tagIncest/TabooWe Were Just Teenagers Scenario 03

We Were Just Teenagers Scenario 03


Trish lay half naked in her bed watching a late night show on TV. The little air conditioner in her window strained to keep up with the heat in her bedroom.

It was a nice two-bedroom apartment that she shared with her roommate, Eve, but it was created out of an attic in an old Dutch colonial, and had little insulation. So it was cold in the winter, and now hot in the summer.

Still Trish was able to get by, with a ceiling fan, another oscillating fan, and a large glass of ice water. That is, if she remained motionless on the sheets.

She had become quite used to walking around in just her panties and a sports bra on hot summer nights. Tonight was no different.

Life had changed drastically for her in the last half dozen years. Her father walked out on her mother when Trish was still in middle school, leaving her and her older brother alone with an absentee mother.

The fact that he had left their mother was understandable. In fact both she and her brother Dan had moved out as soon as they were of age. Such were their mother's shortcomings and dalliances. It was the fact that her father turned his back on them that affected her so profoundly.

Because the law mandated it, her father paid for Trish's schooling and rent, but he afforded her little else. She was forced to go to a local college, and abandon her dreams of attending the top-flight university that she was accepted to, but couldn't afford.

Her brother, by way of a sports scholarship, was able to attend a great college in the mid-Atlantic, and now worked in Manhattan. She adored her brother. He was handsome, easy to talk to, and very generous. In fact, she didn't know how she would get by without his monthly stipend to her.

Trish sat up in bed, and looked at herself in the full-length mirror that was on the back of her door. Genetics had blessed her with a flawless face, along with a tall and slender figure, though she didn't feel that beautiful these days, and she didn't see it in the mirror that night.

Two months before, her boyfriend of two years, broke up with her. It was the first real love and heartbreak of her life, and it crippled her emotionally.

They had started going out their last year in high school, and now after his sophomore year in college, Jim wanted his freedom. He had found out that being monogamous in college is difficult when there are so many coeds on campus, and your girlfriend is hundreds of miles away.

"Is there someone else," was Trish's immediate question as he stood in her kitchen the night of the breakup.

"It's not about someone else." His answer was so trite it was ludicrous. It was also a non-denial denial, and she knew it. She had been guilty of the same tactic once herself.

"That's bullshit."

"Trish I'm just not ready to settle down." It was the first bit of truth he had uttered that night.

She immediately broke down, and in an attempt to console her they ended up in bed. Afterwards, he knew it was a mistake, and he felt guilty and trapped. He left long before morning, and made some excuse about his mother waiting up for him.

It was bullshit of course, and she knew it. He had never cared in the past if his mother was waiting up for him. It's ironic how, depending on which side of the break up you are on, such things that are menial to one, are monumental to the other.

Now, two months later, she was still devastated by the break-up. She had to talk to someone. Eve was off at her family's beach house, and it was after midnight on a Thursday night, so naturally she called her brother Dan.

He answered on the third ring. "Hello?" She had awoken him.

"Dan I'm so sorry, did I wake you?"

"No, I had to get up to answer the phone anyhow." It was a bad joke that Trish was oblivious to.

"Good because I really need to talk to someone."

"What's wrong? Let me guess; Jim. Have you talked to him?" He had heard it all before. It had gotten to the point that he didn't even have to listen to her. All she needed was a sounding board, just someone to grunt an "ahuh," every time she made a point, points that she had made a thousand times before to anyone who would listen.

It was beyond tolerance, but he felt obligated to tolerate her since she was his kid sister who he loved very much. A kid sister who he felt he abandoned with a tramp of a mother while he escaped to college.

Some local colleges had offered him equally good packages to play for them, but he, like his father, wanted to be as far away from that house as life would take him. Listening to his kid sister complain about her ex-boyfriend was now his penance.

"Hey, what are you doing Saturday?' He interrupted Trish's tirade about how Jimmy was fucking every slut on campus.

"Well I'm supposed to work at the restaurant. Why?"

"I've got the company box for the Yankee game that night."

"Ah shit I've got to work."

"Can't you switch?"

"I don't know. I'd have to call in some pretty big favors."

"So call them in."

"Just like that?"

"Trish, it's the company's luxury box at Yankee stadium. When will you get an opportunity like this again? Besides it would do you good to get out and get a little drunk."

"Yeah," Trish sighed, "that sounds good. But what about you? I'm sure you could find some young hottie to take to the game."

"I am taking some young hottie to the game."

"You're sweet. Okay, I'll see what I can do," she agreed and then hung up the phone.

Trish lay back again on the bed at ease. Thank god for Danny she thought. It was her own self-psychoanalysis that had eased her mind, but she credited it all to her brother, since he had been there to listen.

Finally she felt tired enough to sleep. She turned up the sound on the TV and watched as the host introduced his next guest. It was a young and handsome actor that Trish loved.

"He is so good looking," she whispered to herself. "Man I wouldn't mind him taking me to the game or at the game."

She turned up the sound more so that she could hear the actor's deep voice. He was dressed simply in a button down shirt and jeans. More manly attire you couldn't get, but of course it depended on the man wearing the attire.

His collar was open at the collar. Not enough to be crass, but enough to be sexy. Trish moved her hand up to cup her breast as she concentrated on his deep blue eyes in close-up.

She played with her breast some more as her other hand moved down to her panties and cupped her pussy over the material. She thought of the actor kissing her, nuzzling her breasts and grinding into her with his crotch. She, cautiously, fingered her clit through the material.

Sensuality was actually something new to Trish. Sex wasn't. She had lost her virginity years ago, and she only enjoyed sex, back then, as an expression of affection. Not as an end in itself.

Her awareness of sexual pleasure came about a year or so ago. It started, naturally enough, with her having sex dreams. Sometimes they were of Jimmy, but then soon after another figure started to appear.

She couldn't see his face at first, she assumed that it was just a personification of all men, and it was with this unknown figure that, in a wet dream, she had her first orgasm.

It wasn't too long after that that she started masturbating. She even imagined that ethereal figure when she did so, because just the feeling of him often brought her to climax. He was dark and mysterious and dangerous, if only in her imagination.

Her first orgasm with a real person was with, of course, Jimmy, but not in the usual circumstances, at least not for them. They had attended a beach party the summer before, and they both got very drunk.

A walk down the beach, and then a swim in the ocean left them naked and exhausted in the sand. Jimmy, after kissing her for a long time, went down on her.

This was not his usual routine, and she would only find out later it was because he was too drunk to fuck. His rare attention to her clitoris was a delaying tactic while he prayed for an erection.

It was Eve who found them naked and sleeping on the beach. She went to find Trish when everyone else started leaving. She wasn't prepared for where or how she found them.

Later the next morning, she talked to Eve, who was a couple of years older than Trish, about the orgasm thing.

"Relax Trish; most women's brains aren't 'wired' for orgasm until they reach eighteen or nineteen. I've heard of some women who were in their mid-twenties before they got their first Big O. Some poor bastards never get one. You're normal."

"Is that what happened to you?" Trish asked.

"No, I've always been able to climax. It's a gift."

It wasn't until months later, when Jimmy was back at school that Trish finally realized who the mysterious stranger in her dreams was. She still didn't see his face totally, it was more of an impression she got, and it chilled her to the bone. Afterwards, she was sorry she knew.

"Did you ever figure out who the mystery man was?" Eve asked her just recently.

"You mean the one in my dreams? No!" Trish snapped back. She couldn't tell Eve who it was. She couldn't even admit it to herself.

She could neither accept nor acknowledge the idea, and so she denied it even to herself. Still there were times when she was really horny, and she just couldn't reach orgasm, she thought of her mysterious man, and she would always come.

Getting out of work on Saturday night was easier than she thought it would be. A young waiter, who needed the money, and normally had only weekday shifts, quickly agreed to swap Saturday for Tuesday.

She called Danny, and they agreed to meet at Penn station, and then take a subway up to the Bronx. Danny was a little bit surprised by her attire when he first spotted her in that oven that they call Penn Station.

Trish was a beautiful girl, but always a conservative dresser. She was both intimidated and uncomfortable by her own beauty.

Now she walked across the terminal in blue jean short-shorts, a white "muscle shirt" tank top with a lime green bra underneath. Top that off with high-heeled sandals, that accentuated her long legs and she seemed to have the attention of every man and woman in Penn station.

Dan had always been aware of how attractive his sister was, but this was his first glimpse of her wanton sexuality. He had seen her in a bikini many times, and yet she had never looked as desirable as she did right at that minute.

"You look phenomenal," he gushed embarrassingly as she kissed him hello.

"Not too slutty?"

"No," he lied as he tried to hide the bulge in his shorts.

"It's really hot in here," Trish exclaimed. "Are you hot?"

"Yeah, there is supposed to be air conditioning in this place, but I don't know. Anyway, you're dressed for it," he kidded her.

"Is this too revealing? I knew it was too revealing. It was all Eve's idea," Trish said self-consciously.

"I'm kidding you. If anyone can pull that outfit off, it's you. You look great." He smiled at her sarcastically. She took a second and then gave him a big hug and kiss. She felt just too good in his arms, and she held on too long.

"Do you want to get a beer?" He said to break the spell.

"Do we have time?" She asked as she realized she was being overly affectionate, and let him go.

"Yes, if we get them to go."


Pointing the way, as he let her go first through the crowd, he shamefully checked out her ass and noticed that her cheeks where just slightly poking out of the sides of those "Daisy Dukes."

The rest of the afternoon went the same way. There was a lot of drinking, and Trish was uncomfortably affectionate. As they sat in the luxury box, and he finished his fourth beer of the day, he began to enjoy her attention.

Even though Trish was his kid sister, she was far more beautiful than any girl he had ever dated. He took her in as she sat next to him asking about what was going on in the game. He tried not to be spotted as he snuck peeks down her shirt at her cleavage. That lime green bra was just barely holding in her large, freckled breasts.

She was captivating. Her long bond wavy hair tickled his cheek, and her breasts pressed against his arm as she leaned in on him to talk. She laughed playfully at his jokes, her green eyes twinkling as she made eye contact, and she would touch his hand or thigh when she talked to him.

He had been out with many girls and he knew when he was being flirted with. The fact that it was his kid sister made it even the more erotic and made him feel guilty that he was thinking about her that way.

The fact that he didn't know any of the other occupants of the luxury box made it easier. He pretended that she was his date, and Trish played along.

Later as the game was coming to an end, Trish went to the ladies room, and Dan went to the open bar in the luxury box. An older gentleman, who Dan recognized as a supervisor from another department in the company, sidled up next to him.

"This is your first time to the box isn't it?" He asked Dan.

"Yeah," Dan said hesitantly, afraid that he had done something wrong.

"How are you two getting home?"

"The subway, I guess."

"Why don't you let me call you a car service?"

"I don't think so. I can't afford that."

"Don't be silly. The company pays for it."


"Of course. The company wants to make sure people get home all right after the game. I've got to call for my party. I'll just order another car."

"That's very kind of you."

"Not really. With people drinking at the game, it's a liability issue. We all want to have a good time, and the company just wants to be responsible. The business cards are on the table and they meet you out on River Avenue."


"Not at all. Besides your girlfriend will think that you're some kind of big-shot." He smiled at Dan as he walked away.

"Fancy!" Trish squealed as she slid into the back of the Towne car.

"Enjoy it. I'm stuck on the subway with all of those sweaty fans."

"You're not coming with me?"

"It's easier for me to take the train, than going all the way out to Long Island and back."

"Come with me. I don't want to go alone. Besides we can go down to TD's bar for a few, and you can spend the night at my place."

Dan looked down her cleavage as she leaned into him from the back seat. She saw where his eyes where, and she didn't attempt to cover up. In fact she took a deep breath, which accentuated her breasts. "Please!" She pleaded.

"Okay, okay," he agreed.

"Great. I'm going to show you such a good time. You'll see." The double entendre was not lost on either of them.

Danny started to give the driver directions as he slid into the back seat, but Trish reminded him that she needed to pick her car up at the railroad station in town, so he just instructed him to go to the Hicksville train station.

"It's cold in here," Trish shivered as she slid up next to him in the back seat. He put his arm around her, and he felt a rush as she wrapped her arms around his chest. "You are so nice and warm.

If she had been his date this would have been the time that he would have made his move, and as if on key, Trish looked up at him with that look in her eyes that spelled trouble. He felt both turned on and uncomfortable all at the same time.

"Driver could you turn down the A/C?" Danny diverted his attention to break the mood.

"Sure," came the driver's answer. Trish didn't let go of him the whole ride back to Long Island. He didn't help things out by imaging Trish pulling his cock out of his shorts and giving him a blow job in the back seat.

"You'd better drive," she said as they reached her car in the station parking lot. She produced her keys out of her bag, and he felt her hand on his side as he unlocked the car for her and she got in.

They drove the short trip to the bar in silence, but Trish shot him a quick smile to him across the car's bench seat from time to time. He parked the car in the lot in front of the bar, and they walked arm in arm across the blacktop to the front door.

The place was fairly busy, and Danny saw many faces that he recognized from high school. He ordered a couple of beers as Trish went to the ladies room, but when she got back he noticed a complete change in her.

She smiled to him, and she denied that something was wrong, but then after the second round she asked to leave.

"Okay," he agreed and left a sizeable tip before they said their goodbyes and headed out to the car.

"Will you tell me what's wrong now?" He asked as they got to the quiet of the parking lot.

"I'm sorry Dan. I know that you were having a good time, but that place reminded me too much of Jimmy," she said as she put her arm around his waist.

"It's no big deal. It's getting late. It's time that we better go home," he said as they parted and got in the car on opposite sides. He didn't get half a mile out of the parking lot when he looked over and noticed that she was crying.

On the right was a schoolyard with a large parking lot, and Danny turned the car into it. He parked the car near the back, away from prying eyes, and he turned off the lights and the motor.

"I'm so sorry Dan. I wasn't going to think about him tonight. We were just going to go to the game, have a good time and forget about him. I'm so sorry," she said through her tears with her legs tucked underneath her in an almost fetal position.

He slid over to her on the seat and put his arm around her like a big brother should. She didn't say anything, and neither did he. He just let her cry it out. What a pervert, he thought to himself as she sobbed. To think, earlier in the night, that he was fantasizing about her sucking his dick.

She looked up at him and threw her arms around his neck as she hid her head in his shoulder. He felt guilty, but then she looked up and kissed him right on the lips.

"I don't know what I'd do without you? You are always there for me, and I owe you so much," she said and kissed him on the lips again. She then did something unexpected. She started to recline on the car seat, and with her arms around his neck, she took him down with her until they were both recumbent on the seat face to face.

There wasn't much room on that bench seat, and they were on top of each other. She could feel his hot breath on her face, as he started to breathe hard with excitement.

Her arms were still around his neck. Her body and her lips were so tantalizing close.

"You've been so good to me. I would do anything for you," she said as she kissed him lightly on the lips. This is what he had been fantasizing about since they were teenagers, and what he had been having wet dreams about for years. Could this be happening now? He pressed his cock, swollen with lust against her.

And then she sat up. He couldn't see her face in the dark, but he knew something was wrong.

"Oh my God Dan. You have a hard on!"

What! What, he thought bewildered.

"Oh my god! You have an erection."

Oh fuck he thought embarrassed. How had he misread her so badly?

"You want to have sex with me?" She asked it so quietly as if someone might hear. Her question was more enlightenment than an accusation.

"Trish," he pleaded. He didn't know what to say. He didn't know what to do.

"Do you?"

He felt like a deer in the headlights.

"Do you want to have sex with me?" She wasn't being accusatory. It was more like she needed him to clarify it for her. She lay back down next to him.

"Yes," he stammered.

"How long have you felt this way?"


She closed her eyes for a minute, and then she kissed him lightly on the lips, and then again, and again. Each time harder and longer, until their lips locked and their tongues met in lustful rapture.

He pushed his hand up her torso forcing her shirt and bra in front of them until each hand held a breast and each thumb played with a nipple. Their mouths never left each other, but her hands roamed down to his shorts, unzipped them and took his cock out of his boxers.

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