tagFetishWearing Her Panties

Wearing Her Panties


After such a long time of my girlfriend knowing that I love her panties and like to have her wear them while we fuck like rabbits, and that I love for her to take her silky or satin panties and wrap them around my dick while she jerks me off, we did something a little different the other night...

The two of us went out with a couple friends and had a fair amount of drinks during the course of the night. The sake and beer at the sushi place was just getting us started. What finished us were the vast amounts of various colored beers we had at the bar. The other couple had to take off early so we decided to finish our drinks and catch a cab home. Neither one of us was in the right state of mind to be driving, but that means we were in a great state of mind for some kinky sex! When we finally got home, we got about as far as getting a glass of water in the kitchen before we started undressing each other and running our hands up and down one another's bodies. I thought we were going to be fucking on the kitchen floor right then and there, but things went a different way. As we stand there, she thought it would be funny to put my shirt on that I had worn that night. Being the good boyfriend that I am, I went along with her and I put her lacy white bra on that was sitting on the floor. It didn't exactly fit, but it was all in good fun... it's not like I was trying to be a Victoria's Secret model or anything like that! :P She got one up on me after that, she grabbed my boxers off the floor and pulled them up her silky smooth legs. After the boxers, she was quick to pull on my blue jeans to complete the attire.

Now here we are, my girlfriend standing there dressed in my underwear, jeans, and t-shirt, and I'm just standing there with her bra around my chest. It felt a little uneven so without thinking, I grabbed her sexy little thong panties and pulled them up my legs and the fabric of the thong nestled tightly in between my cheeks. My girlfriend has a tight little body so her panties weren't exactly the best fit, but I'll tell you one thing... the feeling of her stretchy thong panties around my waist was a strangely erotic feeling! My dick was so hard at this point that there was no getting her polyester/spandex blend panties over my goods. She was laughing and having a good time watching me basically stretch out and ruin her panties, so I knew things were going to get hot! There were two things left of hers to put on before we went upstairs to do the dirty... her tight, but stretchy jeans and her skimpy tank-top. I barely got the jeans pulled up and I certainly wasn't able to zip them up or button them, but my outfit was nearly complete... once I got the tank-top on, we were both having a great time and couldn't keep our hands off each other. She tried grabbing my thong-clad ass, but her pants were so tight that she couldn't get her hand inside of them so she hand to settle on grabbing my ass through her tight jeans. We hardly even made it to my bedroom...

When my girl and I really get excited and into it, we can never keep her lingerie on for too long, let alone full outfits. She does keep her little panties on quite often though because it feels so good and looks amazingly hot when she pulls them to the side while I fill her wet and warm hole with all I've got. This time was no different. We both were fully dressed (in each other's outfits, but still fully dressed) and we were already quick to strip down nude. She took her shirt and bra off of me while I pulled down her jeans, my jeans, and my boxers. So there we were... horny as can be, her fully nude with the moonlight coming through the window reflecting off of her perfect smooth curves, and me almost fully nude, but wearing these skimpy thong panties that my girlfriend was wearing less than 10 minutes before. My dick was at attention while the soft stretchy panty fabric was encasing my shaved balls and the thin fabric of the thong resting peacefully in the crack of my ass. This was definitely a new experience. These thong panties are actually some of her sexiest panties and I always love when she wears them, so it was indeed a change for me to be sporting her black Victoria's Secret thong that has sexy pink lace trim and cute little pink polkadots and is accented on the back with a pink lace corset-like pattern with a sexy little bow on the top!

At this point, both of us had enough foreplay and I was ready to fill her dripping wet pussy that was aching for my cock. Instead of taking off her little thong panties off that I thought had felt so good, I got on top of her and slid right in to her with the accompaniment of a loud moan. I don't think she's ever been as wet as she was that night. This is definitely a good sign that she liked what was going on, including me in her little lace trim thong. It didn't take long for either one of us to reach full bliss. Shortly after she orgasmed and moaned and screamed her lungs out, I couldn't take anymore. While wearing my girlfriends little thong panties, I unleashed deep inside of her one of the most complete orgasms I have ever had. It was simply amazing, to cum deep inside of her while wearing her own panties! This is most certainly an experience that was a first, but it surely wasn't the last time it will happen.

We jumped in the nice hot shower to start round two. This time we were both naked!

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