tagRomanceWe Meet Again on a Train

We Meet Again on a Train


Caution--No DD's, no 8 1/2 inch plus, no ANAL, no force. Everyone over 18 and on birth control.


It was just after 11:00 PM. I had boarded my train in Harrisburg that morning and spent most of the day in my compartment. I had a lot of studying to do and I could enjoy the scenery through the panoramic window. I ate a late lunch and skipped supper. I made my way back to the club car with the intention of enjoying a late snack and a drink or two.

I was on my way to Denver for simulator training in the new aircraft I would soon be piloting. Not being in any hurry I had decided to try Amtrak to see if it was as pleasant as many said that it was. Sitting at the tiny bar with her back to me was a tall blonde.

Unbidden my brain immediately painted a long forgotten image of a girl named Sue who some years before had bestowed upon me a brief but very pleasant kiss, accompanied by a hint of tongue. It was on the occasion of my promotion to Lieutenant in the Navy.

I had invited three fellow pilots and their significant other's to a small celebratory dinner at the Officers Club. Upon their arrival Sue had bestowed that kiss as she greeted me and said "Congratulations."

A dance later in the evening was also memorable as Sue smiled and moved close till our bodies were touching at more points than not. No woman ever did that unless she meant to. She managed to press against my body from thighs to breasts causing the inevitable result.

As I continued toward the bar this night my mind was on the remembrance and not in the present. I was startled as it penetrated my feeble brain that someone was saying.

"Don! Don! Is it really you. Over here, it's me, Sue."

Sure enough it was the girl of my memory. She greeted me with another kiss, this time her tongue made a full circle of my lips, stopping, unfortunately, before I was able to start my brain working and prolong the contact.

She was with her sister June. They like me were trying out the train on their way to a visit to their brother in, believe it or not, Denver. You can imagine the state of my penis as it digested this bit of news and the possibilities that I could imagine.

Sue and I quickly brought each other up to date on our lives since Navy Norfolk. She said that she had been divorced for several months and was just starting to take an interest again in life's pleasures. I took that to mean sex. She was so bright and cheerful, just as I remembered her, that I could not imagine her depressed.

Her sister excused herself saying that she was leaving Sue and I to our own devices, or vices whichever way it went. By then it was quite late, the bar was closing and it obviously was not the time for what I had hopes for. I walked Sue to her roomette and we kissed goodnight in the passageway. This time there were two tongues which left us both panting and me with a hard erection which pushed hard into her crotch. We broke when we heard the door at the end of the rail car open.

We got together for a late breakfast the next morning then a late lunch as we caught each other on all the events of our past lives. June did her part telling those little tales about Sue that Sue would have rather not had divulged.

Sue and I both being single had no reason not to exchange phone numbers and openly make promises about getting together. Two days later I had just returned to my room when the phone began to ring. It was Sue inviting me to join her two sisters, their dates and her in a dinner dance to celebrate her younger sister's engagement.

I had a great time, it was a very compatible group. Her younger sister Nina was of similar looks and personality to Sue and was easy to get to know. Later the crowd thinned just a bit and the dance floor darkened and Sue and I began to dance.

"It's been a long time since we danced together." I said as Sue began to press a little closer.

"We only danced once as I recall it but it was very pleasant. I remember regretting that we couldn't dance off into some place very private." Sue whispered in my ear. "As I remember it your interest was pretty obvious too."

My face flushed as I recalled the state of my penis. The song ended and we returned to the table. We all talked as the band took a break. As they returned to Sue took my hand and said that she wanted to dance again.

She stood up and danced with the ease which usually only comes with long practice. As we danced I wondered about age old things. I couldn't help myself. I felt myself being gently steered to a dark corner of the dance floor far away from her sisters.

I knew theoretically that a woman could reach a vivid orgasm without actual intercourse, that in fact some could do it when all alone simply by thinking erotic thoughts, but I had never before seen it happen.

It happened to Sue that evening because she wanted it to. Because she rubbed against me closely with every turn of the dance. What we were engaged in from that moment on was an act of sex: upright, public, fully clothed, but an act of sex nevertheless.

Her breathing grew slower and deeper and her eyes lost their brightness. Her mouth was closed, half smiling. Head up, neck straight, she looked more withdrawn and absent minded than passionately aroused. Then quite suddenly her whole body flushed with heat, and behind her eyes and right through her very deeply I was for almost twenty seconds aware of a gentle increased throbbing.

After that she took a great deep gulping breath as if her lungs had been cramped. Her mouth opened, the smile broadened, and she unglued herself from my front.

Her eyes grew bright as stars and she laughed into mine.

"Thank you," She said as was found our way back to our empty table.

We sat each with a hand on the other's thigh as we spoke quietly and intimately.

"We need to do that without clothes some day." I offered with a smile.

"Yes we do. How about tomorrow night. I'll come to your room. What time will you get back. You can bribe me with a room service dinner then try to seduce me."

The others returned to the table and the party broke up minutes later. As we walked to our cars. I managed to whisper to Sue--"Six would be just right." She nodded her acceptance.

Promptly at six a knock came at my door. I was shocked at the bold scene that I had set up--There was a room service cart with a champagne and cocktail glasses--It was dark outside and the room was lit only by candles.

Me? In what was my most brazen romantic act of my life I was wearing only a sexy pair of silk underwear which did nothing to conceal my erection. I helped Sue with her coat as she smiled what I hoped was a smile of appreciation of my efforts.

She turned to me and gripped my erect penis through my shorts then said.

"Is this for me?" We looked into each other's eyes for a moment before she continued saying. "If you reach behind me you will find a zipper. If you zip it down it will be easy for me to shed this dress."

I did as she requested then slid the dress forward past her shoulders. As the dress began to fall Sue let go of my cock allowing the dress to fall to the floor. At that moment she stood before me her beautiful body unadorned except for ear rings, a gold necklace and high heels. She took both of my hands in hers and said.

"I've been waiting a long time for this moment." That said she stepped the half step forward the still separated us and into my arms.

We kissed. This time it was a real kiss. It started as we had begun with just a hint of tongue. It progressed into a bit more tongue and ended up with Sue sucking my tongue as if it were a cock as I lapped the left end of her upper lip as if it was a labia.

I released Sue long enough to push my boxers down below my ass as our bodies began to grind into each other trying to accomplish intercourse while standing. Sue was a tall lady. I took advantage of that fact by bending my knees and allowing my cock to roam seeking a refuge. After a few minutes of this Sue reached her hand between us and slid my cock between her legs.

We continues to kiss and play this game which seemed to be called "Trying to get cock into cunt while standing." Eventually we succeeded to the extent of getting the tip a little way in. Sue again took my cock in hand and began moving it along her slippery slit then stopping every few strokes to massage her clit.

It was not long before my cock tip began to sense trembling transmitting itself from her clit to my cock. I began to wonder how long I could hold out before erupting. Sue must have sensed that I was holding back.

"Let it come, Don. Let it come. I want to feel you hot fluid."

Who could resist. I did relax. What seemed like only a few seconds later as we were doing what might be called 'wet humping' I came. My hot cum seemed to be everywhere. Sue lifted herself off the ground and clamped her legs around my middle and my still erupting cock entered her which triggered Sue's own orgasm.

Luckily the bed was behind Sue. She fell onto the bed on her back still holding me tight as I leaned forward supporting myself by my hands on the mattress. We slowed our movements for a minute as my erection recovered then continued.

As we fucked we somehow maneuvered ourselves around until we were both on the bed screwing with her legs still around my middle. I don't think we stopped kissing for more than a few seconds at a time then only to mutter meaningless endearments into each others ears.

What a sensation. She was like hot slippery velvet which gripped my cock tightly. As I slid in and out of that lovely cave each and every cell of my cock was being stimulated. I felt that my cock had grown two inches longer and an inch rounder so pleasurable was the feeling.

When I came not only did Sue react by coming with me but my hot cum flowed back enveloping my cock with its heat and even leaking out to wet my pubic hair.

Our orgasm over we paused a few moments to recover. It did not seem very long before I felt Sues cunt twitch causing a reaction from my penis which twitched in response. Before long we were at it again. I was able to bring Sue into several more quaking orgasms as the cum from my first orgasm was spread around both our midsections. After I came again we collapsed side by side but still intertwined as our breathing slowed to something approaching normal.

"God." Sue said. "I am so happy you got on that train. I've thought of you so often. I thought about trying to locate you. I had that thought even before my divorce. But I figured that you would be married and would have forgotten me and the thought of that was so devastating that I gave up the idea."

My reply was simple and direct. I said. "Sue.......Will you marry me?"

Sue said nothing for what seemed like forever then replied. "I'll tell you what. Ask me again this time next week if you feel the same way. Between now and then let's both pull all the skeletons from our closets and make sure how we feel about them. OK?"

Sue kneeled beside me then a moment later she added. "Now turn over on your back. I want to satisfy another long time desire."

As her intention penetrated I couldn't turn over fast enough. Seconds later Sue took my wet dripping penis into her mouth and began bobbing and twisting her head as she tongued it from end to end. Needless to say I recovered my erection by then.

She pulled her mouth away for a moment and said. "My first confession is that I lost my virginity at age twelve."

I didn't react but simply continued to enjoy her ministrations. As I approached orgasm she again removed her mouth and said. "When I was in college I roomed with a girl named Bonnie. We seduced each other the second week of our Freshman year."

My cocked twitched and almost spurted. Sue noticed then chuckled and said. "Well I gather that like most men you approve of that."

"Does she do threesomes?"

"She has been known to. Interested?"

"Maybe in a few years. At the moment you're all I can handle."

I decided that it was time for me to apply the Golden Rule and do unto Sue as Sue was doing unto me. I twisted around and beginning at her navel began to kiss and lick my way toward her pussy.

"Are you sure that you want to do that?" Asked Sue. "It's kind of juicy down there."

"I'll enjoy it. It's not my first time. For my first and main confession, I will say this. My sister loves me to do it to her."

Sue said nothing but did begin ravaging my cock with her tongue and mouth. It was only a minute before I began to come. After sucking me dry Sue said.

"That seems to be something else that we have in common." After a minute she added. "The sibling stuff, I mean."

By then I had sucked her clit into my mouth and was very deliberately teasing it with my tongue. I could feel the first reactions in Sues body as it began to twitch against my tongue. I moved my tongue to where a mixture of my cum and her juices was leaking from her cunt opening.

I joyfully licked them away as I then assaulted her opening as if trying to fuck it with my tongue. Sue's lower body began to move back and forth against my face as if it were being fucked. It made for a sloppy time but apparently a pleasurable one for Sue as it seemed only a minute later that she was coming against my face.

Finally spent we joined each other in the shower where we gently soaped the leavings off of each other. This caused some arousal but did not prevent us from cuddling under the covers as we went to sleep. I was almost asleep when Sue turned her head and said. "Yes."


"That question you asked earlier. If you meant it I just answered."


A Tale of Sue and her brother can be found under the title "Caught In A Lie-Almost" by my alter ego MarilynMWF. That is if you are interested.

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