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We Had it All


1.The Early Years - We had it all.....

We really did, we had it all, or I thought we did. My name is Gary Saunders and at the time this story started I was still in High School. I was not academically minded and if truth be known wasted my time in school. I couldn't wait to get out and into the man's world of birds, booze and nights out with the lads. . I first met my wife to be, Debbie at high school and we dated off and on even after I left school. She was a knockout even at fourteen when we first started going out together. At five foot two, she was a small girl, but with her short red hair, green eyes, 34" breasts and a face that many actresses would kill for, she was the complete package. I was made up that she had chosen me to be her boyfriend. If I'm perfectly honest, I didn't know what she saw in me. I was pretty average, but I was tall for my age and was good at sports, so my physique was pretty good. Whatever the reason, she and I became an item.

When I left school at the earliest opportunity, aged sixteen and full of it, I thought everything's possible and soon got a job as an apprentice sheet metal worker. Jobs were easier to come by in those days. The economy was booming and I had money in my pocket. I still lived with my parents in a typical semi- detached house on a small housing estate in industrial belt of the North Midlands She had stayed on in school and had ambitions of going to University. She was sixteen and now stood about five foot four tall when she surrendered he virginity to me and after that we screwed at every opportunity, not that we had that many. We both lived at home with our parents and we had to wait for them to be out for an evening, then bribe my young brother or her sister to go to the movies or something, so we could be alone. We were always careful and used condoms, neither of us wanted to get married. I loved being with her and of course the sex was great, but she wanted to go to Uni and I wanted to experience life for a bit before settling down. Neither of us was ready to commit at such a young age. I loved to be with her but was unsure whether I loved her. I know that she was in a similar position as she told me more than once, that when she went to Uni, she would begin seeing other men. For now, she was happy to be with me and I accepted that without any problem.

It was at a New Year's eve party, when we were both seventeen that things went awry. We were both drunk and I forgot to bring any condoms to the party. I never thought for a minute that we would get an opportunity to need one. The party was at Debbie's parent's house and at one point, they went next door to help the old couple who lived there to bring in the New Year. We wasted no time in getting down to business, she dragged me upstairs and into her bedroom where we both stripped and started to kiss and caress each other. I remembered at that point that I had no protection, but Debbie said, "It doesn't matter, my period has just finished, so we should be OK. Anyway, I want to experience what it feels like without the rubber, so let's chance it!"

The inevitable happened and a few weeks later we were facing the music. My parents were disappointed in me but accepted that we had both contributed to the creation of a new life, so it was taken for granted that we would get married. Her parents were not so philosophical about it and called me for everything, telling me, in no uncertain terms, that I had ruined their daughter's life, that I could never support her in the style that she had been accustomed to and that I had denied her the chance of attaining a degree. I took it for so long, then I snapped back, "Just whose life are we talking about here? Yours or hers? It sounds to me that you are forgetting that it takes two to make a baby and I admit the onus was on me to take precautions, but we both contributed to the result. Now, I'm prepared to take responsibility for what happened, I want to marry her if she'll have me." I said looking Debbie straight in the eye and she blushed, but looked away from me and towards her parents. "If she doesn't want that, then I will pay her child support or at least as much as I can afford. It is my child she is bearing and I will never neglect my responsibilities in that respect. I can't offer her much at this present moment, but I am working and I am in a position to contribute to supporting both Debbie and the child when it is born. My parents have offered to let us stay with them and I can keep my old room, until we're in a position to get our own place."

"Nonsense! That's not going to happen." her father thundered, "Your parents live in Sherton, don't they?" He said it as if Sherton was the pits of the world, sure it was a working class housing estate, built just after the war, but it was by no means the worst estate in the area. When I confirmed that they did, he continued, "My grandchild will not be brought up in Sherton! You will live right here with us."

With that, the decision was made for Debbie, she never did actually accept my rather strange proposal, but we were married quietly and settled into domestic life with her parents and sister. Life with the Telling's, that was Debbie's maiden name was no bed of roses. Our room was just across the corridor from her parents and Debbie was not exactly quiet when we made love. She was scared of them hearing her screams of pleasure, so our sex life was similar to before we were married and we dependant of them being out or otherwise occupied before Debbie would permit me any action.

I was working all hours, taking all the overtime on offer and we were paying or way. Debbie was still attending school and as her pregnancy developed took quite a bit of stick from her so called friends. She told me that some of the lads tried it on with her and expected her to put out, just because she was pregnant already and therefore easy. I was all for going and sorting them out, but she refused to tell me who the guys were. We got past that and little Hazel was born just as Debbie was starting her final year in the Upper Sixth Form. Her mother was taking care of baby Hazel during the day until either Debbie or I arrived home.

At school, I had learned to box and my Dad kept pressuring me to continue with it. He said, "Son, this is the one way you're going to get out from under the thumb of Debbie's family. Boxing can provide you with some extra money and if you're any good, can make you rich. It has its dangers to, but your young and strong and pretty handy with it, you could go far!" So I agreed to continue and boxed as an amateur for the next year or so. I gained quite a bit of respect for my boxing and there was some talk of me getting selected to represent my club at the regional championships. Debbie didn't mind me continuing to box, she loved to come and watch, as long as I was the one dishing out the punishment. That changed somewhat when I was on the receiving end of a bashing from a guy called Black Barry Boston. The name was a bit misleading, he was not black as in coloured, he came from a gypsy family and his hair was jet black. He was the same age as me, but more experienced and he gave me a right hammering. Our paths were to cross time and again throughout our careers, but more about that later. Debbie was incensed when she saw me taking a lot of punishment and was screaming at me to 'kill him'. The other fans sitting beside her had to retrain her from getting into the ring and taking him on herself. After the fight Barry and I were sitting in the changing room and chatting about the fight when he said, "It was lucky for me that little redhead didn't get into the fucking ring. She was spitting feathers and ready to take on the world and me! I wouldn't mind getting into her knickers though, she is fucking gorgeous!" I agreed with him on that and then said quietly, "By the way she's my wife and I ask that you show her some respect or you and I will be having another fight right here and now!" He laughed at me sitting there with my lip swollen and a cut above my right eye oozing blood from a scrape. The headgear we wore was supposed to stop you getting cuts, but if it didn't fit tightly, you could get a nasty scrape and that's what happened to me. He said, "Champ, I think you should look in the mirror before starting another scrap with me right now. Anyway, sorry if I insulted her, but I wasn't to know that she's your missus!" He was standing combing his long black hair and as I stood beside him combing mine, I saw what he meant and burst out laughing.

We were both still laughing when Debbie stormed in and asked me what was going on? She saw us standing there convulsed with laughter and she stamped her foot in anger, "What's so funny? That big bastard has just beat the hell out of you and your standing there sharing a joke with him!"

That caused us both to dissolve into more laughter and she stormed out in the huff. "You'd better go and make your peace with her or it'll be no nookie for you tonight!" I took his advice and went and found her talking to my father. He was trying to explain about the fight and told her, "I'm not too concerned about tonight's result. Gary was getting too cocky and needed to be taken down a peg or two. Barry Boston has much more experience than Gary and he use d it tonight to good effect. If Gary learns from tonight's fight, he will be a far better boxer for it! You didn't help him either you know, your screaming distracted him and he took a couple of hits that he should have avoided easily, so learn to control yourself if you want to help him."

Debbie's attitude changed a little after that and she learned to control her temper win or lose. By this time, Debbie had finished her 'A ' Levels and decided that she would forget University for the moment and get a job to help with the family finances. She, like me was determined to get out of her parent's house. They had been good to us and great with Hazel, but we badly needed to find our own place. She got a job as a receptionist for a local firm of Accountants. Her best A Level was in Maths and they soon had her looking after their petty cash accounts and office expenses. She was also great with computers and knew how to use all the major software packages. I was just the opposite and the only us I had for them was playing games.

With her income added to mine, we soon had enough money to enable us to rent our own small two up two down mid-terraced house. It needed a lot done to it, but as we were only renting we were reluctant to make the necessary investment. She got onto the landlord and got him to make the repairs she demanded and she soon had it looking great and we settled into our first home. In our new home, our sex life took a major step for the better. Released from the ever watchful eyes of her parents, she turned into a right little raver and she would be waiting for me to get in from work, stripped and ready for action. I barely had time to get in the door before she was dragging me into the bedroom. Many a night, I didn't get my supper until well after ten, having arrived home at eight. Not that I was complaining of course. Then when Hazel was just coming up for two, she got pregnant once more. Condoms were a thing of the past, she was on the pill by then, but she did have a heavy cold for a period of about two weeks and that was when it must have happened.

I was delighted but Debbie was distraught. "Just when we were starting to get everything together, this happens! I was just thinking the other day that we could start looking for a home of our own, instead of renting but that's out of the window for now!"

Over the next few months, she came to accept her pregnancy and even started to look forward having another baby to care for. Our love life was great, she never said no to me right up to about her eighth month. By that time it was only practical to take her from behind with her on her hands and knees. She found that next to being on top, she liked that position best. She kept working right up to her delivery, we needed the money that much! I was still working as much as I could and still boxing as an amateur. Baby Gemma came into the world and we were suddenly had two children under the age of three to look after. Debbie was terrific as a mother and wife. She just got on with it and I was amazed that she had regained her figure very quickly and only moaned that her breasts had grown to 36D. I laughed and said, "You don't hear me complaining, to you?" I got an earful for that. 3 months on and Debbie arranged for her mother and mine to share the bay-sitting responsibilities and she returned to work on a part time basis.

Debbie wanted no more accidents and was pressuring me to have a vasectomy. I went to the Doctor and asked him what was involved and after he had explained the procedure to me, he advised against it, "You're too young to take such a major step. You're what, nineteen or twenty? I can't in all honesty recommend that you take such a drastic step. There are other methods and the pill is pretty full proof. If you want added insurance, Debbie can be fitted with a coil or you can always use a condom as well!"

I duly reported this back to Debbie and she said, "Well I'm not having a one of those things put in me! It's time you took some responsibility for our future instead of leaving everything to me. I want to come off the pill as I think it's causing me to gain weight, so it's over to you to use protection." So it was back to condoms and our sex life continued much as before, though Debbie did admit, she missed the feeling that having me come inside her gave her. On the plus side, I had no problem going down her after our sessions to finish her off. I have read a lot of stories where the female always seems to have multiple orgasms every time they had sex! Well I don't know if that's true in every coupling, but in real life, sometimes for whatever reason, Debbie would fail to achieve her orgasm.

Normally, when she was really worked up she would have several massive orgasms during sex, but she always let me know if I had failed to get her off. She loved it when I went down her as a bit of foreplay, but when she failed orgasm during the act, she always insisted that I make her cum one way or the other. When we used a condom, she would love it when I brought her to orgasm with my tongue afterwards regardless of whether she had cum or not. Soon it became a regular thing after sex. I noticed that she never had any problem getting off after watching me box.

At that time, I was taking a fight about once every six weeks or so and Debbie always attended. I knew I was never going to be a champion boxer after my second bout against Black Barry Boston. I was pretty good, but Barry was in a different class. He beat me so easily that I considered packing it in, but Barry talked me out of it. He said, "I'm turning pro next year, you should do the same, you can earn some good money if you pick your fights carefully. I enjoyed boxing and the sex with Debbie afterwards was fabulous.

She was always randy after watching the fights, so much so that she came into the changing room after one fight, where I was last to fight. My opponent had cleared off and I was on my own and towelling myself off as she entered and lifted her dress, exposing the fact that she had no panties on and mounted me! To put it crudely, she fucked me right there in the changing room, on the bench! No other word for it, it wasn't making love. It was fucking! We only did it that once, but it left a lasting impression of both of us.

2.The Middle Years –

Life moves on, Hazel & Gemma started Primary School and Debbie went to work full time at the Accountancy firm. Her bosses were encouraging her to go back to University and take a degree in Accountancy and she discussed it with me. The problem was, we couldn't afford for her to stop working. I was earning a good wage as a skilled metal worker and supplemented this by taking regular professional bouts. I won more than I lost and the win bonuses certainly contributed substantially in helping us move into our own house. Debbie arranged all the finances and she was the saver in the family. Left to me, we would probably still be renting! I trained at the same Gym as Barry Boston. We had become good friends and he often came round to help us with our refurbishment projects. It was an old house and the old lady that owned it had done nothing to it in over thirty years. Barry was an electrician by training and he helped us rewire the entire place. At first, Debbie never really took to him, but tolerated him for my sake. He was single and played the field. He refused to accept any money for helping us, so I insisted that he come round for dinner about once a month. He asked if he could bring a partner and we said, "that's fine, but you're not sleeping over!" After that, when he came round he always had a girl on his arm, always a different one. Debbie and I often talked about him and his girlfriends after they had departed and I was surprised when she asked rather wistfully, "Do you ever wish that you were in his position?"

I replied, "Truthfully?" and she said simply, "Truthfully!"

So I said, "Yes, I do sometimes envy his freedom and the ladies he's escorting. Then I think about what we have and realise..... that, hey.... we've almost got it all! We have our own home, a loving partner to share it with and two wonderful kids to boot. So that's when I thank my stars for giving you to me. I love you and wouldn't change anything in our life so far. What about you, do you have any regrets or unfilled dreams?"

Debbie hesitated for what seemed like an eternity and then said, "Sometimes I regret that I had not had other lovers before you. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you, but when I see Barry and his succession of women, I wonder what I may have missed. I gave you my virginity and have never cheated on you and occasionally when your friends hit on me, well I get tempted. It's just that sometimes when I'm pretty drunk I get these fantasies about what it would be like if it were someone else and not you pleasuring me. You are a wonderful, attentive and considerate lover. You always make sure that I enjoy our love making and I love you for that."

She gave herself a shake and said, "This getting into dangerous territory, I think we should call a halt for now. Fantasies are just that and should remain private. There's no harm done as long as they remain fantasies!"

Once more life returned to normal and the next three years flew by. We had settled into a comfortable and somewhat staid lifestyle. Our sex life was down to two or three times a week and to be perfectly honest, I found more than a little mundane. Maybe that's the wrong word to describe it, but we were in a rut sexually. We talked about it of course and tried different positions and introduced toys into our love life. One change Debbie did suggest and we tried it occasionally, was that we dispensed with condoms, but only when she was sure it was her 'safe' time of the month. That really did have an impact for a while and she really did get into it. I guess the very thought that we could make a mistake and she'd find herself pregnant once more had something to do with it. At first, after we had both cum she would dive into the toilet and clean herself up before returning to bed and have me use my tongue on her until she had another orgasm. That changed one night after she went still naked, to clean up as usual, but opened the bathroom door to find our eight year old daughter, Hazel sitting there on the pot. She started asking all sorts of awkward questions about where Mommies PJ's were and what was all the noise in our bedroom about? Was Daddy hurting her and so on?

After that, we made sure they were sleeping first, but then one night she said she couldn't be arsed with getting up in the cold (it was the middle of winter) but she still wanted me to go down on her! Diving into a messy pussy was not my idea of a fun way to round up our love making, but I reluctantly gave it a go. It wasn't too bad after I got over the initial greasiness and smell, but I soon got used to it. Sitting on my face soon became her favourite position and she loved to grind her sopping pussy onto my face. Sometimes it felt as though she was trying to smother me and a couple of times I had to push her off my face or suffocate!

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