tagMatureWe Have a Student Guest Ch. 02

We Have a Student Guest Ch. 02


In chapter 1 of this story Margaret, a fifty something year old grandmother, starts a relationship with the eighteen year old son of a friend. He comes to live with Margaret and John prior to finding student accommodation.

My sincere thanks go to the volunteer editor for his time and expertise.


I woke from my slumbers slowly and it took a few seconds for me to remember the events of the previous day, but I soon came to the realisation of Margaret's revelations and the effect was shattering. My head was buzzing, my mouth went dry, my stomach was in knots and my cock stiffened. Without doubt, this was the single most exciting adventure of my life. I looked at the clock; it was only 5.25 am, about ninety minutes before I was planning to rise. My sleep had been restless, but I was wide awake now and laid there planning our next moves. I wanted to watch this young man fuck my wife.

Margaret lay there still asleep, breathing lightly and partially uncovered as she had pushed the quilt off her body. She was not wearing any night dress, so I was able to observe her voluptuous curves. One leg was exposed revealing her mature thighs and buttocks and as she lay on her side I could see her breasts one above the other which was resting on the sheet with her nipples and her beautiful belly in sight. I was so excited; I needed to cum but didn't want to disturb her.

I ran through her story of how, after several days of posturing, young Andrew, our temporary lodger had gently seduced her by "accidentally" touching her hips and buttocks with his hands and penis as he squeezed by her in the kitchen and how that had led to kisses and caresses. I thought of their age difference, some thirty years. I imagined them undressing each other, revealing her mature voluptuous charms and his youthful athletic body and then him caressing her large breasts and her belly. Then her sucking him to climax, but his virile young penis remaining hard to fuck her on the sofa, and then again on her hands and knees on the carpet. It was an awesome daydream but I knew it had happened and I loved it and so did she, as she had confessed last evening.

I was hard and producing precum, praying she would stir soon so that I could get some relief. I toyed with the idea of a visit to the bathroom to masturbate but only went for a pee. On my return she was stirring and looked at my erection as I got into bed. Nothing was said for a couple of minutes until she said, "Would you like me to help you with that hard on?"

She reached across and started to caress my cock and balls and I wrapped an arm around her as she turned to face me. I felt her upper arms and shoulders with one hand and then ventured to her breasts with my free hand and then to her nipples which immediately became erect. I whispered to her, "Are you thinking of Andrew?"

She whispered back, "Are you?"

I replied that I was and asked her to tell me what she was thinking.

"I am imagining that he is watching us making love so that he can learn some of the subtleties employed by a man of your experience," she replied.

"Thank you, sweetheart," I said and I gently kissed her and pushed my tongue into her mouth and explored therein. Our kissing and caressing became more urgent and passionate as she urged me to get on top of her. She lay back with her legs wide open and I fingered her slit to find a very wet orifice waiting for my attention. She helped me in and we relaxed as she held me against her. I gently slid into her, withdrawing a couple of times to ensure a painless entry. The urgency subsided as I took control and worked my cock in and out slowly and rhythmically. She was so wet.

"When will he fuck you again?" I asked in her ear.

"I don't know," was her whispered reply.

"When do you want him?"

"Do you want me to have him again, John?" she asked.

"Yes I do Margaret. You know I do, but only if you are happy to continue. I want to watch you two fucking."

"I thought you would," she replied knowingly. "It's too early in our relationship to approach that subject yet, but I promise I will tell you every detail, John, really I will, because I want this to continue with your blessing. It's turning you on so and that way I get the best of both worlds."

"I trust you love, and you know whatever you do with him is with my blessing. Will he have you today?"

"Maybe when you have gone to work." She sighed.

"What do you want him to do with you Margaret? I asked.

"I don't know as I will be happy with anything he does, within reason, you know my limitations."

"Yes, indeed, and he will be delighted to experience your knowledge and skills and in particular your voluptuous body, my love."

I slowly drove my cock into her and she became so flushed and excited and we both rose towards our climax. Her face was serene but flushed and her chest and breasts were equally pink and her nipples were as stiff as pegs.

I asked her to speak to me and she did. "Oh Andrew, you are so big and thick and strong, fuck me harder, suck my tits and nipples, finger my arse and make me cum and you cum inside me."

That was all I needed, her pretending I was him, I erupted and so did she. What a fantastic climax we both enjoyed. She sighed and uttered, "John, if that is what it does to our sex life then we must continue this adventure."

I was delighted to hear her say that and kissed her deeply and then we hugged for some minutes before I moved to her side and cleaned my semen from her pussy and my cock. I got up and went to the bathroom to shower and prepare to leave for work. I thought, the sooner I leave the sooner the chances of her getting fucked by Andrew today. His bedroom door was closed when I said "goodbye" to Margaret and left for work.

I was at my desk by 7.30 am with those two constantly on my mind; I couldn't concentrate and dearly wished I could be there at home to see what happened during this day. I knew Margaret had no pressing engagements but I was unsure about Andrew as his college schedule was variable. I too had a flexible timetable and could come and go as I pleased. Dare I sneak home and try to watch from the garden? I think the risk is high and maybe I will see nothing if they partake in love making upstairs. I could spoil their fun and lose the confidence of my wife. I want her to tell me all and then invite me to watch when she is ready.

I sent her a text message at 10 am, just asking "how is your day?" I did not get a reply. Was that a good sign? I hope so. I was anxious not to intrude so didn't contact her again until mid afternoon when she text me. It read; "Andrew has gone out for a run but has been here all day and there is a lot to tell. X X X"

I replied; "Wow, how exciting, I can't wait to hear all, when will you tell me all?"

To which she text back saying; "He's going to football this evening from 6 pm, arrive home after that and I will fill you in with all the details. X X X"

I was so excited, I couldn't contain myself. My, my head was spinning and my mouth was dry and my heart was pounding. Not much work got done between four and six that afternoon.

I arrived home soon after 6.30 to find Margaret cooking our dinner with a glass of wine in to hand. She poured a glass for me and asked me to sit down on a stool at the breakfast bar. I hugged her and kissed her on the lips, and she responded in a loving but not a passionate way. I sat and looked her up and down. She was flushed, her cheeks were rosy and her upper chest was pink and flushed. There was a hint of "beard burn" on her chin. She was wearing a colourful, cotton summer dress, which was knee length and with a strappy top, revealing her deep cleavage. I could see her bra straps and when she leaned forward the top of her purple half cup bra was visible. She was teasing me as she also bent over with her bottom towards me and I could see up the back of her thighs as if I needed any stimulation at this time.

I waited patiently for her to begin and begin she did.

"John, as soon as you left for work I got out of bed and put on my bath robe and went to the bathroom. Andrew's bedroom door was closed. I first used the toilet and then started the shower and when the water was warm enough I got in and closed the shower cubicle door. I needed to wash my hair and I got on with that. After a few minutes the bathroom door opened a little and Andrew put his head around the door and asked me if I would mind if he came in for a pee. I was astonished as you can imagine and before I could reply he entered the room. I stuttered a 'yes,' but it was too late, he was there, naked and I couldn't help noticing his penis which was semi hard, like yours is first thing in the morning."

"He stood in front of the toilet pedestal without looking in my direction; it was almost as if he were sleep walking and proceeded to urinate and my word he needed to go as he was there for a good time. He held his penis in his left hand which meant I could see clearly what was going on. A steady, strong stream of urine and you know how that turns me on. I love to watch men pee but especially young men with a good strong flow. He never looked at me until he had finished. He shook and rubbed himself and then turned to look at me as I stood there with water cascading over my head and naked body looking startled. I continued to rub the shampoo into my hair and tried to avoid his eyes. He gestured to me as if to say 'would you like some help washing your hair.' Again I was lost for words but after a few seconds I nodded and he entered the shower cubicle, hugged and kissed me and then massaged my head. He then went behind me and washed my hair from behind. I felt his erection against my buttocks. Not purposely pressing against me but bobbing about with his actions. My arms fell to my sides and I let him do the work. He then rinsed the shampoo from my head and put his arms around me from behind and felt my breasts. He now pressed his hard cock against my bottom and purposefully adjusted it so that it was wedged between my buttocks."

"I grabbed the shower gel and squirted some over my upper body and he massaged and caressed me all over. He started with my shoulders, upper arms and upper chest then under my arms and then spent a lot of time on my tits making my nipples hard, all the while gently rubbing his cock up and down my arse cleavage. He then moved his hands down to my belly and thighs and my bottom caressing and massaging me with the shower gel. It was wonderful and he insisted on asking me if he was doing the right thing and if I was enjoying his touch and that he would stop if I wanted him too. He also was concerned that you might come home and catch us. I told him that you would be out for the whole day. He was relieved to hear that."

"He continued this for some time; his cock was so hard, like a rod of steel rubbing against my arse and his hands were very firm but gentle all over my body now on my thighs and buttocks. He moved his position to face me and I felt that rod pressing against my belly and his hands squeezing my arse and his fingers exploring and rimming my anus. He bent his knees and pushed his cock between my legs rubbing the head against my clit and my slit. He gestured me to open my legs and then he entered me but only an inch or two. I was feeling faint but he held me tight till he was in position. He lifted me with his hands under my buttocks and then my thighs and he sat me on that organ and it slipped inside me so smoothly. My word, I was so wet and also with the shower gel it was so easy despite his size."

"Margaret, this so erotic, I don't think I can listen to any more without masturbating," I blurted.

"John, would you like me to masturbate you before I continue as there is a lot more?" she replied.

She felt my hard cock through my trousers and undid the zip, which gave her access and then with some difficulty got it out. She played for a minute or two and then suggested we went up to the bathroom where she said the action had taken place here earlier that day and did it excite me to think of her and Andrew in the shower together. She sat on the toilet and pulled her top and her bra down revealing her tits with hard nipples and signs on her skin that they had been abused. I stood in front of her, she stroked me hard and I shot my load all over the floor.

I gasped with pleasure and I asked if she wanted to cum and she replied, "No as she was sore and had cum many times during the day." What a woman.

"Do you want me to continue, John?" she asked.

To which I replied a very positive, "Yes, please sweetheart."

"Well, I was sitting on his cock with my thighs and arms around him and his cock in me as far as it would go. He lifted me slowly and sensuously on his rod and I felt him twitch as if he was about to cum. I whispered in his ear asking if he would like a blow job and he replied that he would."

"He lifted me off that monster and let me slide down his body till my feet were on the shower cubicle floor and I sank to my knees while he fondled my breasts. The warm shower continued to cascade over us. He stood tall in front of me with his cock in my face, so hard, so rigid with veins engorged and I licked his testicles which were large and tight. He groaned as I held his cock up so that I could get a good suck on those lovely young balls. Then I took his crown in my mouth, both hands holding his cock while he massaged my shoulders. I then felt him twitch again as I licked his cum hole to enjoy the salty taste of his precum. I slid my mouth down his shaft feeling with my tongue, the sinewy texture, the full blood vessels and his urethra which would be transporting his young semen at any moment. I licked and sucked and he groaned loudly. He reached for my swinging tits and squeezed them gently and then he erupted, John. What a wonderful experience, that hot thick liquid bursting into my mouth. I swallowed but some leaked down my chin onto my tits and he groaned again. He threw his head back as I continued the assault on his big thick cock."

"Oh fuck Margaret, I'm getting hard again. You tell the story so well, I love it." I gasped.

"He began to soften but I continued to enjoy the taste and feel of him in my mouth. He reached down and lifted me to my feet and whispered that he had never enjoyed such a wonderful ejaculation before and that I was an expert at blow jobs. We kissed passionately and his hand slipped from my breast to my belly down to my mons venus where he teased me by allowing his fingers to stroke around my clitoris and between my labia feeling my gaping vagina. He then massaged my clit with two fingers as he stroked my bottom with his other hand and pulled me close to him while he kissed my lips and we licked tongues and lips. He was still aroused and his cock grew hard again against my belly. He rubbed me hard asking me to guide him with preferences on hardness and speed. After a few minutes I climaxed to the most intense clitoral orgasm that he had to hold me for fear of my knees collapsing. We stood cuddling under the shower for several minutes, I was spent but he wanted more, his cock was hard again."

"What happened next Margaret?"

"I suggested we get dressed and I would cook him some breakfast, which I did and he watched every move as he sat at the breakfast bar. He was wearing boxers and a t shirt and I, my bathrobe with nothing underneath. The one which clings closely to my body and you can see the outline of my breasts and nipples. I bent over a few times to show him the roundness of my bottom and the backs of my thighs. I didn't need to tease him because he was ready for more at any time, but I needed a break and some food. He wanted reassurance that you would not be coming home till much later, after work and I gave him that reassurance. He asked me if I would go back to bed with him for more sex as he wanted to try to pleasure me lots and learn more about what a sexy older lady likes."

"I was a little taken aback by his request as I didn't really imagine we would be playing more during the day, but I was not busy and why not have some fun. I asked him what he would like to try and he replied that he wanted to see me in some sexy lingerie if I had any. I replied that I would look and try to find some of that underwear that you bought for me a few years ago."

"And, what did you do?" I asked excitedly.

"Well, we cleared the breakfast things and I went to our bedroom and looked in my undies drawer while he went to the living room and played on his phone. I found some lingerie but I feared it would be too small after all I have put on a few pounds since you bought it."

"What did you try on Margaret?"

"The pink Basque with lace panels and bows which has an underwired adjustable plunge bra, which I might add is a 36 e and I like a 38 'ff' really, but it did fit, if a little tight. I found the pretty pink shorts knickers to match and some dark tan stockings. I always feel sexy when I adjust suspender straps."

"Oh my word, Margaret, I bet you looked a picture. What about make-up?"

"I put on a bright red lipstick and some very sexy perfume and checked myself in the mirror before donning my bathrobe to cover up all this sexy underwear. I was bulging out of the bra and my tummy and hips were curvier than the last time I wore this outfit. I was also surprised how my upper thighs spread above my stocking tops."

"I went downstairs to the living room and stood in front of him, he asked me to show him under the robe, but I told him he had to deal with that. He rose to meet me and gently tugged at the top of my robe and peeped inside, he let out a sigh as he looked at my bra covered tits and then down to my belly. He slowly pulled the robe apart and revealed my lingerie clad mature body to his young gaze."

"His arms encircled me and he kissed me deeply pushing his hot tongue between my lips, his hand stroked my silky panties and then he stood back and slipped the robe fully away from my shoulders, letting it drop to the floor. He gently pulled the bra top towards him to look down at my nipples and he groaned and pulled at my nipple with his fingers, I suddenly got hard there. He leaned in to me and sucked on my hard nipple, my tummy turned over and my pussy twitched and I felt the wetness flow."

"His fingers stroked my belly and slipped down to my panties and he ran one finger down over my pubes and slipped it further down between the fleshy area protecting my clit and pussy. He worked away on this while he sucked my other nipple making me weak at the knees. He stopped and hugged me and whispered such sexy stuff in my ear and then he kissed me deeply again and pressed his erect penis against my soft fleshy belly."

I was overwhelmed by the story and my cock was bursting.

"Oh fuck Margaret, this is so exciting. I need to cum, can you help me?" I whispered.

"No John, I need to finish this story first and then move from here and I will suck your hard cock in our bedroom. However, I am afraid someone will come to the door."

"What happened next?" I asked.

"He slipped his fingers into the cleft of my vulva from outside my knickers, he rubbed me gently and stroked my clit and pushed down between my legs to my anus and he rimmed my hole."

"Andrew led me upstairs to his room and he made me stand in front of him and then he got on his knees and worshipped my upper thighs. He stroked my bare skin above my stocking tops and kissed and licked me there and gradually got me to turn around so he could kiss and lick my rear thighs and then lick my bottom through my knickers. His hands were all over my legs, stocking covered and bare, stroking, caressing and massaging."

"Andrew then stood and took my hand and placed it on his erection. It was so hard and I stroked it gently for fear he would cum too soon.

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