tagLoving WivesWe Need To Talk Honey

We Need To Talk Honey


A short tale. I'm tempted to do a few more little ones like this.

No sex at all, so pass on if you need that.

Deliberately not too much background build up, as it would spoil the story.

Hope you enjoy it --- Especially you Harry (Why do you bother reading my stories Harry if you hate them so much? I suspect you're pretending!)

Sorry everyone, please read on.


"Honey we need to have a talk!"

How many men have heard those words I wonder?

How many marriages and dreams have been smashed?

"Sure Debbie, whatever you want," I replied absently to my wife of fourteen years who'd just walked into our house." And who is this young man with you?"

"Well Charley," she started, a certain hesitancy in her voice. "This is Michael, and it's him I want to talk to you about."

I looked up at the pair of them from where I was sitting, observing my pretty, thirty six year old wife, and the rather good-looking man with her who couldn't have been more than twenty-three or so.

Didn't look or sound so good, did it?

Debbie had a very serious look on her face, but this Michael character was smiling. Or would you call that a smirk? It didn't really matter too much but for sure he was looking pretty pleased with himself.

By the sounds of it maybe he had reason to.

"What about Michael then?" I questioned Debbie.

Debbie swallowed, and coughed to cover her nervousness.

"Charley, you must be aware that sex between us hasn't been too good of late?"

"I don't know how you could say such a thing Debbie," I pleaded.

"Come on now Charley honey," she plunged on. "You know as well as I do that our sexual relations have not been very exciting lately."

"Not very exciting?" I queried. "What do you mean by not very exciting?"

"What I mean honey is that maybe you haven't been giving me everything that I need."

"How would you know that Debbie," I demanded. "Since you haven't deigned to have sex with me for the last six weeks, I don't see how you can claim they haven't been very good."

My wife at least had the decency to look a little uncomfortable, and looked up at Michael for moral support.

"Look Charley," broke in Michael. "What Debbie's trying to say is ...."

"I don't know you young man," I interrupted him. "And you don't know me. If you wish to talk to me then don't call me Charley. It's Mr. Martin to you."

Michael stood there fuming, his face turning an interesting shade of red. He knew I'd got the better of him on that one, so that was one nil to me. However, I had a fair idea of what was coming and the score wasn't going to stay that way for long.

"Leave this to me Michael," spoke up my wife before her boyfriend could do something they may regret. "Look Charley, it isn't that I don't still love you or anything. I think the world of you and couldn't imagine life without you."

"So you're not telling me that you've fallen in love with someone else then Debbie?"

"No of course not," she confirmed. "Well ---- at least not exactly."

She looked pleadingly at me, hoping I'd understand, so I gestured for her to go on.

"I don't want to change anything between us honey. I'm still as much in love with you as when we got married. It's just that spiritually I feel I have expanded a little more than you have Charley, and I just need a bit of space to sort of 'find' myself."

She stopped again, smiling at me, hoping that I'd go along with her.

"By 'find yourself' Debbie," I ventured, nodding my head. "I guess you mean being free to fuck Mickey boy here."

Michael bristled at my calling him Mickey but held himself in check, realising that I was goading him.

"Don't be crude honey," Debbie scolded me. "It's not becoming for a man like you. I thought you'd be more understanding of my needs."

"So what would you call it then Debbie?"

"Well ---- more of a meaningful relationship," she explained. "An essential expansion of my being."

"Like a sort of --- fucking him relationship, and cheating on me type of expansion you mean?"

Debbie pulled a face and sighed deeply, looking at me as if I was a difficult child having a tantrum. "Charley you're not making this very easy for me you know."

Sorry honey," I mumbled. "I wouldn't want to make things difficult for you while you're finding yourself."

"That's OK Charley," she graciously accepted my apology.

"But you haven't actually said what you want yet Debbie," I pointed out, which bought her up a bit short.

"I think you know what I want Charley."

"Spell it out Debbie," I insisted.

There was a little whispering between the two of them, making it more than obvious that the conversation wasn't going at all as they had expected. Eventually Mickey boy nudged Debbie to continue, clearly not prepared to address me as Mr. Martin.

"Well what we thought Charley," she started at long last. "Is that you and I carry on happily as before, but I am free to have dates with Michael two or three times a week. You'd hardly notice the difference honey I promise."

"And you think that would work out for the best for the two of us do you Debbie?"

"Well yes I do honey," she went on. "Michael and I have worked it all out, and I might not be here some evenings, but I'd always be back to have breakfast with you."

Now that was interesting. Since it was always me that made breakfast anyway, she wasn't exactly putting herself out was she?

"And then you'd be able to 'find yourself' then Debbie?"

"Well yes I would," my wife agreed. "With Michael's help --- Oh and of course yours' as well Charley, then I'm sure I could expand my horizons as I've always wanted to."

What a load of shit!

"Great," I responded, nodding my head to indicate that I thought I'd fully understood what the proposal was. "So we carry on as we have for the last six weeks with me getting no sex from you, while Pricky Mickey boy here gets to fuck you several times a week."

Debbie looked somewhat deflated, while her lover boy clenched and unclenched his fists in anger.

"Please Charley stop being difficult," Debbie pleaded, holding her arms out and stepping forward towards me. "Of course it won't be like that honey. I'm sorry I've neglected you lately, but I promise I'll make it up to you."

I held my hand out to halt her, looked over at the 'other' man, and asked, "Is that OK with you then Mickey? Is that OK if your girl friend gives me the occasional mercy fuck then?"

He grinned stupidly back at me, sure that they had me where they wanted me.

"Whatever dude. Screw Debbie all you want as far as I'm concerned, but she'll never enjoy it as much as she does with me. "

Debbie at least started to protest, telling him to shut up, but he had his pecker up by then and carried on.

"With your little dick she probably won't feel you inside her pussy after she's been with a real man like me."

"Is that what you think as well Debbie," I enquired. "That Mickey's cock is so much bigger than mine, and that he knows how to use it better than me."

"No Charley! I swear I've never said that to him. He's making it up the stupid prat. He's no better than you in bed --- A bit rougher maybe --- just different that's all."

I gave them a few moments before I hit them with my next comment.

"That's more or less exactly what Linda said as it happens!"

My statement bought the pair of them up short.

Debbie stood there with her mouth wide open in surprise, while Mickey boy lurched forward raising his fists at me.

"Leave Linda out of this you bastard," he screamed at me angrily.

"Sorry Mickey boy but your wife Linda is already involved."

I relished telling him that!

As he approached me threateningly, his fists ready, Debbie made a grab for him, pulling him back.

"Don't Michael," she implored him.

"I'll kill the bastard," he retorted loudly. "An old sod like him."

"Michael," she said as she held onto him. "Believe me you stand no chance. If you hit him you'll regret it."

She was right of course. I may have been fifteen years or so older than him, and he may work out in some gym. But I'd worked up to running my own construction firm the hard way, and over the years had learnt how to look after myself against some of the hardest men in the trade.

He stepped back, thinking twice about it.


Never mind, maybe there'd be another opportunity.

"Why are you getting Michael's wife into this affair?" my loving wife Debbie asked me at last. "There's no need to involve her."

"Not me," I told her. "It was her that contacted me a month ago and told me what was going on between you two."

If Debbie looked surprised, then Mickey boy looked stunned. He'd had no idea whatsoever. No idea at all.

God, this was starting to feel good. Two nil.

There was a standoff. We all stared at one another, each of us waiting for someone else to say something.

Again, it was Debbie that broke first.

"Are you confessing to me Charley, that you've actually had sex with Linda?"

"If you mean have I been making love to her," I delighted in telling her. "Then the answer is yes. It started as a revenge fuck for the two of us about four weeks ago, but I'm pleased to tell you that it's become a lot more than that."

"You're lying, you bastard," Mickey boy jumped in with. "My wife wouldn't go to bed with anyone else but me, and especially an old bugger like you."

Raising my eyebrows, I glanced over at Debbie who looked a bit pissed. We were both about the same age Debbie and I, so what did his comment say about her?

Poor old cow.

"You want proof Mickey," I teased him. "You want me to describe her special rose tattoo, and exactly where it is? Or would you prefer me to imitate how she cries out 'Oh yes ---Oh yes --- Oh yes; when she orgasms?"

If looks could kill, then I'd be long time dead. At that moment he knew for sure that I'd not only seen his beautiful, sexy twenty-one year old wife naked, but that I'd also given her a good fucking.

"I've never known a girl get so worked up just by tweaking her nipples," I added, rubbing it in. "And blimey, does she enjoy sucking my cock."

"Liar," he threw at me. "Linda doesn't do that!"

"Not for you sunshine," I delighted in taunting him. "But I've persuaded her how much fun it can be. She loves it! You should have spent more time experimenting with her, instead of doing my wife."

"I'm going," he shouted angrily, shoving Debbie's hand off him. "I'm going to show that bloody wife of mine, what's what."

"Hang on Mickey," I called to him taking a key from my pocket. "Unless you've got a key like this, then you won't be able to get into the house."

"I've got my own key you bloody idiot," he screamed bad temperedly.

"Not like this one you haven't," I informed him. "We've had the locks to your house changed."

Mickey visibly wilted.

I enjoyed that.

"Right, I'll be off then," I joyfully informed the pair of them, standing up for the first time. "If you need me, then you know where I'll be."

"What about your things Charley," Debbie cried out, the first tears beginning to pour down her cheeks. "You can't just walk out on me honey."

"Oh but I can my dear," I informed her. "And everything I want from this house is either already at Linda's house, or packed up in my car. Maybe that'll leave you a bit of extra space to 'expand' into honey."

Debbie looked hurriedly round the room we were in, and for the first time noticed a number of my personal things missing. She burst into tears and tried to rush into my arms, but I held her back and calmly told her that she could keep the house and her car and that my solicitor would be in touch with her about anything else.

"But how will I live Charley?" she sobbed pitifully.

"You've got your part time job Debbie," I reminded her. "And maybe Mickey here will support you, though it may not be so easy, since Linda's Dad will be sacking him tomorrow morning."

Walking to the front door, I looked back at the pair of them, noting the difference in their air of dejection compared to how full of confidence they had been just half an hour previously.

"Bye Mickey," I called out to him as I left the house. "Nice to have met you. Bye Debbie ---- Thanks for everything and nice to have known you."

Three nil --- game over.

I didn't look back as I closed the door behind me, but as I walked down the path to my car I could hear the pair of them shouting and screaming at one another.


I knew that it would cost me a hundred grand or so to get rid of Debbie, but it wasn't the first time she'd been unfaithful to me and my feelings for her were dead.

Besides ---- Trading in a thirty-six year old, even one still in quite good condition, plus a hundred grand, for a low mileage twenty-one year old model in pristine, beautiful condition seemed a good deal to me.

The fact that she was an animal in bed, seemed to have fallen head over heels in love with me, and her dad being a multi-millionaire seemed to help quite a bit as well.

What a laugh!


Well, there you are. Hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know.

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Last BINGO! We have a Nice good old fashion Sunday afternoon BITCH BURN! Why I like it! Well what's not to like about it! We have Two burns for the price of one! Don't forget he now has 21yr old Goddessmore...

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Always nice...

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Mickey scored an own goal

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What an awesome little flash story. And a phenomenal BTB!

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