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We Play with the Foreign Language Student


Greetings dear reader,

It has been some time since I posted on this site. I have been working on a major literary project for some time now, and if my agent or publisher knew I was spending time writing short erotic fetish stories for literotica they would certainly not be amused!

As with most of my work posted here the following will contain descriptions of wife sharing, creampies and cleanup. If this subject matter is not to your taste then please search for something else to read and don't waste your time any further.


So what do you do when your only son has finally flown the nest and left home? What do you do when you feel as though your life and relationship are stagnating? What do you do when there is no excitement anymore and feel as if you are stuck in a rut? This is the start of the story of how my wife and I resolved this situation and what we did to improve our boring lives.

My name is Al (incredibly that is short for Alan). I have been married to Sue for twenty four years now. She is still looking good for a lady in her mid forties. She is quite a petite woman and despite bearing our son still carries a good slim figure. Twice weekly visits to the gym keep her in good shape. She has quite small breasts (34 A cup I think) although she makes up for this by having huge engorged nipples when she becomes aroused. I think that her pussy is adorable, it is what I call a 'meaty pussy' with full long love lips -- she keeps the lower area round her lips and clit shaved smooth yet a full tufty hairy bush above remains. Her eyes are deep and brown, matching her short mousy brown hair which she wears in a bob style cut closely into her neck.

Our time together has been mostly happy. Like any couple married for a long time we have had our ups and downs. One of the down times happened a few years ago when I found out that Sue was having an affair with a female work colleague. We moved on from this and we dealt with the issue that she was also attracted to women -- a fact I did not know when I married her. The last couple of years we seemed to lead separate lives to a certain extent and start to drift apart. Both busy and wrapped up in our work, both finding it easier not to make the effort to communicate and I suppose both in a rut. When our son left home and moved away for a new job we realised that we had to change or we would just drift further and further apart.

We talked and realised that we still loved each other dearly but could not carry on living like this. We realised that we needed some sort of change to stimulate our relationship again. We discussed issues together and made some decisions on how to improve our lives. We agreed to spend more time in each other's company and be open and honest with each other. It was decided that as we were alone in the house now and our son was not dependant on us anymore Sue would reduce some of the hours at her job and work on a part time basis. I agreed to cut back on my responsibilities and to not bring my work home with me as much as I had been doing. This would give us more time to do things together as a couple. We also discussed our sex life and came to the conclusion although reasonable healthy it lacked excitement and interest; I suppose we were just going through the motions to keep each other happy. I think Sue was the more unhappy with our sex life as I always knew she had a much higher sex drive than me, and also since her affair she had not been able to explore her Sapphic desires.

It was about this time when we were discussing our future together when we saw an advertisement from the local language and educational centre. They were looking for homes to place students from other European countries in, where they could experience English life and culture and practise their language skills. The students could be either male or female and aged between eighteen and twenty two and would need accommodating for periods of up to six weeks at a time. As we had a large unoccupied bedroom that used to be our sons we certainly had the space and time to do this. We also thought that it would be a good idea to meet new people and have a focus in our lives that we could both get involved with together. Especially as at weekends after the student's lectures during the week had finished they would need showing round the sights of the local area and entertaining.

We replied to the advertisment and after an official interview and vetting process we started receiving students a few weeks later. The first student we had to stay with us was pleasant enough and we enjoyed having him around, but he was really quite dull. The second student was a very overweight girl who was not interested in the local area and only seemed interested in what the English ate. However the third student that we took in on a six week stay was the one that really changed our lives.

Erik came to stay with us from Sweden. His English was quite good, and in fact much better than the two previous students that we had had staying with us. He was aged twenty and had been working and travelling his way round Europe for a while. He now wanted to improve his English language skills so that he could apply to study at an English university later in the year -- hence his placement at an English language college. Erik was a fine young man. He was tall, fit and athletic with a muscular figure (Sue took him to visit the equipment in the gym that she uses to show him off to her friends). He was full of energy and keen to see the local area and learn about our English culture.

The first two weeks that Erik was with us was very pleasant. We showed him the local sights and involved him in long conservation whenever we could to improve his language and interpersonal skills. We took all breakfast together in the mornings before I went to work and observing them it was obvious from the knowing looks and jokes that Erik and Sue were building up quite a rapport together. I was pleased to see her getting on so well with someone despite him being at least half her age.

It was a Friday night and I had had quite a busy week at work and was feeling a little tired. We had enjoyed an evening meal with Erik so that I could relax and unwind, and Sue had enjoyed a few glasses of her favourite pinot grigio wine while eating. We had come to bed and were talking about what plans we had for the weekend and where we should take Eric. We heard him come up to his bedroom as we were talking together. It was then that Sue said out of the blue 'Would you mind if I let him fuck me?'

'Pardon,' I said quickly, taking in what she had said not quite sure if I had heard her properly.

'I think you heard me, how would you feel if I let him fuck me?'

I looked at my wife lying innocently on the pillow next to me. She had a large wicked grin on her face 'Do you want him to?' I murmured back to her.

'Yes I want him; I would love to let him fuck me.'


'You know when we talked and said that we wanted more excitement in our sex life. Well this could be it. I am sure Erik wouldn't say no and he really is hot.'

'How would I fit into this then?'

'It would only be for the sex you know, you are the only one I really love, and I would only do it if you were happy with it.'

I gazed at her face and tried to take in what she was asking me. As I thought about it I realised that my cock was starting to harden. 'OK,' I heard myself saying, 'as long as it is only a physical thing I don't see that I could mind much if it is what you really want.' I surprised myself by being so casual about it, as it is not everyday your wife asks for permission to have sex with someone else.

'How would you do it, would you ask him?'

'Well he has not long come up to bed so he won't be asleep yet. I thought that I would just be brazen and go into his room and tell him that I am feeling horny and you won't do anything about it so I was wondering if he could' Sue casually said.

'You really think that will work?'

'I am sure it will, we seem to get along really well and what man wouldn't refuse no strings attached sex when it is handed to him on a plate.'

'Ok, if that is what you really want to do then I won't object if it makes you happy. I only want you to be happy.'

Sue looked me directly in the eyes, 'thanks' love she said. She then moved closer and kissed me gently parting my lips and pushing her moist tongue into my mouth. As she kissed me I felt her hand make its way over my stomach and pubic hair to grip my now fully hard cock. 'Looks like he likes the idea as well,' she laughed. 'I do love you,' she said as she finished kissing me and moved from under the quilt to sit on the edge of our bed.

She then stood up and made her way to her dressing table by the window. She quickly applied some lipstick and sprayed some perfume on her neck and wrist. She looked wonderful in the soft bedroom light. 'Are you sure about this?' she asked. I nodded back realising that I did not really have a choice in the matter. I could see her nipples stiffening through the sheer material of her night dress. 'See you soon then my love, don't go anywhere,' she softly laughed as she disappeared out of our bedroom door towards the other bedroom at the end of the hall.

I lay alone in our marital bed a little shell shocked wondering how these events had just happened. Things had seemed to happen so quickly. It seemed as if one moment my wife was in bed with me and then the next on her way down the hall to someone else's bed. I knew deep down this was what she wanted. She wanted lustful excitement. She wanted new experiences, and I realised I could not give her all of that. I told myself that it was Ok as I knew about it; she wasn't doing anything behind my back so that made it alright. As I was thinking about what was going on I realised that my cock was rock hard. In fact it was as hard as it had been for some time. I gently wrapped my hand round it and tugged back at the foreskin, my other hand brushing my own stiff little nipples. I was feeling really aroused. Thinking about my wife being fucked by another man was really making me feel horny and this was a new sensation for me.

I waited, the house was silent and I wondered what was happening in the bedroom down the hallway. What had Sue said to Erik? Was he getting ready to fuck her? I listened intently, trying to pick out any noises to find out what was going on. My cock was really hard and I had to talk myself out of not stroking it in case I made myself come. After a few minutes I am sure that I heard a whimper and a low moan. I listened intently and heard it again. I recognised my wife's whimpering low moans and realised that she was probably experiencing another man's cock now. As I listened the double bed in Eric's room began to squeak. The squeaking gradually became louder and more rhythmic and if I was not sure before me definately knew now that my wife was taking another mans hard cock inside her. Her moans became a little louder and the bed was rocking with even more urgency now. I could hardly bear the tension as I listened to the squeaking bed and Sue gently moaning as it approached a crescendo. The squeaking bed springs became louder and louder and Sue's moans were becoming more guttural -- she was obviously having a good time. Suddenly the noises stopped and it was all quiet. I listened hard but could not hear any other sounds. Then I heard Eric's bedroom door click open and closed, then soft footsteps on the landing as Sue returned to me.

Our bedroom door slowly pushed open. Sue came in and closed it behind her. She stood inside the door way completely naked. I realised that she must have left her nightdress in Eric's room. Her nipples were huge and stuck our lewdly from her small breasts and her smooth pussy lips seemed to glisten in the soft light of the bedroom lamp. 'I'm back dear.' Sue almost whispered to me with a little giggle in her voice. She walked over to the bed and pulled the quilt back exposing my nakedness and my hard throbbing cock which was proudly jutting out almost to my navel. 'I see someone's pleased to see me back,' she joked.

'Tell me what went on?' I enthusiastically asked her. I was dying to know all of the details. I really wanted to know what they did together. 'Tell me everything,' I pleaded with her.

'I will in a moment dear, but I'm feeling so horny I haven't come yet.'

'Do you want me to bring you off then?'

'Oh yes please,' Sue almost snapped back. 'I need it'

I kissed her tasting her soft lips and mouth, probing it gently with my tongue. She seemed to writhe underneath me pushing her thighs towards me to feel her flesh on mine. I recognised the signs -- she was really turned on and was desperate for an orgasm.

'Are you going to get down there and make me come?' Her voice was almost demanding.

'What do you mean?' I innocently asked not quite sure what she was actually getting at.

'I really need to come so are you going to get down there and do it for me, or do I need to sit on your face?'

I had not heard Sue talk as forcefully as this before and I liked it, it seemed to turn me on even more. 'But you're full up with you know what, you've had Erik inside you, and he's just come in you.'

'I know, I don't care. Please just make me come,' she pleaded almost desperately now. 'Please bring me off I'm feeling so wet and horny.'

My mouth moved down and I gently circled one of her nipples with my tongue marvelling at its size as it stuck out some way from her actual breast. When Sue was aroused her nipples were certainly huge and hard. I nibbled and teased the sensitive nub with my lips. I heard her groan quietly almost under her breath as I sucked. As I paid attention to her breasts Sue quite forcefully pushed my head down over her flat stomach towards the bushy growth on the fleshy mound over the top of her pussy. 'Eat me, lick my pussy, and make me come,' she urged again.

Now I have never eaten a pussy that has just been fucked before, let alone a pussy that has been fucked by someone else. This was all a new experience for me and I was not sure entirely how I felt about it. I must admit the idea did not repulse me, but I was still a little unsure. Sue had pushed me down between her thighs so that I was now looking directly at her just fucked pussy.

Now I don't know if you have ever been inches away from a fresh cream pie, but let me assure you that it is a wonderful sight. Sues pussy was really gaping wide open -- still stretched from the cock that had been recently sliding its way deep inside her. Her long slippery love lips were hanging wide open thickly engorged. As she was hairless on the lower part of her pussy her flesh which was covered in sheen of moisture almost seemed to glisten in the reflective light from the bedside lamp. She pulled her knees up to her pert breasts and her pussy seemed to open up in all of its glory. I noticed that a mixture of sperm and her juices were coating the bottom of her pussy and slowly dribbling downwards towards the crinkled little brown star of her anus. I could almost feel the heat coming from her. I inhaled deeply and savoured the musky, almost bleachy aroma emanating from between her legs.

As I was enjoying the sight before me in Sue was obviously getting even more frustrated. Suddenly she reached down and with both her hands pulled on the back of my head until my mouth made contact with the smooth flesh of her pussy. As she pulled me in to herself I opened my mouth and ran my tongue along the length of her wet slit to her obvious delight. 'Eat me, lick my clit,' she moaned to me. My tongue gently circled her clit; I could feel the hard little nub of sensitive flesh under my tongue. I massaged it in circular motions feeling her writhe under me with pleasure. In between paying attention to her clit my tongue slipped down her wet slit to explore her sopping hole. I lapped at the mixed juices flowing from the lower part of her pussy. I even cleaned her anal region of her and Erik's dribbling juices.

Sue writhed and bucked beneath me becoming more vocal all of the time. I had never really seen her as wild and abandoned as this when we were making love. She was moaning and whimpering with passion. I tasted her and was surprised how I was enjoying the copious amounts of sperm mixed with pussy juice that was sliding out of her pussy into my eager mouth. I repeatedly teased her long lips and lapped at her sticky wet slit. Finally again I concentrated on her hard little clit, rolling it between my lips and running my tongue over it. Finally Sue reached her crescendo and raised her body from the bed and violently bucked her hips. Her thighs seemed to squeeze my head from both sides as a huge orgasm ripped through her. She moaned in delight as her body quivered with the orgasmic sensations.

'Wow,' was all she said a few moments later as she calmed down from her orgasm. 'I think that was the best come I have ever had.'

I moved up from between her thighs and snuggled up next to her on the bed. I kissed her gently and I knew that as my lips and mouth were covered in juices she would be able to taste herself and Erik on me. 'Did you like that?' I enquired. A stupid thing to ask I know but at that moment I couldn't think of anything else to say!

'It was really fantastic,' Sue replied. 'How did I taste?' she asked me with that strange little look on her face where one eyebrow is quizzically raised.

'You tasted really good, very wet, very juicy and very very sticky.'

'Could you taste Eric?' she asked.

'Of course I bloody could, he had only just left his load in you.'

'Did you mind?'

I thought for a brief moment before replying 'no not really, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be and I wanted to give you pleasure as you clearly wanted it.'

'Do you want to make love to me now?' she asked. 'Do you want to know what happened when I went to see Eric?'

'Yes please to both.'

As we lay together on the bed Sue tenderly kissed me and nuzzled at my neck. She began to narrate what had happened when she left me to go to Erik's room.

'I went down the hall to Eric's room and tapped on his door and opened it. He was lying in bed reading. He looked very shocked to see me standing there in front of him wearing only my night dress. I told him that I was feeling really horny and that you were too tired to make love to me and wondered if he would oblige. His face was a picture and I could tell that he did not know what to say, so before he could answer I pulled my night dress off over my head , pulled the quilt back and slipped into bed beside him.'

As Sue was telling me this her hand had slipped down and was very gently teasing my foreskin and rubbing my extremely hard cock. I had no idea how arousing it could be to listen to your wife describe in detail how she had been fucked by someone else. 'Please go on,' I whispered in her ear as my throat was so dry in excitement.

'He did not seem to know what to do so I slipped my hand down to his boxer shorts and felt his rapidly growing cock underneath the thin material. His hands then started to move over my naked body then to pinch and caress my nipples which made me feel even hotter. I moved down and he slipped his shorts off and I took the head of his cock into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it. He was quite a bit thicker than you dear but probably about the same length. As I sucked him he began to explore me and he slipped a couple of fingers inside me. I was so wet by this time and really wanted to feel his length inside me. I pushed him onto his back and straddled him and lowered my pussy slowly down onto his cock until he slipped all the way in, feeling him stretch my lips apart and filling me up inside. I rode him for a while and he teased my nipples and breasts as they bounced in front of him. He was obviously quite excited because he came really quickly. He grunted as his upward thrusts met my pussy and he spurted what seemed a large load of semen deep inside me. As soon as he had come I thanked him and came straight back to you.'

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