tagMatureWe Meet Again

We Meet Again


It had been a couple of years since I'd last seen Erika and to be honest I didn't expect to ever hear from her again. Time had passed, fleetingly as is the nature of time when you reach the forty something stage of life and I'd just sort of let Erika drift away from me as the days slipped by.

I'd worked at the same establishment as the busty blonde and I'd developed a bit of a 'thing' for her. I'd made my feelings pretty clear and even though Erika was spoken for, it appeared that she wasn't averse to any advances that I made.

Erika wasn't a classic beauty, she didn't have the long legs, the flat stomach or the size 10 frame that seems to be the epitome of feminine ideal, but she possessed that certain quality – an aura that oozed sex appeal. Well, to me at least.

We developed a flirty relationship to begin with, which eventually evolved into stolen moments of opportunity where we would steal a kiss or two, usually in the stationery store and I can still fondly recall a particular event where Erika weakened and allowed me to kiss and suck her superb breasts.

I'd followed her into the surprisingly roomy store one afternoon and Erika locked the door behind us from the inside. Then with a wicked smile on her face she whispered, 'Come here,' and kissed me sensually before stepping back and deliberately unhooking her bra.

I immediately pulled her peach sweater up to reveal her soft globes. Her breasts were large, the areola looked as big as saucers to my excited eye and Erika's nipples stood out thickly, turning me on immensely.

I mauled at Erika's tits, savouring their weightiness, licking the smooth undersides of each before finally taking each distended nipple in turn and adoringly chewing lightly upon them.

'Oh God Erika, your tits are fantastic,' I said, before I buried my face in her scented cleavage once more.

'That's enough now,' laughed the woman. She pushed me away from my feast and deftly hooked her bra straps together again, pulling the pink sweater back down to cover herself fully.

That little encounter in the stationery store only whet my appetite and I was hungry for more of the temptress. The memory of her hanging breasts burned on my brain. I found I couldn't concentrate on simple tasks; Erika was becoming an obsession.

Of course, being male, I had to push the boundaries and finally I persuaded Erika to join me in the bath. The establishment we were both working within had accommodation for transit and course personnel and I had access to one particular block that wasn't in use at the time. Erika was reluctant at first, but when I mentioned I had the keys to the front door and that no one else had access, that we'd be completely private, to my complete surprise, she agreed.

As soon as I put the phone down after the invitation to join me in the bath - with Erika's subsequent agreement, my stomach flipped with nerves. I suppose part of me didn't expect her to call my bluff and when she put me on the spot like that, I was suddenly put in my place. It was one thing to be full of bravado thinking that she wouldn't agree, but when she turned the tables on me I began to think about the realities of what I'd gotten into.

I hurriedly ran the bath; drawing it nice and deep, just hot enough to stand, completing the job just as Erika arrived.

'Hi,' I said nervously as I greeted her at the door of the block.

'I don't believe I'm doing this,' Erika replied, ducking through the doorway.

After a quick check outside to ensure that we'd not been observed, I locked the stout door behind us.

'Where is it then?' she quizzed, cocking her head to one side.

I led the way up to the second story where the bath was still steaming.

Being a gentleman I let Erika undress in private, she was a little apprehensive about her body and my reaction to seeing her naked, despite my assurances that she had nothing to worry about whatsoever. I knew she'd had children and with her being in her thirties at the time I wasn't expecting a skinny, silicone enhanced teenager.

I was more nervous about Erika's perception of my body, rather than passing judgement on hers and to be honest I prefer a mature woman with a fuller figure over a plastic, air headed Barbie doll, it was Erika's figure that filled me with desire in the first pace.

Once Erika was settled in the bath I joined her in the welcoming warmth of the water. I was a little aroused with the tension of the situation; Erika's sudden agreement and the close proximity of her naked body filled me with an aching wanting for her. Even though we'd agreed that there would be nothing physical that day, I was still inwardly hoping to take things further.

We talked as we took a long leisurely soak, only getting out of the water when it began to cool. There was no shyness on either side now and we both towelled dry in the confines of the cubicle, my penis growing stiff as I watched Erika's big tits sway as she dried herself, the signs of childbirth on Erika's body only heightened her appeal for me, they made her more real somehow.

'Fuck you're sexy,' I growled and took Erika's arm, pulling her towards me.

I kissed Erika deeply, pushing my tongue into her mouth and was encouraged by her reaction when she returned the kiss, our tongues danced and the intimate contact made me even stiffer than previously.

'Oh my! Who's a proud boy then,' Erika commented at my state of arousal.

I grinned and cupped Erika's breasts in my hands, marvelling at their weight, her nipples puckered and stiff with a combination of the cool air and her own excitement. I kissed Erika with more urgency, my ardour increasing as I caressed her soft skin.

I ran my hands over her breasts, down her flanks to her broad, matronly hips, then pressed my palm onto the mound of her mons. Erika's sparse pubic bush tickled my hand and I ran my finger along the crease of her vulva, parting the sticky folds of her labia as I searched for the hard nub of her clitoris.

I could feel Erika's wetness with my fingers and was desperate for her to touch my aching cock. The excitement was making me lose my sense of proportion and I would have happily taken the curvy blonde right there in the bathroom cubicle.

'We can't,' Erika whispered as I attempted to manoeuvre my cock head between her thighs.

'Shit,' I hissed, frustrated by Erika's sensibility, even though I knew she was probably right. My frustration swelled within me, my cock was aching for release, I longed to have Erika's liquid core wrapped around my stiff shaft, to fuck with wild abandon and have Erika climax at my touch.

'I can't,' Erika went on. 'My boyfriend... it's not fair to him.'

'Please. Please... just let me lick you,' I replied, thinking that if I could arouse Erika with my tongue; then she might relent and allow me to have her fully.

It wasn't to be. My contrived attempts at manipulation were thwarted.

'I can't, sorry... I just can't.' Erika was stepping into her knickers, pulling them up her legs, covering the part of her that I desired more than anything else on Earth in that moment.

I watched as Erika covered her big, squashy breasts with her bra and once she was completely dressed she gave me a chaste kiss on the lips, as though in apology.

'I'm sorry,' she said, my disappointment evident on my face.

I watched her walk out of the building and away from me, her lush backside swaying as she walked, the sight of Erika's plump arse was a reminder of what I had missed.

We didn't repeat the bathing episode, despite my constant soliciting. I had to be content with the same snatched moments, sometimes the danger of being discovered was very real, but my recklessness increased in proportion to my desire.

Then, a few months after the bathing episode, Erika took things a stage further.

We had been kissing in one of the offices in the building that was seldom used. As usual I'd been fondling Erika's boobs, her flimsy blouse unbuttoned and her bountiful cleavage provocatively on display.

My cock was fully erect, as it usually was during these encounters. Encounters that tormented in their frustration, as much as they were pleasurable, perversely the frustration seemed to feed the pleasure! I was leaking the syrupy pre cum into my pants as I grew ever more aroused, the object of my desire so close, yet so achingly unattainable.

Then, miraculously, the barriers came down. 'I want to meet you tonight,' Erika spoke, the meaning of her words meaning nothing to me at that moment. 'Can you meet me?' she quizzed, looking at me directly now.

'Yes!' I almost shouted. 'Yes!' I would have agreed to meet Erika even if I'd had a prior engagement with the Queen. I was so turned on by her, my lust burning fiercely from my tight balls up into my belly. I wanted to take this woman so badly I would have sold my soul to the Devil and his cousin without a moment's hesitation.

'If you book a room I want to stay with you the whole night,' Erika whispered to me, the words music to my ears.

My elation soared, I didn't know what had caused the sudden change of heart and frankly, I didn't care. The thought of spending a night of unbridled pleasure with this voluptuous creature sent me into raptures. Oh God, how many hours until my dreams came true? I couldn't wait.

I left Erika and called a local hotel, booking a room for us for that night. Once the booking was made I phoned Erika and told her the details, arranging a time for our clandestine rendezvous.

Now all I had to endure was the interminable hours till the allotted hour. The protracted minutes ticked by slowly and the hours seemed without end as I went through the rest of that afternoon and early evening on autopilot. Eventually, of course, the time arrived for me to check into the hotel and I did so with my stomach burning with nerves. Would Erika show up? The thought of some unconsidered event preventing our meeting weighed on my mind like a dark cloud. I was equally terrified at the prospect of Erika arriving, what would we say to each other? What if it was a disaster – I came too soon – couldn't get hard?

The nightmare went on and on, with my own self induced torment almost driving me insane. I waited in the clean, neat room for Erika to arrive like a condemned man.

There was a knock on the door.

She'd arrived.

I opened the door and stepped to one side wordlessly. Erika took a quick appraisal of the room and turned to me. 'Hi,' she said casually, shrugging her coat from her shoulders.

I stood woodenly until Erika took control. 'Kiss me then,' she commanded, giggling at my robot like state.

I bent to kiss Erika's painted mouth and my cock grew with such urgency it was almost painful. I kissed Erika powerfully, all doubts washed aside as I circled her body with both arms.

As we kissed Erika squirmed against me, rubbing her still covered breasts against my chest. The pressure of Erika's mounds pushing against me was indescribable and I moaned involuntarily as my arousal flourished.

'I want to see your cock,' Erika whispered to me. 'Let me see it, all stiff and purple.'

Taken aback by her boldness I nevertheless pulled the zip down on my jeans and unbuttoned them. My cock sprang free as I stepped out of my jeans, leaving them in a heap where they'd fallen. It was long and thick, the head of it looked huge and angry, with pre cum already oiling the spongy surface.

I pulled off my shirt and stood naked before a still fully clothed Erika, waiting to see what she was going to do next.

I didn't have long to wait as Erika reached out and curled her fingers around my thickness. The feeling of her fingers around my shaft at long last was sublime and I experienced a surreal moment as I noticed her scarlet painted nails, the colour seemed somehow perfect for the occasion, a courtesan red to match the act of her stroking my majestic prick.

'Oh baby, that's so good,' I groaned at her touch. I craved to be inside her body and we kissed once more, my tongue pushing deep into Erika's willing mouth.

'You like that hmm?' a question that needed no verbal answer from me. I just sighed as I let the sensations wash over me. The tingle in my cock was incredible. All the pent up emotion from the weeks of unfulfilled sexual torment seemed focussed within my thick pole.

Erika continued to tug at me relentlessly, her fist tight around me so that I could feel her hand moving over the veins and ridges in my cock.

I pulled at Erika's blouse in my desperation to expose her breasts, 'Let me see those big tits, Erika, please, let me get them out.' I was hissing through clenched teeth as my climax threatened.

Erika laughed and released her grip, her blouse gaped as she turned away from me and gave me a tantalising glimpse of her soft white globes.

'Lie down,' Erika pointed at the bed.

I did as she wished and watched her slip the blouse from her shoulders; she was smiling an enigmatic smile as she did so, as though she knew some feminine secret that was untellable to any male.

If there was any secret it was purely the magnetism of her sexual aura that held me transfixed as Erika wriggled out of her skirt, revealing her sparse covering of pubic hair that nestled like smoke at the V of her thighs.

Then, gloriously, she unclipped her bra and allowed her pendulous breasts their freedom.

'Oh fuck Erika,' I groaned as I feasted my eyes upon her. I took my iron hard penis in my hand; desperate for relief I pulled at myself urgently. 'Baby, you turn me on,' through gritted teeth. 'Look at you. God, you're so fucking sexy.'

'Calm down now,' Erika said as she approached the bed.

She clambered onto the soft mattress next to me and pulled my frantic fist, preventing me from tugging myself further. Then she lay on top of me, squashing her breasts into my chest and kissing me softly. Erika closed her eyes and probed my mouth with her tongue. I returned the kiss and we lingered for a long, liquid moment as I savoured the texture of her tongue as it entwined with mine in a serpentine dance.

Erika broke the kiss and traced a line down my torso with her tongue, en route to my rigid member. When Erika's mouth reached the base of my cock she looked up at me and gave a slow, seductive wink and then covered the purple dome with her mouth.

She sucked gently at me, tickling the sensitive underside of the glans with her tongue. I felt as though my very core would come spurting from me as my passion reached new heights.

Just as I felt my climax begin to boil Erika replaced her mouth with her hand, once again milking my cock expertly.

'Erika... I'm going to come. Oh baby, that feels so good...so good...don't stop darling,' I said, my voice thick with lust.

As the first jet of my semen spurted from me I gave a loud groan, my cum arced high in a graceful curve and spattered onto Erika's breast. More jets of the viscous spunk spattered onto Erika's body, clinging to her white skin and shining in the low light of the room.

Erika covered my cock again and took the final few weakening spurts into her mouth. Then, as my orgasm began to subside, Erika swallowed my offering before moving up to my face and kissing me.

I could taste myself on Erika's tongue as we kissed hard, the mature woman making little moaning noises in her throat as we rolled around the bed, wrecking the immaculate covers.

As Erika laid full length on top of me, her breasts slick with my goo. I ran my hands over the skin of her back and down to the softness of her buttocks. I squeezed both cheeks and managed to push one of my hands down along the cleft of her arse, until I could use the tips of my fingers on her vulva.

Dissatisfied at not being able to reach her properly in this position I rolled Erika onto her back.

'Open your legs for me Erika,' I said and she complied instantly. Once again we kissed and this time I could run my fingers freely across her hot centre. I slid a finger through her labia and parted the sticky folds.

'Jesus Erika, you're soaking,' I commented as I felt how aroused she had become and I lightly ran my finger around the outside rim of her opening. I took a tentative probe at her clitoris and was rewarded with her sharp intake of breath.

'Play with me lover. Make me wetter... that feels nice... on my clit, play with it...yes,' Erika sighed as I gently fingered her.

I dabbed tip of my finger into Erika's wetness, moistening it so that I could slide it around her stiff clitoris. She groaned even louder as my slippery digit kissed her excited flesh lightly, the sound of her voice, laden with the weight of her mounting passion causing my cock to stiffen again.

I used my fingers deftly, playing Erika's body like a maestro, kissing her hard on the mouth before sucking at each of her distended teats, all the while keeping up my handiwork on her sodden quim.

After tonguing and kissing Erika's smooth globes and puckered nipples, I traced a path with my tongue down to her bush; licking her flanks and making her skin rise with goose bumps. Erika purred at the tickling sensations my licking was producing along her sensitive body but I heard her catch her breath when she felt my hot breath on her vulva.

I looked at Erika's puffy quim for a long moment, imprinting every fold and crease of it onto my memory. Her labia were swollen with her arousal and pouted heavily, still hiding the secret centre of Erika's sex.

I parted the slick folds with my tongue and uncovered her clitoris from its tiny hooded hiding place and then tasted Erika's essence for the first time as I probed at her opening.

'Ahh, yes. Lick me... Deeper with your tongue... Oh yes!' Erika moaned as I moved to flick at her clitoris like a snake scenting the air, my tongue barely touching her.

I licked at Erika's smooth inner thighs and slid a finger deep into her sodden tunnel, feeling the soft, spongy walls of her vagina as I fingered and licked her. Erika had surrendered herself completely to me; her legs were thrown wide as she exposed her most intimate self, offering her body for fulfilment.

I continued my labour of love between Erika's outspread thighs, my senses attuned for every sign of pleasure from Erika. It was my quest to bring Erika to a climax before I would even contemplate penetrating her with my prick.

I had waited so long for this night that I was determined that Erika should be fully satisfied with me as a lover before we parted. I wanted to taste every inch of her body, to kiss her when I was deep inside her liquid core, to watch her expression as I pushed her to her peak and to finally have quiver in ecstasy with my cock embedded deep within her body.

'That's it baby... I'm there - I'm coming. Oh yes... Oh yes... Oh yes,' Erika panted as I sent her over the edge. Her limbs stiffened as she came, painted nails scratching at the covers beneath her body when Erika grabbed handfuls of material, clawing wildly with the intensity of her climax. 'I want you inside me now,' Erika said as she came down the crest of her wave.

I lay along Erika's body and reached between us to hold my penis in place. A slight nudge and a push and I slid silkenly into her liquid embrace. As I savoured the exquisite moment of being almost fully embedded within Erika, I closed my eyes and lay still, feeling her muscles clenching around my shaft.

We began a steady rocking rhythm as I pulled myself out of Erika, the crown of my cock still encased in her slippery flesh before I slid fully home inside her once more.

I held myself above Erika on my outstretched arms and watched her features contorting as we fucked.

Erika slid her hands up and down my back, squeezing my sides and then wrapped her legs around me tightly, as she tried to force more of me inside. She was becoming frantic, moving her hips against my thrusts, groaning, arching her back, her face contorted into a mask of what looked to be almost pain.

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