tagGroup SexWe Love One Another Ch. 02

We Love One Another Ch. 02


I was helping them pack. As active as Lily and Molly were, they didn't know much about camping. Fortunately I do.

I guess the real problem was how impractical they were. Lily lifted a pair of lacy, black cotton panties out of her dresser and moved towards her pack.

"No," I said. "That's all wrong."

"Aw," Molly said. I turned and looked at the other twin. She was holding up a matching pair in white. "But I was going to bring mine, too."

I sighed. "I appreciate the thought, but trust me, five minutes of hiking in those and they'll be riding up so high that you'll resent me for it."

I walked over to their matching dressers and looked at the identical contents. Everything always had to match with these two. They had the same clothes, same books, and same interests, mostly. They looked exactly the same, too. 5'3", shoulder-length, reddish-brown hair. Inviting, heart-shaped faces. Girlish, bee-sting lips. And womanly curves, from edible hips to full, youthful breasts. All wrapped up in creamy skin. Everything about their appearance was youth, innocence, and warmth. It would be a miracle that there was one girl this beautiful. But they were identical twins. Maybe God saw what a wonder he'd created, and decided to bless this world with two of them.

And they were mine. I don't like to think of myself as the possessive type. Of course, in practice, I definitely am, I just don't like to think of myself that way. Being with them was a natural high. I felt intoxicated by their presence. I'd felt this way since meeting them at the beginning of the school year. It had lasted until we'd suddenly consummated our mutual love in the middle of December. And, now, with spring approaching, it only got better. In every other relationship I'd ever been in, after a while I'd find myself taking the girl for granted, or we'd just get fed up with each other being around. But not this. I looked forward to seeing them more each day. Familiarity never gave way to routine. I spent practically every night in their dorm room. My roommate was too stoned out of his gourd to notice, and if he had, he never would have guessed where I was going.

You might think I'd have been tempted to brag about sleeping with these gorgeous twins. To casually let slip in the locker room conversations that I'd practically forgotten what it was like to be with just one girl. But I couldn't. I didn't care about impressing anyone but them anymore, and to treat them like that, as a conquest, would have been an unconscionable betrayal of their trust and love.

I sifted through their clothes, looking for something more functional.

Lily giggled. "I think you're just glad for the opportunity to rummage through our panties."

I smiled over my shoulder at her. "Like I need an excuse."

"It's true," Molly laughed. "I woke up this morning and he was going through our bras."

Lily's infectious laugh sounded again. "Funny, he was going through our bras last night too. Of course, we were in them at the time."

"Okay, here we go." I pulled out some simple, striped cotton panties for them. "In lieu of actual camping underwear, we'll go with these."

Molly gave me a sidelong glance. "They... they make underwear specifically for camping?"

"Oh, yeah," I said. "They make it out of special fibers and..." I trailed off. They were both looking at me. "Well, I don't own any, I'm just saying, it's out there. It exists."

The girls giggled again. Laughing at me was one of their favorite pastimes, and I loved it. It felt good to make them happy, even at my own expense.

The rest of their clothes they could mostly get for themselves. They brought shorts and t-shirts, warm socks, some sweat pants for the cold, and hiking boots. Thank god they already had hiking boots. I'd once taken a girl hiking, and she'd thought her running sneakers would be up to the task. I'd never heard such complaining in my life.

The girls owned a fairly new sedan. It was surprisingly beat up for a recent car, and the girls insisted that the various dents and dings were all the faults of other drivers on the road, but I was not so sure. In any event, I argued for, and eventually won the right to drive. Only some hours into the trip did it occur to me that they had tricked me because they didn't want to have to stay awake on the long haul to the mountains.

We got a pretty early start. Early for us, at least, as we usually preferred to sleep in, a tangle of arms and legs in the secure warmth of several quilts. By 10:00 AM we were on the road. We talked, listened to the radio, drank copious amounts of coffee and soda, and took a multitude of bathroom breaks to match. I drove pretty much the whole way. Molly and Lily took turns in the front seat, usually the person in back stretched out and dozed, and the person in front made sure I stayed awake. It's embarrassing to say how sleepy I could get in the middle of the day, but there's something hypnotic about the steady passage of mile markers and road signs that can just knock me out.

We got where we were going by two. Well, we got to the trailhead by two. It was still several hours hike to the lakes. We got out of the car and stretched out after the drive to loosen our muscles. I noticed that there was only one other car at the trailhead, and surprisingly enough, it had our college sticker in the window. Judging by it's freshness, it was a currently enrolled student as well.

I shouldered my heavy duty external frame backpacking pack, and the girls picked up their smaller, standard-size packs. As I was the only one who owned an actual backpacking pack, I looked more like a porter for them than anything else. I was really carrying most of the gear, but then, as long as I got my straps adjusted right, it wasn't a really big deal. Also, I liked being the one carrying it all, probably the only macho characteristic about me.

We began hiking through the trees. The girls quizzed me about where we were going constantly, and I told them what little I remembered. I hadn't been here in a few years, and sometimes the hikes and forests can kind of run together. Eventually, unable to answer their questions with any specificity, I began to just say, "Wait till we get there. It's beautiful, you'll love it."

It had been a while since I'd been this far into nature. True, campus was in the middle of nowhere with only hills and cows and woods and a small town nearby, but it doesn't really compare to a national park. The trail was mostly uphill, which was fine. Tough hikes weed out the wimps, and we were looking for a little seclusion.

"About haw far is it to the lakes?" Lily asked me.

"Oh, about six miles."

"Is it all uphill?" Molly asked. Bless their hearts, they weren't complaining, they were just curious.

"For the most part. But that's what we want. Besides, you have to go in at least four miles if you really want to get away. Anything less than that and it's crowded with day-hikers and drunken yahoos."

"Oh," Lily said. "Should I not have brought the bottle of Bailey's then?"

"Well, no, that's fine." God, I do love Bailey's. "I mean frat boys and such."

We did encounter a few more people that day. We saw them coming up and down the trail, all day-hikers judging by their small packs, and a few trail-runners as well.

The hike soon got to the point where we knew we were almost there. Every time we crested a hill, or came around a high switch back, we expected our destination to heave into view. When it finally did, we were tired and grateful.

The place was called Horseshoe lakes. It was arguably just one lake, but names have never been logical. They were set in a giant horseshoe shape, with a large peninsula set in the middle. The tip nearly brushed the other shore, giving the illusion of two, opposingly convex lakes at the top of a mountain valley, though I stuck to my guns in thinking of it as one lake. The twins, however, loved the symbology of twos. The lakes were fairly shallow, and a crystal-clear blue in color. All around, the sides of the valley sloped steeply up, with a few patches of winter snow still clinging stubbornly in the shadows. The peninsula was dotted with trees and boulders. We wandered out onto it, looking for a good campsite. We eventually dumped our bags on the western side, up against a boulder that would act as a windbreak in the night.

We pitched our tent. It was really just supposed to be a two-person tent, but the close quarters was not something that bothered us much. We only had two sleeping bags anyway, the fancy kind that can zip together. We got everything all squared away, packs in the vestibule and bear bag strung up a tree.

We stowed a few water bottles in one of the small packs, and went to explore. We wandered around the perimeter of the peninsula, eventually looping back around to the neck of the peninsula and back to exterior of the lakes. There was a simple trail, and we followed it around.

When we came to the northernmost point, we were suddenly in a dense copse of trees. It was open to the south, affording a view of the lake and distant mountains. There was a large flat boulder that angled up. It was shimmering with tiny flecks of some reflective mineral that caught and held the light of the sun, which was almost setting.

I always felt that the proof of these twins psychic bond was in their joined actions and speech. In another demonstration of this, Molly turned around in front of me and began to kiss me. At the same time I felt Lily hands from behind, quickly undoing the snap on my shorts, dropping them to my ankles and quickly pulling my undies down too. Molly's shorts were off quickly. She leaned against the boulder. Lily tugged on my cock from behind, guiding it towards her sister. Looking down, I could see that Molly was dripping wet. I couldn't imagine what had gotten her so aroused, but I was not one to refuse her satisfaction. Lily leaned down next to me and gave me a quick once over with her tongue, making sure I was slick and ready too, then pushed me in.

Molly's pussy engulfed me. I thrust forward quickly, pining her, and Molly writhed joyfully between me and the cold, hard stone behind her. Lily pressed in next to us, and Molly slipped a hand into her sisters undone shorts. Lily's arms were around our shoulders, and we kissed each other in rotation. There was a certain amount of bucking and heaving. I could feel Molly's cunt clenching, internal muscles gripping me fiercely.

Lily came first. She shuddered on her sister's quickly moving fingers. Her hands went down and held her sister's wrist still, grinding herself quickly and urgently until her orgasm abated. This set of Molly. I could feel her rippling around me, and then I was coming too, pushing madly to prolong the sensation.

When we'd finished the quickie, we all stood, leaning against Molly and the rock, sweating a bit in the cooling air. With a small wet pop, my cock slid out of it's resting place inside of her.

Suddenly we heard giggling. I looked up quickly. There were two girls standing some ways up the trail.

Molly, Lily and I quickly pulled up our fallen garments.

One of the girls was was almost as tall as me at 5'9", nearing my 5'10". She had dark hair the parted down the middle and occasionally fell to obscure her face. She was a little bigger than my girls, not fat, just not yet rid of the last vestiges of her baby fat. Her friend was taller, taller than me by a clear four inches. Her body was lean and toned, her hair a solid brunette. I recognized her from the school's soccer team, part of the only team sport I really respect.

There was a moment of awkward silence before Lily, ever the extrovert, said, "Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"

There was good-natured, if not slightly nervous, laughter all around.

"Sorry," said the tall one. "We just couldn't turn down a show that good."


Their campsite was on the eastern side of the lake. We sat around the fire they had illegally constructed and chatted. Lily ran back to our campsite for food, and when she returned we roasted weenies and marshmallows.

The tall one was named Lisa, the shorter one Sarah. When Sarah slipped into their tent for a sweater, I noted the zipped-together sleeping bags.

"You came up here for the same reason we did?" I asked.

"Yeah," Lisa said sheepishly. "Figured we could really get away for a while. Been here since last night."

"Pretty much what we thought," Molly said.

"It's hard there, sometimes," Sarah said.

"People can... judge," Lisa added.

"Yeah," I said. I didn't really think there was much else to say.

"Maybe we've got it easy though," Lisa said. "I mean, at least just being a dyke is kind of accepted. But you guys... bisexual sisters with one boyfriend between them? That must be tough."

I sighed. "Let's just say that double-dating has never been an option."

Molly and Lily laughed, and it spread quickly to Lisa and Sarah.

For some ungodly reason, Sarah had lugged a guitar up the mountain. She was talented, and played a few tunes. The Bailey's came out and we passed the bottle around. When I'd consumed enough alcohol to think of myself as talented, I sang 'Space Oddity' while Sarah approximated the chords. Lisa had brought a couple of pretty good cigars, and we passed them around to fight off the cold a bit.

The twins and I had lived in seclusion for so long that it was nice be so open with other people again. We stayed until it was plenty dark outside, laughing, singing, and generally having a good time.

"Come back tomorrow," Lisa told as as we got up to leave. "We'll go swimming."

The walk in the dark with flashlights and cold night air did a lot to sober us up.

I went to rehang the bear bag. Nothing's worse than waking up in the morning to find a bear has eaten all your food. Well, nothing worse except for waking up and finding the bear is still there.

I kicked off my shoes in the vestibule and crawled into the tent. The sight that greeted me was perfection. Lily and Molly were already in the sleeping bag. They were clearly nude, though all that was visible were bare shoulders before the covers obscured all. They were turned slightly towards each other, and when I came inside their eyes focused on me. Slightly shy, eager smiles spread across their faces. Green eyes pierced me.

I reached my hand forward and pulled down the zipper. Their bare legs were entwined, and I could tell by the sharp, delicious smell that they'd already started, which was really fine by me.

Molly lay back quietly and half hid herself with the covers, while Lily sat up and helped me undress. I was naked quickly, but not without a certain amount of gentle kissing and petting from Lily. The girls lay down next to each other, sides pressed against each other, and I lay on top of them. The covers were zipped up again behind me, and we let the warmth and closeness of our bodies bring us to the most tender and exquisite peaks of loving arousal. We rubbed against each other tenderly, avoiding any overtly sexual actions, just soaking up the heat.

We started in earnest with the kissing. We took turns. I don't know how to describe it, but very early in our relationship we'd developed a simple rhythm for our three-way lip-locks. We alternated slowly, taking our time.

I slipped in between them, lying on my back. The sleeping bags kept our bodies close and tight out of necessity. My hands found their way to the twins dripping sex at the same time that they took my cock in their hands. I've always felt that, even after you've gone all the way, it's important not to neglect the simpler pleasures that are available.

I rubbed against them, parting their lips with the friction and pressure. In that perfect harmony that I would never be able to understand, they worked together to jerk me off. I felt their free hands coming down to help me pleasure them. I let two fingers dip inside. They accented my movements by stimulating their clits. I hooked around and found their g-spots. I pushed. They squeezed. We sighed simultaneously.

I felt them coming at the same time. It was fascinating. In unison their cunnys tightened around me. They both gasped and turned into me. A sticky wetness coated my fingers.

Lily and I began to kiss, and Molly slid down and stroked my cock. Suddenly her mouth was around me, and I came. Lily laughed and stroked her sisters head under the covers.

"That was a bit quicker than usual," Molly said, sliding up my chest and licking her lips.

"Give me a break, " I said, smiling. "I was ready to explode the moment I stepped into the tent. It's a wonder I lasted as long as I did."

There was a bit of snuggling and kissing. "Of course," I said. "We're not through yet."

I slid down into the sleeping bag as the girls lay down next to each other again. I put my hands back to work and pushed into them, using this better angle to give more strength to my thrusts. Our lovemaking quickly made the turn from sweet and innocent to passionate and torrid. The girls spread their legs as much as the sleeping bags allowed. I moved quickly, working them until the lubrication allowed me to push four fingers inside.

The quietness left our little tent then. The twins moaned and screamed, holding each other tight. The sound was only muffled by their urgent, desperate kissed. The pitch and tempo increased when I pushed in deep and worked my fingers around inside of them.

When they came again it was loud and raw. They belted out their orgasms, and, like in all other things, there was an amazing harmony to the sounds.

When they'd finished, Lily rolled over onto her sister and began to kiss her in earnest. In the brief moment of silence, we could suddenly hear sounds carrying across the water. From the direction of Lisa and Sarah's tent, we could hear the sounds of intense lovemaking. We were still for a few moments, listening in guiltily.

"Wow," Lily whispered.

Molly was blushing and grinning from ear to ear. "That is so hot," she said.

The sound was obscured again when we continued. Lily and Molly were kissing urgently. I was between their legs, and took advantage of my renewed stamina. I slid my now erect cock deep into Molly. She gasped and then cried out with with pleasure. True, I couldn't match the four-fingered reaming I'd just given them with girth, but the depth was certainly better. Molly's legs rose up and she wrapped them around both her sister and me as I thrust into her.

She was tight and hot around me. Her senses were already raw and ready from the days first few orgasms, and she came quickly. She heaved forward, screamed, and bit into her sisters shoulder until she came down. Lily cried out with pleasure and pain.

When Molly went limp, Lily looked over her shoulder. "Fuck me, now," she said.

I obliged. I slid out of Molly and directly into her sister from behind without a moment's hesitation. Lily moaned and leaned forward. I was going quickly now. I was slightly desensitized from my earlier climax, and now I was ready to go the distance. I penetrated her unrelentingly. I brought my hands down and spread her labia apart with my thumbs, allowing better access. Lily was coming uncontrollably now, but I wasn't ready to stop, so I kept going.

Molly lay motionless beneath us. Her eyes looked up at me. I gave her a smile as I fucked her sister. She smiled back.

Lily was going nuts now. I refused to slow the pace. Lily braced herself against her twin and screamed. "Oh... Oh my god!" she screamed. "I'm still--fuck! I'm still coming!"

She was right. I could feel it inside of her. Multiple orgasms, hitting her body without pity. Lily was crying out now. She was so tender and sensitive, I couldn't imagine what it must have felt like for her. Molly reached up and held her sister tightly, and Lily welcomed the embrace. Lily's constant coming was flooding her. I could feel the juices pouring out of her and spattering onto her sister below.

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