tagMatureWe Have a Student Guest

We Have a Student Guest


It was a late summer Sunday morning and my wife, Margaret and I were enjoying a leisurely breakfast reading the paper and listening to the radio. It was a beautiful morning and we were planning a walk in the country when breakfast was done.

The telephone rang and she answered, passing it me, saying "It's Chris from Manchester; he wants to speak to you." I was at a loss, who is this I thought, but responded with a "Hi Chris, what can I do for you?" He reminded me that we had worked together and we last saw each other roughly twelve years ago.

He went on to ask how Margaret and I were, how our jobs were going, and the family. He then came to the reason for calling after all this time. "My son, Andrew has won a place at the University of Hertfordshire and is moving down to your area at the start of the college year. However, like many young people he left looking for accommodation far too late and his apartment will not be ready for two months, but he starts his lectures in one month's time. Do you know of anyone locally who would be prepared to accommodate him for a month?" I replied that I would give it some thought and I would get back to him.

I asked him to tell me a little about his son as I felt a prospective landlord or lady would need some details before taking him into their home. Chris replied, "Well, he's just turned eighteen, six foot plus and weighs around 13 stone. He is studying sports science and plays soccer, basketball and runs. He currently doesn't have a girlfriend and doesn't drink much as he prefers to study and play sport."

"Ok Chris, I will make some enquiries and call you back in a couple of days."

Margaret asked me what was that all about and I explained about Andrew and his college course and the accommodation situation. We talked about it and thought we knew a couple of people who live near the campus and might help out. We agreed to contact them later that day.

We drew a blank as both were taking holidays during the next month. Margaret then looked at me sheepishly and asked, "Why don't we take him into our house? We have the space, two guest bedrooms and two bathrooms, and it's only for a few weeks."

I smiled and thought about a young man in the house alone with my wife. "Ok I will get back to Chris and tell him we will look after Andrew for that temporary period."

I telephoned Chris and told him that we would house his son Andrew for a month while his permanent accommodation was completed.

He was delighted and said how pleased he was that his son would be in safe hands. He asked if it would alright if they made the journey on the last Saturday of September in order that Andrew would be here in good time to start his course on the following Monday. Chris said that he and his wife would travel with Andrew and they would fit his belongings in their estate car.

Margaret and I spent some time preparing the boy's bedroom and made space in the wardrobe and even allowed room in the second guest room for his belongings. Margaret spent so much time on this that one would have thought the Queen was coming to visit.

The Saturday arrived and so did our guests. We had offered them all lunch and prior to that we sat and chatted over tea and coffee. Chris looked great; he was mid forties as was his wife Angela, at least ten years younger than us. She was slim and it turned out that they both exercise regularly and eat sensibly. Setting a good example for their son.

Andrew's luggage was taken up to his room and his mother and father helped him unpack and deposit his clothes in the wardrobe and drawers vacated for him. He brought a small television and various pieces of IT equipment which is what you would expect from a teenager.

We ate lunch and I couldn't help noticing that Andrew was quite timid but one would assume that was due to his not knowing us. That didn't stop him observing Margaret rather more that I would expect. He watched her walk to and from the kitchen with the food and seemed quite interested in her breasts. She was wearing a tight fitting V-neck top along with a skirt, which was quite tight across her mature bottom. My wife is not slim, she has battled with her weight ever since we have been together but she is not obese by any stretch of the imagination. She is naturally a voluptuous lady.

I watched as she bent to pass plates of food to our guests and Andrew's gaze was fixed on her cleavage. Boys will be boys but this one obviously had a hankering for the older lady's mature figure. I remember when I was his age and I also fancied women of my mother's age.

He became more relaxed as the meal went on and so did his parents until it was time for them to leave. We left them to say their goodbyes in private and we noticed his mother had tears but they parted and drove off to their home in the north of England some two hundred miles away. I sat and chatted to Andrew as Margaret cleared up and loaded the dishwasher. He offered to help her which was a good sign.

After this he went for a run and came back and used then bathroom while Margaret and I watched some TV. He joined us later and sat there in his shorts and t-shirt using a hand held device, maybe on line or texting friends. At about 10 pm he announced that he would be going to bed and wished us as good night. Margaret asked him what time he would be rising in the morning and he replied that he would be going for a run at about 7 am.

Margaret and I looked at each other and she smiled. "He seems like a nice boy, John, what do you think?"

"His manners are impeccable and his physique is not bad either." I replied.

"Yes, he has lovely legs, his upper body is broad and his tummy looks muscular, I bet he's popular with the girls," was her comment.

"He likes you," I said.

"What do you mean," she smirked.

"You saw him looking at your tits and arse." I joked.

"He's too young to be looking at a granny of fifty five." she confessed.

We went to bed and I thought of her with him as I lay there and I wonder what she was thinking.

The following morning we awoke at about 8 am and went through the usual routine, but Andrew was not at home. We had our breakfast and he returned at about 9 am. He had been running for nearly two hours. He went to the bathroom and then Margaret prepared him some breakfast. He came down in a t-shirt and shorts. I went out for some exercise and left them alone in the house. On my return Andrew was in his room reading and Margaret was in the kitchen. She whispered to me that he had been very attentive to her and helped clear up the breakfast things and during their conversation told her how young she looked for her age and how he was really pleased he was staying with us and hoped we would all get along well.

"Did he look at your tits?" I asked.

She nervously replied. "He did quite a lot and he obviously liked my bottom too as he was always behind me when I bent over to load the dishwasher and put things away in lower cupboards."

"Did you tease him?"

"Honestly, yes I did a little."

"How did you tease him?" I was getting excited now; I could feel my heart beating fast and my mouth getting dry.

"I bent over a lot to show him my cleavage and my bottom, I asked him to help me put stuff away in a high cupboard, so he passed things to me on the steps." She was looking nervous and quite flushed.

"His eyes were at the level of my breasts as I stood on the steps."

"I think he would have loved that." I replied.

"Wow, yes and what else?"

"I left my underwear in the bathroom."

"Oh wow and is there anything to report after that?" I asked

"Yes, he had been looking at my bra and panties, as they had been moved." she confessed.

"I bet he loved looking at your 38F bra and sexy French panties."

"You are so naughty, Margaret, what am I going to do with you?" I whispered.

"If he wasn't here I would ask you to fuck me." she answered.

I kissed her passionately and felt her large firm bottom, and she felt my hard cock.

"That's enough, wait till later." she said firmly.

The day passed uneventfully, lunch for us all and then we went out and left him with his books and his mobile handset and TV. We sat in the evening and watched the TV, he was still in his shorts and t-shirt and Margaret was wearing her loungewear, a loose fitting top and sweat pants. I didn't know at the time but she was not wearing a bra, but she told me later and she purposely moved her body so he could see her tits swinging inside her top as she leaned forward and got up to make tea. We all went to bed around 10 pm.

Margaret and I made love; she was ready for it, so wet and so hot. I asked if Andrew had turned her on and she said that he had. "What made you feel the way you do Margaret?" I asked in a whisper as I gently entered her.

"He likes my tits and my big bottom and he is so fit. I think he had an erection this evening as we were sitting in the lounge."

"What did you see?" I asked.

"A bulge in his shorts which he covered up when he saw me looking his way." She answered.

"My word that is amazing, is it big?"

"Yes" she replied it looked quite large and thick, but I can't be sure." she whispered in my ear.

"Would you like his cock inside you Margaret?" I asked tentatively.

"He wouldn't be interested in an old lady like me." She replied.

"Well it seems he is interested in you as you gave him an erection with your swinging tits."

"What would you do if he tried it on with you Margaret?" I asked in a husky nervous voice.

"I don't know, John, what do you think I should do?"

"Do as you wish darling, I would love to hear all about it if you two do make love." Was my reply, at which point I shot my load inside her. The excitement was all too much for me. "Now get your vibrator out and let's see you cum."

The following morning Andrew's bedroom door remained closed and we got our early morning routine completed and I went to work, leaving those two in the house.

My parting words were, "good luck and be sure to tell me every little detail if anything happens."

She waved me good-bye standing in the doorway wearing her nightdress, no underwear and only reaching to about a foot above knees.

My day went smoothly as I waited for a text message from Margaret, but nothing was forthcoming, so I text her. I asked her how her day was going and what news of Andrew. Her reply came after a few minutes. "I'm doing well and Andrew has gone to college. I drove him to the station and he kissed me goodbye as he left the car. It was just a peck on the cheek, but that sent shivers down my spine. I will tell you more later."

That filled my stomach with butteries and I was very excited to learn more of her experience. I was so pleased she was being open with sharing and me. "What does the future hold?" I thought.

I returned home after work and found Margaret and Andrew in the kitchen chatting as she prepared our evening meal, she greeted me with a kiss and he looked on. I went to our room and changed from my work clothes and washed for dinner. They were still chatting when I returned. She was wearing a long dress with a low top, quite tight, showing her curves. His eyes followed her every move and was rewarded with views of her large breasts, soft belly, shapely hips and buttocks all covered by the tight fitting material, and glimpses of her cleavage as she bent. He was wearing jogging pants and his hands were clasped on his lap, maybe shielding an erection.

We enjoyed the meal and he helped Margaret clear up. I went to watch TV. They chatted again whilst they were alone in the kitchen but I couldn't make out what they were saying. He disappeared up to his room and Margaret came and sat with me. I waited to see what he would do next and then he appeared in his shorts and t-shirt and announced he was going for a run.

When he left I asked Margaret to tell me what had happed between her and Andrew today and she replied thus;

"When you left this morning, I went to the bathroom and showered and applied my make-up and as I opened the bathroom door to return to our bedroom I noticed that his bedroom door was open a couple of inches. Presumably he was waiting for me to vacate the bathroom. So I went downstairs still wearing only my nightdress, to the kitchen to prepare for breakfast. He was down inside twenty minutes and today he was dressed smartly with a dress shirt and chinos. He said, good morning and sat at the breakfast bar and watched as I prepared his scrambled eggs. I whisked the eggs, which was having an effect on him and me. You see, I was wearing my silk bathrobe and no bra. My tits were swaying and jiggling about inside the thin material and the friction was making my nipples erect. His eyes were wide open and wandering everywhere, trying not to look but I turned to face him and asked how many slices of toast he wanted and continued to whisk. His reply was stifled with a cough and a splutter. I embarrassed him, he flushed, his face and neck were bright red but his hands were holding his phone. I think I might have caught him in the act of photographing or videoing me."

"What happened next?" I asked.

"Well, I sat and had my breakfast with him and we chatted about what he had planned for his day at college and what I was going to do. He held his Smartphone under the breakfast bar in his lap. I knew what I was going to do and that was spend half an hour on my bed with my vibrator, I was so turned on. He said he would be home mid afternoon and left and walked to the station."

"Did you masturbate, Margaret?"

"Yes it was lovely thinking of him watching me, on my bed with my little vibrator between my legs." she admitted.

The rest of the evening passed uneventfully apart from me fucking her in bed later thinking and talking about Andrew.

The next morning I was not going in to work till later and so I went down to prepare the breakfast. I heard her get up and enter the bathroom; I then heard movement in the bedroom above the kitchen which is where Andrew sleeps. I heard him open the door. Maybe he was waiting for Margaret to vacate the bathroom. After a while the shower was turned off and again I heard movement above. He was preparing to go into the bathroom. I was intrigued to see if they met on the landing and what she would be wearing. We have a large mirror on the wall of the stairwell and the stairs have a half landing on the 180 degree turn, which allows one to see the landing from a couple of steps up the stairs.

I crept from the kitchen and looked in the mirror; I had to climb three stairs to see properly, so I stood with my back to the wall. I saw her come from the bathroom with only a towel held just above her breasts and she had her bathrobe in her hand. She faced the stairs and this meant Andrew's room was on her left and she noticed the door was open because I saw her look in that direction. There was movement in his room again. I bet he was watching her from within his room or maybe even photographing her with his smart phone. The towel was only held with one hand and was hanging in front of her, only kept from revealing one of her breasts by her nipple, I suspect. She turned to her right to enter our room and revealed, albeit accidentally a side view of her breast and her hips, thighs and her bare bottom. I was overcome with excitement to think that he could see as much as I could.

Andrew then left his room dressed in boxers and entered the bathroom. I went back to my duties in the kitchen and waited for them to descend for breakfast. She arrived first, fully dressed with a skirt and tight top and he followed this time in shorts and t-shirt. We all sat at the breakfast bar and enjoyed a light breakfast with tea and cereal. I left them while I got showered and dressed and when I returned Andrew had gone off to college.

I asked Margaret if she had noticed his bedroom door open and she replied that she had. "Why do you think that was?" I questioned, and she replied;

"So he knew when the bathroom was vacant, I would assume."

"Or so that he could see you walk across the landing." Was my response.

"Really, do you think so?" she replied.

"Maybe, he got a nice view of some of your voluptuous naked parts." I told her.

"How do you know that?"

"I could see you in the mirror from the bottom of the stairs."

"Oh really, I wonder if he liked what he saw?" was her response. "He probably found my old body disgusting."

"I don't think so," I replied, "let's think about this. He likes looking at you in your bath robe and in your loose fitting top, he stares at you bottom and your tits all the time he is near you and you think he photographed or videoed you and you believe he had an erection on at least two occasions when he was in your company. I think he likes you and your beautiful mature body."

"Do you really think that?"

"Yes most certainly and I would if I was his age and what is more, I think he has photographs and maybe videos of you, to which he masturbates."

"Oh, my word that is such a turn on." She murmured.

We were both excited by this and we entered into an embrace with some deep kissing, she was aroused, as was I. I felt her tits through her top and we moved to the living room out of sight of prying eyes. I lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to one side and fingered her. She was so wet.

"Do you think you would like to do this with Andrew?" I asked.

She replied very quietly and shyly in my ear, "Yes I would love that."

I just got my cock out and fucked her standing against the door. I soon climaxed as I bit into her lip and she followed with a very wet and noisy orgasm. She dribbled on the floor.

After this we both went about our daily duties and met again around 6 pm when she had dinner prepared for all three of us. Andrew came down from his room clasping his smart phone, as always and we sat and ate and chatted about the day. He looked occasionally at Margaret's breasts and she watched his eyes.

After dinner he helped Margaret clear up, I went up to our room to leave them alone in the kitchen. I could hear them chatting but could not distinguish the words.

When I came down they were sitting opposite each other on the sofas in our living room. She had her legs up on the sofa, you know how people do, their legs bent and tucked under them. He was looking at her knees as they chatted and then at her face when I arrived. She shuffled and I noticed her skirt had ridden up about four or five inches above her knees. His eyes kept darting from her face to her knees. I sat next to him opposite Margaret. She smiled at me and asked me to fetch her cup of tea and I asked Andrew if he wanted a drink. He said "yes" and I got him a coffee.

When I came back she had moved her legs to the other side of her body but still on the sofa. He was flushed and so was she. My guess is that he had seen up her skirt. He was hiding an erection with his hands as he clasped his smart phone. She moved to get her tea from the coffee table and revealed a lot of thigh. I could not see her panties but it was close. She sat there sipping her tea and shuffling some more. I couldn't wait for him to go to his room so that I could ask her what had been going on. She looked gorgeous with her shoulder length grey hair and meticulously applied make-up.

Eventually after watching some TV, he said he was going to bed.

"Well, what was going on between you two in the kitchen and on the sofa?" I asked her. My heart was pounding and so was hers. I held her hand as she swallowed and started to talk.

"He got quite close to me in the kitchen while he helped me wash up, he was talking about his parents and then about his last girl friend who dumped him recently. He is quite emotional and not as shy as he appears. He kept looking down my top as I bent over and he placed his hand on my hip touched my bottom as he squeezed by me to get to the cupboard to put the plates away."

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