We Were Just Teenagers Scenario 03


Dan didn't need any more coaxing. His right hand went down her stomach, into her shorts, past the waistband of her panties and into his sister's wet pussy. She stopped kissing him long enough to give out a sigh.

She let go of his cock, undid the button of her shorts, and in her passion, pushed them and her panties down her long legs.

She made short, almost inaudible sighs as he concentrated on her clit. She was fighting for an orgasm, and letting herself go at the same time. He thought about her accusatory questioning, ("You want to have sex with me?") as she herself was loosing consciousness in her sexual frenzy. Who wanted to have sex with whom, he wondered.

Still he wasn't complaining. She was letting him do to her what he always dreamed of. He himself was building to a sexual peak.

Danny worked his way down her body until he had one tit in his hand, another in his mouth, and a finger inside of her. She had beautiful perky tits, a flat stomach and round hips, but it was her face, his sister's face that excited him most.

"Mmm, don't stop," she murmured as he shifted his fingers inside of her.

"You like that?"

"I love it," she said breathlessly.

He moved back up her body as he renewed his attention to her clit. He kissed her on the mouth and she hungrily sucked his tongue into hers. She was getting real close.

He could feel it more than hear it. Her nipples were getting hard, her breaths were rapid and shallow, and he could feel her skin temperature rise. Mostly he could feel her sucking on his tongue so intensely that it began to hurt.

She mercifully released her grip as she softly uttered his name, and he could feel her almost convulsing in his arms. He continued to touch her until he sensed it was over.

Patricia woke from that almost dreamlike stage of a great orgasm. She had her brother's cock in her hand, but she had stopped jerking him off during her ecstasy. She quickly renewed stroking him. She loved her brother, and she wanted to give him what he had just given her.

In the dark she could see him roll his head back, and close his eyes, as he pushed his shorts and boxers down his legs.

"That feels good?"

"Uh-huh," he could barely utter.

Danny could feel his sister so close to him half naked as she jerked him off. It felt wonderful, but he wanted more than a hand job. He wanted to see his sister take his cock in her pretty mouth.

"Faster," he commanded, and she quickened her pace. Hand jobs and blowjobs, although she loved doing it for him, was not her preference, but the alternative was unthinkable.

She leaned into him and kissed him on the lips. He passionately met her tongue with rolling kisses. It was amazing, she thought, how easy it was to kiss her brother like this. It was also amazing how much she liked it.

The kissing, fondling and her stroking his cock were building him closer and closer. She didn't want to stop kissing him, but she knew it was time, so she slid down his body, and as Danny urgently pushed her head down with his hand, she took his cock into her mouth.

She bobbed up and down on it trying to keep pace with his hand that was forcing her down lower and lower on his engorged member.

Normally she hated when guys did this, but she excused her brother's urgency. She remembered the disappointment she felt when he had only hesitated for a moment while fingering her. She would have done anything then, said anything for him to continue.

"Uhhh Trish," was all he cried out as she felt the first hot blast of cum in her mouth. She smiled with contentment as she continued to bob on her brother's cock, and now swallow its semen.

Finished, she cozied up next to him, kissing him on the neck. He wrapped a big arm around her and pulled her tight. They didn't say anything for a while, but as Danny started to fall asleep, Trish rousted him saying that they better get going back to her place. They could sleep there.

All the way back to Trish's place Danny was unsure of the situation. Was it a mistake? Where would he sleep? Was she regretting what happened? But then he looked over at her and in the light of the streetlights she smiled at him. It was okay, but when they pulled up in front of Trish's place they saw a familiar car.

"Isn't that Eve's boyfriend's car?" Dan asked.

"Ah Shit," Trish cursed. "She said that they were staying at the beach house."

When they got upstairs to the apartment, sure enough, Eve's door was closed. A telltale sign that she and her boyfriend were there.

"I guess you're sleeping on the couch." Trish seemed disappointed. "I'll get you a pillow and sheets." Dan took it all in stride. He had no idea where he was going to sleep.

He slept restlessly all that night. He still wasn't sure about what had happened, and when he saw Eve and her boyfriend sneak out early the next day, he thought about sneaking out too. If he stayed, the morning promised only awkward conversation and remorse.

With that he saw Trish emerge from her room and headed for him on the couch. She looked beautiful padding along in her bare feet dressed only in a large t-shirt.

"Good you're up," she said as she noticed him watching her. "Come on," she ordered as she held out her hand to him. Danny took his sister's hand and she escorted him into her bedroom.

It was as if a man, long suffering the torment of stormy weather, gazed up to see the skies suddenly clear. He felt a sexual frisson as she held his hand, and ushered him to her bed. It was not unlike, when he was first away at college, and a young colt of a girl invited him up to her room in the middle of the afternoon.

She slid into bed and he cautiously followed. She turned her back to him and pulled him close so that they were spooning. He couldn't help it, but his cock was soon hard against the crack of her ass.

He waited for what seemed to be an eternity, but then he spoke up. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, why?"

"About last night."

"Yeah, you?"

He was feeling like he took advantage of a vulnerable woman, a woman who just happened to be his sister. He got up on an elbow and rested his head in his hand.

"Yeah, I mean if you're okay with it."

She turned over on her back and looked up at him. "What do you mean?"

"I just feel that I took advantage of you."

She smiled at him. "Danny didn't you wonder why I was dressed so provocatively yesterday? I mean, have you ever known me to dress that slutty?"

"Didn't you say Eve talked you into it?"

"Eve wasn't here yesterday. She was at the beach house. I purposely went out and bought those shorts for you. The tank top and bra I already had." Danny just lay there looking at her. "I didn't know we were going to...you know, but I was flirting with you."

She lifted her arms above her head, grabbing the headboard, and smiled at him deviously. He rolled over on top of her and slid between her legs. She giggled as he drove his hard cock into her and then he bent down and kissed her.

She wrapped her arm around his neck and tongued him deeply, enjoying the pressure of his cock where it should not be. She had mixed emotions. She wanted it to continue, but was afraid of how it would end. She knew what he wanted, and although she wanted it too, it was scary.

He got up on his hands, and she instinctively pulled her t-shirt up and over her head. Danny watched intently as first her panties came into view and then her tits.

She had on black string panties, and her breasts were big and pronounced as they lay on her chest. Her areolas were pink and her nipples were just beginning to elongate with excitement.

"You are so beautiful."

"Yeah right," she said incredulous.

"Trish you don't know how troubling it is, that the most beautiful and alluring woman in your life, is also your sister." She blushed. "I thought I needed therapy."

She smiled a crooked smile at him. She didn't know what to say so she just pulled him down to her and kissed him hard on the mouth. His tongue was fast in her mouth and they were in full embrace; his cock, which had come free from his boxers, was pushing hard on her pussy.

His thrusting was pushing the nylon panties up and in her.

"I want you," Danny said breathlessly.

"Danny no," she pleaded.

"I don't care what happens. I have to fuck you."

"Danny we can't." Trish thought that if she kept her panties on, even though his cock was already an inch inside of her, that she could control him; that they weren't having sex.

Danny got back up on his hands, and let up the pressure on the crotch of her panties. "Trish, pull your panties aside."

"Danny please, don't ask me to."

"Trish, pull your panties aside," he whispered.

"Danny No."

"Trish, pull your panties aside," he demanded.

Trish looked down at his cock resting on her panties and slowly, with her right hand, pulled them aside. He didn't wait but a second, and pushed into her. She let out a gasp, and he let out a grunt, as his cock entered her.

She watched the look on her brother's face as he closed his eyes. "Oh God Trish I love fucking you."

"Don't come without me."

"You'd better take top then," he said intently, and flipped onto his back. Trish took the opportunity to rip off her panties, and then straddled him as she guided him in wantonly.

She looked down at her brother, he as besotted with passion as she, and lamented how her mystery man, the only man of consequence in her life who had never abandoned her, was at long last in her bed, making love to her.

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