tagMatureWe Wasn't Getting Any Younger

We Wasn't Getting Any Younger


I was 38 and Fred had just had his forty first birthday, things around here were beginning to look some what saggy and knowing that the only way was down we decided to get a video made of us for our ' grand children' to remember us by, well not quite.

Fred had a camcorder and plenty of friends that would give there hind teeth to come and make a video of us. But we thought that wouldn't be the same as a complete outsider doing it.

Looking in the adult contact section's of the magazine's, we were willing to pay for the service, but there were lots of men out there wanting to do it for nothing.

About five years ago, we did an horny session with a voyeur at a posh hotel not all that far from us here. That night, of course was a freebie, but we decided to meet this man at the hotel and we had booked a large room, at a large price for the privilege.

We met, had a light meal there, and Fred knowing that Champagne put me one step up the ladder, we were on our third bottle when the meal was finally over.

I have always been conscious of my body and whenever l knew sex was going to take place if at all possible l would spend time in the shower cleaning myself thoroughly, knowing that Fred was going to have his tongue in every opening l possessed. Must have made them bored, also in taking time in making myself up.

And hopefully looking the million dollars it had cost to do so.

Not dressed, but in a corset that had my protruding nipples sticking above the low cut cups, and a pair of crutchless panties and all in red, stocking's to match, l felt.... good. Giving a 'twirl' to Fred and this poor cameraman's eyes popped out of his socket's as l appeared and went over to Fred and planted a gentle kiss on his cheek.

The cameraman promised not to speak all the way through, as it was to be our video and we didn't want it ruined with a strangers voice in it. But before we started he did pay me some whopping comments that were very nice.

While l was in the shower they had worked out a scenario and they thought that while l was looking nice it would be more erotic if l were to put a blindfold on. Fred and me have played that game a few times alone and we both found it very rewarding, so l decided that for the first half hour or so l would.

It truly is erotic in such a situation, making it more so knowing that a camera was pointing at me while this was all going on.

Although we had naturally gathered in the bedroom and as the cameraman started filming and Fred began to wrap a piece of dark material they had found around my eyes, the last l saw was this camcorder aiming at my face and a hand guiding me out of the bedroom and leaving me alone as my knees rubbed on the leather settee at was in the lounge.

"Sit down Pat", Fred's voice said in a near whisper, "imagine your alone and feeling horny, play with yourself Pat". Fred said. Of course l obliged and feeling around my body, my nipples were already in a state of erection as l licked on my fingers and moistened the tips of my nipples. Feeling the presence of the cameraman and Fred was exciting and when l felt his breath on my face, it was nice to feel him kiss me gently and then feel his lips kissing at my neck and then a little suck on my nipple produced a squirm from within me. Staying there, it was then that Fred started to get involved and still sucking on my nipple's l felt his hand gently sliding under my panty line and my legs instinctively opened to accept Fred's hand resting on my shaved mound and his finger's found my moist lips and l sighed as one or two of them entered me, Still blindfolded and becoming unaware now of the third party Fred really knew how to excite me and his moist finger's were soothing my swollen clit, this time however, not stopping as l could feel my orgasm mounting between my open legs as Fred carried on sucking hard now on my nipples and his gentle fingers were now roughly inside me and hearing my wet pussy taking him l was soon gasping for breath when l screamed out the first of many orgasm's that long evening.

Alone again, laying on the settee now, one of my legs had made its way to be hanging over the back of the settee, the other was still planted firmly on the floor. A voice from above me made me lift my blindfolded face in that direction and Fred asked me to pull my panties aside so as to expose my now wet and red lips. Knowing the cameraman was down there somewhere l was teasing with a finger now, inserting it into myself and while moist was then rubbing it over my swollen clit. Still behind me, l felt his hands now resting on my shoulders, "suck on your wet finger's " Fred said. "Would you like it to be my cock", he continued. knowing that l love to please him that way, l sighed words of approval and carried on, this time exaggerating my sucking movements on my finger's.

Something was going on around me, l could hear things happening, but there was no touch, so l hoped it was Fred getting ready to give me what l needed.

The first feeling l got was a foot coming over my mid drift and resting between me and the back of the sofa, then the unmistakable aroma of Fred's body as l sensed he was only inch's away and with that felt his erection being guided to my mouth.

Over 15 years of being married to Fred had taught me exactly how to please him orally We have always kept our sex live's varied and exciting and just because there were times when l was unavailable' for him, that was not to say that other parts of me wasn't, and had always enjoyed the feeling of bringing Fred off this way. On occasion's when we has planned our evening Fred was always able to ejaculate a couple of times, and in a way getting that first one over with made for stronger love making later on.

Fred was firmly in charge however this particular evening, l was pinned down on the sofa, blindfolded and had a very excited Fred deep inside my mouth. Willingly, l had both my hands on his chest a little tweet of his nipples always gave me a pleasant twitch of his erection as it was inside me.

He was putting on the dominant side of himself this night however, and holding my hands now widely away from my body he was ' fucking' my face. Being unable to move now, all l could do was enjoy his inevitable orgasm with him and his groans and speed were telling me thing's were reaching a powerful climax and a shrill of delight from him and his cock at a maximum inside l felt his body go rigid above me and panic set in as he fumbled to withdraw it and l heard him scream as the first of many spurts of his juices hit me heavily around my face.

I know that l must have looked a site, l know that l was smiling for the camera, if he was still around that is as l felt the now cooling liquid running down my face, cheeks and neck. Fred was still above me and still enjoying his climax as he lowered himself and still erect l opened my mouth gladly for him to insert himself back into me. With my hands free now l was milking out of him what little he had left to give me, before collapsing over me and he settee. Heard Fred shout cut to the cameraman, who obviously was still present while he climbed gently off of me and with a towel cleaned his fluid's from my body.

Pulling me up of the settee, holding my hands he suddenly said "right", obviously talking to the cameraman, he said start again, this time he was to take off my blindfold and the sudden light in the room made me blink and rub my eyes for a while. "I want to fuck you over the settee Pat, he said and the arms were high enough for me to position myself with my ass in the air as l laid down hugging onto the settee. I was conscious now of the cameraman and while Fred was positioning my body wrapped over the settee l knew my cunt lips were spread open and l could well imagine this guy with his camera shooting my inner most parts. Fred had me opened wide and now and l can only imagine what a sight l looked, then completely unexpected l felt his tongue enter me and l gave a groan of excitement as my thigh's gripped hard around the arm of the settee. Each long lick, the length of my slit gave the same reaction from me, one of pure joy. Fred knew how to satisfy me there, like l do to him, he also has two ways, one to get me off, and one to keep me floating on the ceiling until he is ready to bring me down. I felt my juice oozing out of me as my thigh muscles were begging to hurt pressing down around the arm of the settee.

"Oh, fuck me Fred l begged, fuck me hard". " what do you want Pat", He teased,

" Oh, l want your cock, l want you in me please Fred " l begged. Still the licking went on, l know it was for the camera, he wouldn't let me beg this long, but even so enough was enough. " please fuck me," l kept begging, bordering now on the verge of an orgasm, but l wanted his first powerful stroke to give me that. "please Fred", l begged again, this time l think l had won.

Feeling open and exposed for only seconds now, l was soon to feel his erection searching around my eager wet lips, then that special feeling as he pushes every inch of himself deep inside me, l stop breathing at this point, taking in the sheer thrill of it all. As if he feels he is inadequate he tries to pump more of himself inside me, my breath eventually comes back with a groan, and faster and faster now and with my orgasm screaming out Fred's also starts to go faster and deeper and soon we are singing our tune together as he pushes himself deeply inside me and l feel my inside being filled by his wonderful juices.

In some pain now and with Fred again collapsing his weight onto me, his perspiration dripping warmly onto my back and mine onto the carpet, knowing this is all for prosperity we lay like this for several minutes, then a giggle from me is followed by one from Fred and all of a sudden the photo shoot is over............

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