as her voice squeaks a bit.

Mitch nods his head, "Yeah.... we got to know if there's someone has as much spirit as we do...." Mitch explains with a smooth voice.

"And there's like only one way to test if someone who has spirit like us too...." Nicky adds as all five member of the Spirit Squad put their hands on their hips.

Maria scrunches her nose up cutely as she smiles sweetly "Well...I know I have spirit!" Maria laughs as she nods her head slightly "But...I don't know if I have as much spirits as you guys have..." Maria says as she looks down and cutely frowns.

Johnny smiles, "Aw don't worry Maria... we're going to see if you have as much spirit as we do...."

Mitch nods his head as he stands in the middle of the Spirit Squad line up, "All right guys, let's show Maria how we're going to test her spirit...." The other four members of the Spirit Squad all nods their heads and all five studdly young men take off their white tank-tops to reveal their smooth, muscular upper bodies.

Maria's eyes widen a bit and she laughs cutely "Wait a minute....are you guys trying to trick me into doing something?" Maria asks as she scrunches her nose up, while she bites down on her bottom lip.

Mikey laughs a bit, "Who us? No... of course not...." Mikey says with a goody smile on his face.

Nicky licks his lips a bit, "But... if we were Maria... what do you think we were going to have you do?" Nicky asks.

"Well..." Maria says with a cute sigh as she presses her lips together softly "I think you'd...have me...blow you guys..." Maria says with a cute laugh as she adorably shrugs her shoulders.

"Really?" Kenny laughs a bit, "Well... we could have you do that....." Kenny adds as he licks his lips before looking at his fellow male cheerleaders, "What do you guys think?"

"Sounds like a very good... spirited idea...." Johnny replies as Mikey, Nicky and Mitch all get somewhat mischievous grins on their faces.

"Looks like it's settled Maria...." Mitch says to the adorable RAW Interviewer, "You want to show us you got Spirit?" Mitch asks as the entire Spirit Squad put their hands on the waistline of their pants.

Maria bites down on her bottom lips as she shyly looks down "I suppose...I could..."

"Ok.. .great!" The entire Spirit Squad says together before Mitch steps forward a bit. "All right guys..."

Mitch says as he looks to his right at Mikey and Nicky and then to his left at Johnny and Kenny, "On three.... 1...2...3!" Mitch yells, and in a quick instant, all five members of the Spirit Squad push down their green swish-style pants and step out them so that now, all five Spirit Studs stand buck naked in front of Maria with their thick, ten inch cocks hanging between their legs.

Maria's soft, innocent eyes widen as she licks her lips at the sight of five hard, ten-inch spirited cocks in front of her "Oh boy, oh boy!" Maria says with a cute laugh "Oh...I'll show you have spirit..." Maria says with a smile as she casually lowers herself down onto her knees on the locker room floor in front of the five Spirit Squad members.

The five members of the Spirit Squad change positions so that they are surrounding Maria. Mikey, Johnny and Nicky are standing right in front of Maria, while Mitch and Kenny are behind her. "Ok Maria... show us your spirit!" Mikey says with an eager look on his face as he pumps both his fists excitedly.

Maria licks her lips cutely "Ok...." Maria says with an adorable smile before she reaches forward and gently wraps her left hand around Johnny's cock and her right hand around Mikey's cock, the adorable RAW Interviewer then begins to stroke their cocks smoothly as she leans forward and gently slaps her tongue against the underside of Nicky's hard shaft.

Nicky puts his hands on his hips as the sweet, adorable Maria pats her soft wet tongue against the underside of his hard stiff dick. "Mmmm... ohhh... let me get closer to her...." Nicky says. Johnny and Mikey step aside slightly, allowing Nicky to step closer to Maria so that she can move her tongue easier against his cock.

Johnny licks his teeth as Maria's left hand move back and forth on his cock, "Ohh yeah.... mmmmm...." Johnny moans. Maria closes her eyes as she gently slides her wet, soft tongue up Nicky's long, hard shaft. As the adorable Maria works her tongue against Nicky's cock, she begins to move her hands at a quicker pace against Mikey and Johnny's cock as the same time. Maria moan softly as she gently travels her tongue up to the head of Nicky's cock and circles her tongue a few times, before turning to attention to Mikey,

Mikey licks his lips as he smiles down at Maria, "Boy you really look like you know how to get spirit!" Mikey says as he steps forward slightly while pushing his thick ten inch cock against Maria's right hand.

Meanwhile, behind Maria, Kenny and Mitch have gotten down onto their knees, and Mitch is holding Maria's red and white cheerleading skirt up as Kenny pulls down her panties. "Boy... Maria is a real cutie...." Kenny says before he places his hands on Maria's ass cheeks and spreads them apart. The youngest member of the Spirit Squad then lowers his head and flicks his tongue against the top of Maria's smooth ass crack. Maria opens her eyes and innocently looks up at Mikey as she releases a soft moan, before she leans her head in and opens her mouth, taking Mikey's cock into her warm and wet mouth. Maria wraps her lips softly around Mikey's shaft as the adorable RAW Diva begins to bob her head smoothly on his cock while she strokes Johnny's cock with her left hand and begins to gently rub Nicky's ballsack with the palm of her right hand.

"Ohhhh ohhh yeah....." Mikey moans as Maria bobs her head up and down on his thick prick as he puts his hands on top of Maria's head and grabs two handfuls of her hair.

Nicky slides a hand over his own hair as Maria plays with his ballsack with her right hand, "Oh mmm... Maria can sure handle my nuts...." Nicky groans as he wraps his right hand around his cock and begins to stroke it.

"Ohh yea... totally... Maria's got spirited hands...." Johnny groans as Maria continues to pump his shaft. Back behind Maria, Kenny leans down further and taps the tip of his tongue against Maria's asshole just as Mitch reaches underneath her and begins to rub the cute diva's smooth pussy with his left hand.

Maria closes her eyes again as she moans softly around Mikey's cock as she smoothly bobs her head on his cock, her soft lips rubbing against his shaft as she swiftly lifts and lowers her head. "Ohhhhh...yesss..." Maria moans loudly as she lifts her head off of Mikey's cock that is now coated in her wet, warm saliva. Maria tosses her hair back as she turns her head and then lowers her head down on Johnny's cock as she removes her hand from his cock as well as from Nicky's cock. The adorable, cute RAW Interviewer begins to then bobs her head slowly on Johnny's cock.

"Ahhh.... ohhh yea... suck that dick Maria...." Johnny moans as he rubs his hands together and thrusts his hips forward, thrusting his cock in and out between Maria's soft lips quicker than she's bobbing her head. Nicky gets a smirk on his face and he casually moves away from the group and gets down on the floor, laying on his side watching the action as Kenny lifts his head up from Maria's cute ass. Kenny licks his lips and stands up while Mitch starts pushing his fingers in and out of Maria's warm tight pussy. Maria gently twists her head on Johnny's hard, spirited cock as she laps her tongue around his cock while she moans due to Mitch pushing his fingers in and out of her warm, tight pussy. Maria's warm saliva drips against Johnny's cock as she starts to bob her head quicker, while she lowers her head further down on his cock, taking him deeper into her sweet, innocent mouth.

Mitch soon pulls his fingers out of Maria's pussy and he licks them a bit as if he was tasting the sweetness of Maria's pussy. "Mmmm boy... she's excited..." Mitch says as he stands up a bit.

As Maria almost deep throats all of Johnny's cock, Johnny places his hands on Maria's head and gently pushes her off of his cock, "Oh shit... damn...." Johnny groans as he feels Maria's warm saliva drip from his cock.

Nicky smiles as he lays completely on the floor, "Hey Maria... come on over here...."

Maria smiles cutely and presses her shoulders up "Ok Nicky!" Maria says cutely as she adorably crawls on the floor over to Nicky. Maria smiles sweetly as she turns around with her back facing Nicky and lifts herself up as she mounts herself on top of Nicky's cock, taking him into her tight pussy. "Ohhhhh...mmmm..." Maria moans, pressing her lips together, as she leans back slightly placing her hands on his smooth, muscular chest and begins to gently rock on his cock at a smooth, but solid pace.

Nicky places his hands on to Maria red and white short skirt covered hips as she starts to energetically bounce on his rock solid cock. "Ohhh... mmmmm yea...." Nicky groans as Maria leans back on him.

Kenny licks his lips and he comes over to Maria and Nicky and he stands over them, with his legs spread apart. "Hey Maria... open wide...." Kenny says as he holds his cock near Maria's mouth when she tilts her head back. Maria licks her lips with a sweet smile before she opens her mouth and accepts Kenny's hard cock into her warm, wet mouth. Maria moans softly against Kenny's shaft as she wraps her lips around his cock and begins to bob her head while she continues to rock her hot, adorable body back and forth on Nicky's cock. Kenny bends his knees a bit as he puts his hands onto Maria's shoulders as she bobs her head on his hot, rigid cock. "Uhhh.... ohhh yea...." Kenny moans as his balls press against Maria takes a good amount of his cock in her warm, wet mouth. Nicky keeps his hands on Maria's hips as he starts thrusting his cock up into Maria's hot, tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm....mmmm....mmmm" Maria moans against Kenny's cock as her warm saliva drips against his cock while her bobs her head quickly on Kenny's cock as she grinds her hot, tight pussy against Nicky's cock as she slams down harder on his cock.

"Ohhh.... ahhh.... damn...." Nicky grits his teeth as he sharply drives his cock up into Maria's hot tight pussy when she comes crashing down on his crotch. Kenny licks his teeth a bit as he thrusts his cock in and out of Maria's warm, wet mouth until he steps back away from her so that his thick meaty shaft leaves her mouth.

Maria licks her lips as locks her eyes on Kenny's cock that is now coated her saliva as he slowly backs away. The adorable RAW Interviewer then tilts her head back and groans as she slams down harder on Nicky's cock as she rocks her back against his cock at rougher momentum "Ohhhhh yessss...." Maria cutely moans.

Mitch and Johnny both get smiles on their faces as the two of them look at Maria, and they both get the same idea at the same time. "Hey Maria... you want to show us some more of your Spirit?" Johnny asks he and Mitch come over and catch Maria by surprise by lifting her off of Nicky's cock.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip cutely as she pushes her shoulder up "Ummm... sure..." Maria says with a cute laugh

"Great..." Mitch says with a smile as he and Johnny walk Maria over towards the leather couch. Mitch sits down on the couch and leans back as Johnny picks Maria up and sits her on Mitch's lap, almost putting her directly onto Mitch's cock.

Maria presses her lips together as she gently grinds herself down onto Mitch's cock "Ohhhhhh...." Maria groans as she places her hands against Mitch's smooth, muscular chest as she begins to gently rock back and forth on Mitch's cock as he places his hands on Maria's smooth waist and starts to thrust his cock deeply into her tight pussy.

"Ahhh.... ohhh shit...." Mitch groans as he lays his hand on Maria's thighs as he pumps his cock up into Maria's tight wet pussy. Meanwhile behind Maria, Johnny has lifted up her red and white cheerleading skirt and is holding it above her waist with his left hand as he uses his right hand to guide his thick ten-inch cock into Maria's tight asshole. Thanks to Kenny licking her ass earlier, Johnny's cock is able to slip easier than normal into her ass.

Maria closes her eyes and grits her teeth as she feels Johnny's hard, thick spirited cock enter her tight asshole "Ohhhhh shit..." Maria moans cutely as she rocks forward on Mitch's cock, while Johnny puts Maria's hot, adorable body back against his own cock. "Ohhhhh yeah...." Maria moans as she begins to lightly sweat.

Johnny puts his hands on Maria's shoulders as her red and white sleeveless top starts to become increasingly damp with sweat. Johnny smoothly starts thrusting his cock in and out of Maria's tight asshole. "Ahhh.... ohhh fuck..... you're ass is really great Maria...." Johnny groans as he pumps his cock faster and harder into her ass.

"Ohhhhhh shit yesss...." Maria tilts her head back and groans as she feels Mitch's hard cock sharply drive up into her tight, warm pussy as Johnny slams his cock deeply into her hot, round ass "Ohhhh mmm...ohhhh...I have some spirit alright!" Maria moans cutely as sweat drips down her cute, adorable face.

"Ohhh yes... you do..." Mitch moans as he pops his hips as he continues to ram his cock up into Maria's warm, wet and tight pussy.

Johnny continues to sharply ram his cock into Maria's ass until Mikey comes and taps his shoulder, "Hey... I want to show her my spirit..." Mikey says with a goof-ball smile on his face.

"Sure.... Mikey...." Johnny groans as he pulls out of Maria's ass and steps away. Mikey takes his place, and the stocky member of the Spirit Squad bends down and he surprises Mitch and Maria by pushing his cock into Maria's already stuffed pussy.

Maria closes her eyes tightly as she tilts her head back "Ohhhhh shit!" Maria moans loudly due to the sudden spirited invasion of Mikey's cock into her already cock filled pussy "Ohhhhh yeah..." Maria groans.

Mikey firmly lays his hands on Maria's hips and he pulls her back towards him as he pumps his cock in and out of Maria's pussy, causing his cock to grind against Mitch's. "Uhhh.... ohhh shit yea...." Mikey grunts as he gets good momentum going as he and Mitch fuck Maria's pussy at the same time.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip as her hot, adorable and sweating body slams down hard on Mitch's cock as Mikey rams his cock deeply into Maria's tight, warm pussy. "Ohhh...ohhhh...ohhhh yesss..." Maria moans as she begins to breath heavily.

Kenny licks his lips as he watches Maria get double-teamed by Mitch and Mikey on the couch. He rubs his hands together as he kneels down on the floor of the locker room. "Hey guys... I want some of Maria too.... send her my way....." Kenny calls out.

Mikey looks over his shoulder at Kenny and nods his head, "All... right...."

"Sure... thing...." Mitch adds with a grunt as Mikey pulls his cock out of Maria's hot, tight pussy and then helps her get off of Mitch's stiff dick.

Maria blushes cutely as she presses her shoulders up, adorably, as sweat drips off of her hot, tanned body as she remains dressed in her two piece cheerleading outfit "I sure hope I'm giving enough spirit..." Marie says with a cute laugh as she begins to approach Kenny.

Kenny smiles and licks his lips, "Oh you are.... you're giving alot of spirit...." Kenny says, "But now... get on down.... I'm going to do ya dog-gy style...." Kenny laughs a bit as he stresses the words doggy style.

Maria laughs cutely as she bites down on her bottom lip "Ok Kenny!" Maria says excitedly as she kneels down on the floor in front of Kenny, leaning down onto her hands as she looks over her shoulder and smiles back at Kenny, sweetly. Kenny smiles at Maria as he pushes Maria's red and white short cheerleader skirt up over her round, slender hips. He gets closer to her and he slips his fat cock into Maria's warm, wet and tight pussy. He begins pumping his cock in and out of Maria's pussy and pulls her back towards him, and Maria's sweat covered ass cheeks bump back against his hips with each one of his thrusts. Maria closes her eyes and groans as she starts to feel Kenny's hard, thick spirited cock slide in and out of her tight, hot pussy "Ohhhh...mmm...yesss...mmm...I got the spirit!" Maria moans cutely as she begins to gently push her hot, adorable body back against Kenny's thrusting cock.

"Uhhh ohhh damn.... you're so spirited Maria!" Kenny grunts as he quickly thrusts his cock in and out of Maria's pussy with fairly sharp thrusts.

Meanwhile, Mitch gets off the couch and comes over and stands in front of Maria. Even though he was just fucking Maria a short time ago, Mitch's cock is throbbing noticeably, "Hey Maria... don't lose any spirit..." Mitch says as he slides the head of his cock against Maria's soft, pouty lips. Maria smiles cutely before the ditzy, adorable RAW Interviewer opens her warm, wet mouth and takes Mitch's cock into her soothing mouth as she begins to gently bob her head along his shaft. Maria sucks at a gentle, slightly quick pace as she laps her tongue around his cock, while she casually pushes herself back against Kenny's hard cock.

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