We Love It Brown!


Cherise smiled wickedly at me, and I knew that she liked what she saw. That relieved me immediately; Cherise could've had a very different reaction to the sudden display of Jane's shit. Jane, of course, didn't know what was up. She was still up on elbows and knees, taking a breather.

"Pretty filthy, huh?" Cherise said to me, smacking her lips, looking far from displeased at the sight of her begrimed dildo and Jane's messy asshole.

"I told her she should've gotten that ass of hers ready first," I said to Cherise. "But the horny little bitch just couldn't wait to have you stuff it up her asshole."

"What the fuck are you two talking about?" Jane asked, turning around now. Then her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped when she saw the dildo.

"Holy shit!" she gasped.

"I don't know about it being holy," Cherise cackled. "But it sure as hell is shit!"

"Oh my God!" Jane gasped, still taking it all in as the three of us stared in silence at the dildo which had just pulled from the hot humid depths of Jane's rectum. The rubber cock looked so obscene, all shit-streaked, sticking out ten inches from Cherise's hard, washboard stomach. Jane is rarely speechless, but she was now.

"See, I told you that you should've taken a dump or have me given you an enema," I chided Jane, not really surprised by the results. Cherise had slammed the full ten thick inches of the rubber cock deep up Jane's bowels, and I had a feeling that when she finally pulled it out of Jane's rectum it might be in this condition.

"That looks so fuckin' obscene," Jane said, staring at the cock, fascinated by the sight of her own shit covering it.

Cherise still said nothing but there was a sassy smile on her face as she glanced back and forth between me and Jane. Then Jane and I both looked on in amazement as Cherise lazily fisted the rubber cock, spreading Jane's shit up and down the shaft, getting it all over her hands! Next she brought her hand up and rubbed some all over her tits! Cherise had smallish but cute mocha tits, what you'd expect from a tall, lean model. And those titties of hers sure looked nasty now, streaked brown with Jane's shit, a darker shade of brown than Cherise's own mocha-hued breasts.

"You two bitches ever like to get down with the brown?" she asked us.

Jane and I knew just what she meant. We knew that 'brown showers' was a euphemism for shit sex. Once Jane and I watched this incredibly depraved German video of a bunch of lesbians shitting on each other, really getting into it. We joked a little nervously then about how nasty and depraved that would be, to get into that kind of play, but up to now we still had never played in that particular kinky playground. The closest was giving each other enemas

"We haven't gotten down with the brown yet," I said. "But I have a feeling we're about to."

"Cool!" Jane said, kinky, youthful ardor in her voice. "I'm in the mood for something nice and new and twisted."

"Come over here," Cherise said to Jane, wagging a finger. "and bend down a little."

Jane flexed her legs, her eyes transfixed on the dildo, all ten inches of it now brown.

"Stop," Cherise said when the dildo was at the level of Jane's tits. Now Jane, as slim as she is, has big, full breasts.

"Ok, bitch, I think I'll fuck your tits now with my big cock," Cherise said, pressing the thick shaft between Jane's breasts and squeezing the tits against the shaft as she worked it up and down.

"Ooooh yeah, make 'em brown!" Jane hissed, loving it. Me, I just stared on in amazement, taking in the depraved spectacle. After Cherise had rolled the shit-covered dildo all over Jane's ample breasts, she lifted the dildo to Jane's face. Jane stared at it, transfixed, as me and Cherise shared a look, the lithe, gorgeous model with a truly depraved gleam in her eye. Suddenly Cherise took the big rubber cock in hand and started slapping Jane's face with it, leaving smudges of brown on her cheeks, her chin, her nose.

"Oh yeah, give it to me, slap my face with your filthy cock!" Jane begged, panting crazily as she was caught up in this new depravity.

"Feel like tasting it?" Cherise purred, slowly grazing the dildo over Jane's lips. Jane stared over at me in amazement. She was being asked to taste her own shit! I was as stunned as she was, taking in this unbelievably kinky new scene.

"Sure, I'll taste it," Jane said, her eyes wide with wonder at what she was about to do as she began to lick the shit-covered dildo. Then, suddenly, she opened her lips wide and took the dildo in her mouth, sucking it as she looked over at me, then up at Cherise.

"Look at her go!" Cherise said to me, her eyes smoldering with excitement.

"God, Jane, you are such a kinky bitch!" I said to my girlfriend, said it in appreciation too. That's one thing I loved about Jane when I met her; here, finally, was a slut who was as kinky, as outrageous, and as utterly depraved as I myself was. Probably even moreso. Now we had found Cherise, this stunning model, who was our match... and then some!

"Yum, yum, chocolate!" Jane purred like a hungry kitten.

"I think I'll have me a taste of chocolate too," Cherise said, lowering her face to one of Jane's full breasts, smeared all over now with her own shit. Cherise stared right at me as she began to suck on one of the brown nipples.

"Looks like we brought a real kinky bitch home with us, huh Jane? I cackled as Cherise lapped away at Jane's tits.

"Shit, yeah!" Jane howled, pressing Cherise's face against her soiled breast.

"How about you, Karen?" Cherise said, finally pulling her face away, that face smudged with my girlfriend's shit. "You gonna get down with some brown too?"

"Hell, sure I'm gonna join the party," I said, wrapping my an arm around Jane, another around Cherise, drawing them close as I first lapped away at Jane's shit-smeared tit, then Cherise's. I'd been about as intimate as you could be with my foxy young lover, Jane. But this was taking intimacy another step, tasting Jane's own shit right off her tits, and then right off of the tit of another beauty.

"Look at her!" Cherise squealed at Jane. "She loves the brown as much as we do!"

When I pulled away I couldn't help turning my face to a nearby mirror, amazed at the sight of my lover's shit smudged over my lips and cheeks and chin. That only urged me on, because now I lowered my face and took the dildo strapped to Cherise between my lips, wolfing away at the thick, brown- on-brown shaft.

"Go for it, white girl! You fuckin' kinky dyke! Suck that dick!" Cherise groaned, pressing my face against the huge rubber tool.

When I'd had my fill, I reached around and unstrapped the dildo, lifting it up to Cherise's face. She fucked Jane with it, now she was gonna get to suck it.

"Here, eat it, bitch!" I snarled, forcing the brown-streaked rubber cock between the gorgeous model's full lips as she sucked away voraciously.

Jane had sat up to stare at me feeding Cherise the dildo, but now I had something else in mind, so I tossed aside the dildo and told Jane to get back down on her knees and stick her ass out for us. Then Cherise and me got behind her.

"Yeah, spread em open!" Cherise hissed, as I reached for Jane's buttocks.

"Let's take a look back in there, shall we?" I said, spreading the cheeks wide apart. We stared into the exposed crack. Jane's asshole looked just like what you'd expect it to look like, like she'd just taken a shit and needed to be wiped clean. Not that I'd ever been this close to an unwiped asshole, staring right into the soiled brown crevice like I was doing now alongside Cherise.

"I want me some more of that now," Cherise said, looking straight into my eyes, smacking her lips.

Then Cherise dug right in with her tongue to lick some shit off Jane's asshole as I looked on in astonishment, my own face only inches from where Cherise was lapping away at Jane's fudge-packed crack.

Finally Cherise pulled her face away as I spread Jane's hole even further, the two of us just staring at the obscene sight of Jane's stretched sphincter, packed with shit.

"Care to dig in for another taste?" Cherise said to me.

"Shit, yeah!" I said as I brought my face between Jane's buns and licked away at the soiled crease.

"My turn now again," Cherise said, pushing my face away, hungry for some more. The bitch was insatiable!

So now as I kept holding Jane wide open down there, Cherise lapped away crazily at Jane's asshole, even curling up her tongue and sliding it inside and up Jane's anal passage, then pulling it out all brown. She was burrowing her tongue in there so insistently that when she pulled away there was shit on her cheeks and on her chin, not just her tongue.

"You look so fuckin' nasty!" I told Cherise, staring at her messy face.

"So do you... so do you..." she hissed, staring at my face as she brought her lips to mine, kissing me passionately, shit-covered lips pressing against each other, tongues darting into each others' hot, open mouths.

No longer feeling a tongue lapping away at her asshole, Jane turned around and joined the two of us, watching us kiss, watching us passionately press together lips stained and smudged with her own shit. Jane was panting with intense excitement as she watched the intimate and depraved spectacle.

"Let me have a taste too," Jane said, turning around now. "After all, that's my chocolate you bitches are lapping up!"

Jane brought her face close to ours as the three of us now kissed one another wildly, Jane greedy to lap up some of her own essence from our lips.

"Turn around, bitch, let's have some more chocolate," Cherise said, as Jane whipped around, eagerly reaching back to hold herself open.

"Let's dig a little deeper, shall we?" Cherise said, as she suddenly slid three fingers deep into Jane's rectum, scooping up some more 'fudge' and pulling it out on her fingertips.

"Here... fresh from the oven," Cherise said, showing off the shit to an amazed Jane, who just about shrieked, grabbing hold of Cherise's hand and drawing it to her own breasts.

"Rub it over my tits!" Jane begged, as Cherise obliged, spreading even more of Jane's shit all over her big, firm breasts, making sure to top each nipple with a little mound of 'fudge.'

"Give me some of that!" I said, scooping up some fudge from Cherise's fingertips and slapping it over my own big nipples. Until this moment they had still been nice and pink and clean.

Cherise, the mocha beauty, had nice brown skin, but Jane and I hadn't had a chance to visit any nude beaches yet this summer, so our tits were white as snow. While Cherise rubbed Jane's shit all over Jane's tits, making her look like a black woman up there, rather than a white one, she stared at my two very white mounds, each now topped with a dab of brown.

"Yum, yum!" Cherise said, looking at my full breasts and smacking her lips. "You look like dessert. Two big scoops of vanilla, each topped with a maraschino cherry and covered with chocolate fudge, mmmh... tasty!"

"Yeah! And there's a scoop for each of us!" Jane enthused as, suddenly, Jane and Cherise each lowered their faces to one of my tits and both dug in for some 'dessert,' licking the 'fudge' off of my rosy 'cherries.'

"Oh yeah, eat me up!" I squealed, pressing their heads against my breasts. "Lick `em, lick `em good... you shit-licking bitches!"

Cherise and Jane looked up at me with lust-crazed eyes while each greedily devoured a shit-smeared nipple.

Suddenly, as I realized I needed to take a piss, I had a great new idea.

"How about some lemonade to go with the fudge brownies?" I asked.

Jane's face lit up at that; she knew just what I had in mind.

"Yeah...lemonade!" Jane cheered.

Cherise looked a little confused.

"Lemonade?" she asked puzzled. Then a big smile lit up her face as she suddenly realized what I had in mind.

"Yeah!" she cheered. "Some lemonade sounds real good."

"Shall we?" I said, pointing to the bathroom.

Though this was the first time Jane and I had played brown shower games like this; we had long enjoyed golden showers. We thoroughly loved piss games.

"Down on the floor, girls," I said.

They knelt next to each other on the tile floor as I stood above them, planting my feet wide apart and holding open my pussy.

"Here goes," I said as I suddenly let go of a torrent of piss. I was really full. Jane always loved opening her lips wide and having me piss in her mouth. Now Cherise was doing the same, the two of them competing for my urine. I filled both their mouths with my golden nectar before lowering my aim and drenching their tits, rinsing away some of the 'fudge' on Jane's tits with my stream of 'lemonade.'

"Oh yeah! Give me more!" Cherise squealed as she brought her mouth right below my peehole, drinking up. Finally my stream turned into a trickle as I lifted myself up off of the two drenched sluts.

"I need to piss too," Cherise suddenly announced.

"Piss on me!" Jane purred, squirming like a wet eel.

Cherise loved the idea, squatting over Jane and pissing all over her face and tits. And I savored the sight, Cherise squirting urine all over my girlfriend, while she herself was still dripping my own piss from her face, her hair, her tits.

"Pissing ain't all I need to do," Cherise whispered, licking her lips lewdly.

"Oh yeah, what else you gotta do?" I said, guessing at the answer.

"I need to shit, I need to take a dump!"

"Well then, why don't you shit on my big tits!" Jane urged, taking hold of her big, beautiful breasts, squeezing them provocatively.

"Damn, a girl couldn't ask for a nicer toilet!" Cherise said, turning around so that she now squatted over Jane's tits, her back to Jane. My heart was beating like crazy as I watched and waited, anticipating this newest and kinkiest twist.

Jane reached up to spread apart the trim mocha buttock, staring at the sphincter. I stared too, and what we soon both saw was brown -- loads of it! -- as Cherise squeezed out turd after turd all over Jane's tits.

"Sometimes taking a shit can feel so damned sexy, especially when a girl has such a lovely toilet!" Cherise said with a sassy wink, looking down over her shoulder at Jane as she kept emptying her bowels. Finally Cherise was done, leaving a big pile of shit all over Jane's breasts.

Cherise, having fully relieved herself, now turned around to have herself a look. We both knelt there over Jane, almost frozen, staring at the obscene sight.

"Come down here and hug me," Jane said to Cherise, reaching out with her arms as the slender model eagerly lowered herself, pressing herself against Jane as Jane wrapped her arms around Cherise, drawing her close, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. All that shit Cherise had dumped on Jane was now squeezed between Jane's breasts and Cherise's in this most depraved of embraces.

"That is so fuckin hot!" I gasped, playing with my clit as I stared down at the two of them, hearing the squish, seeing the shit mash and spread as breast pressed against breast.

"Now you hug me, Karen," Jane purred tenderly, wagging a finger as Cherise pulled back and gestured that I should take her place. So now I flattened myself out against Jane trim body, looking down first to see Cherise's shit spread all over Jane's breasts and midriff. And looking over at Cherise I could see that Cherise's tits were completely smeared with her own fudge, Cherise rubbing it sensually all over herself.

"Hug me tight, lover," Jane whispered, pressing me against her, kissing with raw, unquenchable passion as, at the same time, as I now rolled my tits all over Cherise's warm shit.

"Fuckin' filthy, ain't it?" Jane cackled, pulling her lips away, looking at me with eyes sparkling with lust and excitement.

"Okay, now I want to do something else," Cherise hissed excitedly, grabbing my arm and pulling me off of my girlfriend, staring at my tits as I stood, then taking a moment and reaching over to those tits, spreading her shit all over me with her hands.

"I want to get something else brown too," Cherise said, turning around and dropping her smooth, pretty bottom over Jane's chest, rubbing her buttocks all over the shit, then standing up and wiggling her trim butt, brown skin now smeared with brown shit. I wanted to see my butt turn brown too, so I lowered myself over Jane and slid my buttocks over her shit-begrimed tits.

"Come over here, let me see that ass!" I gestured to Cherise, who now brought her bottom right over to my face. I rubbed my face all over her shit-streaked buttocks, then held her open and lapped away at her crack, still caked with fudge.

"I want to taste it too," Jane whined as Cherise now sat over Jane's face and fed Jane her obscenely brown bottom.

"Where's that dildo?" I said, looking around and spotting it. I strapped it to myself now and pulled Cherise off of Jane, making Cherise get down on elbows and knees, brown bottom raised high. Then, figuring the fudge still packed between her buttocks was all the lubricant I'd need, I buried the big rubber cock all the way up Cherise's ass.

"Oh shit! Oh fuck!!!!" she shrieked as she felt the thick ten inches enter and fill her rectum. After giving the slender model a long, vicious ass-fuck I pulled out of her and naturally the rubber cock came out nice and brown.

"Suck it, bitches!" I said, tugging Jane and Cherise by their hair and force-feeding the shit-streaked dildo to them. It had been up Jane's ass, then Cherise's, their essence now meeting all over its surface in a two-girl fudge cocktail!

"Yum, yum!" I teased as I fed it to them, and they licked and sucked away at it like two girls eager for some chocolate ice cream on a hot summer day.

"How about you, Karen?" Cherise now asked. "Are you gonna shit for us? Or do you want to get fucked in the ass first the way your girlfriend did?"

"Yeah, shit for us! Shit for us!" Jane cooed like an excited schoolgirl who had just learned a thrilling new way to play.

"I'll shit for you two bitches? How do you want it?" I asked imperiously, standing over them, my hand on my hips.

"I got an idea!" Jane said, her eyes bright. "Why don't you put your panties back on, and shit in them."

I knew where Jane got that idea. A couple of weeks ago, one night when Jane and I had been feeling particularly lewd and frisky, I had pissed in my panties, then taken them off and gagged Jane with those piss-soaked panties while I strapped one on and fucked her cunt, then her ass.

"Wild idea," Cherise said, obviously liking the suggestion.

"I'll be right back," I said as I scampered back to the bedroom to retrieve my panties. Actually I now realized I needed to shit, badly. I was so caught up in all the wild, raw sex, and Jane and Cherise shitting, that I didn't sense how much I needed to do until right now.

"Oh God, I can't wait! This is so going to be unbelievably hot!" Jane squealed excitedly as she watched me put them on.

We stared at each other, the three of us, our faces speckled brown with shit, our breasts and bottoms thoroughly coated with the fudge. Now there would me more. More shit. And it would be mine this time!

I squatted slightly as Jane and Cherise knelt on the floor behind me, their faces inches from my butt, watching intently.

"Have you got a nice, big dump for us, Karen?" Cherise purred seductively.

"I sure do!" I hissed, looking down over my shoulder at them.

Then I started squeezing, forcing it out, feeling the shit move through my sphincter. I had never been so conscious of taking a dump before and just loved the sensation of feeling my own shit trapped between my panties and my asshole. I reached around to feel the bulge that had formed there, in the crease of my panties. The last I time I'd ever experienced anything like that I was an infant in diapers!

"Oooh, brown!" Cherise purred, running her hand over the bulge as I kept on shitting, making the bulge bigger, the brown stain more vivid. God, it felt so good to shit now, and so nasty to be shitting in my panties and having the two of them watch.

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