tagRomanceWe Say Goodbye

We Say Goodbye


Liz was perfect of mind and body. She stood a beautiful five and a half feet tall with brown eyes and hair and a dark complexion. She appeared to be tanned all of the time. She had perfectly flat stomach and a pair of monster boobs, as well as, an equally massive ass which led into womanly legs. You know, legs with substance, not fat but not toothpicks either. And smart, oh my yes, she was a straight A student.

If Liz had a flaw it was, believe it or not, lack of self confidence. Which may explain how we got together in college? She was a year ahead of me and we met through mutual friends. She had a lot of boyfriends. She was not a run-around it was just that most guys felt inferior to her.

This is where I came in. She used me as her platonic friend. It was not my idea. But, I enjoyed her company and we had a lot of fun together. We went out a lot and hung out and talked for hours on end. She told me all about her love life and I complained about my lack of one. She even told me her likes and dislikes when making out. For example, she got more aroused when a guy nibbled on her ears and neck than when he kissed her boobs. But, her number one complaint was that as soon as she pulled a guys cock out of his pants he thought it was time to fuck.

I told her that would be stupid for any guy to assume. I figured that there ought to be much more fun to be had before fucking. She asked me to name just one thing I might do instead of going for the instant reward.

I said, “I could name several, but I know for sure that I would try to kiss your pussy.” I heard her swallow hard and then she changed the subject. Our relationship remained platonic. Our only touching was the massages she allowed me to perform on her legs, feet, and back.

It went on like this for three years with occasional teasing and a little flirting. Then it was her last week of school and I knew I was about to lose any chance of making it with her forever as she would be moving to the east coast and our relationship would be sporadic at best as soon as she left the next week. So I decided to put a plan in motion to at least make out with her if not go all the way. For the next several days all I did was keep carrying our conversations a little further on the risqué side and became a little bolder in my massages. I would make sure my hands rub a little more and more of the sides of her boobs and get more of her ass.

She was to leave on Friday and had her last final on Wednesday so we arranged to go out one last time Wednesday night as Thursday night would be too busy with other friends and last minute packing. She had asked if maybe I wanted to grab fast food, a movie and then go back to one of our places and talk one last time. It sounded good to me and about as fancy as either of us could afford as students. It also fit into my plan.

We met and went to the hamburger shack and began talking about a movie to see. Neither of us was in the mood for “You Light up My Life”. Liz was kind of interested in the other choice, some James Bond movie. This is when I stepped in. I reminded her there was a third choice. We had teased each other constantly about going to the adult movie theater. We were both curious but did not have the courage to go alone and it was not the place you took a casual date. I dared her to go with me; after all, we were friends and knew everything about each other. There was no cause for embarrassment.

She thought about it and looked at the add in the add paper and saw it was a soft core flick that week and reluctantly agreed to go admitting it might be fun or even funny.

We walked into the sparsely populated theater just in time to see our first X-rated cartoon. Then came the feature it was called “Home Repairs”. It was about this woman who had everything in her house break down. She would put in a service call and pay with her body, even if the service person was another sexy woman. Sometimes, there would be two repair people there at the same time. The joint was empty enough that we whispered to each other about the action on the screen.

She would talk about the men and compare their pricks but, she also seemed to squirm a little when discussing the women’s boobs and cunts. I told her I especially like the women with the very hairy pussys saying, “I sure would like to run my hands through her pussy hair, it is beautiful.”

I tried to make my complements fit Liz and was relatively sure that her twat was hairy from some of the clothes she had worn. She laughed at the fake moaning when the gal was being fucked saying, “No one is that loud.”

Not much seemed to be accomplished at the movie as all that happened is I put my arm around her, my hand on her mid thigh and she was leaning against me when the movie ended. I thought I caught her gently playing with herself during a couple of the more erotic scenes, but was not sure.

So, we walked home to her place as it was closer to the theater and she lived alone and we could talk without being interrupted by roommates. Liz allowed me to put my arm around her as she had done some in the past. The closer we got to her place the further my hand slid down her back and the closer I drew her to me. A couple of blocks from her home I had my hand firmly planted on the upper portion of her ass cheek. Realizing who I was she gently pulled away and took my hand in hers and we held hands the rest of the way, which was in its self a first.

She let me in and got me a Coke. We sat beside each other on her couch. I had not noticed how intoxicating her choice of perfumes was until then as my cock began to twitch in my pants. After a minute or two of small talk I asked her if she would like her feet rubbed to which she agreed. I bounced down on to the floor in front of her and hurriedly removed her sandals. Rubbing her feet which always gave me an instant erection as they were the sexiest part of her body. They were long and slender and had a perfect arch. Her toes were pedicure and beautiful. I took each in hand and gave her the best massage I could muster.

I looked up to her crotch and swore that I saw a damp spot in her jeans, but figured I was imagining things. I snuck a quick kiss of the ball of each of her feet but am not sure if she even noticed or chose to ignore my foolishness. As I rubbed I told her we had to keep up our tradition of talking about a movie when we got back. We usually talked the movie to death.

As we talked my hands worked up her lower legs a bit. It seems we both like the sixty-nine scenes and pussy eating scenes. The fucking was too fake and even though she loved the cock sucking she found the scenes to be far too long saying, “It does not take that long to make any guy cum.” Now I was really aroused and wanted to find out if she was right. I told her that I had a confession and that was even though I absolutely loved the 69 and pussy eating the anal stuff was really cool as I had not seen it before and that someday I would like to perform oral on a girls ass hole and even butt fuck. But, the single most sexy moment in the entire flick was when the plumber asked the lady for a tool after she had come back into the kitchen from god knows where. They show a quick shot of her in a shorty nightie with panties and a garter belt. Then an extended shot close up of her ass and twat as she bends to retrieve the tool. We are left looking at this big pink silk covered ass with a wet spot in the crotch. I told Liz that I almost came then and there.

As we decided that these actors would never make it out of porno flicks I asked her if I could massage her backside now. She readily agreed and pulled her legs up on to the couch and got into position. As was the custom she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra but was sure to not expose anything and pressed her arms tight to her side to hold the bra in place. My cock was now forming a tent in my pants and I made no effort to hide it. I pushed up on her t-shirt so I could reach under and rub her shoulders which I had done hundreds of times before. The subject slowly drifted away from the movie. She said she liked the massage as my hands were now all over her back and legs. I put my nose close to her crotch and inhaled and was rewarded with a strong scent of womanhood. I figured the movie and/or the talk about had made her wet. As I continued my hands went for more and more of her ass until I was kneading her outer ass cheeks.

She did nothing to stop me. It was now or never. So, I brought up the subject of making love or at least making out. At first, she brought up the usual stuff of ruining a good friendship. Undeterred I pressed on for fifteen minutes giving her all of the reasons we should as we might not see each other ever again after Friday. Meanwhile, my hands were now openly massaging her entire ass cheeks. I was not bold enough to go down into the crack. Liz kept getting quiter and quiter as she listened to me practically beg for her pussy. My hands must of caught too much of her crack one time as she suddenly rolled onto her side keeping her arm in place so the bra did not fall and said, “I have to go to the bathroom, help yourself to another Coke.”

I sat up on the couch heart broken sulking with my head down. “Is this enough like the movie,” I heard Liz ask.

I lifted my head and there in front of me was Liz’s ass clad in hot red panties with a huge wet spot right where her pussy would be. She was also wearing a short red nightie. I could not help myself and said, “Oh yes,” as I dove for her ass hugging it tight to my face, giving it a kiss as I sniffed in her potent odor.

“Slow down it is only 9pm we have at least 4 hours before I turn into a pumpkin,” she said as she slid down into my lap.

Finally there she was in my lap, my dream fuck. When our lips met it was like an electric shock went through my body for several minutes our tongues got to know each other. It was the best kissing I can remember she asked as she held one of her tits in her hand, “How would you like to massage these.”

Of course, I wanted to but also remembered what she had said about her neck and ears. So, as I played with those massive jugs I began trailing my tongue around her neck and then her ears. Now she was really into it as I reached inside the nightie and played skin on skin with her boobs. As she unbuttoned the top of my shirt gasping she advised, “Just remember, this is your idea if it ruins our friendship.”

As I nipped on her shoulder and gave one of her boobs a hard squeeze I responded, “There is no turning back besides, it is worth the risk.”

“If that is how you want it,” she purred as she lifted her nightie off over her head. This gave me my first good look at her naked melons which caused me to gasp. Liz slid backward off my lap onto the couch beside me and finished unbuttoning my shirt.

She clasped my hand in hers as she stood up and pulled us together. We kissed soulfully caressing one another’s backs as her hands deftly pushed my shirt off of my shoulders and arms letting it fall to the floor. She latched onto my hand once again and began pulling me along with her. “Let’s be comfortable, follow me,” she sighed as she led me to her bedroom.

She got me beside the bed and said, “Sit down and take off those shoes and socks.”

I did not have to be told twice. As I did as she requested Liz sat down beside me saying, “Let’s leave the lights on. I want to experience this with all of my senses besides; your facial expressions are priceless.”

Having done as she had requested I faced her and responded, “Ok. Since we are already so close neither of us should be afraid to ask to try things we may not try with other lovers and to say no if we think something is too far fetched.” She nodded her head in agreement as our lips met once again with my hand gliding along her smooth thighs.

Giving my nipple a tweak with her fingers she told me that I was still overdressed and motioned for me to stand in front of her. As I stood there Liz unzipped my fly, unfastened my belt, and undid the snap on my pants. Sliding a hand on each side of my hips she slid my pants to the floor and I stepped out of them. . I was mentally ready to burst just at the thought of this unfolding scene, “Nice package,” Liz purred as she fondled my balls and cock gently through my underwear.

After stroking my prick a couple of times through my briefs she released me and laid very seductively down on one elbow across the length of the bed and pipes up, “Come and get it; your farewell present.” We are rolling around all over the bed instantly tongues shoving in and out of each others mouths. In a few minutes we settle down into the serious business of making love. I slowly kiss down her neck while my hands play all over her panties. Finally, my head is between her twin globes.

I cannot believe how big they really are. Her nipples are amazing as they are brown, large and long. I keep playing with her through the panties as I take a nipple in my mouth as I am aware of her previous claim that titty kissing did not really do it for her. But, I could not be doing this and not suck her beautiful boobs. Next thing I know she was feeding the nipple to me with her hand and grinding her boobs against my face. Later she would confide that there was nothing different or special about the way I kissed her boobs it just turned her on that time which happened on rare occasions. I was glad that this had been one of those times.

Her tits seemed to be puddy in my hands as I nibbled, squeezed and kissed them with an unmatched fervor. Liz responded in kind rubbing my ass and back passionately while shoving both of her boobs into me. I reached down to her hot red panties and began working them off of her hips. The entire crotch was absolutely soaked. The aroma of her sex pot drifted to my nose.

I got the panties past her knees and she kicked them off the rest of the way. Now, she moved on top of me grinding her pelvic bone against my cock. I jiggled her ass in my hands. Then, I felt toward the center of her ass cheeks and found a mini forest of short hair in her crack stopping at each side of her tiny anus. Liz slid to the side and reached inside my underwear and gave my cock a very hard squeeze before pushing the garment out of the way. Together we removed my briefs. I pulled her lips to mine and kissed her passionately as she stroked my member and moaned, “Suck it.”

She kissed me again and proceeded to kiss down my chest and belly. As Liz did this it brought more and more of her backside into view until I got a clear look at her huge ass. This vixen took a deep breath and swallowed my entire seven inches in one gulp. As she hit bottom she gave my balls a hard squeeze that was on the edge of pain. She rhythmically mouth fucked my prick while she toyed with my balls and ass hole. It did not take long for my blood to boil. I was feeling up her ass frantically and managed to stick a finger up her puckering hole just before I shot my first wad of cum into Liz’s mouth. It seemed like I came in gallons.

She gave the head one last sweet kiss and finished me off by jerking what was left inside me into her boobs. Using my dick as a paint brush she smeared both of her nipples with my gooie cream. Liz rolled onto her back and it was obvious what I was supposed to do. My mouth cleaned up my cum in less than two minutes. When I had finished cleaning her up I told her to roll on to her Tummy. I straddled her waist and commenced massaging her back making no pretense of avoiding her boobs. My hands worked up her back until I reached her sexy shoulders. This caused the intended result of drawing my crotch closer to her ass until my cock rested in her crack.

Leaning down I licked all over her shoulders and neck as my prick began stroking her hairy little crack. Her jugs were flattened in my palms as she ground her rear against my rod. I wanted to save my cum for other things so I kissed down her back dislodging my cock from between her pillows of pleasure. My mouth reached her cheeks and the scent of her shitty ass hole wafted to my nostrils

Liz’s feet found that my cock was within reach and began wildly playing with my balls and dick. Her cheeks tasted wonderful as they had at least a full days sweat on them. I worked my mouth to the center of her big rear. At first, she resisted my tongue going down in her crack. But, I gave her a light slap and pulled her cheeks apart and dove in. It took less than 15 seconds before she was moaning and grinding her bowels against my lips and tongue.” Deeper, eat shit bastard, oh God yes tongue me fucker,”

she urged me on. Her ass juices tasted wonderful; the combination of sweat, shit, and other body fluids was sensational! My hands gave both of her cheeks a workout as I tongue fucked her shit hole with out mercy. She was obviously turned on by my backdoor attention so I pulled her up onto her knees and quickly jammed my thumb into her anus up to my knuckle. She squirmed and cried out but said nothing. So, I worked it in and out a couple of times before using the other thumb to stretch her open further. The room reeked with the smell of her ass as I pulled out my thumb and stuck in my prick ever so slightly.

Liz wanted none of this gentle stuff and pushed against my rod. I pushed back and before we knew it my cock was buried to the hilt in her rectum. I pumped furiously as her shoulders dropped to the bed. Liz reached her hand down to our crotches and began playing with my balls and her clit. Simultaneously, one of my hands mauled the shit out of her boobs while the other played with her glorious ass giving her an occasional playful slap.

She was now moaning very erotically. The slapping of our hips was loud enough to wake the neighbors “God damn you are tight,” I wailed.

“Shut up, and ram me hard you prick,” she retorted. My cock had never been in a hole this tight and it did not take long to explode all over the walls of her rectum.

I felt her shudder just before I fell out and we collapsed on to the bed Sheet laid beside me and gave me a kiss saying, that was outstanding.”

I pushed her onto her back and told her, “There is more to come, we are not finished yet.” It was then that I got my first real good look at her pubic hair. It was a literal forest. Without thinking my hands were down there in seconds petting and stroking her bush as you might a furry dog.

Her hair felt so good between my fingers. I kissed quickly down her chest and stomach pausing for about a minute at her pretty little belly button. Quickly repositioning my self, I climbed between her legs spreading her legs wide apart with my chest between her legs and my cock again at foot level. I slid my hands all over her crotch while my eyes admired her beauty. The aroma was overwhelming as my fingers separated her pussy lips revealing a bright pink cunt topped with a fairly large clit. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and dove deep into her sex. This was, by far, the best tasting food I have ever had!

My tongue worked all over her lips and inside her pussy but paid particular attention to her swollen clit. Liz’s cum was rolling into my mouth and onto the sheets. She was grabbing my head to shove me deeper in as she rubbed herself in my face.

She kicked me in the ass a couple of times as she climaxed. Now, I was really hot and had to fuck right away. “Have I done enough since you first played with my cock that we can fuck,” I joked rhetorically.

Not waiting for an answer I crawled up her body and positioned my prick at her tunnel of love entrance. Wrapping her legs around my ass she reached down and pulled me in. Our tongues met in a passionate kiss as I plunged all the way in.

“Oh Jim fuck me hard, god damn mother fucker harder, Oh shit yes, oh, oh oh, yes,” she growled.

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