tagRomanceWe Need To Talk Ch. 03 (Conclusion)

We Need To Talk Ch. 03 (Conclusion)


The week between Chris' proposal and the wedding, a new partner for Chris, the wedding night, a surprise. I hope you enjoy this. Votes and comments welcome. Signed comments will be answered.

We Need to Talk (Conclusion)

Chris carried their suitcases out to the car while Sue said goodbye to the owners of the small bed and breakfast they had been staying at for the last few days of their honeymoon. The pair had spent the last month taking a series of one-, two-, and three-day trips around New York, enjoying its scenic sites from Niagara Falls to Lake Champlain, including the Finger Lakes wine country around his farm, and the older, gentler peaks of the Catskills.

In-between trips they had returned to the farm, to check in with Ellen and see if she had changed her mind about accompanying them on their trips. They also were eager to see how Sue's sister, Liz, was getting on in her new job.

It had taken all of Sue's will power to not rush into Ellen's shower and share the news the night Chris had proposed. Her will power and his arms holding her back. He had finally persuaded her to wait until they had sat down to dinner.

Making sure dinner was all set, they retired to the master bedroom and bath where they shared a shower. With remarkable restraint, they were in and out of the shower in less than a quarter of an hour. In keeping with the rest of the day, Chris and Sue had dressed for dinner in smiles only. Guessing correctly, Ellen had opted for panties only.

As they tucked into their salads, Ellen looked at her hosts, and commented, "You two look like the cat that finally caught the canary. Something up?"

Sue looked at Chris, who nodded. "Chris proposed to me while you were in the shower."

"And she said yes," added Chris.

"Of course she did," answered Ellen, with a wide grin. She rose and went to Sue, enveloping her in a tight hug. "Sue, I am so happy for you, and, if you don't mind, a whole lot jealous. I'm sure you understand why, after our walk."

"I do, Ellie, but this doesn't change our relationship with you. You are still welcome to share our bed; and as far as our unicorn chef here, when you share our bed, I'll share him with you."

"We'll see," she said, turning to Chris. "Congratulations to you, sir. I don't mind telling you, after our romp by the pool today, I envy Sue all to hell. While I still think I should leave tomorrow, especially now, I will stick around to see you safely off the market, sampling you as often as your fiancé will let me." She looked at Sue. "May I steal a kiss?"

"I'm the one you have to ask for that," replied Chris, reaching for her. As their lips met, his hands slid to her butt, and under the waistband of her panties, pushing them down.

Ellen broke the kiss. "Wha..."

"You're overdressed," stated Chris. "It's a house rule, starting now. If I am in the house, Sue and you must go commando, and, unless there are visitors, topless as well. Nor can you wear more clothing than I. And as you will see, I prefer to go nude," he continued, pushing the panties down until they dropped to her feet. "Now, sit so we can eat."

As she sat down, Ellen looked at the couple and asked, "So, have you had time to set a date?"

Sue shook her head. Chris spoke, "We can't get a license until Monday, and there's a three day wait period after that. Next Friday?" He looked at Sue, who was taking a bite of salad as he talked. Surprised by the question, she coughed, choking on the bite.

"Jeezus. Chris," laughed Ellen. "Don't you know you're supposed to give a girl a warning when you ask important questions like that? What's the hurry, anyway?"

"I don't want her to get away," he responded, smiling at Sue.

"Friday's fine, and don't worry. I have no intention of changing my mind. I told you last night the only way you'll get rid of me."

"What?" asked Ellen.

"Pack my bags and drop me at the nearest bus stop."

"Something tells me you're safe for a while,"Ellen laughed. "What can I get you for a wedding gift? Looking around, you certainly don't need housewares or linens. Let me pay for your honeymoon trip. As soon as you've decided where you want to go, let me know and I'll make the arrangements."

Sue leaned over to whisper to Chris. He smiled and nodded. "Ellen," Sue asked, "why don't you come with us?"

"Don't be silly. It is supposed to be a trip for the two, note the number, the two of you to celebrate becoming a family. Now, any ideas about where, and for how long?"

"Oh, I don't know. While Chris was gone, I looked at the New York Tourist site, to see what there was to see in the State. It looks like enough to keep us busy for a year, and it's all within a day's drive."

"Like what?" Chris and Ellen asked at the same time, then looked at each other and laughed.

"Well, as a teenager, probably like a lot of girls, I always wanted a romantic honeymoon in Niagara Falls, and it's only about an hour and a half or two hours away. And I remember hearing a lot about the Chatauqua experience, and the original is practically right down the road.

"Then there's all the Revolutionary War sites, and the Erie Canal, and did you know there are more drumlins in New York than anywhere in the world? And the sailplane capitol of the world is only a little bit away. We could put together a series of day trips that would keep us busy until Halloween, hardly thinking about it."

"Drumlins?" asked Chris, "What are drumlins?"

"It's a kind of hill, usually running north and south; sometimes called a whale back hill because the south end is pretty steep and the north end kind of tapers off, so it resembles a whale. They're left over from the glaciers which covered NY about thirteen thousand years ago."

"Is that what you want to do, drive around the state, looking at hill formations?" asked Ellen. "Under the circumstances, I can think of things a lot more fun."

Sue made a face at her. "Not just looking at the landscape, but also getting to know what the state has to offer. Besides, the driving time will give us plenty of time to talk, and get to know each other better. And there are little bed and breakfasts, and tourist homes all over the state if we want to make an impromptu stop," she said with a saucy smile.

"Chris," huffed Ellen, snorting, "you have completely corrupted this woman!" Seeing Sue's questioning look, she continued, "That is exactly the kind of honeymoon he wanted us to take when we got married. If there had been more time between semesters to do it, I'm sure he would have insisted instead of our quick trip to Chicago." Sue glanced at Chris, who was grinning. He nodded. Sue smiled and reached for his hand.

"Tomorrow, we can sit down and plan an itinerary, so we get to see and do all we want. In the meantime, it smells like dessert might be ready."

"Shit! It was supposed to come out ten minutes ago! I hope it didn't burn."

After having dessert outside, Chris pulled Ellen onto his lap and began lightly caressing the blonde's breasts. "Chris," she moaned, "shouldn't Sue be here instead of me?"

"Don't worry about it, Ellie," answered Sue. "No matter who else is in our bed, I'll be the last pussy he fucks each night, and the first one he has in the morning. If I can make it work, I'll fall asleep at night with that cock in me, and wake up with it in the same place."

"I told you, Sue. Hearing a woman talk dirty turns him on. I can feel his cock poking my ass. Much more talk like that and he'll be trying to get into my butt."

"Do you want it like that?" Sue asked, in a slyly suggestive tone.

"Oh, God, no! He barely fits in my vagina; he'd rip me apart. Hell, it used to hurt when Rick shoved his thumb in there; I can't imagine taking even a skinny cock, let alone the Unicorn here. Have you..."

"No, Tommy was pretty much straight vanilla when it came to sex. Sometimes, with enough to drink, he'd eat me, and he liked it if I ate him, but mostly it was missionary, or variations based on where we were.

"His favorite variation was to take me in the easy chair in the living room. That was about the only time he'd even leave the light on. He'd push me back in the chair and lift my legs over his shoulders, then get in the chair on his knees..." She was interrupted by a load moan from Ellen.

Chris' hand was busy between Ellen's thighs, his two middle fingers stroking the inside of her sheath, his thumb busy stroking the little nub at the top of her slit. "That's... good... Chris... just... like... that... don't... stop... oh god... don't... who... no...don't ...oh... you... shit!!" she exclaimed as he withdrew his fingers.

"Time to go in," he said, helping her off his lap. "Then we can pursue some other fun stuff. Unh-uh, no touching," he said, taking her hands.

"Bastard," she said, smiling at him. "You'd better, or I'll tell Sue about your ticklish spot."

Inside, he pulled Sue to him for a kiss. "Why don't you two go shower while I close up the house and start the dishwasher? I'll join you in the bedroom in a bit. I'm going to e-mail Cara, my manager, that I'm home. You can finish what you started this afternoon, that I interrupted."

His hand slid lightly over her breast, squeezing her nipple in his palm. "Just save some of you for me," he said, kissing her softly. Without withdrawing, she nodded, her tongue seeking entrance.

"Mmm," he said, breaking the kiss. "I like what you said about you being the last pussy at night and first in the morning. Especially about sleeping with me buried in you. I think we'll start working on that tonight." His hands slid down over her butt, pulling her close. "Love you, babe," he whispered.

"I know. Me, too," she replied, also whispering, pulling him to her for another kiss. "Don't be long. I mean don't take too long. I want you long, very long," she laughed.

Sue found Ellen in her bedroom, gazing out the window at the final traces of sunlight settling on the horizon. She walked up behind the blonde and put her arms around her, supporting Ellen's breasts with her forearms. Resting her chin on Ellen's shoulder,, she kissed the other woman's ear, whispering "Chris said we should start without him, that we should pick up where we were interrupted this afternoon."

"Are you sure, Sue? After seeing Rick and Mike together, I don't know if I'm mad, sick, revengeful, or what. And Chris had me so aroused just now I'd fuck anything from an aardvark to a zebra."

"Mmm, that sounds promising. Am I sure? I think so. I was married for twenty years to a man who couldn't tell me he loved me. During those twenty years, he would only have sex in one position, only when he wanted to, and as soon as he came, it was over. I have learned more bout my sexual appetite in the last two days than I even knew to ask about over the last twenty years.

"Until you asked the question this afternoon, I hadn't even considered making love with another woman. The brief sample we shared made me want to sample some more. Based on what Chris said when he proposed, you will most likely be the only woman I explore that part of me with, but while you're here, I would like to explore it. If you are willing."

Later, neither of them would be able to recall how they made it to the bed. Only that the experience was one of soft caresses, passionate kisses and embraces, "mmm's, ahh's, ooh's, yeses, and more's."

In his office, Chris was just finishing up the e-mail to his manager, letting her know he was at home and attaching his expense report, saying he had forwarded his narrative and summary to the client on Thursday evening. Just as he hit the send button, he heard what could only be described as a squeal come from Sue. Smiling he got up and headed for his room, expecting to join the women. As he pushed open the door, a long ,low "unnnhhhhh" was heard coming from the open door across and down the hall.

When he entered the room, it was beautiful sight. A lovely nude blonde, sprawled on the bed, head to toe with an equally gorgeous nude redhead, both on their back, their heads resting on each other's thigh. The room was redolent with the smell of quim, eliciting a surge in Chris' genitals, although he could not swear whether it was the scent or the view which was responsible for the reaction.

"Wow! Did you save some for me?" he laughed.

Ellen just nodded and ran the tip of her tongue around her lips suggestively, while Sue opened her arms and answered, "There's always some for you. You don't even have to ask."

Chris knee walked up on to the bed and positioned himself between Ellen's thighs. "Shouldn't you..." she started.

"Company first," interjected Sue, a smile covering her chiding tone, "Tsk! Tsk! Didn't your mom teach you any manners?"

Ellen started to laugh just as Chris pushed into her. "Oh! Mi! God!" she moaned. "How the fuck! I swear, Chris, you've grown since lunch. Oh, shit! Oh! Oh! Oh! GOD! Do it!! Fuckmeyousonofabitch! Ohohohohohoh!!"

After that, whatever she said was unintelligible until her orgasm-signifying "unnnnnnnhhhh," which was accompanied by Chris' as he emptied his nut into her welcoming sheath. Chris collapsed in Ellen's arms and lay there for a few minutes, until his member was soft enough to fall out of her.

As he started to get up, he pulled on her arm to rouse her. "No," she said, "I'll stay here tonight. Not that I don't love both of you, but, frankly, I'm fucked out. In the past, what ten hours, since we arrived at the pool, I've been in a state of arousal more than any three week period I can remember over the last ten years, and I've come more today than I have in the last six months. So, just take your horny wench and go to bed. Call me for breakfast, thank you." At which she leaned down to grab the blanket and pulled it over her.

Chris was in the kitchen, assessing the contents of the fridge in terms of possible breakfast fare. There wasn't much. He made some decisions and started putting together the coffee. As he pushed the start switch, he heard someone shuffling down the corridor from the bedrooms. In a minute, Ellen entered the kitchen.

"Morning, sunshine," he greeted her

"Grumble, grumble," she replied, half smiling.

"Still the bright morning person, I see," he replied.

"Go to hell," she laughed. "God, you two wore me out, crumpled me up and threw me under a car, I swear. I don't think I'm gonna be able to, uh, move until next weekend."

"Uh-huh. How about I draw you a nice warm bath for you to soak in for a while. Sue won't be up for a half hour or so. You can soak, and I'll bring you coffee as soon as it's ready."

"You are a doll and a life saver." They started down the hall.

"Yesterday, when Sue and I were talking, whenever I approached the topic of why she was so sure of your love, she'd just say I had to ask you. I remember when we split up, I thought you were involved with someone, and you sort of confessed that you had been unfaithful, but you've never married again."

She looked at him suddenly. "It was Sue. You slept with your brother's wife, and have been carrying on this charade of not liking her all these years. No wonder she's so sure..."

"You're right, and totally wrong. It was Sue. I've loved her since she visited Mom and Dad after losing her baby. But she didn't know anything about it until Thursday night when I got back from one of my trips. I was unfaithful, one night, with four different women, some students who had been in the course I TA'd for the previous semester.

"The night I found the motel receipt and thought you had shacked up with someone, I went out and got royally pissed. I met them having a ladies night out and wound up going to one of their apartments and screwing all of them. Only time I've ever done anything like that."

They had reached the bathroom. Chris turned on the hot water and added some bath salts. In an instant the scent of lavender and chamomile filled the room.

"Mmm, that's nice. I'll have to remember the scent." She dropped the robe she was wearing and stepped into the very warm water. "Yikes! It's hot!"

"Not for long, and it will loosen up all the stiffnesseseses."

Ellen laughed briefly. "So, Sue had nothing to do with our breakup?"

"Not directly. I wasn't even aware of how I felt until I visited them a year or so after we split. I had to pretend to be angry and dislike her, and to ultimately ignore her and them out of a sense of self-preservation, and for their sakes, too, ultimately. Can you imagine how the families would have reacted if I had made a move on her? I'd have been disowned by my family, and a target for every lowlife in hers."

He was pensive for a moment. "Actually, those four students probably had a more direct influence on our marriage than Sue did. Drunk as we all were, the sex itself was good, and that scared me when I thought about it. If drunk, faceless, meaningless sex could be as satisfying as the sex with someone I was supposed to love, what did that say about me? About us? Our relationship?

"I still loved you, still do. But the relationship at that time wasn't working, and it took us another year to realize it.

"Enough digging up bones! Enjoy your soak. I'll bring the coffee when it's ready." He turned to leave.

'Chris!" He turned back into the room. "Thank you. I've always wondered who and why. I'm glad it wasn't Sue. I don't know if I could have handled it if it were." Chris walked the short distance to the tub and bent down to give her a kiss.

"I could wake her and send her in..."

"Oh, no! She's a sex mad she-devil! Christ, just seeing her makes my pussy run. I'm going to have to carry a towel to sit on, or I'll leave pussy juice all over the house."

"You will explain later why that's a problem, won't you?" he laughed, leaving.

After a lengthy soak, Ellen, wearing the robe Chris has evidently put out for her, made her way back to the kitchen where Chris and Sue, also wrapped in terry robes, were having coffee. Sue got up and greeted her with a hug. "Morning, love, how are you today?"

"Not as sore as I was before Chris put me in the tub, thank you," she said, looking at him. "Otherwise, a whole lot better than yesterday at this time."

"Good. That's what we were hoping to hear. Any thoughts, regrets, objections to any of yesterday?"

Ellen thought a few seconds, then answered, "No, just don't ask me to repeat any of it for a few days." She paused a few seconds. "It was all great, but it was a whole lot more than I'm used to. If that is your usual weekend routine, I won't last until Thanksgiving. But I'll die happy," she laughed.

Chris and Sue joined the laughter. "Since it's our first weekend where sex is an option, I guess it's our usual. We'll have to see what today brings," Chris replied. "From the condition of my little giant, probably not much more than playful digital or lingual exploration.

"Besides that, we need to acquaint you with the village and the nearby malls so you can shop and explore while we're not here. Tomorrow, we can go to the bank in town. Sue needs to set up an account for her money, and you can arrange for a local bank I.d. so you can shop and pay by check. Some of the locals still don't trust what they call plastic money. Claim it costs them money."

"They're probably right, and not just the fees. They have to pay someone to do the all that paperwork. It's an expense cash buyers don't entail for them." She stretched. "Exploring the village and malls sounds like a plan. Shall we go out for breakfast, or do you already have it started?"

Chris looked at Sue. "Going out is fine. I was going to make scones, but haven't finished yet, so it won't hurt to interrupt them. We can go to Sam's in the village. He features a brioche french toast on Sundays that is out of this world. I will humbly admit, it is better than my own."

Breakfast had been as Chris promised. The trio had then spent the balance of the morning visiting the shops which were open, introducing Ellen to managers or owners she would be dealing with.

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