tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWe Rule the School Ch. 01

We Rule the School Ch. 01


"At Armstrong, we welcome people from every race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and part of the world. Being a welcoming environment for people to discover their diverse passions is just a part of who we are!"

Javier felt about as welcome as an anal wart around these people. Listening to the orientation counselor gushing about Armstrong College, Javier thought he might as well be on the moon. The campus was greener, the buildings fancier, and the people richer than anything he had ever seen. Growing up in Chicago, he might not have been in the worst of the hood, but it had given him plenty of opportunities to get into and out of trouble. A scholarship to Armstrong College had been his ticket out of a life of manual labor and probably jail, and he took it despite his misgivings about leaving home and going to the middle of nowhere, Vermont.

Mentally checking out from the rambling discussion of rules about alcohol, or date rape, or recycling, or whatever, a girl caught his eye across the walkway. The first thing he noticed was her tits, straining to get out of the tight, blue sweater she was wearing. Her legs were thick in all the right places like he liked too—not like those spindly bitches he saw setting up a table for the "Peace Activism Society" on the quad. No, this girl was stacked, the kind of girl who'd always have to worry about getting fat when she got older, but for now was perfectly built for fucking.

Her brown hair was long and straight, down to the middle of her back, and she wore those glasses that Javier though must have been just issued to white college chicks with the black rectangular frames. The light freckles on her face gave her a look of innocence that belied her body, which was anything but. "April" – her name tag, stuck right above her left breast, gave Javier an excuse to linger a bit in his gaze over her ample tits. Not well versed in specific cup sizes, Javier was content to decide in his mind that they officially qualified as "big ass titties," real mouthfuls. Afraid he was going to get caught or, worse, pitch a tent in front of everyone, he looked away.

"Tonight's orientation event is going to be great. A cultural program with food and dance from around the world. Hopefully all of you can express your own unique cultures tonight!"

He found, however, that he couldn't control himself. As the group entered the foyer of the immense building, he slowed up to be able to watch her from behind. She had to have been poured into those tight jeans, he thought. Her ass was plump and round, while her waist was still nice and small. Damn! Javier had already begun to set her titties free in his mind when the voice of one of the counselors startled him back to consciousness.

"This one's yours, ummm, let's see here, Javier Cardenal."

The counselor pronounced his name with that exaggerated Spanish that always meant some asshole was trying to sound "authentic." He wondered if the counselor ordered Mexican food in the same stupid accent. Hell, he wondered if you even could order Mexican food here in the isolated town.

Javier wasn't all that Mexican anyway—the name stuck because of his grandfather, his father's father, but otherwise he was as white as most of the students there at Armstrong—Irish Catholic, in fact. The name, though, did mean diversity to the school, and Javier's impoverished background, in addition to his remarkable test scores and good grades meant he had a full ride to a prestigious New England liberal arts school.

After dropping his things off in the room, not failing to notice just how little he had compared to everyone else, Javier went out into the hallway. He heard the other new people milling around. Classes would be starting in a week, but some freshmen had already started to arrive for an early start to orientation. For scholarship students like him, it meant free food and a place to stay. Staying in this dorm was only temporary; some of them would rush fraternities, others move into dorms, maybe even an apartment here and there. Yet most of his classmates didn't seem very hard up; probably just here to get away from mommy and daddy to party, he thought to himself. The idea of partying with the new girl didn't sound half bad.

In the hall, Javier met a handful of his neighbors on the fourth floor. With the exception of two Asian girls named Hannah and Wei Lin, he was the only "non-white" person on the hall out of 16. Guess diversity ain't that important, he thought. Javier had never had "yellow fever" like the white boys back home, but he could appreciate a hot bitch from around the globe. Javier thought of his dick as "equal opportunity," and Hannah—short and slender, with gorgeous almond eyes and long, silky black hair—only needed to give Javier the opportunity, and he would give her the ride of her life. Wei Lin could watch, if she wanted to stroke herself off.

Aside from those two, he met a smattering of people from all over, even a Chicago girl, Claire, though she came from the North Side and went to private school. Claire was cute in a young kind of way—like Hannah lithe and slender, Claire just didn't give off the same sensual vibe. Although they shared the same hair color, Claire was like the anti-April: short, thin, and flat as a board. Still, her girlish smile and game attitude made Javier like her immediately. They playfully fought a bit over the Sox vs. Cubs, but that kind of thing only made him feel a bit more at home.

Even among friendly and outgoing people, he felt out of place and on edge. What's more, attending the Cultural Awareness Party sounded like a fucking nightmare. If I see a fucking serape, he thought, I'm gonna punch someone. But he had learned a few things in town earlier and figured he might be able to turn a dull night into something more interesting. Leaning over towards April, he broke the ice the best way he knew how.

"I can get us beer."

"Really," she said, face brightening. "That'll be great, let me tell Kent and the others."

Before he could ask who Kent was, a blonde, floppy-haired, tall white guy in an IZOD shirt walked over. Javier tried to think of someone who looked like a bigger dick in his mind than this guy, but drew a blank.

"Hey, this guy isn't bothering you, is he?"

"You're joking, right! Kent, this is Javier. He says he can get us some beer."

Javier noticed Kent's hand on the small of April's back.

"Hey, man, I'm just playing with you. I'm Kent, bro. So you gonna get us some beers, huh?"

Javier could feel the hairs stand up, just a little, on the back of his neck.

"Yeah, Kent," –Javier lingered venomously on his name— "that's exactly what I'm gonna do."

"How are you going to bring them in with the counselors watching?," April asked.

She seemed a bit in awe of such a daring criminal operation, and Javier thought his bravado might provide an in with her. He also thought he could see the outline of her nipples in the tight top she was wearing.

"I don't think these guys are a fucking crack security force. You've dealt with worse, right Javier?"

Javier didn't speak for a second. He hadn't come all the way to college to have things go like this, like they always did. For a second his mind flashed to an image of himself, stomping Kent's face in the ground. But he had learned to control his feelings after almost ending up in juvie, and he composed himself. He found it easier to control his feelings a bit if he avoided looking at Kent's popped collar or where his left hand was.

"Don't worry about me. I've got everything covered."


That night, Javier had put the little incident behind him and was starting to open up a bit. Claire was cute: good body, though a little shy. He liked talking to her about shit from back home, though, and he could see a little spark from her too. The others seemed fine too, although they asked too many questions about where he came from for his liking. It didn't matter. Javier had one eye on April all night.

"You like?," he asked her, motioning to the bottle of Miller High Life he had provided.

Taking a swig, she nodded her head and smiled. She had sipped it too fast, and now a trickle of beer went down her chin. Smiling broadly, she wiped her face with the side of her hand.

"So good. How'd do you do it—fake ID?"

April had changed into a short maroon dress, not too tight, but still showing off her body. The stiff breeze caused it to billow a bit at the bottom, and Javier started to wonder if he should try to kiss her.

"Naah, you just gotta know who to see. "

Javier took a sip from his own beer and lit a Newport.

"So where you from?, " he asked her, inhaling slowly.

"Kansas City," she said. "The big one, not the little one."

While a couple of people around wrinkled their noses in displeasure at Javier's smoking, April seemed cool. Javier's impression was confirmed when she wordlessly lifted her eyebrow and looked at his cigarette. Javier didn't need to say anything either. He fished out a cigarette and handed it to April, giving her a light. That went well, he thought.

"Not one of these New York rich kids?, " he asked.

"Nope! But they seem alright. There're people from all over here, not just America. Have you met Stefi? From Düsseldorf?"

Javier actually had met Stefi. She had eaten Hannah's pussy in a little scene he composed in his mind waiting in line for beer.

"Oh yeah, from Germany. Fuckin' cool."

April laughed adorably. She took a long slow drag off the Newport, doing her best to imitate Javier in voice and mannerism.

"Fuckin' cool."

Javier drifted in and out of the little conversational groupings that spontaneously emerged in the next hour or so, never straying too far from April. To his disgust, though, Kent was also a constant presence, whom he mostly avoided engaging. Sick of hearing about snowboarding or something called Choate, Javier finally resolved to put into action another plan of his formed the second he saw Kent's Rolex at the morning orientation. To Javier, wearing such a gaudy thing, especially by just a kid, like Kent, was unreal. No one he knew even wore a watch at all, and this rich boy shows up to college with something that cost more than his Uncle Tito's car on his wrist.

When Kent arrived at the party, though, Javier noticed Kent without the Rolex. He must have left it in his room. Kent was obviously just as focused on April as Javier, and that should occupy him for a while. If he could just break into Kent's room, and swipe the watch before anyone noticed, he'd have a good chunk of change to start the semester. Javier had plans, but he needed the cash to get them off the ground.

It wasn't hard to slip away from the party, considering how drunk the lightweight freshmen had gotten. Javier figured he'd only need ten minutes or so to make it back up to the fourth floor, where his and Kent's rooms were. The lock should be easy; he'd scoped it beforehand and knew it shouldn't take longer than five minutes. Once he had the watch stashed, he'd make his way back to the party and helpfully remind everyone he'd been there all along. A rich asshole like Kent would never miss it.

Everything was going to plan, until Javier heard footsteps coming down the hallway. Ducking into Kent's room, he listened intently to discover who was approaching.

"Not yet, we're almost there," the female voice said. "No! Stop it!"

"Damn. You're drivin' me crazy, babe."

It was Kent—Javier panicked a bit before spotting a place to hide, the closet across from the bed. In his haste, he dropped his cigarette, and stamped it out quickly to avoid leaving too obvious a sign of his presence. He started to pick it up when he heard the voices right outside the door and dove into the closet. He was afraid he wouldn't be able to stand, but fit himself in just in the nick of time, as the door swung open and Kent entered with a girl.

"I just want to see it," the girl said. "Then we've got to go back!"

"That's what she said! " Kent interjected, as if he had just now invented that tired joke.

Javier was surprised to hear the girl laugh and even more surprised when she entered his field of vision—it was April.

"I just want to see what you've been talking about, " she said.

Kent opened a letter and showed her.

"See, it's good news. I'm Alpha Delta now. Know what that means? If you're with me, you can drink what you want, party where you want. Hell, we even have don't worry about grades. We rule the school!"

"That's great, Kent. You would help me out like that?"

"Of course, babe. I know we just met but I have, like, a really good feeling about you."

Javier could see Kent step forward, putting his hands on April's shoulders.

"There's just one thing I need."

With that he firmly pushed April to her knees. She got the hint, and he didn't have to force her much more from there. Unzipping his pants, she pulled out his cock and started licking around the head. She was certainly no expert, tentatively feathering his cock with little licks. She seemed to be a bit nervous about taking the thing in her mouth. After a minute or two, Kent interrupted her.

"I'm going to lay down, babe. Come up here on the bed, but don't stop doing what you're doing."

When the two of them switched places, Javier could no longer see Kent well, as the bed faced the closet where he was hiding. What he could see perfectly was April's luscious round ass, just visible as her dress had been hitched up around her waist. Kent's hand snuck from around her side to firmly caress her ass cheeks as she blew him. After a minute or two of April lightly tonguing his cock and taking the tip in her mouth, Kent was ready to fuck her. April stripped off her dress once and for all, revealing to Javier that her bra matched the lavender satin bikini cut panties she was wearing. Snapping it in the back, Kent freed her full but perky tits from confinement, taking a nipple into his mouth immediately. So distracted by her tits was Kent that April took the initiative to slide her now soaked panties off by herself.

Clumsily, Kent all but collapsed on top of April, sliding his small cock, wet with saliva into her inviting pussy. April shifted in place to try to position herself so that Kent's dick might rub against her clit. Once she found the right spot, her enthusiasm grew.

"Oh yeah, right there, baby, give it to me!," she said encouragingly, though a little self-conscious at fucking Kent on the first day of orientation. Hopefully, he would be her ticket to social status and success at Armstrong.

"You're so big," she lied.

That Kent believed her was a testament to his own ego. Despite his athletic build and multi-sport career in prep school, Kent just lacked the natural coordination to fuck April with any rhythm. What's more his four-inch cock had mostly proven inadequate to most girls. Kent usually fucked virgins in high school, though, which allowed him to believe he was really filling them up.

Javier was too far away, though, to notice Kent's puny cock as he humped April, grinding into the nubile young co-ed. Since all he could see at this point was Kent, still clad in his khakis, pounding away at her, Javier closed his eyes. Focusing on his breathing, he tried to calm himself down so that he wouldn't give his location away. What if Kent needed something out of his closet? How would he explain his presence? Would they kick him out of school immediately? Javier tried to put those thoughts out of his mind. He had to focus and let the situation play itself out to get out alive.

In the meanwhile, Kent and April kept at it, with their moans and the wet, squishing sounds of April's pussy covering up any noise Javier might have made. Mauling her tits with his left hand while holding himself up with his right, Kent bent down to kiss her.

"You're so hot, babe. I'm gonna cum. We gotta switch."

With that as warning, Kent pulled his cock out of April's pussy and rolled over for her to get on top and ride him. Now in control, April could regulate the pace and position of Kent's thrusting. Kent couldn't complain either, as April's gorgeous tits jiggled in front of him as she rocked her hips in time, impaled on his dick. Javier opened his eyes, as April again became visible. He felt his cock grow rigid as he watched her, her back glistening with sweat as she thrusted her hips against Kent's dick. Her long brown hair was partially matted to her back and shoulders, while Kent's hands held on to her waist.

April fucked like a lot of girls, Javier thought, never withdrawing Kent's cock far from her pussy. Instead, she kind of circled her hips, grinding on him and using the angle of her back to make sure that he stimulated her clit, since his cock wasn't going to fill her up and make her cum otherwise. Where Kent had been clumsy and arhytmic, though, April had a natural gift for moving her body in an unmistakeably sexy and hypnotic manner. Javier, no virgin himself, even felt a little pre-cum leaking into his boxers.

After what felt like hours but could only have been ten minutes, she started to cum, her body tensing up before dropping herself low, pressing her tits against Kent's chest and panting until the wave of pleasure subsided.

Almost immediately after April came down, Kent grabbed her with both arms and rolled her back over. Again on top, he pumped as hard as he could, once, twice, three times, before pulling his dick out and aiming it squarely at April's face. Without warning he fired an arcing rope of jizz that struck her first on her upper lip, before trailing down across her mouth onto her chin. His next blast went to the side; she was lucky it didn't go into her hair, instead tracing a line of cum from her eyelid to her cheek. After those two, only thin, watery spurts came out, dribbling onto her tits and mingling with the sweat and saliva already there.

"Ohhhh, gross!," she said. "Why did you that?!? I've got cum all over me now!"

"Total accident, babe. Won't happen again."

Javier could see the smirk on Kent's face. Fucker's proud of himself.

"Did I get it all? There isn't a mirror in here."

Kent looked her over. There was still a few droplets of cum at the corners of her left eyelid.

"Yeah, looking great, babe."

She dressed while Kent wiped his cock off on a dirty t-shirt nearby. He stuffed his member back into his pants like nothing happened, and gently slapped April, who was still getting dressed, on her firm ass.

"You look hot. Let's get back out there."

April adjusted her dress and tried her best to fix her hair. After what seemed like an eternity, they left to return to the party. Javier finally exhaled. Spying the watch, he quickly tucked it in his pants pocket and quietly left the room. Slipping back into the party, Javier mixed around, making sure people saw him and would remember him. When April caught his eye, he smirked knowingly, as the light caught the remaining cum on her face and glimmered just enough to notice.


Heading home the next day after meeting with his fence, Javier felt bit ambivalent about the previous day's events. He had the five grand he needed to start his plans for college, but felt a pang of jealousy. He hadn't known what a slut April would turn out to be, and part of him wished he had stuck around and boxed Kent out. I could have been in that ass, he told himself, even as part of him knew that he didn't have Kent's wealth, watch or not. There was even a small part of himself that felt bad—not for stealing the watch per se, but rather for not taking the chance to go clean and make a fresh start at the elite college. The admissions essay his "girlfriend" had written for him (Javier's friends couldn't understand why he was fucking that nerdy chick until he got the acceptance letter) had described his journey of redemption from the streets to the hallowed halls of academia. Had he read it, he might have been moved himself. But he did know how his grandmother had beamed with pride and part of him felt like he had let her down.

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