tagIncest/TabooWe Need to Stop This Ch. 03

We Need to Stop This Ch. 03


I woke up early on that Friday morning. I savored the feel of the sheets on my skin for as long as I could, until the need for a hot cup of tea became primary.

In the chilly Wisconsin morning, I knew it would be delicious to sit out in the hot tub and wait for the day to warm up. So I picked out a two-piece bathing suit and pulled it on, and I slipped on a bathrobe on top of it, and went out to the kitchen.

I took my hot tea out onto the deck and set it down next to the hot tub. The sun had just topped the horizon, and there were still wispy mists out on the lake. I shucked off my robe in the chilly morning air and, leaving it draped over a chair, I slipped into the steaming water. I switched on the jets and quickly peeled out of my bikini, reaching up and spreading it out to dry on the deck.

In between sips of my tea, I let my head fall back and I just took in the feeling of being naked outdoors, under the water. The feeling was electric, and I think that the deliberateness of my resistance to the urge to touch myself only made my skin tingle that much more.

If my son Jake had not been there, sleeping inside the lake house, I doubt I could have resisted the urge. My naughty little secret of undressing under the water like this always made me, to be perfectly frank, pretty horny.

Much earlier than I expected, Jake came out on the deck. I flashed back to the morning, last summer, when we'd had our little talk, in another place, on another deck. Somehow, despite all of my best intentions, that frank conversation hadn't stopped us from, eventually, pressing our bodies together; had not stopped me from opening myself to him and letting my son into me in the most intimate way.

Jake stood on the deck and, unsuspectingly, looked down at the water. Down at me. He was plainly surprised by the nude woman he could obviously see.

"Oh... oops, should I...?" God, I loved seeing him flustered like that. It was so sweet, and it spoke of his innocence.

"It's OK, Jake, don't be silly, hon. D'you want to come in?"

"I would like to," he said, tentatively.

He moved to step into the hot tub.

"Well, either I should get into my swim suit, or you should get out of yours," I smiled.

I really wasn't proposing anything more indecent than getting bare in the hot tub together. It was probably something that many Europeans wouldn't think twice about.

But this wasn't Europe.

Jake hesitated for only one moment before he reached for the waistband of his trunks.

I stopped him quickly.

"No, don't!"

The poor kid looked crushed.

I smiled up at him again. "Get into the water first. You don't want the neighbors to see you."

He visibly relaxed at that, and stepped down into the water. I tugged his arm and gave him a peck on the cheek, and he sat down, not across from me, but not exactly next to me, either.

His hands reached under the water and peeled down his swim trunks. From what I could see through the water, he was definitely thickening down there with arousal.

He pulled his swimming suit out of the water and, as I had, he spread it out on the deck.

I couldn't help but focus my gaze on his almost-hard penis as the swirling waters made it wave back and forth.

I had a fine -- if indecent -- view of young manhood. Never mind that it was my own son. After all, we weren't touching, were we?

He was asking me what time I expected my fiancé to arrive. I think I answered him, but my mind was somewhere else entirely.

It had been nearly a year since that morning when he had ended up pressing himself against me, and then, into me. In the months in between, we had acted as though that thing never happened.

Now that I was engaged to be married, maybe it was a good time to take a firm stand.

But, damn, seeing his firm thing standing there in the water right by me, well, let's just say it clouded my judgment.

I lifted the leg that was farthest from him and crossed it against my other bare knee. I have to admit it was a deliberate accident that my foot touched his nearly erect penis; and it was hot, I have to confess, to feel him growing fully erect against the sensitive skin of my foot.

At that point, I now realize, I had given myself over to wanting him. He was there with me, in the warm water, and we were both naked. And there was love binding us.

But I was set to be married, soon. And I knew we needed to stop this.

Jake was no help, as he lay back and moaned quietly as my foot stroked his erection.

I thought to myself, OK, fine, this will be our last time. I gave in to the feelings I was having just then, and overwhelmingly I wanted to do something special for him. What I thought was, perhaps, if I did, it would help to bring closure for us. Maybe it would mark our last time.

I sat up in the water, and replaced my foot with my hand. He felt so urgently hard in my fingers.

"This is nice," I exclaimed, and he let me explore his hard penis without a word.

I worked up my courage to ask him, "Jake, have you ever... has a woman ...." Oh, what the hell, I thought. "Jake, have you ever had a blowjob?"

Damn, that was an embarrassing thing to say to my son.

"No, I haven't," he said matter-of-factly. And maybe just a little bit eagerly.

We knew my man -- my fiancé -- wouldn't arrive until the next day. We had all night to ourselves, not to mention most of the next morning.

I took his hand from under the water. "OK, come with me," I said, and I led him out of the bubbling water.

Grabbing our towels and covering ourselves from the neighbors the best that we could, we walked into the house and up to his bedroom, leaving our bathing suits there on the deck.

Once in his room, I closed the door out of instinct. I pulled off his towel, and let my own fall, and then I guided him back until he was stretched out before me, now fully erect, on top of his bed.

"We're going to have to stop this, you know," I said as I circled my hand around his erection and gazed at it. I stroked it lightly. "But I want you to have something special tonight, so just relax and enjoy."

Oh how he moaned as I leaned down and took the tip of his flesh in my mouth.

Let me share something personal with you. Swallowing a man's cum, well, yes it can be pretty gross. But I've learned over the years that it's really bad only if you spend too much time thinking about it.

What I've found -- and I have a certain amount of experience here -- is that if you throw yourself into it, body and soul, understanding what a special pleasure it is for him to let himself go that way right in your mouth -- if you desire to be part of sharing that with him, well, it's over before you know it, and what's left is no more than a little burning bitterness in the back of the throat. That, and a shared pleasure that can hardly be matched.

And so it was. I gave him my best. I took him in as deep as I could, using my hand to add to the pleasure. His hands, well they began just caressing my hair but ended by pressing my head firmly into him. And his penis throbbed in my lips when he came. And, oh how he came. It was more than I was used to: much more. But I managed. I swallowed.

I made sure to wipe my mouth with a hand before I moved up and cuddled with him. We just lay there in bed for a while, touching each other with the wonder of new lovers.

Of course, I watched appreciatively as his manhood began to show signs of thickening again. With selfish intentions, I reached down and gently ran my fingers along it, and yes, it continued to harden.

Before long, my son Jake was fully erect, nearly writhing again under my touches.

"Oh my, I see you have more for me," I teased him. I kissed him, then, on the lips, and said, "You know, we will need to stop this, but, OK, you. Come here."

And for the second time, I opened my legs for my son.

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