tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWearing The Other Shoe

Wearing The Other Shoe


I am an average female that has kept my body in good shape and spend time at the salon to keep my appearance looking good for my boyfriend and at work. Allot of men do not know how much time we put in to look pretty for their man and no idea about what it is like at the office for a woman with allot of other henpecking women. And to ad to the insult; My boyfriend when he comes home does not take into consideration that I might not be in the mood to be on the receiving end in sex if I have a bad day.

One day after work I went to the salon to get my nails done and hair and waxed my eyebrows before coming home and expected him to notice my new look and compliment me and ask about my day. But when he didn't notice; I let loose on him verbally about him not respecting how much work a woman puts in to look good for him and that women might not want to be on the receiving end and instead do some of the giving for a change!! I told him that he needs to experience a day of being a woman and he said" I can do that. No problem. It cannot be that bad!! So I set up a time in private in my girlfriends salon who is a femdom on the side for extra money.

I called Kat and explained that he needs to experience the feminine works and break also feel what it is like to be fucked when he is not in the mood and have to receive when he is not in the mood. Kat said she has done this many times to men that were chauvinists and would not hurt him in any way but cause him some discomfort like women do when they get their cherry popped and definitely will give him a temporary feminine hair style and complimentary makeup application and fuck his virgin ass like he does you when you come home from a bad day at work.

I drove him to the salon after close and he was as cocky as ever thinking he would be in and out as quick as men do in a barber shop!! we went into the salon and Kay sat him in a special chair that kinda looked like a dental chair. Kay said" I hope you are comfortable in this chair because you are going to be in it for a long time." I came up from behind him and strapped a belt around his chest to the chair and kay strapped his arms to the armrests and he just kinda smiled and made a sex joke like he was going to be a 3some which made Kay mad and she turned the chair around to the sink and lowered the back to the sink and washed his hair and made a comment that there was no need to wash it because it takes to much time.

Kay raised the back of the chair back up and the 1st thing he saw on the counter was a tray of pink and yellow curlers and started to squirm and then I layed an inflatable butt plug on the counter and his face turned red and Kay started to laugh and said"whats the matter? is a big strong masculine man scared of being a woman for a day and being fucked like one?"

He stayed quiet and kinda looked like he was in shock as she was rolling his hair in curlers and I had fun teasing him how tight they must feel on his head and how feminine he looked in curlers. He started to squirm to much from my teasing so Kay decided to show him her dom side and released the straps around his legs and pulled up brackets and put his legs in stirrups and smiled at him and said" Whats the matter pretty boy, afraid of the butt plug on the counter or are you afraid of the idea of having your legs shaved smooth by your wife?" I told her lets do both so she pulled back on the stirrups so his legs were back and his virgin ass was very accessible to expand stretch his virgin ass with a butt plug. I also told him that if he does not stay still for her rolling his hair in curlers that she would inflate the plug and cause him pain if he does not accept his day of pampering and being fucked like a woman. I lubed it up looking in his big brown eyes which now looked scared and I got in front of him in the chair and lubed up his ass and he said they were going to far and that the curlers and feminine hairstyle is enough for him to know what a woman goes through!

I just smiled at him and said"open wide! Relax and it will not hurt and take it like a woman does!" She took the plug from my hand and slowly wiggled it in his virgin ass and he started to tighten up and claim that he does not need to know how it is for a woman in this way and that it is not fair that he has to receive from a woman!! Kay got mad from that comment and smiled and laughed at his humiliated expressions of being violated and femininized. Kay started to laugh when she got it past the resistance and noticed that he got an erection from it hitting his prostate and teased him that pretty boy might like being a woman and in a few seconds after that he started to lose his erection from humiliation of her noticing.

Kay started back at rolling his hair and he stayed still for a while but got mad at her for teasing him for how he will look and feel like a real women being pampered and then fucked like a woman. I saw that and reached down between his legs and smiled and gave the bulb a pump which inflated the plug and he screamed and called me a bitch and said to let him go that he had learned his lesson. I said to him" this is for calling me a bitch." I gave the bulb another pump and he screamed again and looked over at kay for mercy as if she was going to stop this lesson in humiliation. Kay said" you better get use to it because the strap she has is the same size as the inflated plug and when I finish making you a woman; she is going to fuck you with the strapon in your virgin ass all nice an pretty like a woman!"

She finally got his hair rolled in curlers and she put a tray in front of him of makeup and he struggled at the restraints and we just both laughed at his embarrassing situation and we enjoyed looking at his expressions looking at the makeup like he was really in trouble and that he might really look like a woman when we were finished.

Kay started putting makeup on him and he did pretty good staying still this time mostly because of his imagination of thinking that what they are doing might be permanent. But kay was not impressed when he would not stay still for the eyeliner and mascara so she climbed between his legs still in the stirrups and deflated the plug some which made his sigh with relief thinking that this was over and instead she smiled and started to slowly fuck his virgin ass with the butt plug and she said" like that pretty boy? Look in the mirror and look at yourself in curlers and makeup." When he looked she started to fuck him faster with it and he was squirming to get loose and she said" I think you like being a woman because your dick is hard from being fucked like a woman and if you do not stay still for the rest of the makeup application I will fuck you with the strapon harder than your wife will!"

He stayed still for the rest of the application and did not say a word from being worried that his hair might be curly forever and may not get all that makeup off. Then he showed a sigh of relief when she let his legs down some that were still in the stirrups pulled back but panicked when she started raising the chair up until his head was getting closer to the hair dryer and I was teasing him how he will experience the same discomfort that women do under the dryer! his head went close to the dryer and then she pulled the bonnet down over his head and we both laughed at his scared expressions of fear of what he would look like and if he could be changed back easy.

Kay said" there is one more thing that I want to do to make you more ready for your lesson of being fucked as a woman." she reached down between his legs and turned on a knob and the plug started to vibrate and he jumped and was squirming and then started to sweat when he saw us looking at his erection and tried to look away from the mirrors but know matter where he looked he had to see himself being feminized and violated. It was fun to watch him squirm as the dryer heated up and the vibrator kept his dick hard and he could not make his erection go down.

After his hair was dry Kay let the chair down and his head was out of the dryer and he said" This is not so bad, are you finished now? Can you change me back?" Kay just laughed and said" Your dick tells me that you like being treated like a woman so I guess it is time for me to pop your cherry with a strapon just like a woman's first time and fuck you until I climax and you cum from being fucked in the ass!!" Kay stepped in front of him and lubed it up and was stroking it in front of him enjoying his scared and angry expressions. He got mad and told Kay" Men are not suppose to be the ones to receive or look pretty!" Kay just laughed and said" Now you will know how the other half has to live and feel what it is like for a woman. Now be a good girl and open wide like you expect your girlfriend to do when you want to fuck her and take it like a woman!"

He struggled at the restrains and said" I am not a woman and am not gay! Please do not fuck me like I do her! I am not ready for this!" I started to laugh and said" That is the point. You always want to fuck me when you are in the mood and when I am in the mood and come back from the salon and you are not in the mood; you ignore me!"

Kay laid the back of there chair back some and pulled back the stirrups so his butt was in the air again and pulled out the vibrating butt plug and he sighed with relief. Kay said" Not so fast Pretty boy! Your virgin ass is loose and ready for me to fuck your virgin ass like you do your girlfriend! Now relax like a nice girl and take my dick up you ass like a good girl!"

Kay smiled as he grunted as she slid it in slow and he said to stop that he cannot take it like a woman does and do not want it. I said" To bad pretty girl! She is already in your pussy and is going to fuck you like you do me when I do not want it and am not ready for it or in the mood!"

He grunted and screamed as it went in and looked relieved when she stopped to stretch his pussy some more but looked very humiliated when he saw himself in mirror with himself in curlers and makeup being fucked in the ass by a woman the same way he does her! "Please! it hurts! Stop! I am not a woman! I cannot be fucked like a woman! Ahhh! Stop pushing! Please, I am not ready for this!"

Kay said" Neither is your girlfriend when you are in the mood and force your dick in her!" She pushed more and he screamed in pain so she stopped and said" don't worry, all women feel pain when men pop their cherry for their 1st time! I am going to fuck you like you do and not stop when you want me to because you fuck her at the speed and pace that feels good for your dick and not fuck her slower like she wants so she can enjoy it. Look pretty girl; it is all the way in! Can you feel my balls on your butt! Whats the matter pretty boy? Scared that I will fuck you like a woman like you do your girlfriend when she is not in the mood?"

Kay started to slowly pump him in and out and he lost his erection from humiliation but was not complaining of discomfort now. I said" does pretty boy like being fucked? Look in the mirror! Look at your pretty face with makeup and curlers! You look just like a woman and are going to get fucked like one!" He tried looking away from the mirrors but eventually started to look in amazement in the mirror at the strapon going in and out of his ass like he does a woman! Kay said" looks like pretty girl cannot resist anymore and is broke in so hold on pretty boy because I am going to fuck you hard until I climax and you cum from being fucked like a woman!" she started to fuck him faster and he started to moan some and I laughed because he sounded just like a woman and he did not look so embarrassed anymore and Kay climaxed and started to moan and he kept looking at her evil smile as she was pumping him and said" now it is your turn to climax from being fucked and she started to fuck his faster and he closed his eyes trying to resist the feeling of it hitting his prostate gland and eventually he shot his load of cum and Kay just laughed and pulled out and I put the strapon on and climbed between his legs and .......

to be continued

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